Super Powers Universe

Wild Boys


By legionxp

Cody and Chaz fly over to the Royal Arms building. According to their mole, on the 78th floor penthouse apartment, their target can be found. The target is Mr. Steven Bloom, the head of a major NY based drug operation. Mr. Bloom’s face has never been recorded and he moves secretly from place to place. Thanks to their informant, Cody and Chaz know where to find him.

The building is a classy place filled with expensive apartments and offices. The entire place is owned by Mr. Bloom, paid for by his drug profits.

The two power studs hover over the top of the building, Mr. Bloom’s huge penthouse is spread across the entire top two floors. WZZZZ! Cody and Chaz scan the dwelling with their vision powers, taking notice of where the people are within the penthouse. Mr. Bloom is quite paranoid or very careful, depending on ones point of view.

Two guards are outside on the roof top deck and pool, smoking and chatting.

SWOOOOSH! Chaz swoops in at super speed like a hawk and nabs one of the men, snatching him by his shoulders. SWOOOOSH! Chaz flies off over the river, high in the sky. The guard is not sure what the hell is going on, before he knows it he’s falling toward the river and SPLOOSH! He dies upon impact with the water’s surface.

Meanwhile, the other guard, gets up after being blown over by the rush of wind, “Hank? Where’d you go?”

He draws his weapon. SWOOOOSH! There is another rush of air and his gun is ripped from his grasp and vanishes.

“What the fuck?” the guard mutters.

SWOOOOSH! Another rush of air and the befuddled guard finds himself wearing nothing but his boxers.

Cody is loving this. Chaz hovers over the building and watches Cody work with glee.

The guard marches toward the sliding glass door, and when he is about to reach for the handle and slide it open. SWOOOOOSH! He finds himself back on the far side of the deck.

Then SWOOOOSH! SWOOOSH! He watches as all of the deck furniture apparently repositions itself in the blink of an eye.

“BWAH! HA! HA!” Phantoms laughter fills the air.

The SWOOOOSH! UMPHH! The 220 pound guard is snatched up by the swelled, muscular arms of Cody and SWOOOOSH! Cody takes off running with the man at super speed. He makes it almost one lap around the roof before FOOOSHH! The guard is burned to ashes by the heat generated by the friction at such incredibly high speeds.

Chaz admires the trail of smoking ash, “Nicely done, Cody.”

Cody and Chaz turn toward the huge glass wall and sliding door, inside are four men drinking, none of them is Bloom according to their informant.

FWOOOOSH! Chaz and Cody puff out their cheeks and unleash blasts of their super breath simultaneously. The two inch think ornate, carved glass wall KERASSSH! Explodes under the pressure of their super breath into the room. OOOOSH! The men are launched across the room by the extreme wind and THUMMP! Are slammed into the wall just as SHRRIIPP! SHRRIP! WRIIIP! Shards of glass tear through their bodies and nail the bleeding men to the wall.

Blood drips from their wounds, as the four men hang from the wall. One is already dead after catching a large shard of glass in his forehead.

The men moan in pain as a pool of blood grows on the floor below them. Chaz and Cody enter the penthouse. Chaz grabs a nearby fine Italian black leather couch that’s facing him as he enters. He UMMFF! Lifts it with his powerful arms in the air and lines it up. Then OOOOOSSH! He gives it a little forward thrust and lets go. BOOOOSH! The couch sails through the air and KERRACKOOOSH! The back of it slams into the men, bursting them like watermelons at a Gallagher show. Chaz’s strength is so great that the couch knocks out a portion of the wall and ends up halfway between two rooms.

Suddenly, a man darts from behind the bar and runs toward a hallway leading to the rest of the penthouse.

Chaz smiles, he knows his man will take him out and he’s not disappointed. SWOOOSH! KERK! HURIIP! The man stops running, turns toward Cody, his eyes fill with dread as he looks upon Cody who faces him with a smirk on his face, then he looks down at his chest and crumples to the floor. Cody steps up to the body and places the man’s heart back inside the hole he ripped in the man’s chest when he tore his heart out at super speed.

Chaz and Cody enter the hallway which is lined with rooms. One of them contains a man sleeping behind its locked door on a huge king sized bed. KERACKOOSH! Chaz bursts right through the wooden door and it’s blown into splinters. The man awakens, but he’s discombobulated from drinking so much earlier in the evening. As he struggles to become alert, Chaz and Cody each grab one corner of the mattress at the foot of the bed and use their super muscle strength to “fold” the mattress in half up toward the head of the bed. The man cries out as his legs flip up to meet his face and then Chaz and Cody place one hand on the underside of the mattress and push. KERRACKK! The man is pressed out like a piece of road kill and BOOMFF! SHRING! PRING! The mattress splits in half along the fold.

