Jocking, The: Adam Turner

Night Before the Kickoff


By CallMeCrazy

The room had one bed. Aside from the other disappointments that they had encountered, the queen bed sitting before them seemed to symbolize all the little troubles here. James sighed a little while Adam shrugged his shoulders and walked in. Sharing a bed wasn’t a problem, but the insult stung. Only one room had remained when they arrived, and the too perky receptionist had been all too eager to have them sleep together.

"Well, . . ." Adam glanced around the tiny hole. James threw his luggage in the corner and turned to face his friend.

"I’m hungry."


"Huh? What the heck does that mean?"

"Do you want to eat something or are you just saying that you’re hungry?"

"Why would I just say it?"

The silence spoke again. The little bitch at the counter had made a comment. Probably well intentioned, but the odd tension between the two had resurfaced.

Adam shook his head and continued, "Let’s get some food."

Briggs was setting in the final preparations for the game tomorrow. The muscular drones practiced on, entering a state of pure devotion that had not been seen before. Half excitement and half determination, Briggs found himself nearly overwhelmed by the atmosphere. And then there was Brock. As eager to win as he was to continue jocking, he stood for everything that Briggs did. Briggs may be the coach, but Brock would be leading them.

Jamie Carter had stayed to watch the game, and watch his investment. He had been a part of Briggs’ plan from the beginning, freely indulging his jock domination slash mind control fantasies. The results pleased him, but Kai still troubled him. He had never really like the star, but somehow he couldn’t throw him away.

At two in the morning, Adam found himself hunched over James, whose head was firmly placed in the toilet. Another splash in the water, followed by a helpless gurgle from James, caused him to sigh again. James was sick. While he assumed it was food poisoning, Adam assured him that food poisoning took twenty-four hours to onset, getting it in a few hours was a myth.

"Then, what the . . ." James spoke again before being overcome with vomit. Adam couldn’t do anything, so he sat with his sick friend. •

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