Colonial Relics


By HairyMuscle

Anthony, aka Tony, hopped out of his Porsche. Abraham ran to greet him lifting him off the ground in a bear hug embrace. I thought their tongues would never come apart. Damn, they get me so hard. Tony begged to try the bulldozer. I'd be stupid to argue with him. Abe and him jumped onto the earth mover and started the engine. Mine was already going.

Abe lowered the shovel and Tony gunned it forward. As the shovel broke ground a deafening noise exploded and a blinding flash of colored light. I fell to the ground, unable to balance myself. The last thing I remember is hearing the roar of cars passing on the nearby expressway and the whistle of the Long Island Railroad in the distance.

As I came to I saw two other figures on the ground. Huge hulking men. They looked like mutant Indians from some pornographic Western movie. Deep tans and long black hair upon heavily muscled frames that were freakishly out of proportion. Their cocks were at least a foot, uncut and super vieny. Their chests heaved as they gasped for air. I noticed that I too was coughing for oxygen. I never felt so heavy.

The first sounds I heard were Dad admist choking coughs. Could it be that mass of muscle is Abe. Where is the bulldozer. The surroundings are familiar, but there is no background noises - just birds. Finally able to move my arms I touch myself. I slide my hands down my waist to an unending cock. I feel its girth and the ooze dripping from its uncut tip. Wait! Uncut, how?

I'm fuckin' Jewish. I try to look down but all I see is a deeply tanned huge chest. My pecs, although big before, resemble mountains with rivers throughout that must be veins. I try to grunt out Abe but my voice is so deep it astounds me. I take my right hand and bring it to my mouth. A chore at that because my arm is stopped by this bowling ball like bicep. I wipe my lips off tasting my manseed at the same time. With the first taste I start to regain some of my senses. I scoop some more precum and swallow it heartily. Never tasted anything so good. My mind is consumed with the need for more. •

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