Massium Universe: Dark Power


By Growing Slowly

As his own body continued to swell in mass, gaining pound after pound of new muscle for unknown reasons, Dark continued to watch the bodybuilders below him continue to struggle with one another. Their muscles bulged more and more with every push, every press. Their physiques becoming bigger, thicker, and stronger with every passing moment. That wasn't all that was growing on them though as the bulges in their posing trunks were becoming increasingly bigger as well. It was a sight few would ever cherish for it would never be seen by anyone but Dark who had caused this all. Now they pushed their ever swelling bodies against eachother, trying to gain some advantage only to find that as they got bigger, so did their opponent. It didn't really matter too much though after the first few moments. The simple feeling of the growth made the bodybuilders continue their efforts without worrying about it.

Dark could only laugh as he let his leather jacket drop to the floor, revealing his black shirt to now be completely skin tight. Every muscle movement and ripple was easily seen beneath the black fabric as it became like a second skin. Dark enjoyed the fact he had chosen a very elastic material to wear as he began to flex his biceps and bounce his pecs. Even as Dark experimented with his ever swelling physique, his clothes finally reached the point where they could stretch no further and began ripping along the seams. As the tears grew larger, Dark began flexing more and more, ripping his clothing away to reveal his huge bulging muscles. On his right arm was the visible roman numeral one.

"Yes, grow for me my puppets," Dark bellowed and he stood there in the buff.

With the sound of cracking bones, Dark began to shoot up in height, giving more space for his ever swelling muscles to fill which his bulging physique easily did as his muscles pumped up even bigger. Dark just kept smiling and flexing, getting the full grasp of how much power was at his disposal as the bodybuilders below him also grew, but at a much slower rate. They were merely the fuel source for Dark to achieve his true objective. Even now, the bodybuilders own forms were bulging with over 400 lbs of muscles each and almost all of them were over 7' tall. The smell of musk was in the air as the ever growing muscle monsters continued their struggle to be the biggest. What none of them knew though is that no one would win except Dark.

Dark himself now was about 10' tall and weighing over 800 pound of solid muscle. No bodyfat whatsoever existed on his now bulging frame of skin that appeared to be vaccuum packed against his muscles. With every movement he made, some muscle swelled with untold power. Dark's cock also now was visible, it was a great python of a cock swollen and lengthened thanks to unbelievable dimensions thanks to the efforts of the bodybuilders. Dark rubbed it almost loving with his hand and watched as it became erect. The shear power of his cock made Dark begin to jerk off. It was a pleasant feeling since the motion caused most of his muscles to pump up and rub against eachother.

To say what Dark experienced was an orgasim would be a lie. What Dark experienced was absolute bliss, even as his monstous cock spewed forth large amounts of cum. When he was finsihed, Dark began to flew again as he found he had gained even more size and mass while he had been pleasuring himself. Now he was over 15' tall and liekly weighed over 1,800 lbs. He began rubbing his muscles, flexing them as he did so. It was a unique feeling to feel such huge mounds of bulk continue to grow even after fully pumped up which only made Dark's erection return, bigger and better than ever.

One would think that a 15' muslce packed monster would draw some gazes, but the bodybuilders were now so deeply involved in their competition that they didn't even realized what was going on. All that mattered to them was growing. Their sole purpose was to become the biggest, the best, the lord of all the musclebound bodybuilders. That time would never come for them though because even as they grew, Dark grew faster. Every inch they gained, he gained five. For every pound they gained, Dark gained eight. What was also odd, if any of them had been paying attention to anything besides the constantly growing muscles, was that the arena seemed to expand with them. It accomodated their ever growing bodies though their growth seem to be coming quicker now which only made Dark's physique expand even faster.

"It is time to begin!" Dark bellowed and suddenly vanished from the arena, leaving the still oblivious bulging bodybuilders to their duty.

