Hurricane Greg


By HairyMuscle

Hurricane warnings again. Will the season never end? The last one even spun a water spout which dumped the depths of the ocean on my bulkhead. At least my boat was dry docked.

They say this one will be category 4, and move in from the Atlantic right up the Del Mar to the shores of Long Island. Thought of going to the North Shore to ride it out, but the last time they lost power and we poor folk's on the South Shore had power throughout. I think I'll invite my gym buddy over and we'll find a way to amuse ourselves.

It's 12 hours till the storm hits Wednesday morning. I filled up the Blazer. Stocked up on food and loaded the cooler from the boat with ice. Made sure to get some extra batteries and some dvd's for the portable player. Just in case Sean and I need a distraction. Emergency Services already suspended most mass transit and the major roads are closed to prevent looting. Sean's on his way. I hope he's wearing that tight tank he bought with me. Even my neighbor's straight husband takes a second look at him.

Sean's 5 10 and 237. Like a huge fireplug. We both believe big is never big enough. Like two hurricanes of the gym. I'm 6 3 278 and love showing off. I think we can ride this storm out. They even named it after me - Greg.

Just as I'm loading the logs by the fireplace Sean walks in. His blond hair tossed by the increasing winds and that tank top was hugging him due to the fine mist in the air. I was hard already. He bear hugged me into him and shoved his tongue down my throat. Nothing like getting our little hurricane party off to a roaring start.

He unpacked his Murano and brought in some extras. We both like doing the juice so he picked up some special stuff from his doctor friend that is some new mix they are trying to increase growth in kids who aren't developing properly. The rage sex is always amazing.

We finished putting up the plywood and I started the fire. Sean was butt naked - why get dressed ? It was pouring outside and the wind was picking up. I followed suit and we put on a show for one another. Pumping up and flexing we shot each other up with the juice right into our balls. The rush was incredible.

We pumped up huge and were making love when a deafening crash brought us to our senses. A large cascade of water blew through the plywood and plated glass sliding doors. Mud and seaweed covered us instantly. Waterfront property was now under water.

The mud covered our muscled bodies making us resemble freaky hulks. Weird, but we found it erotic. Even our guts were filled with ocean water and remains as we coughed and gasped for air.

Thankfully the tide receeded, leaving us coated in seaweed and the murks of the Atlantic. I was able to check outside and saw some neighbors houses almost demolished. We were the only two idiots the cops didn't force to evacuate within 3 miles of the ocean. When they came and saw our size they decided not to pursue evacuating us. I simply popped my pecs and they understood. Now I doubt whether two pumped up roided fucks could live through this.

We replaced the plywood to stop the wind and moved to the loft area since cleaning up now would be useless. Sean and I continued coughing and noticed the mud tightening on us as it dried. We attempted to pull off the seaweed but it too was getting tighter on us. The huge mirrored wall was capturing our change. Damn, it can't be the roids doing this. Yeah, we get juiced but my bods on fire. Sean is convulsing on the floor.

I collapse as we stare at each other. The pain is intense. Our bodies start to grow bursting through the mud and seaweed. The oceans waste seems to be melting into us. Now able to stand we start exploring our new bods. Still the same height, but huge doesn't do us justice. Veins explode, biceps look like watermelons. I can't see my toes because my pecs jut out - huge massive nips coated with dark brown hair. Sean is immense, blond hair to his ass and smooth freaky muscle and a monster cock.

Speaking of cock I now notice mine. Hanging down the side of my massive quads it must be 16 inches of dripping ecstasy. The pain was now gone and we reveled in the glory of our muscle. The manscent we emitted was overpowering. Then we saw our pecs start to leak. Like cum from our nips the sensation was like a constant orgasm. Sean and I started suckling on each other lapping up the muscle protein. Food was not necessary as we filled our stomachs on the jiz. We looked like the most freaky powerlifters our stomachs distended with muscle protein. Our bodies use the jiz to sustain us. We are muscle gods. All we could think of was fucking each other and breeding our bods with muscle cum.

The storm diminished but our size did not. We were consumed with muscle. We found ourselves in the water again after the rear porch collapsed under our muscle weight and the winds of Greg.

Somehow we didn't notice we were making love underwater and still able to breath. Breath? We both started swimming up to the light above us when we realized there was no need. We were able to function under water like two huge whales in heat.

Sean and I never did return to our former lives. Why should we. The Atlantic changed us. The hurricane named Greg gave birth to two muscle men. We consumed the ocean's strength. Our love continued in the water and on the shore's of the Federal Government's virus and animal test facility off Fire Island. Those dreams by gay men at Cherry Grove might not be dreams..... •

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