Jocking, The: Adam Turner

Sunken Dreams


By CallMeCrazy

Adam had long ago fallen asleep at his computer when James arrived home. The Indian man stood over Adamís unconscious body, gently breathing. He hoisted him off the chair and carried him over to his room, easing his roommate onto his bed. James had done it numerous times before, silently thanking Adam for attempting to wait up. He saved whatever paper Adam had been working on and shut down the computer. Tired from the long night, James soon went to his own bed and fell asleep.

. . . and itís currently eleven in the morning with the cloudy skies. Next on our lineup is the Asian star, Kai Cole, with his second single ĎSunken Dreams.í Youíre listening to AM 1440 KHT, for all the hits outside of America. Iím

Adam hang swung sharply to turn off the radio before the song began. Despite his hatred for K.C. songs, he particularly hated this one. Sunken Dreams was a depressing memoir of a person who felt alone, but obviously wasnít.

"I donít see how people can love a person who hates life. None of his songs sound sincere. They sound hollow, like he says nothing. And . . . Iím in my bed. James must have come home. Thatís nice of him. That means itís Thursday."

Adam got out of bed and put on a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a light jacket. He glanced in the mirror, regarding his reflection with quiet curiosity. Unknowingly, he began to sing the words to the song he muted.

"Sunken into the earth,

covered by the stone of life,

my broken heart

is buried

under a mountain of wasted dreams."

Upon, seeing the words come from his mouth, he flew one hand over his mouth and stared agape at his image. It frustrated Adam to have such miserable songs echoing from his mouth. Kai Cole represented everything that Adam fought against in life. Pain, misery, sorrow, all enhanced through the darkness of the lyrics. Adam refused to believe in such a world, a place without hope. And so, he sings his own song.

"The dreams which sunk into the earth,

they speak to me now

as the light returns.

Carried on your burdened shoulders,

I can now see the face

that has held my hand

in darkness

for eternity."

Caught up in his own rhythm, Adam began dancing around the small room. His volume increasing with his energy.

"Sunken dreams,

the things of legend.

Now risen from the dead earth.

Sunken dreams,

the voices calling me.

I hear the love forgotten."

Adam smiled now, standing alone basking in his own cheer. It wasnít uncommon. Adam expressed himself through the voice he had. He spoke only what he felt, every word pouring forth from his soul. He entered the living room to see James cooking. It was far past breakfast and too early for lunch.

"What are you doing?" The singer inquired.

"Iím fixing you food," James replied without glancing at Adam.


"So you can eat."

" . . . thank you?"

"You should be thanking me," James said, pointing the hot spatula at Adam. "I didnít have to do this for you."

"I didnít think you would."

"Itís only because you looked so pathetic lying there last night. I had to do something."

"You were worried about me," Adam sounding more than smug.

"No, Iím worried about how much your hospital bills are. Can you really afford to not take care of yourself?" Adam stared in silence for a moment.

"It was an accident. It has nothing to do with my life. Just let it go."

"You are not the one who sat and waited for a month."

"No, I was the one who was in a coma." Adam turned and left the room. It was a common occurrence, this battle. The only thing they ever fought over. Six months ago, Adam had been at the scene of an accident, and had ended up in a coma for a month. The first sight that greeted Adam was James. Their relationship had changed that day.

Adam sat near the railing that led to their apartment. He leaned against the pole and stared toward the covered sun. Smiling to himself, he continued with his song.

"Wonder what has happened?

That I breathe again.

And the overwhelming


has simply vanished

where once my dreams retired

they rise again.

And though tomorrow may never be

I only need today."

James was standing behind Adam as he finished. He put a hand on his shoulder and both men sighed a little. The fight never lasted long. Silently, they turned to enter the room. Stopping to close the door, Jamesí face suddenly lit up.

"Oh, hey! I almost forgot. I won a prize!"

"From what?"

"That mail in contest."

"The phony one?"

"Yeah, I won two tickets to the first football game at the new Soldierís stadium, in Nebraska."

"Have fun."

"Youíre coming with me."





"Why? Why should I have to go through such torture!"

"Cause, youíre my best friend."

"Damn you."

"We leave tomorrow."

The fraternity house was long awake by the time Adam and James were eating. After a rather eventful evening, every brother was now a jock. And a horny jock at that. Most of the night had been a long orgy, huge cocks thrust up meaty asses. Most of the building had been covered in a sort of cum, thicker than usual. Their mission now was to jock the other fraternities.

Briggsí preparations for the game were nearly complete, the entire team anxious to begin the national jocking. The first match was against the Atlanta Falcons. Brock adjusted to new role to perfection, acting like a perfect adult jock.

It was on this day that a short, brown-haired man came to visit Briggs. He walked right up to the potent man and said, "We need to talk." •

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