By Also_KnownAs

For Tommy, going down (or was it up?) on this man was as close to heaven as he ever felt. Whoever this guy was, or whatever he was, he seemed to be putting out some sort of power or scent or both that was so positively overpoweringly emphatically masculine that Tommy, himself, started to feel as if he was being swelled up with it, like it was inside him and on his flash and in his lungs and muscles, and that as each second ticked past he was growing more powerfully male, more perfectly, entirely masculine.

Did he believe that the man could grant wishes? At this point, it hardly mattered. All he wanted was for this feeling, whatever it was and wherever it came from, to go on and on. As he continued to pleasure the man, to lick and suck and kiss and stroke his hugeness, that feeling grew stronger inside him. He had never felt so powerfully, completely masculine. His muscles felt strong and hard and throbbed with strength. His dick was harder than steel, thicker than a beer can, as big as his arm. His nipples tingled and pulsed, he felt every hair on his body, every curling silken thread of male confirmation like it was a warm coat against his naked form. And heat, a heat unlike anything he'd experienced, a heat of passion and lust and power so utterly masculine that there could be no doubt of its origin.

It was this man. And the hunger for that heat and power and strength drove him on.

::Oh, man, this boy's serious!::

::Frazz, please, withhold the editorial comments?::

Chuck felt his dark-skinned partner's laughter more than he heard it. Sharing so much emotionally as well as physically through their mental connection took some getting used to at first. This was a new capability that Transform awakened, and like every other physical manifestation it was completely controllable by the individual. Chuck could, if he wanted, almost without thinking, sever the connection and be `alone' again.

But over the days and weeks since this new power was established, he'd grown used to sharing everything, experiencing everything, feeling the fuck when he and Frazz or Adam or all three were fucking both as the fucker and fuckee. The pleasure was doubled, tripled, quadrupled, more and more and more, feeling the pleasure, sensing the rapture and satisfaction, the desire and lust, the joy and bliss, everything that he felt himself, as well as what he was making Frazz feel, or Adam, and back.

Now he was open to them all the time. It was like being naked emotionally as well as physically, but they loved each other, Chuck realized, and that love was also magnified. Everything was. It was just another by-product of what they were now.

Chuck lifted his arm and allowed some growth into the bicep and tricep, watching the globes of brawn swell with muscle. A thick vein popped along the surface and dug deeply inside, feeding his strength and size. The skin stretched thin, making the cables of power stand out starkly. He inhaled his scent, allowing his musky masculine stink to perfume the room. His frame stretched slightly taller, and his chest bulged outward.

::Jeez, Chuck, pull back on the reins. You might scare Tommy off!::

Chuck just smiled. ::Watch this,:: he advised, and he let himself swell slightly larger everywhere. The growth brought with it a heightening of his male powers, and Tommy could feel it sinking into his skin, Chuck's overwhelming masculine energy. He swooned and felt hot and hard and strong. It felt to Tommy like his entire body, inside and out, every muscle and every inch of skin and every silken strand of hair, was growing hot and tingling with sexual energy, like he was building toward some explosion of orgasmic bliss so powerful that he'd grow incandescent and catch fire.

::You're going to give the game away.::

Chuck smiled. ::Now, watch this.:: He sent Frazz and Adam the images before him, the site of the boy at his waist, his hands around Chuck's fat dick, his mouth suctioned onto his hot, hard inches, and the shoulders suddenly swelling under his T-shirt, the muscles splitting and spreading and growing bigger. From Chuck's point of view, he could watch the boy's shoulders growing wider from his neck, and thicker with brawn. The material covering his body lost its wrinkles as it tried to continue to contain his developing bulk.

Tommy felt something change inside him. That anticipation of sexual release suddenly swelled to a new level. He felt it most keenly in his chest and shoulders, and it was spreading to his arms. It was a shining sort of pressure, as if his muscles were being pumped suddenly full to bursting with power.

