Robber, The


By wombat

"Do you still want that shower?" I asked. I had a feeling that it could be a long one.

He nodded.

Reluctantly, Robin released me. We made our way to the bathroom. It was big for a motel bathroom. Three walls were covered in white tiles. A vast mirror covered the remaining wall over the hand basin. The capacious shower alcove was behind the door and opposite the mirror. The toilet was between the shower alcove and the mirror away from the door. The exhaust fan whirred into action when we turned on the light. There was no shower curtain.

I turned on the water and he got in the shower alcove with me. There was no way he was going to shower separately from me. The warm water sprayed over both of us. I soaped him all over gently with my special wash lotion that leaves the skin nice, soft, smooth and clean. He really enjoyed the attention as I washed every corner and crevice of his body. His cock became fully erect to its new size and stood out straight in front of him with its foreskin folded back.

I noted the acne particularly on his face and chest. It concerned me and I knew it troubled him greatly. He had completely forgotten about it in the past few hours.

"Would you like me to get rid of your acne for you?" I asked him.

"Oh fuck yeah! Would I ever!" he exclaimed in reply.

I explained to him that I could cure him quickly in about a minute but it would hurt a lot, or I could do it in about several hours and that cause him to tingle all over for that time, or I could take a couple of months and he would feel no pain at all.

He chose the short sharp painful method. I told him that he was a real tough guy. He grinned, but he was a little bit apprehensive.

He saw a powerful aura appear around me as I switched modes. Telepathically I asked a healing angel for help and called up a host of lesser spirit beings like fairies, elves and pixies to remove the acne from Robin. He stiffened as the spirits entered his face and body to remove the poisons festering in his system and to perform the healing process. Because it was a rapid process, his nerves were touched and jangled as the scarred flesh was repaired and renewed. His whole body was burning, stinging, raw and sore all over. He was tensed up and hot against mine. He was in pain. He whimpered and groaned and shuddered and I held him in my arms pumping energy into him to supplement the healing process that the healing angel was guiding.

It was all over quickly. I thanked the angel and the other spirit beings and they departed into the higher dimensions. Robin's pain stopped. He ran over to the mirror and saw that all trace of his acne had disappeared. His face was smooth, unmarked and beautiful as was the rest of his body. He put his hands to his face and felt that his skin was as smooth, soft, supple and unmarked as a newborn baby's. His grey eyes were big and round with wonder. He turned his body so he could see all over in the mirror. His chest, arms and buttocks were unmarked and free of pimples. His naked muscular body was very nice indeed. His face was handsome, no, beautiful. His brown hair was plastered down with water. He looked really attractive and fuckable.

Robin was overwhelmed with gratitude.

"Oh Wombat, thank you, thank you, thank you so much", he cried. "You are so absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much."

He leapt across the bathroom, jumped into my arms as I stood in the shower and planted lots of kisses on my face like an eager puppy.

"I love you, I love you so much", he panted between kisses as I held him in my arms. "You are just so wonderful."

The kisses became more serious. Our lips locked together. He wrapped his arms around my neck and writhed against my slick wet body panting with passion. Our cocks stiffened quickly and he humped his cock against my chest. He felt my massive member sandwiched between our wet bodies and pressed against his groin. He wanted it inside him badly. He wriggled around against me trying to get it into his anus. I lifted him up in my arms. He lifted up his legs and I impaled his arse on my great big cock. His anus opened easily under my influence. He wrapped his legs around my waist and bore down on my cock. He gave a deep heartfelt groan as I thrust my cock full length up deep into his torso. He writhed in absolute pleasure as I moved it up and down his anal canal. All his internal organs were being stimulated. His prostate thrummed with pleasure as my great big thick penis pressed and rubbed against it. His anus was stretched tremendously as my cock thickened even more inside him. His groin felt incredibly full and congested. The muscles inside pressed hard against my shaft as I thrust it joyously up inside him until my cock head felt the soft velvety guts deep inside his torso.

Robin erupted, deliriously shooting his spunk all over my chest. It was washed away by the warm shower water pouring over us. Orgasm hit me. I thrust my cock deep up inside him and ejaculated joyously into the core of his being. I pumped lots of energy into him to prolong his orgasm greatly. He arched his back and screamed in his orgasmic rapture. He was on the wild roller coaster ride of orgasms except this time there was little difference between peaks and dips. He felt that he was in a wild sea of orgasmic fury. He was completely crazy with lust and love. He tried to sink his teeth into the steel hard muscles of my neck. He wanted me incredibly badly. His whole being ached to merge with me totally. He wanted to be swamped by me completely. He wanted to consume me and get inside me at the same time. He wanted to be one with me. His brain, his mind, his soul opened up and reached out for me like a flower with tentacles.

