Jocking, The: Adam Turner

Place and There


By CallMeCrazy

The usually active conversations between Adam and James were dry from the hour. Adam struggled to stay awake, while James was lost in thought. The countryside had long turned from scenery to long stretches of corn field, continuing forever. Neither made any effort to turn on the radio, until eleven oíclock hit. Almost instinctively, Adamís hand stretched out to turn the radio.

. . . and itís currently eleven in the morning with cloudy skies. Next on our lineup is the Asian star, Kai Cole, with his single ĎOut of Blue.í Youíre listening to AM 1440 KHT, for all

the hits outside of America. Iím

"Thatís odd," Adam said to no one in particular.

"What?" James opened his eyes.

"The radio station. I didnít think it broadcasted so far."

"Well, you never know."

"It sucks actually."

"K.C.?" Adam snorted in response. "What is your problem with him?"

"My problem," Adam began. "Is that he has no talent. Itís true I hate his depressing songs, passionately. But I am more disturbed by the fact that he is a phenomenon when he canít sing."

"He sounds alright."

"But thereís no passion in his voice. He just . . .talks. Heís saying nothing."

"What about ĎOut of Blueí?"

"Crap. This one he was just given by the recording company. The song itself is shit, he canít be blamed for it."

"You crack me up."

"Whatever." It was an eye roll followed by a playful punch. They laughed, happy that the icy hush of the morning was gone.

While the boys were on their way to Nebraska, BRMB had found a college campus in Colorado to hang around. They shared a suite with another boy, Todd Green. Todd was a ripped swimmer in a long term relationship with his girlfriend. At least, it had been long term until recently. The couple had been in constant argument, and were both ready to call it quits.

"That fucking bitch!" Todd stormed into the living area of the apartment. BRMB watched as the shirtless man appeared, his hard abs cut into his body.

"Fuck dude, what the fuckís the matter?" Todd glanced at the guys, unsure of who had asked the question.

"The bitch, threw all of my shit, out the window!" He was red in the face as he spoke. BRMB looked at each other in surprise. In reality, they had done it and gotten rid of the girl. But Todd was following the plan, and they would too.

"Shit dude."

"That fucking cunt!"

"Fuck" Todd was with the clothes he wore to practice- track pants and a wife beater, now soaking wet. And unlike other guys, Todd didnít like changing in locker rooms. So he was stuck in the jammers he practiced in. The top of the tight clothed peaked over the pants.

"What the hell am I suppose to do?" "Fuck dude, borrow some of our shit." "Fuck yeah!" "Fuck yeah!" "Fuck yeah!" Todd had noticed that the trio said Ďfuck yeahí whenever they were all in agreement about something. It was slightly unnerving. But he let them lead him to a room.

Still in the car, and still listening to foreign music, Adam and James began to enjoy the repetitious countryside. "Lovely fields of corn?" James asked playfully.

"Oh yes," Adam responded. "Itís one of the most beauticious sites Iíve ever seen."

"Is that even a word?" James laughed.

"I just made it one. Oh my god! Itís another K.C." As James burst out laughing, the radio began blaring yet another song by the idol.

"Bet youíre mad." "Oh holy hell! I canít escape him." "Is this the worst?" "No, it just doesnít matter." "What?" "Doesnít Matter, the name of the song." "Oh! Sing it." "No." "Yes." "No!" "Do it, do it your way!" " . . . .fine."

"I canít fucking wear this!" Todd stood in amazement as the guys had given him, along with a jock, a sleeveless lycra top and a football girdle. "This shows my dick, for godís sake."

"Well, fuck dude. Fucking wear a fucking cup." The jocks gave him one, and Todd eyed in coyly. Finally, submitting himself to fate, he stuff the cup into the jock strap. The plastic bulge was obvious, but it provided some cover.

"Okay, thanks guys. I gotta hit some weights." Todd left the room and proceeded to the gym on campus. It wasnít the best time physically to work out, but Todd had to let off some steam. He ran the entire way, careful to avoid eye contact with anyone. Insecure in the tight clothes, Todd went to a small weight room in the back. It was usually reserved for heavy lifters, but Todd didnít care. He was so past thinking that he was lifting double his normal amounts.

"Woah, all the weights are heavier," he said after almost an hour. Absorbed in the rage, Toddís workout had only increased his tense breathing and posture. He looked at himself in the mirrored walls of the room. He was in prime shape, and the lycra highlighted his muscular build. Part of Todd wanted to be bigger, but he was content to wait until after college, when swimming was over.