The two power studs smile at each other and leave the room in search of others.

Chaz and Cody turn a corner and surprise a guard who is walking down the hallway towards them. The guard points his gun at them, and VREEEE! Catches four forceful jets of their vision powers in the chest which OOOSH! Blast him back down the hall WHAMM! Into a wall before VWOOSH! Incinerating him. The only remains of the guard are his blackened silhouette which is burned into the wall and still smoking, the tiny bits of ash and wisps of smoke that float down the hallway, and one of his charred black leather shoes, which was apparently knocked off his foot when he went flying backward into the wall.

Chaz and Cody proceed down the stairs into the first level of the penthouse, to the office. A 6’3” guard stands at the door with a machine gun. He’s unaware that his fellow office guard was just eliminated moments ago on his way to get a beer. Cody and Chaz SWOOOSH! SWOOOOSH! Appear out of nowhere on opposite sides of the surprised guard, compliments of their super speed. The guard has no time to react, seconds are like hours to a power dude using his super speed, as Chaz and Cody’s huge pectorals heave and SHOOOMF! SHOOMF! Green energy blasts from their pecs and burns away their tight white t-shirts as it slams into either side of the guard. ZZZZACKT! The guard screams but no sound escapes as has already been immobilized by their power as it fills him and FOOOMPH! Seconds later he explodes in a cloud of white vapor, which the two power studs WOOO! WOOOO! Inhale together. They love sharing meals with each other, among other things. Of course, they often argue over who is the better “cook”.

Next, the 12 inch thick door remains, which is composed of six inches of steel in between two three inch layers of solid oak, as well as whatever security measures are in place inside the sound proof room. Of course, with their super hearing and enhanced vision powers, Chaz and Cody are aware of what awaits them inside the office.

Chaz cocks his fist back and THWAAMMM! RENKOOOM! Blows the huge door off its hinges, triggering silent alarms in, among other places, Mr. Bloom’s private suite. THWAMM! The door, after being knocked three feet into the room, topples to the floor. As two big Dobermans leap up at the two power studs. Cody VREEEEE! FFOOOM! Smokes the dog that’s leaping toward him in mid-air with a quick blast of heat vision. Chaz lets the puzzled beast attacking him try to bite into the impervious flesh of his huge forearm a few times before KRACK! He snaps the animal’s neck and THUMP! Kicks it across the floor.

Next, PSSSSSSH! PSSSSSSSH! Two jets pump what would be a colorless and odorless poison gas to basic human senses into the office. Chaz simply WOOOO! Inhales all the gas the jets spew out, until there isn’t anymore, and stores it in his lungs with their near limitless capacity.

Meanwhile, Cody acting on the information supplied by their mole, is going to work. First, Cody pulls out a laptop from one of the desk drawers, flips it on, and connects it to the network. Meanwhile, Chaz works on the 6 cubic foot metal safe. RENNNKT! He digs his fingers into the sides of the safe and KACOOOM! Yanks it out of the wall and into the room. Instead of using the combination, CHOOOM! Chaz powers his fist into the lock, which shatters the steel, and WRENKT! Forces the door open. That is when his super hearing picks up the electronic beeping sound.

A failsafe device has been activated, SWOOOSH! With super speed Chaz checks out everything in the safe and finds a device about the size of a golf ball hidden inside a hollowed out copy of The Bible. WZZZZZ! His x-ray vision confirms it’s a bomb and it’s going to blow now! Chaz shoves the device into his mouth and swallows hard. KABOOOOOOOOMM! Chaz is OOOOOSH! Launched across the room and KERASSH! Through the office wall. His muscles swell up as his body works to contain the power of the blast. Chaz slumps over, nearly depleted by his mostly successful effort to absorb and contain the power of the potentially devastating explosion.

WZZZZZ! Cody scans Chaz and sees that he is ok and he quickly removes the two scanning devices he requires from the safe and connects them to the computer. Cody then inserts the disk and activates the program that will gain him full access to Mr. Bloom's computer systems. RATA! TAT! RATA! TAT! Cody looks up and sees Bloom firing a machine gun right at him and all of the computer equipment. Cody reacts with the speed of a power dude and WOOOOOOSH! Draws in a deep, deep breath, creating a powerful suction force that plucks each bullet out of the air and draws it safely into Cody’s mouth. RATA! TAT! TAT! Cody can’t risk letting the bullets strike him and bounce off his super dense muscular body, because he needs Mr. Bloom alive. WOOOOSH! And he also can’t risk the computer being damaged. After about one minute of shooting, CLICK! CLICK! Mr. Bloom runs out of bullets and Cody opens his mouth wide and PLING! PLING! CHING! Lets the 78 bullets shower down upon the desk as Bloom watches in stunned surprise.

