Jocking, The: Adam Turner



By CallMeCrazy

Night had come to the town. Doors and windows were shut and locked, for fear of a nonexistent intruder. Someone who would come and destroy what they love. Something that would dissolve their way of life and abolish everything they held precious. But that person had never existed, never come.

Until tonight.

Lane Young was alone in the silent streets. He walked a slow pace, in no hurry to be anywhere. Absorbed in the sounds of night, he failed to notice the lack of light along the path. So quiet and still, waiting patiently for a victim. And Lane came. As he strolled past an alley, he glanced down to view the hidden path. Instinct told him to run, but the darkness piqued his interest and his path changed. Pacing down the dark alley, he walked unknowingly past another man. A god-like blonde, hugely muscled, stalking its prey.

He leapt forth from the shadows and descended upon Lane. Lane could only give a small yelp before being silenced by the large man. He was unable to see the face of his attacker, but could feel his hands along his body. They felt over his youthful face, proceeding down his body. Clothes were ripped off his body with inhuman strength as two firm hands gripped his ass. What came next was searing pain and intense pleasure. Something was inside of him. Beating, pulsing, it was total ecstacy. Lane could feel the large cock thrusting in and out of his raw ass, every moment approaching orgasm. Lane could do nothing but shift and moan in pleasure, his own rigid cock spouting into the air.

The pleasure of sex was nothing compare to the wonder of orgasm. The cum felt alive within Lane. He ass groped at the cock, squeezing out every drop of cum it could. The cum was moving through his body, rolling waves of pleasure through Lane’s entire being. It entered his bloodstream and pulsed along through his veins, causing them to thicken and show over his body. It was so incredible. All Lane wanted was to feel like this forever, this happiness. As he let the joy consume him, new thoughts entered his minds. Not thoughts, so much as programs. Ways of moving, ways of speaking, ways of playing entered his mind, altering his thought process. Each and every pleasant tingling centralized in his cock spread through his body. His mind associated the arousal to football, which his mind was obsessing over. From his body, the pleasure soon associated with football. All Lane wanted was to feel like this forever, and all he had to do to ensure that was to play football forever.

Lane greedily abandoned himself for the sexual stimulation, which controlled his being. But to truly enjoy football, he needed to be bigger. Lane wanted huge muscles. Huge pecs to stretch shirts, tight abs that you could wash clothes on, and a big, fat ass. As he thought, the veins spread over his body. Veins covered his feet, heading toward calves and thighs with huge cuts in them. The muscles were large enough to shred most pants. The veins passed into his ass, which inflated like beach balls, and his cock, now a thick eight inches. His stomach became a series of six deep cuts, painfully maintained. Thick veins showed through his chest and back as pounds of muscle attached to the body. His arms became the size of bowling balls, while his neck doubled in size. He face lost the youth it once contained, replaced by the aged face of a man exposed to the elements. The final knowledge of football suck into his brain. Young, an athletic man in his late twenties, got off the ground. His new quarterback slapped the huge ass, and Young began to put on his football uniform, which his converter had put in a corner of the alley. When he was finally suited up, no resemblance between Young and Lane remained. The jocks would have a busy night. •

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