The assessment of his cut body was oddly arousing for Todd, and the cup was being propped up a bit by his firming cock. Careful to make sure no one was near, Todd pulled out his uncut manhood and stared at it in wonder. It was bigger than average, he knew. Even as he held it in his soft hand, Todd felt the thick shaft in slight confusion. For a second he wasnít sure what to do. Then Todd ripped away at the engorged member and relaxed in slight ecstacy as he came.

Todd ran back to the room, intent on showering off the sweat. He had never sweat much before, but the intense session pushed his body to a new level. It was only on his return that Todd remembered his girlfriend had taken all the bath supplies. He wasnít embarrassed to borrow soap, but he did need to shave for a meet tomorrow. Masher loaned him some shaving gel and a razor.

Todd turned on the hot water and lathered his body with the shaving lotion. It was a deep brown, and smelled like musk. A practiced expert, Todd finished shaving a few minutes and proceeded to clean the rest of his body.

Ten minutes later, Todd found dark brown hairs poking out around his body.

"Fucking new gel. Must not be used to it." So Todd repeated the process. Two more minutes, and Todd found most of his body coated in thick black hairs.

"What the fuck!" he screamed and proceeded to shave again. And again. Like a trained monkey, Todd repeated the futile act, each time the hairs becoming increasingly dark and thick. He reached around to scratch his ass in confusion, and Todd felt his now hairy ass. His initial disgust soon turned into a pleasant surprise. He liked the feeling of the thick hair. Losing himself for a moment, Todd rubbed his hairy chest in pride. That moment was all it took, and Todd would never shave again. The sensation of hair spread over his body, and Toddís dick, surrounded by a dark forest of pubes, stood at attention. Losing no time, Todd quickly jacked off in the shower. Lost again in the pleasure, he inhaled heavily, each breath trembling his muscles.

Todd stepped out of the shower and straight back into the hall. He wanted to show off his new masculinity.

"Fuck dude."

"You fucking look awesome."

"Fucking cool." Masher gave him a high five, and then said, "I thought you would like my gel."

"Fuck yeah!" Todd yelled. "This is so fucking awesome. Fuck, I want a fucking new look for this fucking cool body." Still pumped from the workout, and now covered in fur, Todd slipped back into the sweaty shirt and girdle.

"I need a fucking new haircut for my fucking new bod." BRMB happily led him to a barbershop slash tattoo parlor. Todd just leaned back, still pumped and still with heavy breathe. All time was lost, and Todd only became aware when he was sat upright. Gone was the rich brown hair, now a bright bleach blonde styled into sharp spikes.

"Fuck man, you have fucking horns!"

"Itís cause Iím fucking horny!" They laughed for another minute before Todd was lost in confusion.

"What, dude?"

"Fuck, you want to get the fucking tat?" Todd was snapped to attention as he looked at the tattoo of a rhinoceros that he had stared at intently.

"Fuck yeah!"

"Fucking get it!"

"Fuck yeah!" So, again Todd let himself be led to the counter as the guys told the worker the exact tattoo. Time seemed to disappear again, and when he focused again, a rhino graced each shoulder.

"Fuck man," Brute said. "You are a fucking rhino. Breathing all heavy and shit."

Todd just stared in silent confusion, waiting for the others to tell him what he thought. Finally, they agreed it was s good look and left the shop.

The guys took Todd to another gym, especially for bodybuilders. The place smelled strongly of body odor, but not badly. It just did. Todd didnít think at all, he just did what he was told. It was so easy after all, letting them handle everything.

"Fuck dude, look at your fuckiní bod." Reality came into focus again for Todd. The man in the mirror was bigger than any bodybuilder. He was at least seven feet tall, and covered in huge muscles equally covered in dark hair. He could only turn his neck about an inch in either direction before the girth stopped him. His legs were like redwood tree trunks, and his chest was nearly six feet wide. No words could describe the size of his muscles, they were simple unimaginably huge. Each heavy breathe causing the entire tower of meat to shake.

"Fuck yeah," Todd said after a moment.

"Are you happy now?" "No" "Iíve sung like, four songs! I hate this." "I know, it makes me happy." "My misery makes you happy?" "No, that look you get when you get mad makes me happy." "Be careful, Iím Mohammad Ali." "No, youíre cuuuuute!" Adam laughed at the allusion. He shook his head and finally turned to James. "That was my line." "I took it. Youíre the one who said you were Mohammad Ali." "I was talking more about biting your ear off." "Umm, I donít think that was him." "What? Then who was it?" They turned and stared at each other a minute before bursting into a fit of laughter. "Some men can answer that question," James smiled. "Not us! But we can tell you other random information."

