Brawn: Thieves

By Corwin

"I need you to make something for me." The words echoed in Jim's head as he worked to contain his arousal. Had the customer seen? Jim's memory had been so vivid, the sudden appearance of this man had shocked him. He regrouped. 'Be cool,' he thought.

"Yes sir. Uhm... Sorry, didn't hear you come in." Jim scanned the man's body, and he flexed his chest and abs instinctively -- a peacock showing his colors against a potential adversary. "Something like this?" He repeated the man's words, trying to regain his composure. "A harness?"

Adam looked over Jim and smiled. "What you got on looks hot." Adam placed the codpiece and metal rings on the counter. "Got these," he said. "Can you turn them into what you're wearing." Adam flexed his right arm, making a massive bicep bulge toward the sky. The metal armstrap stretched with his power. He pointed to the strap, "Already got these, and want something to match."

"Whoa!" Jim's mouth went dry. "Man, uhm, damn."

In Jim's mind, Adam could see him trying to size Adam up. "Ya, nice and big. Strong too. You're not bad yourself. Go ahead, flex for me. What you got, 20 inch guns?" Adam knew the truth, but wanted to compliment this handsome stud.

Jim flexed his arm next to Adam's. "It's only 18 inches," he confessed. His arm looked small, like a boy's next to a man's. "How big is that cannon of yours?"

"Don't know. Never bothered to check. Just kept trying to make it bigger," Adam lied. He unflexed, and moved his hand to Jim's bicep, rubbing his big hand over it's hard mass. He moved to Jim's shoulder, then traced the leather-stud's harness, his hand ending up on Jim's pec. "Ya, I think I'll look real good in something like this. You agree?"

Jim's body flushed at Adam's touch. Jim was all man, but Adam was so much more. His cock throbbed against its leather cage. "Yes, sir... er, I mean..."

"No," Adam interrupted. He knew what Jim wanted but couldn't admit. "Name's Adam," he said, then added with authority, "but I think you should call me 'sir'. And what's your name, boy?"

"Uhm, bo... I mean, Jim."

Adam took a step toward Jim. He placed his hands on Jim's arms, feeling their firmness and squeezing the ample muscle. He looked deep into Jim's eyes. "Jim's a good name, boy." Adam's accute hearing heard Jim's heart racing with desire. "Now, don't you think you ought to start measuring me." Adam stepped closer, pressing his pecs into Jim's manly chest.

Jim felt as though he was on fire. He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself, then whispered, "yes sir." He pressed into Adam before pulling back, turning and picking up a tape measure. "I need to measure the circumference of your chest. Uhm... I mean, for the harness," he added, afraid of the big man's reaction and masking his secret desire to manhandle Adam's huge muscles.

"Why not start with this," suggested Adam, raising his arm and again flexing his huge bicep. "You wanted to know how big it is. Go ahead boy, find out."

Jim nodded. There were butterflies in his stomach and he felt his hands get sweaty. He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself. 'Act professional,' he thought to himself, but his hardening cock had other ideas for him. He felt his hand begin to quivver, intimated by the size of this man's arm. He regained control as he wrapped the tape measure around. "Fuck!" he exclaimed involuntarily as he realized the man's flexed peak was forty-plus inches. He pulled the tape tight, and read the number. "42".

"Are you sure?" Adam flex harder, drawing more power from the energy giving metal. His bicep grew.

"Shit! 45. No 47. That's impossible!"

Adam stopped the tape at 50.

"You're arms are almost three times the size of mine." Jim took a step back, dropping the tape to the floor.

Adam relaxed and placed his hands on Jim's arms. "Damn nice arms you got, boy." Adam moved his hands to the codpeice, which was obviously packed full. "And damned big cock."

Jim felt Adam's hand on his ever hardening dick. Adam squeezed, making Jim harder. Jim was under Adam's power. He closed his eyes and ran his hands over Adam's hulking arms. When he touched the metal armstraps, he was surprised that Adam's muscle seemed just as hard or harder than the metal, and the metal seemed to stretch and compress as Adam's muscle flexed.

Adam held onto Jim for a few seconds, then said, "Better get to measuring me, boy."

Jim popped out of his erotic trance. "Oh ya, sorry." He looked to the floor, regaining his composure, and picked up the tape measure. Adam stood still, his enormous pecs raising high and thick. He raised his arms and Jim tried to wrap the tape around Adam's powerful torso. Jim's long arms were too short go around Adam's heaving pecs and thick, wide lats.