Now was the time to switch on telepathy. I reached into his mind that had opened up to me trying to envelop me and merge with me. I reached the region deep in his mind that trying to sputter into action and with a mind glyph started it up. It was like pressing a big red button. His telepathy switched on. His telepathic sense started to function. His mind resonated with me and with the barriers taken down his mind just flowed into mine.

It felt like some kind of schizophrenia as his mind launched into mine. His being was threatened with being swamped by mine but so ablaze he was with love for me that he had no fear at all. He was burning with love for me and he wanted to be part of me forever. Our minds touched and partially merged. Each impression and feeling coursed between us. He could feel my sensations as I fucked him to the full, my pleasure in squirting my spunk deep inside his lovely muscular torso, my feeling his teeth on my invulnerable neck. He knew that I sensed every sensation that coursed through his body. I could feel his joy at my cock pulsating deep inside him, his arsehole stretched considerably by my cock, the currents of energy pouring in great arcs from my penis to throughout his whole body, his delight in the huge muscles of my magnificent body, the great big thick powerful arms wrapped around him, the warm water from the shower pouring down upon us both. He knew that I was spurring his huge gigantic orgasm on and on and he was crazy with ecstatic rapture. I had this crazy man inside my head and he was crazy for me and I loved him totally. I wanted him to grow and be beautiful. I wanted him to become a superman like me. Telepathy was the first step and he had made it. It was sex magic that did it, pure and simple.

Our orgasms were fuelled to an even greater intensity by our telepathically linked minds. We were like twin pillars of fire entwined about each other. He revelled in the energy that poured from me into him. He was in a state of the utmost rapture.

There was a refrain running through him and on to me; Wombatman and Robin; Wombatman and Robin. He saw me as a god-like figure to whom he was conjoined and he worshipped me with everything he had. He was at an ecstatic peak.

At last I brought us both down to a soft landing. Our orgasms came to an end. Robin clung to me burbling happily. He looked at me with sleepy happy eyes.

He knew that something had happened to him. He remembered his acne disappearing. But something had happened to his mind. He was looking at himself through my eyes. He saw his clear skinned handsome face through my eyes. The acne that was the bane of his life had well and truly disappeared.

He felt his body through mine. He felt my love for him. He knew now that I loved him. He was like an open flower in the warmth of the sun of my love. He revelled in it.

A thought formed in his mind. << Am I telepathic like you? >>

<+ Yes +>

<< Like I now can read minds like you? >>

<+ Yes +>

<< Wonderful! You made me telepathic! Itís marvellous. >>

He hugged me

<< Thank you so much. I love you so much. You are so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. >>

I beamed at him.

Robin: << You are fantastic. You are like a god. You are a god. You are my own personal private god, my own private muscle god. >>

<< I'm, well, like you could say, a very junior god. You certainly don't have to worship me. I'm far too junior. I haven't been around all that long. I think you have to be at least a million years old before you can be a proper god. All you have to do is make lots of love to me. >> <+ Amusement +>

Robin clung to me as the shower ran upon us. He was busily sorting through things in his mind. I offered him my experiences.

Robin: << Can you guys live a million years? You mean, I can live forever too, like when I'm a superman. How old are you? You're thirty-five? You dirty old bugger! I'm less than half your age. You mean you're immortal now. >>

Thoughts buzzed silently and rapidly between our minds. We rubbed noses together affectionately and kissed gently. Robin pressed his body against me. He was buzzing with the wonder of it all.

Robin: << You know, I thought you were only about twenty or twenty-five at the most yourself. I never would have guessed that you're nearly twenty years older than me. And you will live forever and look young and beautiful forever! Wow! >>

I tuned into the mind of the motel owner and sensed that he was wondering when I was going to come and pay up. He would charge me extra if I were late. Robin piggybacked on my mind and saw for himself.

Robin: << He's a bit of a mean old bastard. >>

I laughed. << We'd better get a wriggle on and get out of here. >>

My limp cock slid out of his arsehole much to his regret. He stood up and leaned against me with his arms around me.

He was alive with new wonder. His mind joyfully scampered around mine and tentatively explored further afield. He was like a puppy or a very young child. It was as if he had been born again. In effect he had been born again. He was alive with a new and wonderful sense. His whole being had just stepped up to a new level.

