Colonial Relics


By HairyMuscle

50 and still working heavy construction. Of course I own the company. The only jew in a "Guido" industry. Jewish - Italian, is there a difference? I can of course hold my own. At 5 10 and 285 I'm used to getting my way. Even my paunch is rock hard. Years of working heavy machinery and the gym have blessed me. It seems that my partner, my son, inherited the same gifts. At 27 he is magnificent.

I envy him. In my time you did not admit homosexuality. Damn homophobia! I married my college sweetheart and we created the perfect American life. I satisfied my needs at the gym or within the confines of xxx emporiums. Never did have to work at finding action - it always came to me. With 21 arms, 53 chest and 34 waist (till recently) it is easy. Even my wife was satisfied. You'd be too with 10 cut thick inches.

My son expressed his sexual tendencies early. A star athlete in school and ripped he never held back. He was never threatened by his love of men. He reeked of manliness and if you even hesitated to doubt it he'd simply pump his massive pecs up and down and flex every muscle leaving you dumbfounded. Even I dreamt of making passionate love with Abraham.

We were working on a new development for an adult community. The town recently released the land to me after court fights that lasted 9 years. A prior developer had submitted documentation that an ancient colonial burial ground was moved in accordance with NY State law and the Church's okay. Local civic groups fought my friend Anthony's attempts to build so he gave up. I in turn, never one to turn from a fight, offered the community low income housing on property I own by the train tracks and a new fire house. Needless to say they gave in. Fucking the shit out of Mel, the 33 year old lawyer and head of the civic association, didn't hurt.

Abraham and I went out to survey the 45 acres. We pulled the bulldozer off the trailer to clear a space for our trailer office. In the dirt I found some chips of what looked like old headstones. Well, it was a burial ground. Abe and I joked of digging up some corpses and the curses that might affect us for stirring up the dead. We heard a horn in the distance. It was Abe's boyfriend, a new wide receiver for the NY Jets. Abraham had it all. Looks, muscles, gay and rookie of the year Anthony Moullato. At 6 8 362 he is huge. I normally top but I'd bottom for him. •

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