Not Earning Money

By Brahma

Uno grinned from ear to ear as he watched the corvette land some twenty feet away from him. He turned to its owner who was trying to scramble away from the lanky teen. "Now, you could've been in that car. Ain't you glad I let you out first?" he asked as he stepped towards the terrified tiger. "You should've been nicer to me when I asked for your car, dude. Now neither one of us has any wheels."

Uno then placed his hands on the small of his back, and leaned backwards, causing his vertebrae to pop in several places. "Just remember yer manners next time someone asks you for somethin', OK?" Lecture over, Uno walked away from the tiger, who passed out in relief once the wolf left his sight.

That liftin' worked me up an appetite, thought Uno as he strolled down the street. It was late at night, and in the neighborhood he was in, there was no traffic. Nice and quiet, just how he liked it. He took out his wallet to check his funds, and found a single dollar bill. A slight frown crossed his muzzle as he looked at the crumpled currency. This ain't gonna get me much, unless I want a candy bar. Which I don't. He then put the dollar back in his wallet—which went back into his pocket—and he went in search of a bank. It was time for a withdrawal of funds, Uno style.

He found a bank easily enough a few blocks away, though at the speed he could run, he got there within minutes. It was the headquarters of one of the local branches, the structure several stories in height. Uno wondered idly how long it took to build such a large building, because he knew how long it would take to tear it down. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he went to the ATM where he would get his cash. It was easy to find—the overhead lights above the machine were like a beacon to him—and he saw the video camera silently recording the area in front of the keypad.

Too bad Uno didn't feel like being recorded. A few seconds later, he had managed to bash it into pieces with a few kicks from his steel toed boots. He cracked his knuckles as he faced the ATM, ready to withdraw some money.

He traced a finger down the seam of the machine for a moment, then dug his fingers into it. Once he got a good grip on the edge, he gave a light tug to test the material strength. It moved, but only slightly. Huh, he smirked. It's tougher than I thought. He wasn't concerned, because he knew it would soon give under his power. Time to show this machine what I'm made of.

Uno felt a small thrill as he watched his forearms slowly balloon outwards with muscle, knowing the same thing was happening all over his body. He tugged a bit harder, feeling the ATM start to give a bit. "Oh yeah, punk. Just try and fight me," he growled, his muscles increasing in both size and strength. Cracks started to form around the side his fingers were gripping, and as his shoulders grew wider, he made a fist with his other hand, and SLAMMED it into the opposite side if the machine. The metal squealed as Uno tugged even harder, and it started to give away. Sparks flew from the electronics as the wiring was being torn from the sheer strength of this teenaged wolf who was now a heavily muscled behemoth. Seeing his efforts proving successful increased his determination to win this tug of war, and he placed his heavy boot on the side of the wall to aid him. His back was now a relief map of huge muscles, the lats flaring wide and strong, and getting wider by the minute as he continued to pack on more mass. Arms as huge as tree trunks bulged with the exertion of the combat between his strength and the ATM, and when Uno finally ripped it free, he took a step back, holding the huge container like it was as heavy as a cinder block.

"Not a bad workout," he smirked, then went to work on getting his money. He slammed the broken machine onto the sidewalk, forming spiderweb cracks on the concrete surface. He then placed a boot on the top of the ATM, and his fingers found a slight opening. Digging his digits into it, he began to pull back on the metal, his exertions lessening as he grew in strength and even more muscle. Eventually, he worked the metal plate away, and the then folded it into the size of a paperback book, tossing it casually away. Inside, a small metal box awaited him, and within the container, lay his funds.

After ripping out the ATM and tearing into it, the box proved no contest. With a simple flex of his massive arms, he was soon counting the money he took from it. "Over four-thousand dollars, not bad. And it's all mine." He stood, and was still pumped from the workout he gave himself. He then studied the building before him, and a grin crossed his muzzle. "I think I'm gonna try for a new record," he said. Shrugging out of his tank top that strained to contain his muscular upper body, he then approached the front of the building, and walked right through the double doors like they were made of paper. Glass shattered, sending shards raining down his body like rain, but failed to even nick his body. He didn't hear any alarms, and suspected it was one of those silent alarms, meaning the cops would be at the bank soon.

Good, he thought, because I'm in a mood to show off. He moved to the direct center of the first floor, and went down on a crouch. He took a deep breath that expanded his already massive chest, but when he exhaled, his chest kept on growing, along with the rest of his hulking physique. It didn't take long for the wolf's broad back to bump against the ceiling, and he felt the cracks form as his huge form continued to press against the confines of the building. His attention was caught by familiar red and blue lights, and he saw a couple of policemen exit their squad car. The approached the broken doors with guns drawn, expecting a simple robbery. There were right about the robbery part, though it had already happened, but they were wrong about the simple part. There was nothing 'simple' about Uno.

They stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the growing colossus in front of them, then started backpedaling when Uno burst through the ceiling of the first floor, and started growing more rapidly.

Oh yeah, baby, that's a good rush! Uno laughed as he started standing up, his head tearing through floor after floor, sending office equipment flying as he flexed his arms. Outside, the officers stopped as they heard a mighty explosion, and turned to see the giant form of Uno burst his way out of the building, causing the structure to crumble into ruin. He grinned down at the two spectators as he did a double bicep pose, then cupped his hands together before his muzzle, and HOWLED into the dark skies. Uno looked back at where the two policemen stood, only to find they had already fled. A deep chuckle escaped his muzzle, and he went to gather up his tank top, his shorts and boots having grown with him under his power.

Giving the debris a stomp or two (and causing tremors that could be felt five blocks away), he lumbered his way to an all-night diner, idly wondering if he would leave it intact when he was done eating as he slowly shrank his huge form.

Hell, he thought. I might even pay for my meal. •

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