SWOOOSH! Cody races up to Bloom, UMPH! Grabs him, and THWUD! Throws him inside the safe. Cody closes the safe door and POOKK! Drills a hole in the side of the safe with his finger, so that his captive can breath.

Meanwhile, Chaz returns to the office, just in time to WZZZZ! Notice that Bloom has retrieved a large knife from inside the safe and is preparing to slash the palms of his hands. Chaz races up to the hole in the safe wall, presses his lips over it, and WOOOOOSH! Draws all of the air in the safe into his lungs. Bloom gets dizzy from lack of oxygen and passes out.

Cody works on the computer, it could be as long as an hour before the program cracks the network security protocols.

“Hey, he’s got his bitch up there. I want her,” Chaz remarks as he seductively flexes his huge upper arms and tightened his pecs. Cody could never resist Chaz’s pecs and hot biceps and Chaz knew it.

Chaz’s constant craving for any type of flesh was a major disappointment to Cody. However, the two power dudes had worked out an arrangement that suited them. Cody knew that Chaz didn’t have any emotional attachment to these people he used for pleasure. He and Chaz had a special bond.

“Fine,” Cody replied. “Give me some juice and go have your way with her. I’ll see you after you feed. I’ll take care of business here.”

Cody wanted a dose of Chaz’s “supremesterone” which is the power dudes version of testosterone. Their bodies synthesize it from the white vapor remains of humans. An extra dose meant a temporary increase in muscle size and power when it was utilized by the receiver. The donor usually needed to feed on humans soon after donating to replenish himself. Of course, consuming a massive quantity of humans at one time, would usually result in permanent positive increases in a power dude’s power level or muscle size.

Chaz knows the drill, if he wants to play, he has to bribe his man. Chaz places the tip of his index finger on his right nipple and rubs it as he pumps his pectorals. His right nipple opens HSSSH! With a little hiss as white vapors billow from the opening. Supremesterone turns to a gas upon contact with the air, one of its several unique properties.

Cody can’t wait to feast on Chaz’s juice. He puckers his lips, focuses on Chaz’s open nipple and WHOOO! Inhales deeply. FSSSH! A stream of white vapor flows from Chaz’s pec and glides across the room into Cody’s mouth. Cody’s loves the feeling of the supremesterone being drawn past his lips and down his throat. Chaz feels a little weak as his “fuel” is drawn out of him. He falters and feels like he’s going to faint, he presses his hand over his nipple and closes it, cutting off Cody’s supply.

“That’s enough dude, I’ll be back later tonight, after I help with the warehouse,” Chaz announces as he takes off, leaving Cody swimming in a sea of pleasure.

Chaz makes his way to Bloom’s bedroom suite to fuck the whore he spied earlier with his x-ray vision. The door is locked, so Chaz THWAMM! Rams his flat palm into it and BOOOM! Blows it off its hinges and into the spacious bedroom.

“Is at you, Bunny,” asks the coked up, naked whore who is sprawled across the bed.

“Yeah, baby,” answers Chaz with a delighted smirk.

Back in the office, Cody pauses to enjoy the feeling of the extra “juice” flowing through his body. Then he gets to work. The code is cracked, and the scanning devices require Mr. Bloom’s right palm print and a retina scan to give Cody access.

The Sphinx organization would be pleased with Chaz’s and Cody’s efforts. They had worked with the Sphinx organization for almost two years. The Sphinx Organization is an organized crime syndicate that seeks out those with super powers and uses them in its operations. The Sphinx organization is expanding by destroying other crime organizations and stealing their assets, while taking over their territory.

As his program runs, Cody stands before the full-length mirror in the office and slowly strips off all of his clothing, except for his boxer briefs. Cody flexes his biceps and closes his eyes and lets the “juice” pump into them. His eyes roll back as he feels them swell and expand. Next he pumps his pecs and feels the rush as the supremesterone rushes into each muscle fiber, causing it to expand. Finally, he flares his lats out like the head of a cobra and enjoys the sensation of the juice going to work, feeding each muscle fiber, causing it to grow. Finally, Cody tenses all of his muscles and lets the supremesterone flow throughout his body. He collapses to the ground as waves of pleasure overwhelm him. He’s out of breath, when he opens his eyes and stands before the mirror, admiring his muscles which have temporarily doubled in size.

BEEP! BEEP! The program is ready, he needs Mr. Bloom’s parts. Cody WRENNKT! Digs his fingers of both of his hands into the door and REIIIRIPPP! Tears the door of the safe right off, Mr. Bloom is awakened by the groan of the metal. Cody KRNNCH! Clasps his hand over Mr. Bloom’s shoulder and carries him out of the safe. Mr. Bloom is stunned by the sight of this huger muscle man. Cody is all business.

