Innovative Skin

By lemapp

I've written several stories over the years that are posted on several different web sites. I like the idea of some force giving me more muscles. It is an idea that has stuck with me since I was a kid. Later i read the great story of 'Skin Deep' by Leather Gryphon and then a method to really focus on. I used to steal my father's underwear and hope that part of his size would come off on me. He caughtme and thought it was funny.

The follow is yet another of my stories about becomeing muscular very quickly.


Here I was at a job interview with three stereotypical geeks across from me. I knew to expect this from the guy in the gym who turned me on to this place. I wanted a new job and this place was hiring. So far the interview was going well.

After the introductions, one the guys began to explain the company product. They manufactured artificial skin to help burn victims. I was shown a small sample square. It was amazing how real it felt. Then the geeks talked amongst themselves and one left the room.

The two remaining geeks quizzed me about my background. A few minutes later the third geek cam back with a large box. He placed it on the floor and pulled out a small box that was about eight inches square. Opening the box, he pulled out a hand. Though actually it was more like a glove because it was hollow.

I was handed the glove and asked to try it on. It was a snug fit and it felt like the glove was trying to pull itself on. Other than the different skin tone, it looked much like my own hands. A thought came to mind that if you can make a hand that you must be able to reproduce a cock and balls. Without looking up I asked if they had tried to reproduce a cock.

At first I thought that I had said something wrong. The room was silent. Then I was asked how I knew that they had done that. Of course I didnít, but they had answered my question. I seemed to have broken the ice, because like little schoolboys they wanted to show me all of the style and sizes they had created. From the large box came dozens of cock and balls models. Some were extremely large, more like porno cartoons. I grabbed one of the smaller ones; about 10 inches long and plum sized balls. The geeks told me to go ahead and try it on.

I was not modest and dropped my pants. Much like the glove, the hollow dildo and ball sack easily glides on. In moments I was sporting a huge man hose. It felt incredible. I had never imagined having so much cock between my legs.

Then the next thing really surprised me. The geeks pulled from the box a full body costume made out of the skin product. It was molded like a heavily muscled bodybuilder with a long thick cock and balls to match. It was an amazing piece of work with thickly veined arms and legs. The skin was smooth except a small pubic patch and a deep all over tan. I could feel myself starting to get hard.

The geeks suggested that I try this on. There was a company gym where I could change. I was led down the hall to the menís room and then up to a door labeled lockers. It was as if they were afraid to go in, they simply pointed toward the door. I pushed open the door that creaked from lack of use. With some frustration I found the light switch.

The room I entered was gorgeous with nice carpeting on the floor and full size open locker like pro teams use. Each locker was equipped with a robe, towels and toiletry kits. There was a shower, sauna, steam room and hot tub. Everything was brand new and obviously unused for a long time.

I picked on of the lockers and stripped away my clothes. I pulled off the glove and fake cock. Then I began to pull on the bodybuilder suit. In no time at all I had slipped it on and was securing the zipper along the back. I walked over to the mirrors to see how I looked. The thick quads were forcing my cock and balls forward. The costume had given me massive arms to match the thick legs. It was an amazing sight to see all of that muscle. I did a few poses and watched how the muscles looked real as I twisted around.

I went back to my locker and grabbed the micro-posing suit I was given earlier. I struggled to get the thin spandex fabric over my legs. The back did not cover my ass and the front pouch could not contain my equipment. My cock and balls pulled down the front pouch creating a gap around my pubic hair. I thought to myself that with a body like this it would be hard to be modest.

I found the door for the workout room and went in. There waiting for me were the three geeks. I instantly knew that I was making an impression because they just stood there staring at me. In a few moments each of them noticeably were getting hard. The long outlines appearing down their pant legs told me that each was wearing one of the cartoon cocks and they were enjoying my little show. I did a few poses while I watch the trouser snakes expand. I knew I needed a good finish.

I went to free weights and grabbed two 75-pound dumbbells. Then I pumped out several reps of arm curls. I was having the effected I wanted. Soon I could see rapidly growing wet spots appear around their knees. I was having fun. The geeks then realized what had happened. They had cummed watching me. They all turned bright red with embarrassment. I told them it was okay that I would have done the same thing.

Then very meekly I was asked if I was willing to have a few tests run on me while I was wearing the body suit. I agreed. One of the geeks went to the phone. The other geeks asked to feel my muscles. I stood there as they stroked my chest, arms and back. When a hand brushed my tit, it sent an electric bolt to my cock. My tits had never been that sensitive before. The third geek returned and announced that the test were set-up for a few hours from now. I could continue to wear the body suit until after the test.

I was given directions to the testing location and a change of clothes. The geeks seem to have thought through that I would need different clothes. I was also given a full head mask. I slipped it on and looked in the mirror. I was a handsome 20-something guy with short blond hair. The tan of the face matched the body tan.

The geeks left to change their pants and I was given free-range to use the gym. Since I had so much time to kill, I did a quick body routine to get a full body pump. I was enjoying how I was able to use weights twice what I was using before. In the mirror I could see my muscles grow with a strong pump after each exercise. After about an hour I had finished. I went back to the locker room to shower.

I decided instead to try to steam room. It took a few minutes, but soon the steam was flooding the small tiled room. I was enjoying being naked and laid on the top row of benches. I had fallen asleep when I heard the steam room door open.

Though the steam I could make out that a thin young guy had entered. He was about the same age as my mask made me appear. He had a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. Without saying a word he came over to me and slipped his mouth on my dick. With another hand he grabbed one of my tits. My cock shot up quickly. With gusto he sucked my cock like he was a hungry dog. I did not last too long. I pulled him off my cock and shot my load on my chest. There was so much cum and it was so white against my dark tan. Then without a word, he left.

I got up and left the steam room. My guest must have been a quick-change artist because all I heard was the menís room door closing. I took a shower and I still had about two hours. I saw the hot tub and decided to soak for a while.

Just like in the steam room I drifted off to sleep. I slowly woke up hearing noises in the locker room. I opened my eyes as a huge bodybuilder approached the hot tub. His body was much like mine with thick muscles and a big dick. •

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