Massium Universe: Dark Power


By Growing Slowly

Dark's lips pressed firmly against Tom's in a passionate kiss, there tongues traveling wildly within one another's mouths. As they did that, the two continued to rub one anothers enormous physiques. They enjoyed the effort put out be each to pleasure the other and then tried to return it while also trying to cause even more pleasure. So it was slowly turning into an erotic competition of who could cause the greatest orgasmic experience. With much effort, Dark turned Tom around and the rammed his immense cock up Tom's ass. Dark then began pumping away as he rubbed his hands across Tom's more than mountainous muscles.

Who could think a single body could hold so much mass?

Dark continued to pump away, feeling the immense body that he himself had orignally planned to overthrow and dominate. It was then that Dark realized he was becoming distracted by Tom's beautifully huge body. Every muscle was swollen with power, bulging as if they could rip throgh his skin if he flexed hard enough. Veins crawled across Tom's body giving him an amazingly vascular look. Each vein literally pulsed with power as the muscle gods enormous heart pumped away.

More time passed and the two had finally tired enough that they were simply embracing eachother. Their two massive bodies pressed up against one another, their huge muscles rubbing against eachother. Dark felt tom's massive body writhe as he muscles rippled with the slightly movenment. It was then that Dark remembered the very reason why he had grown so big. He was to become to true muscle god. The other had had his fun but now Dark would become the holder of it all. Dark reached back into the depths of his mind and shattered the dam holding back all of the energy that had been building up.

"Now its time for me to become the true muscle god," Dark said as he looked at Tom with a look of superiority.

"I'm the only god here, but I guess you'll have to learn that the hard way," Tom said with a calm smile even as Dark's body began to swell with new mass.

Dark looked down now at Tom as he shot up and up and up. His height ever increasing as his muscles bulged and swelled with newly gained size. The veins upon his own body also seemed to swell larger, almost as if they were feeding this growth somehow. Dark couldn't help but rub his own growing form, feeling his muscles growing beneath his own hands. He smiled as he ran his hands over his now bulging eight pack and began to feel his continually swelling biceps. They were huge, even when unflexed, which only made Dark want to get even bigger. He increased the flow of the energy that he had been storing up from the struggling bodybuilders and doubled his rate of growth.

Tom watched on with great pleasure, it was now enjoyable to watch this growth because he was completely in control, whether Dark knew that or not. He loved watching Dark's body swell with new mass. It was a sight well worth permitting before he decided to make it very clear why he was the only muscle god here and not Dark. The ambitious man did have merit, but he didn't grasp one simple concept. Dark was part of Tom, a mere speck from within the massively muscular being that held the entire universe within himself. Tom though was merciful, so he would spare Dark, perhaps make him something useful to toy with. Besides that though it was just great to watch Dark continually pack on more muscle.

"Look at this body! There's no way someone as tiny as you can be a muscle god! I'm the only true power here and I have the size to prove it!" Dark said with a glint in his eyes that said all too well how much the increased size was going to his mind.

"So its size that makes you think you're the god here? Very well then," Tom said and spread his limbs out slighlty, permitting a better view of all of his muscles.

Tom dug down into the very essence of his body which contained trillions of suns and other sources of energy. Tom had an entire universe at his disposal and could create even more as he began to prove. His body began to glow slightly as he pulled up his limitless power and began to grow. His own growth was even faster than Dark's whose eyes widened in surprise as he watched Tom swell and swell, every muscle and vein becoming more defined. Dark could even swear tham more veins were appearing across Tom's body, adding more and more to its vascularity.

It was an odd sight even as Tom quickly reached eye level with Dark and then shot past him. Dark now watched as Tom's pecs came to eye level before shooting past and being replaced by his abs. Dark actually reached out and touched them now, feeling their power growing with every moment as they swelled. The growth ceased though as Dark's hand reached the last pair of abs at eye level. Dark looked up now at Tom who stared down at him with what appeared to be a look of pity. It was obvious the muscle god thought Dark his inferior in some manner which only infuriated Dark.