Cody KRACCKT! Snaps off Mr. Bloom’s right forearm at the elbow and slaps his right hand over the scanner. Next he attempts to get a scan of Mr. Bloom’s retina, but Bloom’s eyes dart around wildly resulting in an incomplete reading.

“Stare straight ahead,” Cody commands, but Bloom doesn’t comply. Cody loses his patience, places his free hand under Bloom’s chin and CRACCKK! Pushes Bloom’s chin up and back, snapping his neck like pencil. “That’s it, sit nice and still,” Cody mutters to the dead man as he gets a good scan and the transfer of assets begins.

In less than an hour, the assets of another criminal organization would be stolen by the Sphinx organization

With the major work completed, it was time for Cody to have his fun. Already Chaz was fucking some whore in the master bedroom of the penthouse.

Cody turns to the safe and removes six kilos of coke and about $400,000 in cash. Cody grabs two kilos of coke, one in each hand and BOOSH! Crushes them open over a table in the office. Then Cody closes his mouth, leans over the table and inhales through his nose HOOOOSH! The white powder shoots up his nose like a vacuum cleaner sucks up flour. In moments Cody is enjoying an incredible high, being super human, drugs didn’t really kill him.

Meanwhile, Chaz reaches climax with Bloom’s whore. She doesn’t even see it coming until FRACKOOOM! A bright wave of yellow energy shoots from Chaz’s body, filling the room and incinerating her and everything else in it. Chaz is left laying on the floor in a pile of ashes and a pool of his own jiz, breathing hard.

Chaz picks himself off the floor after a few moments and washes himself in the shower. He is spent from the sex and feeding Cody some of his juice. He needs to feed before he checks on the warehouse.

Luckily, Chaz has a building of apartments filled with people to hunt in. Chaz exits the penthouse and hits the elevators. He’s wearing some shorts and a short sleeve button down shirt, which he leaves unbuttoned, exposing his huge pecs.

Chaz just rides in the elevator, waiting for it to stop, which it soon does. A built, twenty something dude with headphones on and running gear enters, glances at Chaz briefly and then turns to face the doors. Chaz reaches over and presses the emergency stop button, as the guy turns to give Chaz a questioning look, Chaz opens his shirt, heaves his mammoth pecs, and SHOOMMPH! Twin beams of green light slam into the dude and FOOOMPH! Turn him into a nourishing white vapor cloud. WOOOOO! Chaz wastes no time inhaling it.

Chaz takes the elevator down to the fifth floor. Where he gets off and stays at the elevator bank. He watches the lights above the six elevators, indicating which floors they are stopping on and in which direction they are traveling. Conveniently, for Chaz, each elevator has a separate panel of buttons to press to summon it.

Chaz sees that elevator three is on its way up from the lobby. He WZZZZ! Scans it with his enhanced vision and notices it’s packed with ten folks returning from an evening on the town. Chaz pushes the “up” button for elevator three, stands in front of it and opens his shirt, HUMM! HUMMM! His pecs swell and hum with power, bursting out from his chest and glowing green. BING! The elevator doors open and the people stop chattering and stare at the man with the huge, green pecs for an instant before SHOOMMPH! Twin beams of green energy slam into the first row of four people. “AEEEIIII!” Chaos erupts in the elevator car, as Chaz’s pec energies stream into it. FOOOMPH! One victim is reduced to vapor. FOOOMPH! A second victim quickly follows. Chaz hoped that his pec beams would be more powerful and easily handle these ten people, but apparently giving up some of his supremesterone to Cody has weakened him more than he thought. FIZCK! His pec beams fizzle out with three people still untouched by his power and five people charged up and almost ready to blow. One of the three pokes the elevator’s alarm buzzer as they rush to the front of the car and attempt to escape.

Chaz puffs out his cheeks and FWOOOSH! Unleashes a sharp gust of super breath, which OOSH! Sends the whole group flying THWUUD! Into the rear wall of the elevator car. BINGG! The elevator doors begin to close as WHIIRRR! Chaz’s super hearing picks up a faint metallic whirling sound. He looks up and notices a security camera mounted in the corner rotating to face the elevator bank instead of the hallway. VREEET! Twin beams of heat vision streak from Chaz’s eyes and FRABOOM! Destroy the camera. But, CLINGG! The elevator doors close. Chaz CHOOOM! Pounds his fist through the doors and catches the elevator car, stopping it halfway between floors. He forces it back down to the fifth floor and WRENNKT! Forces the damaged doors open.