::Chuck? What are you doing?::

The huge man's touch spread across his own gargantuan chest, so he could feel his own muscular growth mirror Tommy's slow, constant development. Now the boy's arms began to swell. The biceps were ballooning with power. Thick veins branched across the brawn under his pale skin. They spread fatter and broader until there was little room in the sleeve.

His shoulders continued to grow wider and thicker, as his arms inflated, and then his chest was slowly thickening outward, the thin separation between his meaty hemispheres growing deeper by the second. Tommy's attention to Chuck's hot, hard prick grew more anxious and hungry as he began to change. He felt as if the more he suckled and kissed and stroked this ultimate expression of masculine power, the deeper he was feeling the sensations that were spreading through his body, the feeling of growth and power building higher and higher, throbbing through him, pulsing with each beat of his heart.

His muscles were growing, swelling up with strength, not defined and striated like Chuck's massive brawn, but smooth and huge and polished like marble. His shirt was growing tighter and tighter against his frame, perfectly outlining all the luscious and powerful growth happening beneath.

Tommy felt like he was cumming. Something about this guy, something about his dick and his whole body, made him feel magnificent. He felt huge with sex, bloated with muscular power, his whole body was vibrating and trembling with intense erotic thrills that sunk deeply into his skin and bones and muscle and made his balls feel heavy and full and his dick feel hard as iron and big as another arm thrusting up between his powerful thighs.

::What does it look like I'm doing?::

Adam answered. ::It looks like you're transforming Tommy.:: Always stating the obvious, that was Adam. Some day, if he hung out with Frazz and Chuck long enough, maybe he'd develop a sense of humor. But until then, Chuck was content to watch him getting bigger every day and to have the beautiful boy's fat, long cock buried up his ass. He couldn't wait until Adam's second prick developed. Every transformed man got one -- or rather two of the perfect, highly sensitized monsters. Transformed men had several advantages over other men, but probably Chuck's favorite new tool was having twin swinging pricks gifted with the same muscular control as the rest of his body. They weren't merely limp or stiff, didn't merely hang there or stand there. A transformed prick was agile, prehensile, filled up with cables of brawn that allowed him to totally control how they behaved. He could wrap them around each other, make them vibrate and twist, stretch them and bloat them and make them act like snakes escaping down a hole.

Tommy's upper body had gained several pounds of muscle in the few minutes Chuck had been sculpting him. It was how Chuck thought of it, anyway. He could apply Transform with an artist's touch, now. He was creating a Grecian statue in flesh and muscle, an ode to the male form, a perfectly sculpted collection of round, firm bellies and bulging hard pillows of power. Tommy had a chest, now, a real chest, two rounded mountains with squared corners that bulged thickly outward. His nipples, dark circles of perfection, perked up stiff, pressing their dark firmness against his shirt and begging to be suckled and tongued.

His belly was a rippling mass of cobblestones, a six-pack of firm muscle tightly packed. His hips stayed narrow, his pelvis and groin flat, and then his legs bulged fiercely -- thick wedges of power on top and wide flaring diamonds on his calves below. His face, too, had been honed by this master sculptor of men. Chuck had merely to imagine the beauty and his power would make it real.

Where Tommy had been, a slim drink of a boy with potential and desire, there was now a beautiful young man so powerful of form and design, so gorgeous in face and features, so broad and tall and beautiful that any man seeing him might now have the same reaction Tommy had to Chuck.

::How long?:: It was Frazz.

Chuck raised a dark eyebrow and pointed his gaze downward. ::About eight inches.::

::Not his dick, fuckwad! I mean how long has he been going? I sort of got lost in the transformation.::

Chuck smiled. ::Twenty minutes, give or take.::

::Shit. He's still at it?::

Chuck felt Tommy's talented touch up and down his stiffness. ::And how. Better than ever.::

::Time for his reward, fuckwad?::

::Adam, Frazz calls me fuckwad becauseSum. Never mind. Yes, it's time.:: He allowed his balls to swell and churn, filling up with a thick, hot abundance of his sweet, powerful cum. They dropped under the load, bulging like balloons as he poured more and more and more of his load into them. They grew fatter still, now pressing firmly outward against his legs.