"You think you're better than me? I'll show you whose better!" Dark yelled up at Tom.

Tom looked on with sad eyes as Dark began to bellow out some odd incantation in latin. The veins on his body grew bigger but turned darker. Dark then began to grow at an unbelieveable rate as he not only drew on his own power source but something much darker as was apparent by the way his eyes were becoming red. He let out a massive primal roar and then started flexing his muscles agressively, even pushing up against Tom as he grew, trying in vain to intimidate the muscle god he wished to usurp. Tom just enjoyed the sensation but also was repulsed by the darkness now permeating Dark's body.

"Poor Dark, I never wanted you to turn to something like that," Tom said as Dark just continued to grow and look down at with a sneer.

Thus an exchange began as Tom and Dark each grew to surpass the others size and then the other would do the same. It was becoming a vicious cycle as their muscle god and usurper vied for size, each constantly outgrowing the other until Tom began to notice that Dark's skin was starting to lose its elasticity. As his muscles got bigger, stretch marks were starting to become visible almost as if Dark's body couldn't contain much more. Tom feared for what would happen and so decided to end this once and for all. He stopped growing and simply looked up as Dark shot past him before coming to a sudden stop. Dark now had a confused look on his face and then strained and grunted as if he was trying to force himself to grow more.

"This is my power, I control your body because you are part of my just like everything else. Now its time to learn your place," Tom said, reaching out and caressing Dark's abs.

Dark let out another grunt, but this time one of surprise as his entire body seemed to pulse, his muscles now obviously bigger than before. He looked down and then watched as every muscle on his body began to swell with more mass. Dark started flexing which only seemed to make his muscles grow even faster. This spurred on a reaction in which Dark flexed more and more, pumpng his muscles up every moments. It was only when he started to feel his skin stretching and his lack of any gained height that he gained concerned look.

"What's going on, why am I not gaining any height?" Dark demanded as he looked down at Tom.

"This is your lesson, you shall see," Tom said enigmatically as he continued to watch.

Dark had stopped flexing now as he continued to feel like he skin was beingstretched more and more to its limits. It was then he realized that he couldn't contain all the muscle that he wished to. His body was still limited, unlike Tom's which held no limits. Dark then began to feel panic slowly creep into him as his body strained more and more to contain the muscle. Each muscle was now completely out of proportion to Dark's height. He was started to look like some sort of comical balloon as every muscle continued to fill, but his body refused to give more space. Soon the panic over took Dark as he felt his skin stop stretching yet his muscles kept growing.

"Please stop it! I can't hold anymore! All I wanted was to be a muscle god!" Dark pleaded as he looked at Tom. He would have shaken him but his muscle were now so big they prevented him from moving.

"Swear your love to me and that you shall accept the fact that I am the only god here," Tom said calmly, though still sad as Dark's skin demand to make straining noises and his muscles prepared to burst out of him.

"I swear! I will always worship you and love you!" Dark yelled in a pathetic voice.

Tom reached out and caressed Dark, making the straining sounds stop just as Dark's skin was about to give way. Tom then started growing until he matched Dark's height before leaning in and kissing him. The darkness within Dark faded away, his veins returning to their original color. Dark then felt his skin gain a new stretch too it and shot up in height until his height accomodated his new size. Tom then increased his own size to match Dark's but then grew a little more, making himself the bigger of the two. It was an obvious reminder of who had the real power here.

"Now then, lets get back to what we were up to before you remembered your plan to outgrow me," Tom said and kissed Dark deeply and passionately.

Dark accepted the kiss with a groan of pleasure as the two began to enjoy their bodies again, though Tom's constantly larger body pushing home the point of who ran the show. Dark submitted to that fate but didn't care anymore. His massive lover had spared him and obviously loved him so now they could enjoy eternity together; the muscle god and this lover.

The End •

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