Evan's Turn

By Polodude

Evan followed Chris and Tucker into the gym of the dorm. They gave him a purple Ralph Lauren polo shirt with a yellow logo on it. “Put this on, dude,” said Chris. “It’s time for the initiation.”

Evan was slim and very good looking, in a feminine way, with deep blue eyes and the lanky limbs and striated muscle of a long-distance runner. He glanced around the workout room and couldn’t hide his excitement at what he saw:

23 prepped-up high school jock dudes were at the different workout stations. At the pull down lat machine, a blonde, thickly muscled kid with a white baseball cap on backward was pulling down 200 lbs, rep after rep, as if it weighed nothing. His thick lats and bulging shoulders strained out of his pale green Ralph Lauren polo. The collar was up. Evan could also make out the dude’s cock straining against his khaki-colored cargo shorts. Evan had been lean his whole young life and couldn’t help getting boned when he saw the green polo kid pulling down reps like it was nothing, his thick muscle straining against his preppy shirt.

“Fuck, I think I’m gonna bust a nut…” he muttered.

“Hold your horses, Evan,” grinned Chris. You need to get initiated first before you can join the Polo Club.

Evan glanced toward the bench press. There was a huge, ripped red-headed kid benching a bar that had five 45-lb weights on each side of it. The kid had the same white cap on that all the others had, and he too was wearing clean-cut, preppy Ralph Lauren clothes—a black Polo rugby shirt with a red polo crest on it. The red-headed kid didn’t seem to be breaking a sweat as he calmly lifted the weights for 10 reps. His pecs, delts, and tri’s strained against his rugby, which clung to his skin like a second layer of skin. The look in his eye was focused, calm and intense and he seemed to be muttering, “Fuck yeah…Polo…more muscle…”

Tucker said, “Are you ready for the initiation? Do you want to get huge too?”

“Yes!” Evan stammered, shaking with excitement. He could feel his precum leaking out as he stared around the room at all the hot guys, all prepped out in their Ralph Lauren shirts, pumping and flexing muscles which made them look less like high school students and more like junior bodybuilders from the Repetrope website.

Tucker and Chris brought Evan down to the muscle machine, strapped him in, and flipped the switch. Evan’s purple polo shirt hung loosely on his lean, feminine frame. Evan began to feel a tingling sensation in his entire body. His cock hardened to a throbbing stiffness that made it seem like he had overdosed on Viagra. “Fuck dudes, I’m gonna bust a nut!” shouted Evan, as he spurted a thick load.

“Yeah bro, that's just the beginning. You’re gonna get MASSIVE,” said Tucker.

Evan could feel his lean biceps filling out, like water filling up a pitcher, slowly but surely getting heavier and widening against the ringer-sleeves of his new RL polo. A thick bicep vein snaked its way up his arm on each side and Evan’s eyes bulged as he watched the veins protrude from under his skin and saw his biceps bulge—peaked, buff, and chiseled like rock, straining against his polo which now felt like it would rip at the arms.

"Aw yeah, make me bigger, I wanna get huge and wear Polo, fuckin' awesome huge preppy Polo muscle..."

Chris came behind Evan and turned up the collar on his polo. Evan’s neck was thickening with muscle—his new jock-ish bull neck rubbed against the preppy collar. As Evan glanced down at his chest, he groaned in ecstacy at what he saw. What used to be a flat surface was replaced by two huge, ballooning pectoral muscles, which thrusted against the front placket of his polo. His erect nipples nearly pierced the material of the purple polo. Evan’s pec strained against the gold polo logo, which seemed to be glowing with electricity.

“AWWWWW FUCK YEAH!!!! Dudes... I’m getting fucking huge! I love my muscles.... aw fuck yeah... I can't hold back, I'm gonna bust a nut again..."

"DO IT, dude. SHOOT IT dude," said Chris as Evan blew his wad again. As he shot his cum, Evan could feel his muscles tensing and relaxing along with the contractions of the orgasm. The cumming didn't stop and his muscle contractions became fast, rhythmic twitching as his muscles grew even more massive.

“Fuck, yeah dude!” grinned Chris. “You’re getting’ big just like us, dude! You’re turning into a preppy jock stud bro! Shoot it!”

“I can’t…I can’t hold BACK, I’m gonna blow my load again—” Evan was laughing, smiling in ecstacy as he stared at his new body which made him look like a ripped, young junior bodybuilder, bulging out of his clean-cut prepster shirt. He gasped and busted a nut again and spurted what must have been a pint of hot, white cum across the room.

“YEAH DUDE!” the other boys were now cheering, as they gathered around the small machine room in their polos, muscles bulging out against their preppy polos. “GET HUGE!” “POLO, DUDE!”

They began to chant, “Polo, Polo, POLO, POLO….”

Evan was released from the machine and joined the other guys. They all moved down the hall to the wrestling room. Their each boy was paired with another—24 in all. Evan was paired with the boy from the pulldown lats. The two teens pressed their chests against each other, and Evan felt his huge, rock hard pecs pressed against the other boy’s pecs. The pink logo of the boy’s green polo was pressed against Evan’s right nipple, and the gold polo logo of Evan’s purple polo shirt was pressing against the boy’s right pec.

They hugged each other and their huge cock-shafts pressed together. As in a trance, Evan began to feel up the other boy’s huge arms, ripped abs, and thick shoulders….Evan's hands gripped the boy's hot skin with rock-hard muscle underneath it... "AWWW YEAHHH" the boy groaned. "Polo....FUCK yeah." And the boy felt Evan’s new muscle, too. They looked clean-cut, preppy, and jock-ish in their Ralph Lauren clothes and stared into each others eyes as they kept feeling each other up.

Then Evan looked around the room and saw all the other boys paired off and feeling each others’ muscles. It turned him on to see all the boys dressed the same in their prepster jock outfits. Some had on rugby shirts, some wore oxfords, and some had polo’s on. But they all had the same preppy, iconic logo on their chests, and they were all bulging with muscles that made them look like teens who had taken 5 cycles of serious-ass roids.

“Polo, Polo, Polo” all the boys were groaning and began jerking the others’ cocks.

“FUCK YEAH!” shouted Evan as he blew his wad. “FUCK YEAH POLO PREPPY MUSCLE DUDES!”

Evan was part of the Polo Muscle Club now. Fuck the track team. He now knew who he was and where he belonged. •

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