What Dreams May Come: Sleeping Beauty


By elysiumfields

Craig stretched out his massively muscular torso on my bed,causing it to creak under his huge weight.

A slither of moonlight shone across the thick heaving mounds of his pecs and cast a menacing glow upon his handsome face.

"What you waiting for bitch-boy...come and worship my big buffed body".

I felt rooted to the spot as i felt my nerves rattle me,feeling a sense of inferiority towards the musclegod laying before me.

"Move it faggot!"..Craig said with more assertion.

I forced myself to move towards him, my heart beating at a thousand times a minute and my cock throbbing even harder with my submissive lust.

Tentatively,i reached down and touched his heavy hairy pecs and the initial sensation made me shudder like i was about to have an orgasm.

Craig slapped his hand over mine and made me rub and knead his thick pecs,flexing them beneath my hand. There was a snide grin on his face as he looked up at me..

"You fancy me,don't you Joey ,my bitch-boy?".

I nodded silently, feeling embarassed that i must have made my attraction to him too obvious.

"I thought so bitch-boy. I've seen the way you've looked at me and i can read your body language whenever you're around me."

I swallowed hard as i felt my mouth go suddenly dry.

"I'm so sorry Craig. I did'nt mean to..."

Craig cut me off. "Call me Master Craig" he bellowed menacingly.

When he saw me flinch he laughed..

"Sorry..Master Craig"

My hands masaged his pecs now, free from his rough grasp.

The cleft between his huge fucking pec mounds was like a valley which i almost lost my fingers in...which made him respond by flexing and crunching the massive mounds together and nearly crushing my fragile fingers.

Craig lifted his left arm up and flexed his enormous boulder like bicep,making it bulge obscenely and ripple with thick chord like vascular veins.

"You did this" he said fexing his huge fat bi.

"H..how did i do this Master Craig ?" i replied nervously.

"It seems you have the ability to fulfill your erotic fantasies..and tonight you are very susceptible to them".

I was bewildered and puzzled.

"Come on bitch-boy. You dreamt about me becoming a fucking huge sexy musclegod...........and now i am !".

I started to piece the recent events together.

'Could it have been me ?'

I glanced down at the hunk in front of me as i tweaked and played with his thick juicy nipples.

Craig threw both his arms up behind his head and so big were his biceps that with one flex and he could crush his own head !

He looked up at me with a sly grin as if gaging that i was figuring it all out in my mind.

I let myself give in to my lust and stripped what little i had on till i was naked, my erection poking out at a meager 6 inches to his 15 plus.... and i climbed onto his huge torso,straddling him and continuing to massage his beefy pecs.

Craig clamped his hands on my hips and lifted me easily up above him.

Then i felt his huge fat log of a cock push against my butt cheeks and i immediately started to panic at the fear of my huge hunky mate ripping me apart with his gigantic cock.

"Use your power,Joey.You can make me fit into you".

I felt Craigs big bulbous cockhead push my buttcheeks apart and then press against my anus.

"Fuck it. I ain't gonna wait..I'm too horny"

With that Craig thrust his huge cock into me and i screamed out in pain as he buried his fat dick into my fuck chute.

"Please don't hurt me.." i screamed in tears trying to wish away the pain.

Then suddenly i felt my anus stretch wider and the pain very quickly subside as he thrust all 15 inches deep inside of me.

I took every inch into me. Incredulously, i began to realise my powers.

I made Craig grow.I made myself able to take his gigantic cock..

As Craig bucked and fucked me i began to think what else i could do, but it was hard trying to concentrate as Craig was driving me wild with lust.

Through bleary eyes i glanced down at his huge pecs...

Perhaps a little bigger...?

Craig let out a gutteral roar as his pecs suddenly grew even bigger, swelling and expanding as if they were being inflated by some invisible air-pump.

Growing,rising,bloating...into huge slabs of pumped muscle pushing up towards his chin and capped by enlarging egg cup sized nipples.

Craig pulled me towards him and pressed my face against his heavy pendulous overgrown pecs into the hairy crevasse between.

Finally, i willed the growth to stop and began to lavishly suck and kiss his huge chest and then like a baby,suckle at his big nips.

"Oh fuck yeah....i told you that you had the power" Craig groaned.

As Craig fucked me i could not hold back my orgasm..and i spurted cum over his rigid block like abs and the lower shelf of his pecs, letting out my own rather meek shout of lust.

Images of young men and teenage boys growing huge muscles filled my mind as Craig fucked me. If i had this kind of power what else could i do...? •

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