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I felt the familiar current of energy run from my phone into my hand and from there up through my arm and my entire body. Again, I broke out in a sweat, and the thought of growing even bigger, scary though it was, made my dick hard once more. And then the growth began.

I looked down at my chest, my pecs already as huge as a pro-bodybuilder's, and saw that they were beginning to grow, pushing outwards from my body, upwards towards my chin, and downwards towards my abs, which were becoming even more pronounced, slowly changing into an incredible ten-pack of brick-hard muscle. My lats spread like wings, forcing my arms away from my body. The angle between my arms and my body increased from 30 to 35 degrees, and still my muscles grew and grew, bigger and bigger.

I flexed my biceps and they rose high and higher, pushing against my thickening forearms and making it increasingly difficult to hold the double biceps pose I was trying to strike. I readjusted my stance, marvelling at the growth of my quads and calves, at the tree trunks of muscles my legs had become.

Packing on pound after pound of muscle, I heaved my incredible body towards the bathroom, barely managing to get through the door, and stood on the scale so that I could appreciate the extent of my growth. At first, the size of my magnificently blown-up pecs blocked my view, and I had to lean forward to get a glimpse of the continually rising number on the display.

433, 434, 435...

I was insanely huge already, and yet I had only added 53 pounds so far. I wondered whether there was actually enough room on my body for the additional 564 pounds of muscle which were still to come, or whether they would simply burst through my skin. The thought didn't seem far fetched, because I could feel how my muscles filled my body, how they grew under my skin, pulsing, swelling, pushing outwards relentlessly. It was almost impossible now to see past my ballooning chest and to read the number on the display of the scale, but eventually I managed one last time.

459, 460, 461...

Ways to go. Still ways to go.

I stepped down from the scale and tried to get out of the bathroom again, but my body was too big to fit through the door. For a moment, I thought that I was trapped, but then I suddenly realized how incredibly strong I must be by now, and that I couldn't wait to actually test my strenght. I went towards the door, put my hands on the frame and pressed outwards. I was ready to put some effort into my feat of strength, but in fact the wall seemed simply to crumble under my hands. I pushed myself forward, and my shoulders burst through the wall. Although I had been almost completely naked - some tattered remains of my clothes were still hanging here and there from my hips and from my upper body - I hadn't even felt a scratch.

For a while I stood there, thinking about my incredible strength. How big was I by now? 480 pounds? 490? Had I already passed 500? And what would it feel like to weigh 999 pounds, to feel so much muscle underneath my skin, to feel both the heaviness and the power of my gargantuan size?

I was still growing and trying to imagine how I would look at the end of my amazing transformation when I heard the door to my apartment open and close. I turned around and stood facing my boyfriend, whose jaw hung open and who stared at my bulging and swelling muscles in disbelief. •

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