Massium Universe: Dark Power


By Growing Slowly

Sitting out in the depths of nothingness sat a monstrous form where the universe once had been. His huge form bulged with unbelievable muscularity as he floated their, his entire body comprised of the Universe which he had consumed. Now all beings were unknowingly part of a massive entity that had devoured them all to become the ultimate muscle god. Even as he floated there, the muscle god known as Tom constantly flexed and rubbed his overly muscular body, easily enjoying his own bulging physique. But to say all the beings within him were ignorant of his existence was a lie as will soon become evident.

Within the innards of Tom sat an entire reconstructed universe that functationed as part of his enourmous body. Earth along with all its people had reformed with what the many governments called a moments of mass hysteria and hallucination over the delusion of being sucked up by two muscled packed titans. The idea was dismissed and order was swiftly restored as life resumed. Not everyone though bought the mass hysteria bit but had agendas of their own such as is the case of one Mr. Dark whose exploits are about to be unveiled.

The line of thickly muscled and oiled professional bodybuilders stood there solemnly as the waited for the winners of the Mr. Universe contest to be announced. Little did they know they were the chosen subjects for the machinations of a powerful force with very sinister intentions for all of them. But, that likely would matter little to them until it was too late which it was. As the judges moved to announce the winner, several great black portals opened and swallowed every last bodybuilder both on stage and those backstage. All the audience could do was sit in shock at what had just happened before finally running out of the building screaming in panic.

A black portal slid open above a floor of polished black marble. The bodybuilders spilled out of the portal onto the floor. As they stood up disoriented, other portals opened and dumped more bodybuilders from other competitions. They all asked one another what was going on as they looked around. It soon became apparent that they were standing in a massive romanesque colloseum built entirely of polished black marble. It was an odd sight, especially since instead of an open sky, there was a roof of the same black marble but with circles of white light flowing down to illuminate the arena. As the bodybuilders looked around, they all became aware that each and every one of them had a roman numeral tattooed on their right arm. As they began to assess the situation, the sound of footsteps drew their attention towards someone walking down the stairs of the colloseum area where the audience often sat.

The figure walking down the stairs was just as odd as the arena as he was dressed entirely in black also, which offset the fact that he had a pale skin tone with blond hair and blue eyes. His hands were currently crossed behind his back as he eyed the bodybuilders with a knowing look and merely smiled at their curiosity as they watched him descend down to where a throne was situated just above the arena walls. When he was close enough, his attire was fully visible; the figure wore slacks and shoes along with a black turtle neck and black leather coat over that. As he moved to sit and pulled his hands from behind his back, it was revealed that his hands were gloved also. To most of the bodybuilders, he was a truly sinister figure to behold for he had a presence of power about him as he sat in the throne, even if his build was a little heavyset.

"Welcome, gentlemen, to the Colloseum Noctre," the figure said with a disturbingly calm tone.

"And who exactly are you?" One of the bodybuilders demanded.

"I am your host, Mr. Dark. I have arranged for all of you to be brought here to determine who shall be the greatest bodybuilder of all. You are currently standing within the arena where that very choice shall be made by pitting all of you in combat against each other."

A low rumble spread throughout the gathered bodybuilders which only made Dark smile. He enjoyed their uneasiness. It was a sweet nectar to feed of off until he could fulfill his true intetions. For now, the illusion had to be kept up that this was merely a competition; one which he would greatly enjoy watching before revealing his true intentions. He could afford to be mysterious until the endgame.

"And what makes you think that we're going to fight each other?" another bodybuilder demanded.

"Simple, the only escape from this place is to fight. Refusal to do so means you shall be stuck here forever. Perhaps you may not believe me, but this arena exists outside of reality as you know it. This is MY world and you will do as I say or I'll leave you here to rot in this place forever," Dark said malevolently as he leaned back in his throne and smiled down at the gathered bodybuilders again.

The bodybuilders now all stood there looking at one another as they considered their optiosn. They could either fight or remain trapped here for all eternity. What didn't make any sense was why this crazed black clad maniac wanted them to fight so much. It wasn't until Dark spoke again that their own personal interests were peaked in this.

"Perhaps you all would like a reason besides being stuck here for eternity. Very well then, let me explain what will happen as this massive competition continues. The longer you fight, the more muscle mass you will gain. So, the longer you hold out, gentlemen, the bigger you get. So, look at this as the time to gain the most amazing physique in all of existence!"

Dark now smiled down at the bodybuilders. They had all obviously bought into the bait now which would permit Dark to carry out his grand master plan. Something far more sinister was in his mind because this arena was not the only thing that existed within his private little universe. That, however, would not revealed until it was too late. After that, the process would be unstopable and Dark would have what he wanted. Until then though, he needed to get the gears turning.

"Since there is an even number of you here, I suggest you each choose an opponent and let the games begin!"

The bodybuilders paired up, some trying to get with those smaller than them while others went with someone close to their own size in the hopes of a fair competition. A gong then sounded and the hulking masses of muscle lunged at each other. Within moments, all the pairs were grappling with one another, their muscles bulging as they pushed against one another. What seemed to make them all struggle more though was that as every moment passed, their bodies all seemed to swell a little bigger. Dark watched quietly from his perch above them and simply enjoyed them moment. Every last muscular body down their was swelling ever so slowly with more and more mass, building up for Dark's machinations.

"Yes, keep fighting, keep struggling, keep growing," Dark said as he calmly stood up and strecthed, revealing his clothes to a be a little tighter than they had before. Even as he stood there, they seemed to get tighter and tighter by the moment as his own body seemed to grow for some unknown reason. •

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