And still bigger. Swollen with his masculine power, his potent sexual energy in physical form. Hot and sticky. He whispered a warning, his voice gruff and deep, like a growl from a tiger. "Ready?"

Tommy's eyes met his. They were now a clear and shining blue, bright like tropical waters with a darker, evening violet around the outside. He didn't have to say anything, he was already sucking harder than ever.

So Chuck released himself into Tommy, pumping his powerful and intoxicating ocean down the beautiful boy's throat.

Tommy's mouth was suddenly filled and it was all he could do to keep from choking, because the huge muscled man before him wasn't merely pumping a few thick spurts of his cream, it was literally pouring from him like he had a hose attached to him. The sweet, salty tang of his essence flooded his mouth and he swallowed gulp after rich, creamy gulp down his throat. It warmed him through and through, spilling down inside him and spreading its warm power outward through his whole body.

And again the thick, heady, overpowering masculinity of the man struck him like a tidal wave. He could feel the man's power, his strength and size and firmness, the inches of fat muscle, the soft curls of body hair, the rough hands and deep, dark gaze. An overwhelming sense of masculine supremacy filled him up and embraced him and he was drowning in it. It felt as if the man himself was inside Tommy, as if his own sense of self was being amplified with Chuck's massive and towering masculine energy, and Tommy was changing, the essence of him becoming so much more, bigger and more beautiful and more powerful than he ever imagined being. The smell of sex, the feel of muscle, the strong arms surrounding him, a fat dick inside him. So much man.

Chuck did not transform him any further, though he easily could have. He had made Tommy over into a man who could still walk around believably as `human,' instead of superhuman like Chuck or Frazz or especially Adam. He was gorgeous, yes, perhaps even abnormally physically beautiful like an airbrushed full-color pornographic perfection you might find in a magazine or online. He had been upgraded, as Chuck liked to think of it. The slate had been wiped off, but not wiped clean. He was still Tommy, essentially. Just a stronger, bigger, more attractive (way more attractive, now that Chuck really looked at him) Tommy.

Chuck came for a couple of minutes -- no sense wearing him out before the fun's even begun -- and pushed his last few spurts of cream down Tommy's throat before the young man, his new huge chest rising and falling with each breath, let Chuck from his hungry mouth and fell forward, wrapping the big man's hairy legs and firm, round ass in his arms. He buried his face in Chuck's crotch, breathing in more of his deliciously masculine scent. "Whoa," he said, and laughed a little. If he noticed that his voice was deeper and more commanding, he didn't show any surprise.

"Congratulations, Tommy." The boy looked up. His auburn hair, straight and fine and shining, fell from those turquoise eyes and he smiled.

"I get my wish?"

Chuck smiled. "I'd say you've earned it."

"Shit, you are one amazing dude, Chuck."

"Thanks." ::If he only knew.::

::He will:: responded Frazz.

Tommy released Chuck's pelvis and started to stand. And stood up.

And up.

And up.

Meeting Chuck eye-to-eye. He had gained six inches in height in addition to the muscle bulging across his taller frame, stretching his T-shirt to the limits, and the extra four inches on his fat, heavy cock. The waistband of his pants fell off his slim hips but caught onto his more massive thigh muscles. The seams threatened to rip themselves apart. His shirt was already showing signs of surrender. He blinked a couple of times looking into Chuck's face, watching the man's beautiful features light into a growing smile as realization hit him.

Then he looked down. "HolySum shit!" He stumbled back a step or two as he surveyed his improved body. His hands had been out to his sides in surprise, but now he brought them in to touch all the powerful brawn on his body. As he brought his arms in, the seams along the shoulders gave in, ripping loudly. His fingertips danced across the heavy globes of his rounded chest, gripping the massive mounds of brawn in his hands before he grasped the hem of the shirt that was almost ready to rip all its seams apart, and started to strip it from his new body.