Todd found himself standing alone in the locker rooms under the stadium. His sweat soaked the tight lycra engulfing his body, morphing the skimpy clothes into a flexible skin. Veins covered every crevice of his over-muscled frame, each breathe flexing the harsh meat. Hung open, his mouth panted in a rage, trying to understand what was happening, where he was, but Todd surrendered himself long ago. The thick scent of odor and musk guided the trembling creature through the room. Each step sent shocks through the floor, like minor aftershocks from an earthquake. His own stink blended with the stench of the room, and Todd moved further in. The cup once used to hide his dick was overflowing with thick man-meat, every moment inching itís way to freedom. Finally, a familiar scent flooded his senses, and Todd turned to face the wall. It was a locker, like any other. Inside was football equipment. First tentative, Todd slowly stretched out one thick hand. The jersey he grabbed resounded of soft pleasure, causing him to laugh in demented way. He continued to huff, pumped muscles raising and lowering like their own entity. Pulling the jersey closer, the same scent poured forth. The same smell that Todd carried with him, his own odor.

At the back of the locker, Todd noticed a small emblem engraved on the wall. Pulling his bicep towards his face, a useless attempt considering his size, Todd gazed stupefied at the tattoo he had obtained only hours ago. After a few moments of confusion, he laughed in the same bizarre manner, half-confusion and half-pure stupidity. The carving had the same rhinoceros that now graced both of his shoulders. Turning the jersey over, the word "Rhino" was tailored on the back.

Rhino, the fucking huge defensive end. Fucking raging all over the fucking field. Rhino fucking crushed those fucking sons of bitch fuckers. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Todd ran a hand through his spiked, bleach blonde hair. His horn . . . .his hair was his horn. His fucking rhino horn. Toddís thoughts were constantly slipping away, unable to form any word but fuck.

He inhaled again, allowing the now comforting scent of jock fill his being. Scratching his hairy ass absentmindedly, part of Todd still struggled. Part of him was unsure. He ran his over hand over his pec, comforting himself with his muscles as Rhino always did. As he gripped the fur coating his body, Rhino twitched in pleasure.

So fucking huge. Fucking rhino. Fucking monster. Iím fucking a fucking fucking fucker.

His breathing increased in pace, under his breathe the word "fuck" escaping with every bit of air.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Keeping pace with himself, Todd was consumed in fuck. The word clouded his mind, overriding every single individual thought or desire he ever had. Fighting the last trace of insecurity, he again sniffed the sweaty jersey. So familiar, so wonderful, the odor was luxurious and welcoming and . . . Rhino was home.

Todd reached in the locker and pulled out the monstrous shoulder pads. Hoisting them over his monster back and chest, he tightened the restraints against his chest. Next, he put the hip pads into the girdle on his body. Todd spread open the spandex pants, and a wave of giddy pleasure crossed over Rhino. Picking up one massive leg, he pushed the hair-covered tree-trunk through. Then the next and he pulled the pants over his ballooning ass. The band snapped against his bulk, and Todd proceeded further. The socks and shoes, finally leading to the jersey. Again, he smelled it, rejoicing in his own aroma. With great difficulty, Todd tried to pull the jersey over Rhinoís body. Arms flailing above, suddenly the form-fitting top was pulled over 100 inch chest.

Rhino didnít think about it. He grabbed some eye paint, and taped up his fingers, and pulled the helmet over his head. Finally suited up, Todd turned to a mirror to see himself.

Fucking Rhino. Fucking ready to fucking kick fucking some fucking fuck fuckers fucking fuckers!

Inside the uniform, the water bottle that was Rhinoís cock spurted eagerly. Rhino just stood with a stupefied smile on his face as the sexual stimulation and satisfaction that was football finally engulfed Todd. Rhino scratched himself again, unsure of what to do. Fortunately, the rest of the team was there.

"Rhino!" Rhino shuffled around to his BRMB and the rest of his team suited up, ready to play.

"Fuck," the massive animal muttered.

"Letís fuckiní kick some fucking ass!" The four looked at Rhino, who stared, mouth open, for a moment. Finally he raised his head and said, "Fuck yeah!"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Fuck yeah!" Brute slapped Rhino on the ass as he walked out and said, "Donít fucking worry, fucker. Just fucking do whatever I fucking tell you, fuck?" Rhino nodded in agreement, completely happy to never think again.

"Well, here we are," Adam said as he pulled his car into the parking lot of a hotel. It was somewhere between nice and nasty, but it worked.

"Well, this is . . .different." "Letís go." "Did you make a reservation?" "Oh my god. . . letís hope we can get a room." "You want to get a room?" "Yes, I . . . very funny. But seriously, this was your trip." "Iím sorry." "No you are not. Wipe that smirk off your face. Now march!" •

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