In the Cabin

By no name

Tom, Jason, Dennis, my boyfriend Luke and I had decided to spend a few in a cabin in the woods near the town where we lived. We didn't have anything special planned, but simply wanted to hang out and maybe watch some movies together. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to bring any DVDs with us, so all we had to choose from was what was already there in the cabin. We didn't really feel like watching "Steel Magnolias", we had all seen "The Opposite of Sex" several times and liked it a lot, and although we liked Chaplin's "The Great Dictator", we decided that we wanted to see something a bit more exciting and fast-paced. Just when we thought that we'd be stranded without anything interesting to watch, Jason found another DVD lying on the floor next to the sofa in the living room.

"Hey, look at this. Have you ever heard of a movie called 'More'? It doesn't say what it's about, but it seems fairly recent."

Dennis went over to Jason and gave him a kiss on the cheek: "And it sounds exciting, thank you. I'll go with this one."

We agreed that it was worth trying, and while Tom busied himself with the equipment, the rest of us got ready to watch and enjoy. Tom finally managed to get the DVD-player started, and instead of any FBI warnings, PG-13-notices or endless animated menus, there appeared a single option on the screen. It read: "Want MORE?"

I guess we did. In any case, Tom pushed the button, and the menu disappeared. For a while, the screen remained black, but then suddenly there followed a strange sequence of juxtaposed images, flickering by almost too fast for us to see what it was. Then, the screen was black again.

"Did any of you see what it was? I think I saw a bodybuilder flex his biceps."

"Oh come on, Luke, we all know that that's what you want to see", Dennis said, "but this was way too fast for any of us to tell."

"Shut up guys", I hissed. " There's more.

First, we couldn't make out what it was, but then the camera zoomed out and it turned out the be the huge biceps of an incredibly pumped bodybuilder who was working out in a gym.

"Ha, I told you!"

"Shut up, Luke."

We all liked watching this handsome hulk working out, but suddenly there was a cut to a time-lapse sequence of plants growing from tiny stumps to large trees in a matter of seconds, and then another cut to inflating balloons. After another hyper-fast montage sequence of muscular men, workout equipment and what looked like two guys making out in bed (but it was way too fast for any of us to be sure), there came a bright symbol that looked like a barbell, and then the screen went black.

We sat there staring for a few seconds, and then it was Tom who broke the silence. "Wow, I think that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen."

"Yeah", Luke agreed, nudging closer to me and chewing softly on my right earlobe, "but it was also kind of hot, don't you think."

I turned round, responding to Luke's question with a deep, sensual kiss and a matter of fact: "No, not at all. It's a big turn off." With this, I threw him backwards and lay down on top of him, running one hand through his hair and giving his crotch a little squeeze with the other. "You'll have to save me."

"Guys, we're still here!" Jason exclaimed and threw us both an indignant look.

Luke looked at him, with one of his trade mark silly smiles on his face, and said: "Well, you'll have to ask my boyfriend here whether you can join in or no."

This, of course, drew giggles from Dennis, who then got smacked on the head by Jason. Tom, however, had sneaked up on Jason and now tackled him from behind, pinning him down on the floor: "You asked for it, handsome." With this, he began to open the buttons on his boyfriend's shirt - whose resistance, I might add, seemed suddenly to lack the necessary vigour and determination.

Now, of course, Dennis felt a little left out, and he sulked a little between us two couples making out in the living room before he said something. At first, I couldn't make out what he was saying because I was... well, distracted, but then he said it again, and louder this time: "Guys, something is happening to me."

I gave Luke another kiss and then, reluctantly, looked up to see what was wrong with Dennis. He still stood in between Tom and Jason on the one and Luke and me on the other hand. I realized that his face was covered in sweat. He staggered back and almost fell.

Worried that he might be having some kind of breakdown or fit, I tried to get up but suddenly felt sick and weak. I heard Luke moan beneath me, and Tom and Jason, too, seemed to be having the same kind of trouble.

"Guys, what's happening to us?"

Once again, I tried to get up and eventually managed to steady myself. My entire body was in turmoil, and I could hardly focus on what was happening to the others. Suddenly, something - I couldn't tell what it was, it felt like an electric current - hit me and I almost fell down again. My whole body felt as if it was on fire, and I could hear a strange, growling noise which seemed to emanate from my stomach. Then, without any apparent reason, it was over.

"What on earth was this?"

I looked at Dennis and shook my head: "I have no clue."

Luke got up from the couch, visibly shaken by the experience: "Wow, I thought for a moment that we were all going to die. I feel better now, but for a while..."

"Yeah", Tom added. "In fact, I feel really great now."

Jason nodded: "Me too. I don't know what happened, but now I feel really... really fantastic. Like a new person, somehow."

"Guys." It was Dennis. "Tell me whether I'm going crazy or not, but I think that", he swallowed hard, "I think that my muscles are growing."

Luke was just about to make some stupid joke when his jaw dropped. Dennis stood in front of us, and it looked as if his shirt and pants were getting tighter. In fact, however, Dennis was growing right in front of our eyes, his muscles inflating and increasingly filling up his once rather loose-fitting clothes. I was watching in awe when suddenly I heard a little pop and something small hit me in the face. I turned towards Luke, and I saw that the top button of his polo-shirt had popped off. Luke himself looked down, then looked back up at me and said: "Andy, my pecs are growing."

I swallowed, closed my eyes, then lifted my left hand and put it on my chest. A set of pecs. Of firm, delicious, growing pecs.

I opened my eyes and looked at what was happening around me. My friends, none of whom had been particularly remarkable when it came to physical development before, were growing more and more muscular by the minute. I could see Tom's quads inflating with size. Jason, whose shirt Tom had unbuttoned while the two of them had been making out, revealed a brick wall of abs who was becoming steadily more pronounced and defined, changing slowly from a remarkable six-pack to a breath-taking eight-pack. Tom went over to Jason and started exploring his new body, and I could suddenly feel Luke's hands on mine. I moaned as he traced my flaring lats, as he caressed my broadening shoulders and my thickening neck. Unconsciously, I started flexing, bouncing my pecs up and down in my increasingly tight shirt, my ballooning biceps straining the fabric of my sleeves to its limits.

Suddenly, I heard a ripping sound and saw that Luke's quads had burst through his jeans, revealing the thickest, most muscular legs I had ever seen - or felt brushing against mine, for that matter. I pushed my hips against him and was surprised when I felt the enormous bulge on his crotch against my equally astonishing hard-on. I looked down, past my pecs which were still pushing outwards and pulsing with growth and strength, just in time to see my dick burst through my pants, an 8 inch monster and still lengthening, thickening, throbbing with lust and longing. I drew Luke towards me and kissed him, feeling him grow, and feeling myself add pound after pound of muscle to my increasingly muscular frame. •

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