What he revealed made even Chuck, who had built him, suck in a tight breath. As the shirt inched up his body, his six-pack, deeply etched on his tight stomach, flexed and bulged. He twisted his torso and the abs popped and swelled, he stretched taller as his arms lifted and then the wide V of his upper body showed itself as his chest and back, overwhelmed with power, swelled outward.

Tommy pulled the shirt off, having some difficulty getting the sleeves to release his bigger guns, and then he tossed it aside and ran his hands back over his naked form in all its muscled glory. He was practically hairless, with baby smooth skin that shone as if polished. Every muscle of his body was clearly developed, fat and firm and bulging with restrained power. The deltoids, the abdominals, the latisimus dorsi, shoulders, arms, chest and stomach now remade into perfection.

He dug his fingers through the wealth of chestnut curls on his loins before they reached down to run along the plump shaft of his new cock. "Shit," he whispered again. Then he looked up at Chuck's smiling face again, and his own features suddenly erupted into an expression of unrestrained joy. He opened his arms wide and pulled Chuck into a tight embrace, muscle to muscle. Chuck's were stone hard against his, but he didn't seem to care. "Thank you!" he said. Then he said it again. "Thank you!"

"It was nothing," Chuck announced, feeling himself growing almost as happy as Tommy after seeing his reaction. "You got a mirror somewhere?"

Tommy froze, then sprinted toward the closet and opened the door wide. There was a full-length mirror on the other side, and he stepped back from it with a look of awe and wonder on his face. The same hands that explored his new, bigger, better body now reached up and cupped his new features, turning his head this way and that to see exactly how beautiful he looked now. "How didSum?" he began. Then he was twisting around, trying to see his ass, his back, what he looked like from every angle. He quickly stripped the jeans off his legs to unveil the hard, thick wedges of power there, and the shining skin so clean and perfect. And what an ass! High and firm and round. "How isSum whatSum how did youSum?"

Chuck just stood there admiring his work. He was very, very good at this aspect of his talents. Looking at Tommy, he felt a raging desire coursing through his body. The boy was so beautiful, so amazing to look at, and Tommy's unrestrained joy at seeing what he was now -- with no fear, no shock, just wonder and excitement -- made Chuck feel almost like a proud Dad.

Who wanted to start fucking his son into next Tuesday. "What's your wish?" Tommy didn't answer. He was bending his arms into a double-bi, grinning madly as he watched his biceps build into small mountains, and his shoulders bulge thick and fat, and his chest rise and stretch like wings of pure power. "Tommy?" Now he bent his arms down, bowing himself into a most muscular pose, watching his upper body inflate with developed masculine perfection. "Yo, Tommy!"

He turned, looking slightly embarrassed. Well, incredibly gorgeous and slightly embarrassed. "What?"

"You have a wish coming."

He looked at himself in the mirror again. "It gets better than this?"

"If you can pull yourself away from yourself for just a minute, we can both find out together."

"Who are you?"

"I told you. My name is Chuck."

"No, I meanSum what are you? How did you doSum this?" He spread his muscled arms wide, tensing his collection of brawn, swelling bigger still with strength and pride and beauty. His heavy, thick cock hung forward above two round, egg-sized balls. His skin was smooth and without a blemish, clean and clear and beautiful, the pale pink slightly bronzed but still light enough that it made his large nipples stand out starkly, and the auburn hair above his prick and whispering beneath his arms appear darker brown. Tommy's blue eyes were wide and bright. "How, Chuck?"

He was beautiful. He had the physical perfection of a young god, but none of the other talents that came from being transformed. Standing there, naked and glorious, any other man or woman on the planet, probably, would be hard tempted not to want him, to be with him, to have him. He lowered his arms and shifted his hips, standing poised and comfortable already in his new body.

