Russian Job, The


By muscleboy

Alexsi stood in front of the mirror bouncing his pex. One of his assistants was topping up the oil on his ass cheeks and another one was working on his huge chest. He barely noticed their presence, his massive body dwarfing theirs. He went through his posing routine in his head and on hearing the bell, went back up to the stage for the final pose down - to see who would win the title. Alexsi wasn't too worried though - he knew the title was his. No one neared his body for size and perfection.

Having come from Eastern Europe 3 years ago, the then 21-year-old black hair brown-eyed 6'4 muscle machine had taken the American bodybuilding world by storm. He was not only genetically gifted, he appeared to be genetically CREATED to be a huge monstrous massive muscleman.

When he arrived in the states he was already bigger than any of the pros on the circuit. His competition form was 320lbs, 64-inch chest tapering down a massively broad back to an incredible 32-inch waist. His powerful arms were huge 28-inch cannons, ripped and vascular, topped with enormous shoulders. He had humongous legs. His massive quads, thicker than his waist came in at 33 inches. Each quad popped out of his leg, each one striated and defined, vying for space against the other. His massive calves completed the man's muscular frame. As well as his amazingly muscular body, Alexsi had the gift of perfect symmetry and proportion. It was therefore due to both his size and his structure that he won every competition he entered.

And tonight was to be no different. Since arriving he had spent the last three years increasing his muscularity, adding inches and pounds of rock hard muscle. His competition weight was now 350, his chest a booming 68 inches. His competitors seemed resigned to the fact that they were competing for second, giving the muscle champion ample space on the stage to flex and display his body to the crowd who were drooling at him.

He stood on stage, flexing a double bi in front of the big trophy he had won, dwarfing it with his massive body, grinning broadly at the adoring crowd who were cheering beneath him. As he headed back stage to his changing room, he felt a tap on his back. He swung his huge body around to see who had dared to stop him. Looking down over his huge chest, Alexsi saw a teenager standing before him.

"Excuse me, Sir, Mr Nemrov, Sir, I wanted to congratulate you on your win tonight Sir"

Alexsi turned, and continued for his room while saying "Thank you", almost ignoring the boy.

The teen continued after him, noticing how the ground shook slightly as the behemoth before him strode down the hallway.

"I was competing in the Junior Class tonight Sir, my name is Todd, and I was wondering if you could give me some tips on bulking up Sir."

Alexsi continued striding down the corridor, shouting back "Check out the website".

"Yes Sir but you see I wanted to ... well I was wondering if I could... maybe work out with you... you see I am a huge fan of yours Sir, you are my idol and my mentor"

Alexsi stopped and turned around. "Boy. Do you know how many people want to work out with me? Do you know how many people worship this body and would pay thousands to touch it? Why do you think you are different? What makes you stand out? Nothing. That's what. Now leave me alone."

"But Sir", Todd persisted. "I am prepared to devote my life to you. I am prepared to sign myself over to you for you to do as you wish. That's what makes me stand out"

Alexsi continued on to his room, ignoring the teens pleads.


Todd left the arena despondent. Walking down the street he cursed himself for not selling himself better, for not giving his prepared speech. As he walked, kicking the sidewalk in anger, a long limousine pulled alongside. The window rolled down.

"Do as I wish, you say?" came a thick eastern European accent. Todd looked in. Alexsi was sitting in the limousine. Out of nowhere a muscular chauffeur arrived and opened the door. Todd got in.

Alexsi was so big and broad that he took most of the rear seat, so Todd sat opposite. Alexsi was wearing a huge black muscle vest, but it was skin tight on his body, his massive shoulders exploding the side. He was also wearing leather pants, which his bulging thighs stretched to the limit.

"Yes Sir, anything you wish", Todd replied, any lingering doubt swept aside by the sheer sexiness and muscularity of the God before him.

"Hmmm, interesting. I have a little, erm... program running that takes in young aspirants. I suppose we could consider you. You compete you say? What are your stats?"

Todd reeled off his stats, which sounded so pathetic compared to those of Alexsi's.

"5'9, 140, 43chest 30waist 15arms and 25quads"

"140pounds... hmmm... I could probably curl you with one arm", Alexsi said, almost to himself.

After driving for an hour out of the city, they pulled off the main road and up a long avenue to a large house. Alexsi got out of the car and headed for the house. Todd followed in his wake. At the door waiting were two men - very muscular men. As Todd neared he saw that they were in fact not much older than he was, 18, 19 at most. Their size gave them a powerful presence. They were pumped huge, ripped and wearing nothing more than a black leather cock sheath, which contained, with difficulty, large meaty cocks. As Alexsi passed they bowed slightly and pulled a most muscular pose, their traps and shoulders booming out of their bodies, huge and ripped. They turned and followed Alexsi in. Todd, behind the wall of muscle that was their lats, couldn't see anything at first when they entered. After they entered they turned around to Todd. He noticed Alexsi was gone, and suddenly felt very, very afraid... •

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