"Need me to hold an end for you, boy?" Adam asked with a smirk. In Jim's mind, Adam could sense the lust the leatherman had for him and his power. He liked it. He took one end of the tape, and with a twist of his head, ordered Jim to walk around him, the tape wrapping around the thickest part of his torso. Jim's hand shook when he realized the eight-foot tape was inches too small.

Adam inhaled, forcing his diaphram up and tightening his waist. The vaccuum made his stomach super-thin, then he flexed his abs and pecs and spread his lats. The tape had no chance of measuring Adam's titanic muscular size. He laughed. "Ya! No one's bigger than this. You like it, don't you boy!"

Jim dropped the tape and put his mouth to Adam's hard nipple. He bit, tasting the huge man's power. In Jim's mind, Adam could see the harness. Adam placed his hands on Jim's shoulder, pulling him away from his nipple. "Back to work boy!" He lowered Jim to his crotch. Jim picked the tape up and wrapped it around Adam's waist. Jim's mind filled with the instructions to make the cod piece.

"Good boy. Now, for some hot leather pants. And I want these," Adam pointed to the chains, "around the cuffs. That OK, boy?"

"Whatever you want, Sir," Jim agreed. First, Jim measured Adam's inseam. His disbelief grew as he wrapped the tape around Adam's ripped outer thigh, noting it was more than twice as big as Jim's waist. To be safe, he measure Adam's calf at an amazing 28 inches, then finally the cuff. In his mind, Jim planned how to construct the pants. Adam saw it all.

As Jim rose, Adam stared at him, mentally ordering him to pause. When Jim stopped, Adam called upon his super speed. Faster than Jim could register, he measured leather and sewed it to the metal. He created a harness, then chaps and finally a codpiece. He wrapped his muscles in leather, pushing the magic metal to his skin. He felt powerful. He looked in the mirror at his new costume. 'All I need is to finish these glasses," he thought as he moved to Jim. The process took less than a second. He stood before Jim, looking in his eyes. 'I'm here to pick up my purchase.' He willed Jim to believe and react.

"I hope you're satisfied with my work, sir," Jim said. "I've never had to make such large gear before." Jim's cock stirred more as he admired his work, recalling the effort to build a harness big enough for this customer or chaps that could contain those massive thighs.

Adam bounced his pecs, the metal stretching and contracting to accomidate his hard muscle. The chaps highlighted every ridge of his massive thighs and calves, and the codpiece swelled to contain his manhood. Adam smiled at Jim, willing the man to satisfy his sexual desires. Jim started to lick and suck on Adam's neck when Adam's concentration was interrupted when he heard a commotion from next door.

Adam issued a mental command to Jim to stop. He turned, and looked at the wall. He saw through it. The kid at the tattoo shop was pressed against the wall. A shirtless guy had him in an arm lock, and another was going through the cash register. Adam was impressed. Both men looked powerful, like powerlifters but more defined. Adam turned his attention back to Jim.

"Gotta leave you boy. I'm needed." Adam turned.

"Can I see you again," Jim pleaded.

"Count on it." Adam left Jim's shop. Jim walked to the door and saw the big man looking into the tattoo shop. He stood there for a minute, then entered. Jim thought for a second, then flipped the sign to "closed" and followed.

Outside the tatoo parlor Adam used his vision powers and watched what was transpiring inside the shop. The crook at the cash register had picked it up and was crushing it with his bare hands, his forearms swelling with strength and his pecs rippling as the contracted the metal with ease. "This will be your head if you don't tell me where the money is!" The hood's arms swelled with new muscle as they overpowered the steel, his chest and back ballooning with strength as the metal was forced further in upon itself. "We know you got it, now tell." He tossed the the crumpled metal ball to the other thief.

"I think he needs some more encouragement," said the second man, throwing the kid to the ground, placing his foot on the kid's back and holding the kid down with his muscular leg. The bully took the metal between his hands and pressed, flexing his thick chest as he squeezed. His pecs flexed and ballooned larger as he flattened the metal ball into a disc with his hands.

Adam watched in disbelief as both men inflated with more muscle and strength.