With a shimmer, Dark appeared out in a white nothingness and before him was a massive muscle god so enourmous that the muscle he was starring at currently was a single abdominal muscle that stretched on for billions of miles. Dark looked on it more with jealousy than anything else as his own body continued to swell with power and mass. With every passing moment though, Dark's body swelled with more muscle and mass and ever so slowly, more of the muscle god before him became easier to view. It simply made Dark smile as he his growth rate continued to increase ever so slow and more muslce was packed onto his frame faster and faster. Little did Dark know though, that even at his infinitely small size, the muscle god was aware of him and watching his progress with some amusement.

Time passed and the bodybuilders continued to struggle for size off in the Collesium dimension, feeding Dark's growth more and more for their own growth rate continued to increase as time went on and the dimension continued to expand to contain them all. Dark now was the size of several galaxies and happily rubbing and feeling his own body. The growth itself caused him pleasure to no ends and he wondered if he would ever stop expanding even after he had achieved his obejective. By now, of course, his objective was clear as he continued to become larger and become even easier to see by the muscle god. Dark intended on reaching the god's size and power if not surpassing it. Dark wished to be the muscle god and thanks to his use of special magics, he would do so.

Tom watched quietly as this small speck continued to grow before him. The man was blond like Tom himself but had a paler complexion of someone who obviously hadn't been in the sunlight too much. Rather than enraged that someone was every so slowly reaching his size, Tom was amused. He had always been very benevolent, even when teasing Zach before his friend had triggered the events which had turned Tom into the true muscle god. Now Tom would permit this to go on until he decided to put an end to it for he was the only true god here. This man trying to match him was a part of him, a formerly miniscule component that was now trying to overcome the whole which was an entire universe locked inside the gargantuan physique of Tom which held some secrets of its own if this little rebel tried anything.

Dark was not staying little for long though as he shot up and up and up. His muscles pumping up bigger and bigger and bigger, filling in the contantly increasing amount of open space on his body. The roman numberal on Dark arm was now stretched to unbelievable dimension as it was now resting upon a huge, mounding bicep and massive tricep. With every moment that came, Dark swelled more, his body's musculature so big that if he had been normal size he would have put all the bodybuilders fueling his growth to shame. As that thought entered Dark's mind, his hand fell upon his rock hard eight pack. Simply feeling those muscles growing excited Dark as he soon realized he was closing with the muscle god in size and mass. Dark looked up at the muscle god's face and looked on with comprehension as he realized the muscle god had been watching him the entire time.

"I was wondering when you were going to realize its sort of hard to stay out of sight in nothingness," Tom said as he continued to watch Dark get closer and closer to his own size.

"A silly assumption of mine, but well worth this," Dark said as he did a full body flex, temporarily making himself as big as Tom until he relaxed and his muscles reverted to a smaller size, though not as small as they had been before Dark had flexed.

Dark and Tom gazed into eachother's eyes as Dark kept on swelling. His every muscle bulging more and more until he finally reached Tom's size. At this point, Dark paused the growth with a single thought now that he and the muscle god, Tom, were of equal proportions. Tom looked at his physique before reaching out with a hand and rubbing Dark's rock hard pecs. Dark surprisingly smiled as he stood there and let the muscle god's hand wander from his pecs across the rest of his body. It was nice to have someone big enough to appreciate and worship his size and Dark suddenly felt compelled to begin feeling Tom's body. The two of them now drew closer to one anther and began rubbing one another's muscles.

What came next was not what Dark had origianlly wanted but really didn't matter now that he had someone with a physique as massive as his own to feel. The two now pressed up against one another, every powerful muscle rubbing against another as they began to kiss as well as continue to let their hands roam over one another's bodies. The whole situatio nmade Tom think of Zach for a moment but he decided against any trickery here. He would enjoy this time before Dark tried to pull anything else and Tom would be forced to show why he WAS the muscle god.

For now though, the two continued to kiss and rub one another, felling their swelling cocks brushing against eachother and pushing against one another enormous thigh muscles. It was an amazing feeling for Dark as he and Tom pulled one another together as close as possible, their muscles pumped up from the effort and rubbing against eachother even more. It was an experience neither of them wanted to end, though both knew all good things came to an end eventually. Fortunately, that end wasn't currently in sight as the two used their limitless stamina to continualy pleasure and stimulate each other in a two man muscle orgy. •

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