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For a while, we both stood there without moving. Except for my muscles, that is, which kept growing at a steady pace.

Luckily, I managed to speak first: "Now John, please don't freak out or scream or run away. It's just me, you know. Andy."

John swallowed, then said: "My god, what on earth is happening to you?"

I was just about to tell him that my phone had somehow made my muscles grow when I realized that I had made a mistake in my calculations. If I had weighed 382 pounds after the first transformation, and if I was to gain an additional 479, I wouldn't weigh 999 pounds after all, but only 861. It seemed that I must have got carried away with the numbers, and I was surprised when I realized that, somewhere in the back of my mind, I detected a flicker of disappointment. I looked down at myself, at my ballooning pecs, my swelling biceps and my inflating quads, and although I was incredibly huge, I realized that I already wanted more. So I said: "I don't know exactly, but I know how we can stop this. It sounds crazy, but you have to call me on my cell phone right now."

John was obviously too stunned to think clearly - he just did what I said. I picked up the phone and then said: "And now we'll just have to wait. Why don't you come over here and give me a kiss in the meantime."

Slowly, cautiously, John approached me and began to explore my body. He put his hands on my pecs, which were pulsing with growth underneath his gentle touch. He began to caress my rock-hard nipples, which stood out erect from the ever increasing mass of muscle on my chest.

"Oh wow, this is awsome, Andy."

John became bolder and started to suck on my nipples, his hands running down on my body, over my abs, stroking my dick briefly, then as far around as he could reach to the two firm and swelling globes of my muscle butt. I must have passed 600 pounds by then, perhaps even 650, and still my muscles kept on growing while my boyfriend explored my changing body. I flexed my arms and John gasped as my biceps peaked at an incredible height, and he pushed his hips against mine. I put my arms around him and lifted him off the floor, barely registering the weight of his body, and we kissed each other, our tongues exploring each other, wrapped around each other, moving back and forth between our lips. My back widened and my biceps rose as our desire deepened, and still my muscles grew.

I realized that I was beginning to have trouble moving because my muscles were simply becoming too big. I tried to bend my arms, but my forearms pushed against my inflating biceps and made it impossible to complete the movement. I dropped my arms and realized that my lats had spread so wide that my arms remained at an angle of 60 degrees from my body, and were continually forced higher by the increasing amound of muscle on my upper body and my ballooning triceps. I dropped my boyfriend, a mixture of pleasure and panic rising inside me, and said: "John, I'm growing too big to move!"

He looked at me, at my ever growing body, at my ever increasing size, and answered: "Okay, I think it's time I hung up."

I wanted to say no, to shout at him, but he was too fast. I don't know how long we had been making out, how much time had passed since John had called me, but it must have been at least 10 minutes. And that meant at least another 600 pounds on top of the 861 pounds I would already weigh after the end of the current wave of growth. Already, I could feel the energy running from my cell phone into my body.

"My god, John, what did I do? The phone call is not going to stop me from growing, it's gonna make me grow even more!"

I tried to move towards him but couldn't, my quads were so big that I couldn't move them around each other any more. I moved my arms, but the effort simply gave me a pump in addition to my spectacular growth. My neck was becoming so thick that it became hard to move my head, and my swelling traps didn't help either. I felt tears welling up in my eyes at the thought of spending the rest of my life as an immobile mountain of muscle.

"Andy, you're growing!"

I looked at John, angry at first, because I didn't see the point of stating the obvious. "Tell me something I don't know already," I hissed, while some more pounds of muscle were being pushed into my back.

"No, Andy, I mean, you're... you're getting taller."

John was right. I could hear my bones cracking, and I could feel my body stretching. I realized that I was able to wiggle my arms again, as well as to move my head sideways. I strained to see what was happening, to see past my incredibly huge, more-than-watermelon-sized shoulders and catch a glimpse of my overdeveloped, bulging, muscle-packed arms. It seemed crazy, but they were actually getting longer. Slowly, but surely my head was approaching the ceiling. My legs were lengthening. My whole body becoming longer and wider. Making room for yet more amazing muscular growth. •

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