Chaz is pissed that this has gone so wrong and some of his vapor has escaped up into the elevator shaft, he steps into the car, stands over his victims, pumps his pecs, and FRASHOOMPH! FRASHHOMMPH! FRASHOOPH! Manages to finish each one of them with an individual burst of green energy from his humongous pecs. WOOOO! Chaz inhales the vapors and feels the meal charge him up, but he needs more. Fuck that greedy Cody.

BING! BING! The damaged elevator beeps and shakes about as it attempts to continue on its journey. Chaz CHOOOM! Smashes his fist into its control panel and the car goes dark and silent.

Chaz steps out of the car and is confronted by a security guard coming down the hall.

“What’s going on down---“ the guard doesn’t even get the question out before Chaz puckers his lips and FWOOOSH! A blast of his super breath OOOOOSH! Launches the guard 150 feet back down the hallway and THWUDD! Into a wall.

Chaz FRAASHOMPPH! Finishes the guard with a pec blast and WHOOO! Inhales the resulting vapor cloud.

Chaz races around outside the building, peering into the big windows of each apartment searching for potential victims.

He finds one. He glides up to a huge bedroom window where a muscular man is asleep in the bed, the only source of light in the huge bedroom is the moonlight that streams through the window. Chaz huge body blocks out the moonlight and casts a huge shadow as he floats in the air outside the room.

VRZZZZ! Chaz’s eyes glow a soft red and his heat vision silently melts a large, circular hole in the glass. As he floats into the room, Chaz hears the muscle stud breathing deeply in his sleep and catches the distinctive smell of sweaty sex lingering in the air. The air rushing in through the hole in the glass, chills the room and blows the sheets off the sleeping muscle jock. Chaz next to the bed as “Wha?” the muscle man suddenly awakens and sits upright in bed.

Chaz SCHWAP! Slaps his hand on the dude’s chest and easily overpowers the muscle dude’s efforts to resist him as he pushes him back into prone position. Chaz feels the stud’s muscles straining against his powerful hand. The dude swings his fist toward Chaz, WOOSH! Chaz positions his body and his pecs to “catch it” by using his advanced muscular control to slide the two muscle masses to the sides of his chest, opening up the deep valley between his pecs KRICCK! The blow lands between Chaz pecs and the dude feels his bones crack on impact as WHUMMP! Chaz’s pecs rush back into position and clamp down on the fist and forearm of the dude.

Chaz feels the hand clawing at his huge slabs of beef. Then he contracts his pecs, KERACKT! The sickening sound of the cracking of bone echoes within the room as Chaz feels the bones in the man’s hands crumble as his pecs tighten around them, crushing the bones in the hand and forearm to splinters. The man “AAHHRG!” makes moaning sounds as he tries to pull free, but Chaz’s pecs are too powerful.

FZZZZZACKK! Chaz’s pecs glow green and HUMMM! HUMMMM! The dude cries out as green rings of energy flow out from Chaz’s pecs and down the dude’s arm, across the dude’s chest and over his ripped human body. FHOOMP! The dude explodes into a cloud of white vapor which WHOOO! Chaz quickly inhales, before the wind disperses it. This man was delicious, the muscular ones always have more to offer.

Next, Chaz approaches the bathroom door, inside, as Chaz previously noticed, is another huge man taking a shower and singing. The large bathroom is illuminated only by a collection of candles on the bathroom countertop. Chaz closes his mouth about half way, tips his head toward the burning candles, and OOOOOO! Inhales, sucking their air supply away and WOUSF! Instantly extinguishing them.

The bathroom goes completely dark. The man stops singing as Chaz pulls back the shower curtain and enters the large shower. It’s so big that it has three shower heads.

“HA! HA! Back for more, Rick. I thought you were too wiped out,” the showering dude chuckles as he reaches out for the shadowy figure of his lover.

Chaz feels the man’s hands embrace his huge body, feeling up the chiseled, swollen muscles. Suddenly, the man’s hands slow and start moving more tentatively across his body, Chaz, knowing he’s about to be made, leans in for a kiss, the man’s lips part. At the moment their lips touch, the muscular human realizes something is wrong, and PPFFFFSSTTT! Chaz confirms this for him by puffing a taste of his freeze breath into his “lover’s” mouth and down his throat.

“ACKKK!” is all the man manages as he slumps into Chaz’s chest, overcome by the chill. His body slows, he looks up into Chaz’s face with pleading eyes in the darkness. He tries to speak, but only strange moaning sounds are produced. The man trembles and crumples to the shower floor and slides himself toward the shower curtain.