"I was like you," he said. "I was a man, an ordinary man. Then something changed me. Made me more than I was, more than you're looking at right now." He tilted his head slightly, closing his eyes. "I can still remember the first change. The feeling of it, and then the feeling afterwards." He opened his eyes. They had changed, becoming intensely green, shining almost, clear and laserpoint sharp. "It's probably what you're feeling now. Power. Pride. Sex." Tommy watched Chuck as he spoke, feeling something coming over him. Reality was distorting, or Chuck was. Was Chuck changing? "It isn't the size, really. It's the power you love most. The strength inside you. When you make a muscle, flexing it into a ball of brawn, feeling the strength swell and multiply." He did so, raising his right arm, not looking at it, keeping his eyes locked on Tommy's, watching the young man watch him, watching his arm bulge, watching the upper arm swell huge, the shoulder almost full to bursting, the dark shadow of hair deepening as the arm and shoulder and chest swelled larger and larger. "So much power. Inside you." The bicep kept growing! "Wanting out, wanting to grow bigger and bigger, bigger than you, bigger than the whole world."

Tommy realized it was true, that Chuck was changing before his eyes, becomingSum more. More muscular, more masculine, more beautiful and more powerful.

"It's inside me, Tommy. More than that, it is me. That power. Purified and perfected. Masculine muscular sex swollen and absolute." Chuck's body was expanding now, very clearly so. The muscles spread wider, fatter, thicker, harder, everywhere. His dark features seemed to soften slightly, then grow more handsome, breathtakingly so. His chin, his cheeks, his brow, his nose, his eyesSum "You can be more, Tommy."

If he thought Chuck was huge before, he didn't know what to call him now. He had grown at least another foot taller in the space it took him to say what he'd said. And he was two feet wider, and a lot bigger everywhere. Tommy could see the muscle growing, watch the fibers swell into cables, then split and spread and grow bigger still. And Chuck's dick was lengthening and thickening, the head blooming, his balls dropping and enlarging. The dusting of soft fur was spreading, too. It looked silken and sexy, accentuating his expanding dimensions and rounding curves and deepening muscular development. "What's your wish?"

"I want to be like you," he answered. "I want to be more."

Chuck, all seven and a half feet of him, leaned against the doorframe. It cracked audibly before he adjusted his weight to compensate. He folded his arms across his chest, and everything bulged bigger still, muscle pressed against muscle. His beautiful face looked calm, but his green eyes were intense and the sideways smile that swept across his full lips was filled with satisfaction and amusement.

He sighed as he looked at Tommy, almost seeing the ultimate form he would take in this improved version. The boy had a killer body now, smooth and sleek with thick strength. He stood there so open and plainly happy that Chuck felt something inside him light up. He could feel Frazz's desire inside as well, and also Adam's joy and love of this young man he'd never met -- as if that mattered. "How much more?" Tommy's head tilted, and an eyebrow rose in curiosity. "How much more is there?"

Chuck laughed softly. "More than you could possibly imagine." He swelled slightly larger still, and saw the boy's face register his surprise. Tommy was still thinking in normal human scales. He had thought that the Chuck he saw before him was the ultimate expression of what Chuck could be, or that Tommy could become.

Tommy watched this magical man grow stronger still, even bigger, and more beautiful. It was surreal, seeing this happening in the flesh. It was like some special effect, watching this man remake himself again and again, each time surpassing what he had been moments before, each time becoming a more perfect example of what a man was. "Bigger?"

Chuck nodded, and answered his request. "Bigger," he said as he grew again. "And even bigger." His voice dipped another register lower as his chest expanded outward and his shoulders built themselves into mountains and his legs stretched longer and fatter with cables of brawn. His cock reached further down along his thigh, the shaft swelling as the head drooped and bloomed. Now the man was another half a foot taller and who knew how many pounds heavier with his thick muscle. The crevasse between the globes of his chest was deep and shadowed with dark curls. His chiseled chin and cheeks dusted with heavy whiskers that perfectly complimented the trimmed goatee and mustache thatSum

That hadn't been there when the guy was downstairs. "How'd you do that?"

"Which part?"

