Muscle Pumping: Massium

By Growing Slowly

Just one of the local lurkers who decided to show his face, or at least ability to write. Hope you all enjoy the story. I plan on writing more, so expect to see more Muscle Pumping stories after this if you all like it.

My friend Zach and I have always had a bit of a rivalry going on. Don't know why, but its more or less always been a friendly competition carried out mainly in any form of game we can find. Zach was always the athletic one, yet my own genetics and my one year over him lead to me usually being bigger than he was. When I started working out and got into bodybuilding around the age of 16, I began to wear clothes that displayed it more. One of my favoritve answers to our arguements when I felt like goofing around was that I was bigger than him which made me right. After that, I might just play around and grab him in a bear hug and flex my muscles to get my little point across. One day though, Zach's response was a little unexpected when I decided to start fooling around. "He'll never win," Zach said calmly from his coach

"I think he will," I replied as I sat diagonally from him on another coach in his house's family room.

"Oh really, and what makes you right?" Zach asked calmly.

"This does," I replied playfully as I extended one arm and flexed, making a bicep mound up.

"Oh? And what exactly does that prove?" Zach said as he usually did when I decided to start screwing around.

"That I'm bigger than you which makes me right," I said with a grin and flexed my other arm with the first.

Now technically, Zach and I were about the same height, though I was obviously heavier than him due to the muscle I'd worked so hard to pack on just because I liked being bigger than most people. However, he now stood up and I followed suit upon which point he walked up to me and stopped just inches away from where my pecs pushed my shirt out. I just kept smiliing and flexed again right there just to keep up my little act I'd do every once in a while to him. He just shook his head with a grin.

"I'll be right back and then we'll see how your arguement holds up," Zach said before walking out of the room and disappearing up his home's staircase.

With Zach gone, I took it upon myself to access his computer and was quietly browsing the internet when I heard him coming back down the stairs. I didn't care to look up and kept browsing as he walked past me into the room. Out of the corner of my eye though I could have sworn he looked different.

"Hey Tom, I'd like to challenge that arguement of yours," Zach said with a chuckle in his voice.

I turned around and nearly fell out of the computer chair at what I saw. Within just a few minutes, Zach had suddenly packed on some serious muscle which was now stretching his shirt slightly. I stood up and walked over to him and looked up. Up? Yes, he was taller than me now and his muscles bulged with unbelieveable power.

"What the hell happened to you?" I asked dumbstruck at his new size.

"I had a growth spurt," he said with a devious look in his eyes as he started flexing his muscles.

Zach's clothes strained to hold in the gargantuan muscles and just barely succeeded. The sound of tearing threads became apparent as the his now massive biceps grew, stretching his sleeves to their limits. My friend had now become the a titan and I was now the smaller one.

"Looks like I'm right now," Zach said and surprised me by grabbing me in a bear hug and flexing his muscles again.

I gasped in pain and surprise as I felt his massive physique press against mine and he acutally lifted me off the ground. He truly was huge and I couldn't understand how he had gotten so massive within just a few moments. As he finished his little bear hug, it occured to me that something upstairs might have caused this.

When the chance came, I took a moment to sneak upstairs and search around, but failed miserably in finding what I was looking for. Defeated, I went back down stairs and went about the rest of the day at Zach's mercy since he was now the bigger of the two of us.

Several months passed and I had hit the weights hard and started taking some supplements to help speed up my own muscle development. However, the more I grew, the more Zach seemed to grow. He had also started to show off more. He had once in a while walked around his house with his shirt off, but now did it all the time. Unless we went somewhere, I was forced to ogle his massive and perfect body in nothing but a pair of tight shorts.

I just couldn't understand it though. No matter what I did, no matter how much I tried to match my friend in strength and size, he just kept getting bigger than me. Most recently though, I hard started to catch up with him in size and we both knew it. He started challenging me to arm wrestling contest and ever so slowly I was starting to be able to resist him more and more during it. Then one day, I actually started bending his arm towards his side. It took him by so much surprise that his muscles relaxed for a moment and I pushed his arm to the table.

"I'll be right back, I have something I need to show you," Zach said, his ego now obviously bruised.

I quietly watched him walk up the stairs and waited for a moment before following suit and seeing where he went. When I looked down the hallway, I saw him standing in his room and pulling a canister out of his closet. It resembled a helium tank I had seen at most places, but it had something strange written on it that I couldn't make out.