The bully reached down and lifted the kid off the ground with one hand, his bowling ball delts ripping into three distinct heads. "Last chance, wimp," he said. When the kid began to cry, the bully laughed. He grabbed the kid's head with his hands and shoved the kid's face between his pecs. The ravine in the muscleman's chest was easily as deep as the kid's head, which was swallowed by the massive muscles. Then he flexed, ironhard muscle squeezing the kid's head with crushing force. A muffled scream only made the two villans snicker as the kid thrashed and futilely fought to free himself from the overwhelming power.

Adam had seen enough. "Let him go!" he demanded as he barged into the parlor. Adam moved toward the two thugs, flaring his lats into massive wings and bouncing his leather-bound pecs in a show of masculine intimidation.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked the thief behind the counter. He vaulted over the counter to confront Adam, "and how are you gonna make us?"

"Call me Brawn," said Adam, "and these will make you." Adam flexed his massive peaked bis, the metal straps glistening in the light.

The thief's expression didn't change. He moved his right hand to his left wrist below his watch, and held it there. After a second, he took a step toward Brawn and looked at his massive cannon with contempt. "Pretty good, but not good enough," he said as he slowly raised his arm next to Adam's. The thug began to flex, and as he did, his bicep grew up and tricep expanded downward. With slow, deliberate motions, the thief contracted his arm, and as he did, it grew larger, thicker and harder. It took him a good fifteen seconds to complete his flex, and when he did, his arm was noticably bigger than Adam's.

Brawn laughed. He placed a hand over the monsterous muscle and began to crush it with his fingers. The thief screamed, and tried to pull his arm away, but Adam was too strong. "Ya it's big, but kinda soft." Brawn threw a punch into the thiefs rock-gut, forcing the wind out of his lungs and sending him flying backwards. Before he could turn, the other thief had launched himself at Brawn's massive back. He too had somehow muscled-up. Now, he was even bigger than the first crook, and his massively muscled body was like a battering-ram hitting Brawn. Brawn lunged forward and nearly fell as the muscle monster wrapped his arms around Brawn's torso and squeezed.

Adam was surprised at the man's size and strength. Adam willed himself stronger, and found he could breath again. Then he felt the other man's strength increase again. He looked down, and noticed that the watch was not a watch but a dial of some kind. It read one quarter full, and seemed to be dropping. Brawn concentrated, and his vision penetrated the man's skin. There was some kind of reservoir attached to a pump beneath his skin. It was a quarter full of a liquid that was being injected into the man's blood stream.

Brawn moved his arms to the thug's wrists. He pulled the thug's arms, but felt the man resist. Adam noticed the dial move lower. 'Damn... what's this guy on. Almost out of juice. Gotta win soon.' Brawn heard the voice in his head and knew he was hearing the thief's thoughts. 'Gotta give Roger time.' Slowly, Brawn increased his strength and the thief resisted, the dial inching closer to empty. Adam felt the thief's body swell as his muscles grew, attempting to overcome his own limitless strength. Adam felt himself being lifted, then thrown to the ground with such force that the building shook.

Brawn took advantage of the opening he had been given. In a microsecond, he was up and on the thief. He grabbed the man's left pectoral muscle in his big hand and began to squeeze. The man tightened his muscle, the flex resisting Brawn's claw hold. The instant Brawn's fingers pressed into the muscle, they were forced back by a steely-hard strength. Brawn's fingers turned white as the man screamed, flexing his pecs harder to resist Brawn's granite-crushing grip.

Suddenly, Adam felt the resistence in the man's muscle wane and the growth stop. The dial on the man's wrist was fully to the left, and the thief's strength had reached its limit. Brawn's fingers dug into the man's chest as the muscle stopped hardening and succumb to the power of Brawn.

"Now it's your turn to let him go!" It was Roger. Brawn snapped around to see the second thief with one massive arm around the neck of Jim.

Adam felt a rush of anger followed by an energy surge. Using his clawlike grip, he lifted the man into the air by his pectoral and threw him hard. The man hit a wall with a loud "THUD", his massive muscle absorbing the brundt of the impact. "If you hurt him, I'll kill you!" Brawn screamed.

Roger pulled out a metal vial with a plastic tip and tossed it to the other man. "Here Joe," he said as the other man caught the vial. Joe pulled off the plastic, revealing a needle. He put the needle into his wrist below the gage. Using his enhanced vision, Brawn saw the needle rise from empty to full.