Chaz grabs one of the shower heads, aims its stream of water directly at his slow moving target, and then VZZZZZZ! Shoots his heat vision at the pipe leading from the wall into the shower head, heating the water to almost the boiling point. “AAAOOOORRR!” The muscle stud cries as boiling hot water cascades over his body. He tries to move faster, but WHUMPP! Chaz’s foot slams down on his back, pressing him against the floor and holding him there as his skin burns, erupting in blisters. Mercifully, Chaz’s heat vision melts the metal pipe after about 40 seconds and the flow of water stops.

WRUMB! Chaz snatches the blistered man by both of his shoulders and stands him upright, propping his back against the shower wall. Chaz rolls and pumps his pecs as his power builds within them, causing them to glow green and illuminate the shower. The wounded human muscle stud gasps, despite the intense pain he is feeling, when he catches his first glimpse of the powerful body of his assailant. His mind has little time to grasp the situation, as WHUMPP! Chaz shoves his flat palm into the dude’s nice developed right pec and KARRASH! Blasts him through the shower’s tile, embedding him in the wall. Shards of tile cut into his backside and blood streams down the shower drain from the numerous cuts in his flesh.

Chaz stares coolly into the man’s eyes, he watches the spark of life begin to fade from this strong, muscular human. Of course, the fact that he is only human is his fatal flaw. Chaz taunts the man by making his pecs dance inches from his victim’s blood smeared face. THUMP! THUMP! They bounce on his chest, glowing green with his power. Suddenly, the two beach balls of muscle stop moving, swell up and SHOOOMF! Unleash the unstoppable green rays that ZZZZACCCKKT! Power into the terrified dude’s head, tear through the rest of his body and FOOMPH! Smoke him faster than a dead, dried out leaf in a bonfire.

Chaz puckers his lips and WOOOO! Draws in the nourishing white vapor cloud. Delicious!

Chaz washes the blood off himself, towels his powerful body off, and searches for some new clothes. He puts on some gym shorts, tennis shoes, and a short sleeve button down shirt, which he leaves unbuttoned, exposing his smooth, powerful pecs.

Chaz has an idea and makes his way down to the security office on the second floor of the building. Chaz notices a few security guards around as he scans the building. Yes, this building prides itself on being safe for its residents and tenants. Chaz can’t risk getting caught on one of the cameras, well he could, but then things could get complicated.

Chaz opens the door and a female guard beyond a thick Plexiglas partition greets him. Chaz sees two men in an office behind her about 30 feet away staring at a bank of security camera monitors. Their backs are to him, but if they turn around, they could see him. Chaz has to do this carefully. He leans into the circular vent in the Plexiglas that the woman speaks through and OOOOOOO! Inhales deeply sucking air into his mouth. The woman looks at him quizzically as she feels the suction force of Chaz’s powerful lungs drawing air into himself. She doesn’t immediately realize the danger, until she feels dizzy just before she passes out and THUMP! Slumps over on the counter.

Chaz WRENKT! Destroys the locking mechanism on the door, by pushing his index finger through it and enters the security office. The guys watching the monitors hear the door open and turn as SWOOSH! Chaz races into the room with the monitors. The dudes have no time to react, Chaz stands before them, opens his shirt and SHOOOMF! His beautiful, smooth pecs unleash a blaze of green light. ZZHRACCKT! The green energy pours into the two men as they spasm and gurgle until FHOOOMPH! The power of Chaz’s pecs reduces them to vapor, which WOOOO! Chaz inhales.

Chaz approaches the passed out female. Not much nourishment in this one, her body doesn’t have much muscle. He fondles her before SHRACCKK! Finishing her with a face full of pec power. FHOOMPH! The vapor cloud rises into the air and he SNIFSH! Snorts it up his nose.

He searches the office and super speed SWOOOSH! Becoming familiar with its controls and what not. As he goes through a pile of paperwork, he notices there is a retirement party scheduled for tonight for 65 guests in one of the building’s large convention rooms. Chaz flicks a few switches and shuts down the air conditioning and ventilation systems in that room as he brings it up on the bank of monitors. It’s packed full of folks, all seated, and listening to a man speaking on the stage at the front of the room. Chaz VREEET! Destroys the bank of monitors with his heat vision and rips out all the phone lines in the office before he heads to this room on the fourth floor.

Chaz approaches the closed, locked door to the room and is about to bust it open, when he is confronted by a handsome stud in a tuxedo.

“Can I help you?” he asks Chaz.

“Yes, I am here for the party,” Chaz responds.

The handsome dude gestures toward a table that contained the place cards for all the guests and it’s empty. Plus, the fact that Chaz is dressed in gym shorts, doesn’t help is case that he is a guest at a posh retirement party.

“I’m afraid all the guests have arrived,” the dude in the tux responds. “Please leave before I am forced to call security.”