The strangeness of the situation only increased as I watched Zach jam the nozzle of the tank's hose into his navel and then reach over to the valve and slowly turn it. Within moments, a low hissing could be heard and I watched as my friend literally began to slowly grow before my eyes. What really struck me was that as his muscle swelled bigger and bigger, he also started to get even taller.

At first, I thought maybe I was dreaming, but Zach just kept on growing after I pinched myself twice to check. Within moments of the bizarre show though, Zach reached over to the valve and turned it back, sealing the tank and halting his "growth spurt." I just couldn't believe it as I watched him store the tank away. As he turned and began to exit I realized I needed to get back downstairs.

Rushing as quickly and quietly as possible I returned to where I had been and simply waited for Zach to come down. Pretty soon, my friend and his newly swollen physique appeared. He smiled down at me as I looked up at him in awe. He then lifted me up off the ground until we were face to face.

"How about a rematch?" Zach asked with that same grin that showed how much he enjoyed his advantage over me.

I agreed to the rematch, knowing that if I fed his ego I'd buy some time for what I had planned. I would turn the tables on him and see how he liked it when someone cheated like he had. I had worked so hard to build my own massive body and he had gotten his without even sweating. Oh yes, I'd most definately show him.

The rematch went quickly and I strained as hard as I could, my bicep bulging with strength, but Zach's simply bulged larger than my own and I watched as my arm was slowly pushed down to the table. With his victory Zach just smiled and said I put up a good struggle. I merely smiled and nodded, hiding the rage within me at how he had beaten me.

When the time came and Zach went to go eat lunch in his kitchen, I told him I'd be right back. Instead of leaving though, I merely opened and closed his front door before sneaking up to his room. When I got there, I opened his closet and pulled the tank out. The lettering on it read as "Massium" which made me raise an eyebrow.

"So, you think you can cheat in our little rivalry, eh? I'll show you whose the biggest," I grunted as I took the nozzle and jammed it into my navel.

Once I was sure the hose was secure in its position I reached over and opened the valve and felt an odd feeling pass over me as the hissing began. Pretty soon, I noticed my clothes starting to get tight and enjoyed the feeling and started flexing. I smiled as I watched my already fully flexed pecs and biceps swell bigger and bigger be the moment.

Pretty soon, my clothes were skin tight and I could feel my shoes becoming uncomfortably snug. With an arrogant grin, I flexed again, making my shirt and shorts rip to pieces, leaving my nothing but my large boxer shorts which now being filled out very well. As I looked around, I realized that I had increased in height also and basked in my growing physique as I looked into a mirror Zach kept in his room. The bigger I got, the more I enjoyed it.

Pretty soon, I was sure I was past Zach's current size but I left the valve open and kept on growing. I was going to make Zach realize his mistake in cheating by playing at his own little game, however I now had the trump card. I realized that I needed to end this and promptp opened the valve even more before using my newly gained strength to snap off its control.

"Now he'll never stop me," I said blissfully as my rate of growth increased.

I soon heard a snap as my shoes ripped apart with my feet growing beyond them. Pretty soon, my large boxer shorts where becoming skin tight and showing a large bluge where my cock was. Before they had a chance to rip apart though, the tank ran out of gas. I only realized this though when I flexed and my bicep didn't continue to swell after being fully flexed. The hissing had stopped too so I pulled the nozzle out and simply just kept flexing for a few moments and watched my now titanic reflection.

"Lets see what he thinks now," I said with an evil grin and made my way to the stairs.

When I got down stairs, forced to walk down sideways no thanks to my awesomely wide shoulders, I entered the family room where Zach sat playing a video game. His own impressively large body was still nice to look at, but it was time to educate him in what happened to teachers in the end.

"Ever heard of karma, Zach?" I asked calmly as I walked up behind him

"Not exactly, why?" Zach asked curiously without even turning around.

"Because, a part of it goes more or less like this," I said as I lowered myself down to his ear. "What goes around comes around."

I pulled away just in time as Zach turned to give me a curious look which turned into shock at the sight of my massive body. I reached down and picked him up off of the ground like he had done to me earlier until we were face to face. He looked on in fear at my eyes now full of anger.

"You thought you could cheat, eh? Thought you could be bigger than me without all that work? Well guess what? I'm the biggest now and I've used up all your precious gas in the process. So, question is, what are you going to do about?" I demanded as I dropped him and flexed every muscle in my body, making me almost double in size as blood rushed into my muscles. •

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