Jocking, The: Adam Turner



By CallMeCrazy

Adam and James may have slept the night away, but many men on the campus attended the fraternity party. And what a party- beer, beer, and any other liquor imaginable. It was a roaring good time, especially for the brothers.

Jake Snider had played baseball since his youth. It had been a major part of his life, constructing his bastard personality to his supple ass. He had never been in a serious relationship, simply content to fuck and be fucked. In fact, his interest in woman only extended as far their boobs and pussy. He thought the frat party would be a great chance to throw back some drinks with the boys. Already a member for another fraternity, he had no intention of pledging, just drinking.

When one of the brothers, was Mitch his name- he was an offensive lineman on the football team, asked him to go to the basement and help carry up some more liquor, Jake gladly agreed. He followed the huge man down the steps. The football and baseball team had always been at ends at the school, football was more popular but he baseball was more successful and resented the lack of enthusiasm.

As he approached the bottom, Jake could see part of the basement. Piles of clothes were tossed around, probably the laundry room. There was also a large machine, "Was it a tv?", in the center of the room. Jake crossed the threshold into the room.

Instantly, the world became blurry. Jake stumbled to the ground, clutching his chest in pain. It felt like knives were puncturing his skin. He threw off his clothes in a sort of seizing fit, and began to shake on the ground, naked.

His position gave the others a great view to watch the transformation. Veins sprouted from his calves and began the upward journey. His legs, already well developed, inflated with further muscle. His thighs were thirty inches around, each. The pumping entered his dick, once six inches erect, short forward to a hard nine. The balls grew too, increasing his sexual drive. Jake’s already large ass became like two mounds of fat, shaking lavishly from side to side when he walked. Once suffering from a beer belly, hard abs were ripped above his monster cock. The chest and back came next, turning once soft mounds into solid muscle. His pecs shot forward, inches away from his body. His back gained a huge V-shape, from three foot shoulders to a tiny waist. The shoulder muscles grew to match, and the veins snaked down his arms, endowing him with twenty-inch bowling balls where biceps should be. His neck became so thick it was hard to look to the side. As the chemical entered his head, he gained a square jaw and masculine facial features. His red hair and Irish pallor, changed next. Jake’s red hair became black, and his once hairless chest became coated in thick black hairs. The hairs snaked over his body, giving it a darker look. His skin was darker too, from a near to white to an olive color. His eyes rolled back in his head as he changed mentally.

Gone were the years of center field, catching fly balls. But Snake could still catch. He intercepted tons of passes. And he led the team in sacks last season. No need for pussy assed games, it was all about contact sports.

Finally, the familiar haze entered his eyes, and Snake Casillas the Italian linebacker, got up and wiped off the thick substance he had sprayed in himself. He put on his new clothes and trotted upstairs, eager to continue with the night. •

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