Chaz’s arm darts forward SWOOSH! And he grasps the stud by the throat “URRRK!” the stud emits a gurgle before Chaz hand closes tightly around his neck and KRACKK! Crushes it. The dude goes limp and Chaz removes his clothing before FHROMMPH! Vaporizing him and WOOOO! Ingesting the vapor cloud.

Chaz, dressed in his new tux, RENKT! Pops open the door and enters the room. He closes the door and seals it shut by VREEET! Welding the door and the frame together with heat vision.

Chaz enters the room and heads straight to the kitchen doors, inside the catering staff is preparing to serve dinner. Chaz forms his lips into an oval shape as the puzzled members of the catering staff look him up and down and FAWOOOOSH! Unleashes a continuous stream of his freeze breath. The billowing cloud of frosty blue vapor drops the temperature of the kitchen by a couple hundred degrees, freezing the whole staff in place in seconds, as it turns their skin a frosty gray color while it freezes them to death.

Chaz, dressed in a tux just like the waiters, grabs a large serving tray and heads out into the dining room. There are seven tables of ten people all facing the front of the room and listening to the speaker. Chaz stands in the back of the room and FSSSSSTT! Puffs out a fine stream of green vapor, it settles over the room like a thin green fog working it’s way from the back to the front, with the dim lighting in the room, folks don’t detect it until it’s too late and they are under its mind numbing spell. FSSSSSSST! Chaz keeps puffing it out, he has to make certain every person’s mind is numbed and confused. He knows the time is right when the speaker stops talking and leans on the podium for balance. The people are so relaxed and calm, it’s like a high for them. Chaz isn’t sure how long it will last though, he has never used this power on such a large group and he’s not sure if his green vapor cloud was concentrated enough to hold them for long.

Chaz tests things out at one of the tables, he approaches and SHZZZZZ! Green beams from his eyes slam into the chest of one of the guests. FRAZZZ! The man gurgles as the other folks at the table stare blankly at him until FOOMPHH! The guy explodes in a cloud of vapor that SNIIFFF! Chaz snorts up his nose.

“Does anyone here need anything before we start serving dinner,” Chaz asks.

The guests mumble to themselves and their expressions remain blank and very relaxed. Even the man’s wife doesn’t react.

It’s time!

Chaz SHRRIIIP! Tears off the tux and floats into the air, hovering over the guests. His huge body is totally exposed and glowing as he tenses every muscle fiber and draws his power forth. He targets a table, his mammoth pecs heave, and FWRAASH! FRWASH! FRWASSH! Three pulses of green energy slam into the table and FROOMMPH! Vanquish the ten guests in a large cloud of white vapor. Chaz WOOOO! Inhales it quickly through his mouth and feels the nourishment course through his body.

The people at the second table stare up at the flying man, some laugh, some smile FWRASSH! FWRAASH! FRASSH! All die after three pulses of green energy consume their bodies and turn them into cloud of vapor. Chaz WOOO! Inhales again and feels his body converting the vapors to supremesterone. He feels his energy level rising.

Chaz floats higher over the guests and this time targets three tables FWRASSSH! FWRASSSH! FWRASSSH! Three broad pulses of energy blast into the three tables. KRAZZCK! The people are glowing green and moaning as they are charged up with Chaz’s power, but not enough energy to finish them. Chaz focuses and feels the supremesterone coursing into each and every muscle fiber in his pecs, making the two slabs of hot beef swell and expand, then SHOOMMPH! Instead of a pulse, a powerful wave of green energy shoots from Chaz’s pecs and swallows the three tables and their occupants FHOOOMPH! And continues on to KAFOOOSH! Blast through the floor and FHOOMPH! Smoke four members of the custodial staff who were playing cards in their office below.

Chaz WOOOOO! Opens his mouth wide and sucks in the energies from the 34 people. The supremesterone churns within him. The rush is incredible. He doesn’t know how much more he can take. KKRCCAZZK! KRRAZZZK! His flesh is covered with tendrils of green lightening which arc from one muscle to another. His entire massive body pulses and glows with green energy.

Chaz floats over to the remaining two tables and tenses his pecs. Some of the people have come out of their trance like state and scream. Chaz’s pecs heave and FRAZZZACKTT! FRAZZACKT! A tendril of green lightening, one from each of his nipples, slams into the center of each table. VVVZZZZZ! VZZZZZZZ! The table and people are illuminated with a green glow as Chaz’s power courses through them until KOOOOOMPHHHFFT! They explode with a thunderclap into clouds of white vapor. Chaz WOOOO! Inhales the white vapor and reels from the high of ingesting all of these people. It overwhelms him and he lands THWUDD! Hard on the floor. SHOOMMMPPPHHH! His body involuntarily releases a pulse of green energy that KAFOOOOSH! Blasts through the whole area, smoking the kitchen staff and the speaker.