Tommy lifted his hand to rub his own face. "The beard. You weren't that sexy downstairs." He grinned, and wet his lips.

"All part of the total package, Tommy." He straightened and approached the young man who was now a foot and a half shorter than himself. He placed his fingers on his face and drew their mouths together, allowing a whisper of the Touch into the kiss so that Tommy moaned and started breathing a little faster. Chuck's hands held more of the super pleasurable sensations that his body delivered in bulk and he caressed Tommy's shoulders, moving his hands and their cascades of bliss along his smooth skin, across his back, toward his ass where his fingers cupped Tommy's firmness and shoved a sudden, full shock of the Touch through him, zeroing in on his loins.

Tommy fell against the huge man, overcome, gasping for air. "Oh, jesusSum"

"Better?" Chuck's deep voice rumbled through him.

"Oh, jesus," he repeated, recovering slowly from the small sample of Chuck's capabilities.

"I have friends," he said, "who want to meet you." He pressed his lips to Tommy's ear. "Do you have any friends I might want to meet?"

"And whatSum" Tommy sucked in a breath and straightened, his newer body still recovering. "And what sort of payment does this require?"

Chuck smiled. "None."

"You don't want anything from me?" Chuck shook his head. "Then why?"

"Are you always this suspicious of gifts?" His hands were still roaming across Tommy's muscular form. He kissed the boy's mouth again, pressing his huge body against Tommy, bending his lips down to the young man's, giving him a soft, tender, teasing kiss.

This was unfair, Tommy thought. This was a dream. This was a fantasy. This was fucking great. He felt Chuck's large hands moving across his naked skin like silken gloves. Everywhere he was touched tingled with need, grew hot and charged with sensual pleasure. He started to think about his friends, and about showing up at their place like he was now, within this new body that already felt comfortable, a body whose new strength and size felt so right, and so pure, and so good. He could feel the strength of his muscles coursing through him, feel the weight of his cock and balls like a luscious burden, and his whole naked form felt alive and ready to take on anything the world handed him.

"When," he whispered, gulping air into his lungs against Chuck's sexual assault on his senses.

::Now! Right now!:: Frazz was yelling in Chuck's head. Adam laughed, but his agreement was plain. They both wanted fresh meat, and they wanted the opportunity to change a man like Chuck changed Tommy.

There was a thrill watching that power manifest. It was cool to see another guy start growing as soon as you touched them, to see their body change and become so beautiful and powerful.

Chuck parted from Tommy and walked away from him, moving with a feline sexual grace and an athletic stride that showed his power in every move of his muscular body. He bent and retrieved his Nylon shorts and turned around, absently scratching his crotch so his mammoth prick bobbed and swayed. "Tonight."

"Where?" Tommy felt frozen in place, as if moving would shatter the spell and he'd be himself again, and none of this will have happened.

Chuck stepped into his shorts and pulled them up his huge frame. They were obscenely tiny on him now, barely capable of holding his inches in their stretched basket. The material clung to him like a second skin, and there was no way anyone seeing him could doubt that the fat dick and those two heavy balls pressing for release were anything other than 100% manmeat. They rode so low on his hips that the waistband came just above the root of his cock, and a thick wealth of pubic curls spilled across that edge. "I'll be back," he said. "And I'm bringing friends." He approached Tommy again, standing very close to him, towering over him, and his torso began expanding again, his chest swelling outward until it grew against Tommy. "Will you?"

He nodded. "Oh yeah," he answered.

"Cool." He bent down and kissed him goodbye. As he left the room and disappeared, Tommy heard his deep rumble say, "Thanks for the blow job, beautiful. And see you tonight."

Tommy stood there in stark shock until the door downstairs shut again, then he fell back on his bed and stared at the ceiling until his hands found his own huge hardness and he jerked himself to a thick, hot load that splattered across his muscular chest and rippled belly. He dipped his fingers into the cream and sucked his essence off. He tasted sweet and warm.

A warmth that began to spread through his body. •

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