"Now that's more like it," said Joe, striking an obscene most-muscular pose, forcing his muscle to harden and grow slightly. He walked over to Roger and took Jim in one hand. "How'd you like a hug, boy!"

Brawn began to move.

"Stay right there!" Roger commanded. "You even think about moving, and I'll squash pretty-boy like a banana." Roger tensed, and pain shot into Jim's eyes as his face contorted, trying to hide his feelings.

Adam's mind raced. If he used superspeed, he might be able to pull Jim away but could the man's body take the heat generated by the friction with the air? He couldn't risk it. His anger grew, and his muscle tightened. Veins pulsed throughout his body and he felt his temperature rise. As he got angrier, the metal on his body began to glow. Slowly, the glow expanded over Brawn's body, glow a golden aura accentuating his huge fame. Suddenly a beam shot from the harness ring between his heaving pecs hitting Jim. Jim's body absorbed the beam and glowed the same golden color.

Roger reacted by using his massive guns to crush the life from Jim. Instead, Jim felt nothing. In fact, Jim felt different -- stronger. The beam from Brawn was energizing him with a feeling of power and masculinity. Roger's grip began to losen as Jim's chest grew, his pecs and lats thickening. Jim's leather harness began to tighten as the muscles on his torso ballooned up. The leather and metal pressed into Jim's muscles, but the hard flesh would not be denied. The metal ring pulled into an oval as the leather stretched thin then snapped, falling to the floor. Jim's chaps conformed to his thickening quads, hams and calves -- the ridge of every muscle visible -- before ripping.

Roger fought to contain Jim, to squeeze him down. The muscle serum pumped furiously into his body, and the gage twisted from full to empty as Jim's power overwhelmed Roger. In seconds, Jim took control. Jim began to force his watermellon-sized arms out while Roger tried to squeeze Jim's arms in. Roger lost. Jim's cannonball shoulders overpowered the Roger's super strong arms as if he were a child.

"Fucker, don't you ever do that to me again," cried Jim as he twisted around and slammed his fist into Roger's face. Roger's head snapped back on his bull neck from the impact of Jim's missle-like fist and blood dripped from his mouth as he fell to the ground unconscious. "Damn wimp!" Jim screamed as he flexed his massive peaks at the fallen thief. "Fucking A man, that was a rush!"

Brawn took the opportunity to act. In the blink of an eye he sped across the room and threw a series of earth-shaking punches at Joe. Joe had no time to resist or even call upon his muscle serum, the attack was too fast. Brawn's fists were a blur as they hit Joe's rock hard abs and super dense pecs. Joe was helpless against the onslaught and fell back, trying to regroup.

Jim watched, seeing Brawn's hands as if in slow motion. Using his new powers, he sped behind Joe.

Joe found his way blocked by Jim. "Not so fast, asshole." Jim grabbed Joe's arms, pulling them behind his back while Brawn continued to pummel the man with earth-shaking punches. Jim looked down and saw the vial of muscle liquid buried below the thief's skin. Laser's shot from Jim's eyes as the liquid in the vial began to boil. Joe screamed as super-heated growth serum was forced into his blood, raising his body temperature above 107 degrees. Joe's body spasmed as he lost consciousness, his limp form held up by Jim.

Jim easily lifted Joe's ragdoll-like body and tossed it on top of Roger's.

"Man, that was a rush!" said Jim, walking over to Adam. He put his hand on Adam's chest and rubbed it. "Whatever you did to me, sir, thanks! I'm huge." Jim raised his arm, flexing his bicep for his master.

"Still looks kinda small, boy," said Brawn as he raised his arm, his mountainous muscle dwarfing Jim's hill. Jim moved his free arm to Brawn's muscle, then to his, feeling the strength and size in each. His eager cock bounced in what remained of his pants. Adam noticed Jim's obvious enthusiasm. "Not now boy." Turning to the tattoo parlor owner. "So, what was that about?"

Ron had managed to pull himself off the floor. In his mind, Brawn could see the story. These thieves were traitors, and Ron was a middle man between them and a terrorist cell. Instead of turning the money over to them, Ron had kept it, run away and used it to open this shop. Before Brawn could react, he heard something at the door. Turning, he saw nine men, hugely muscled in military fatigues. Each had a vial full of muscle growth serum implanted in their arms.

The biggest one walked over to Brawn. "Pretty good, big guy, but we'll take it from here." •

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