Chaz SNIIFFFT! Inhales all of the resulting vapor and WOOOSH! KERASSSH! Flies off through the wall of the building to complete his mission. Chaz flies around the earth a few times slowly to allow his body an hour or so to digest his meal and bring his powers under control. Once that is complete, he flies off to complete his mission.

There was a report of cops staking out a Sphinx warehouse in the city. Chaz’s mission is to check on it and see what the cops are doing.

He flies over the city toward the warehouse, which is under surveillance. It’s at this warehouse complex where the Sphinx organization has been hoarding all of the loot it has stolen from the other crime gangs they have defeated and absorbed.

After a month and a half, the police are catching on.

Chaz spots the cops in their unmarked van about a block East of the warehouse. Inside the warehouse a lot of activity is going on as items are being sorted and processed. The cops are watching intently with binoculars.

Then from his position ½ mile in the sky, Chaz spots a cop sneaking about the warehouse grounds, in street clothes of course.

Chaz VIIMP! Lands 20 yards from the cop and VREEET! Targets his radio with a beam of heat vision. FRAOOSH! The radio explodes, cutting the cop off from the surveillance van.

The cop is caught by surprise by the hot muscle stud.

“If you are looking for trouble, pig, you found it,” Chaz sneers as he flexes his huge biceps and grins.

BLAM! BLAM! The cop draws his weapon and shoots twice. Chaz FLIING! BAWING! Smirks as the bullets bounce harmlessly off his massive, muscular torso.

BLAMM! A bullet slams into the center of Chaz’s forehead and RINKT! Is reduced to a flat disk of metal that slides to the ground

The cop, who is about 27 or so and pretty built himself is stunned by the fact that the bullets have no affect on Chaz, but he’s not ready to give up. He rushes at Chaz with his baton, ready to strike, when SPOKK! Chaz, moving at super speed, drives his fist into the cop’s midsection. Chaz’s fist pierces the cop’s skin and tears through his abs. The cop drops his baton and the fight goes out of him, his body goes into shock. Chaz opens his fist and he grabs onto whatever body tissues he can inside the cop and then THHRWIPP! Chaz yanks the cop’s intestines out of the gaping hole in his stomach. The cop tumbles to the ground, and lays face up. His expression is one of horror and pain. Chaz THUUOUP! Drops the body organs on the ground and grins at the dying cop.

Chaz flexes his 20 inch right bicep and FROOSH! A beam of green energy streaks from the boulder of muscle and slams into the cop’s chest. The cop moans softly as Chaz’s energies fill him, causing the cop to glow a brighter and brighter green. After 25 seconds, FOOOSH! The cop explodes in a cloud of white vapor, which WOOOO! Chaz inhales.

Chaz WOOOSH! Flies over to the surveillance van and lands behind it. CRUCH! Chaz digs his hands into the back double doors of the van and RENKKOOM! Rips them right off their hinges.

A cop sits in a chair monitoring the controls in the back of the fan. VREEET! Chaz’s eyes explode with heat and VIIZRIPT! Chaz’s heat vision slices the cop in half at the waist. THUWMP! The two halves fall to the floor. The dead cop’s face is frozen in a blank stare.

The cop in the front jumps out of the van and comes around to the back with his gun drawn. Chaz SWOOOSH! Snatches him by the neck with one hand and hoists him a foot off the ground as he CRNCKT! Crushes the cop’s gun and hand with his other hand.

“AEEIIII-“ the cop cries until THWAMM! Chaz slams the cop against the side of the van so hard it knocks him out and puts a huge dent in the van.

Chaz prepares to finish the cop. SHWAATHOOOOM! A huge beam of green energy shoots from the sky, engulfing the van, Chaz, and the cop. FHOOMP! The cop and van are vaporized instantaneously. Chaz struggles against the power which burns away his shorts and hurts so bad. CH-BOOOM! The street explodes out from under Chaz and he tumbles into the damaged sewers below the street.

“ARRGGHH!” Chaz cries before collapsing in a stream of sewer water, face up.

The beam stops, Chaz’s body crackles with green energy and it hurts. A massive figure floats down from the sky and hovers over Chaz. Chaz looks up and sees a huge, black haired man with piercing blue eyes, his gigantic pecs are glowing green and wisps of smoke billow from them. His body is a temple of supreme power.

The massive, tan figure speaks, “I hope you liked that sample of my hot beef. You’re going to be a tasty meal. BWAH! HA! HAH!”

The huge muscle god’s pecs rise up on his chest and SHWAAAATHOOOOM! Unleash a second wave of unstoppable power that rushes toward Chaz…….. •

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