I Think

By zenith_muscle

I was fifteen when my best friend’s father took me to see Mr. Olympia for the first time of my life. I always had done some casual exercising at the Zenith Gym and that was where I met this friend of mine. My friend, James, which was the same age as I am, was scrawny and thin, just like I was. We didn’t frequent the gym since much of our attention focused on other aspects of our teenage life. James’ father was quite disappointed of this since as the coach and owner of the Zenith Gym, he wanted his son to have a decent body as well.

“That’s why I am taking you two to the Mr. Olympia competition.” James’ father said. “And I want you two to be inspired.”

And we were.

At the competition, we were able to go backstage to see the bodybuilders’ preparation through James’ father’s contacts and the people he knew at the competition. That is when we noticed Ronnie Coleman getting oiled up.

“I think he’ll win the competition, he really looked huge!” I commented.

“Yeah,” James said.

James’ father, who is much more experienced in this field said: “Hmm, I think there are much better bodybuilders around, like Dorian Yates. Ronnie wouldn’t have much chance with him around.”

Later, the actual competition began and the eventual winner of the 1998 Mr. Olympia was of course Ronnie Coleman.

“Must be the lighting or something,” James’ father commented. “Ronnie really looks huge on stage, like he had some growth spurt or something.”

We agreed.

After this Mr. Olympia experience, we were hugely motivated in exercising to achieve that huge body like those bodybuilders in competition. We really want to be as big and muscular as them. Who wouldn’t!

For one whole month we were fully devoted to this art, everyday, without missing any sessions.

“You’ve grown quite a bit since we started, James.” I commented.

“Yeah, you too,” James said.

“I doubt it. Since we started, you’ve gained ten pounds while I hadn’t gained a pound! You most probably have your father’s genes; look at your father, man. I think in three months or so, you’ll at least have 180 pounds of muscle,” I replied.

“Don’t kid me, ok?” James quipped

I said jokingly, “Yeah, and I think in a few years, you’ll be even bigger than Arnold!”

And you know what? In three months, he did become 180 pounds, exactly 180 pounds. From a skinny 130 pounds to a respectable 180 pounds. His gain was so drastic that many thought he was on steroids. But I knew he wasn’t. Genetics, must be genetics, I thought.

And what’s worse is that I didn’t gain any weight or muscle. Not a single pound! Because of this I was totally depressed and gave up on gym, for good.

That was six years ago. Now, at 21, nothing much has changed in my life, especially my body, which is still tall and scrawny. Luckily, I had now someone in my life, Andy, which is very nice and sweet, but only average looking, and like me, thin. But for now, he is not here with me as he went away for three months for some business trip or something.

Feeling bored, I decided to fly to Las Vegas to watch the 2004 Mr. Olympia competition.

As I was walking around at the competition, I heard my name being called. I turned around and in front of me stood James Zenith, my high school gym partner. I was shocked to see how huge he had become. Bigger, more muscular and more vascular than any bodybuilder, dead or alive, I’ve ever see.

Trying to hide me growing hard on I said “Hi, how have you been doing”

“What do you think?” James replied.

“You look, errr fantastic. How did you do it? What ARE you taking?” I queried.

“I know you wouldn’t believe this, but I’m fully natural, 100% natural,” he replied.

After talking for a while, he left to prepare for the competition. I was thinking, no fucking bodybuilder would be able to achieve this physique without any steroid! It is impossible! Especially not a 21 year old! Genetic, must be genetics.

Without surprise, the eventual winner was James Zenith, the youngest winner to win the Mr. Olympia competition. Nobody could doubt the superiority of his perfectly proportioned physique compared to his competitors.

Instead of meeting up with James, I had to catch my flight back home. Further, Andy is coming home tonight.

Later, Andy came back, wearing his shirt and slacks with his briefcase.

“Hi!” said Andy

“Hi!” I replied.

I was really surprised to see him buffed up since 3 months ago. “You look great, what have you been doing?” I asked

“I have been training since three months ago. So… how do you like it,” he grinned.

Jokingly, I said “Ooh, you look great. I think you are going to burst out of your shirt soon.”

Suddenly, it happened. Andy’s shirt started to look as though as it is getting tighter and tighter. Andy was growing bigger and bigger in front of my eyes. Every muscle in his upper body became bigger and bigger. The fabric in his shirt were stretched so thin and at one point, it started to shred and eventually, he burst out of his shirt, literally.

“Fuck! What happened?” Andy questioned.

“I… , I…. I don’t know,” I replied.

Then I sat down and think. Andy, still confused on what happened now had an upper body of a fitness model but his legs only what it used to be. He was still wearing his slacks he was wearing.


Ronnie Coleman, James Zenith, and now Andy……. It must be me. It must be. Must be the magic word, “I THINK”. If it is true, what will the limitations be? Can I augment anybody’s body as I like? Can I morphed my body as well? Can it be any parts of the body?

So I tried, “Andy, I THINK your legs will grow bigger than any bodybuilders alive!”

Then, Andy’s legs started to fill his slacks…….. •

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