Robin: << You could make heaps of money playing poker using telepathy. You could read people's minds and see what cards they had. >>

I laughed. << We just don't do that kind of thing. We don't take advantage of normal people because we recruit from normal people, like you were until just now. Anyway, it's not fair. >>

I picked up his black jeans from the floor and retrieved his semen-soaked black T-shirt from my storage space in Somewhere Else. Robin was fascinated by that. Both items were dirty. I washed them in water using ultrasonic sound and dried them with 'superheat'. The whole process took two seconds flat. Super powers come in handy. Robin was agog.

I called up some fairies to clean the splats of my semen off the mirror. Robin watched amazed. He was like a small child open-mouthed with wonder. He could not see the fairies clearly like I can; he could perceive them as small ripples against the background. However he was able to sense them with his telepathic sense.

Robin: << Fairies! I never thought I would ever see fairies! I never thought they would exist and they do. >>

The fairies finished their task quickly. I thanked them and they slipped away. Robin giggled at the realisation he had to believe in fairies; they really did exist.

I left the double bed unmade with its semen stained sheets because I knew that the motel owner got a buzz out of that. He got a real thrill out of guys fucking each other in his motel rooms.

I pulled on my biker gear, blue denim jeans, flying boots and a sleeveless blue denim jacket with the Roadknight Motor Cycle Club insignia, a red flared German-style cross on a white shield with the word 'Roadknights' in gothic script underneath, on the back. I left the jacket open at the front showing off my muscular chest and abdomen.

Robin sat on the bed still naked and looked at me in awe. He drank in the sight of me clad in denims. I explained telepathically that the Roadknights were a biker club for supermen and superwomen. You had to be superhuman to become a member.

I suggested breakfast again. Robin was interested. He got dressed and delighted in the feel of clean clothes against his skin once more. I telephoned the Arab Steed Hotel across Hutt Street and ordered breakfast in advance. There are lots of eating places in Hutt Street, but most of them cater for the coffee and croissant end of the market. The Arab Steed was the only place nearby where you could get a hearty man-sized breakfast. Robin salivated at the idea of steak, sausages, eggs and bacon.

I packed up quickly and we got to the motel office about ten minutes before checkout time which was ten a.m.

The motel was one of those that charged the same whether one or two people used the one room. I handed the motel owner two twenty-dollar notes in payment for the night. The owner was a corpulent man past middle age. He sat behind the counter and looked us both over with a dour interest as he took the money. He was fascinated by my muscles.

"You two fellows have a good time last night?" he asked.

Robin grinned from ear to ear. The owner looked at him thinking what a handsome young buck he was. He was almost wistful under his gruff exterior.

I smiled easily and replied: "Yep, sure did."

We could feel his eyes boring into our backs as we swaggered out the office. We mounted my trusty Harley Davidson. It roared into life and we rode out into Gilles Street. It was only fifty metres (yards) across the tree-lined boulevard of Hutt Street to the Arab Steed Hotel but I did not want to leave my bike at the motel. We parked the bike in the street outside the hotel, which is a rather striking art deco edifice. It was a glorious morning. The sun was shining from a bright blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds about.

The people inside stared at us as we entered the dining room. The barmaid came up to us and I flashed a megawatt smile at her, almost bowling her over with good vibrations. She looked admiringly at us. She was so dazzled by me as to be almost speechless. I told her that we had already ordered and she showed us to a table next to a window overlooking Hutt Street. She apologised for the chip cooker being turned off and asked if toast was all right. That was fine by us. It was nearly ten o'clock in the morning. You cannot expect too much. I ordered a pint of beer for each of us. The barmaid had no inkling that Robin was underage; she thought he was in his early twenties and a really handsome hunk.

Robin looked around the dining room. I shared his perceptions and scanned with my telepathic sense. The room was nearly half full of mainly elderly diners taking their time over a late breakfast. The exceptions apart from us were a young English couple in their twenties touring Australia and a man in his thirties in a suit with his nose in a newspaper.

Behind me was an old man with a nasty angry mind. He kept glaring at my back disapprovingly. He hated bikers and any one who was not what he considered 'normal'. Nothing was said but Robin was quite disconcerted by the blast of anger and hatred coming from him. Dear Robin was getting quite angry on my behalf. His eyes flashed. I sent soothing thoughts to him to calm him down. If he got too upset or angry, his telepathic sense would just implode in on itself and stop functioning. I would have to fuck him again to restart it. I passed that knowledge on to him and got a grin from him in reply. I was not the least bit concerned. The old man could not harm either Robin or me. Robin was far too strong for him and I am, well, a superman with an impressive array of tricks to play. The longsuffering wife of the old man sat opposite him at their table. I could detect the smell of burning martyr coming from her. She had endured forty-five self-denying years of marriage to him and she was sure she was due for a reward in heaven.

The other people cast sidelong glances at us. They did not want to be caught staring at us but they could not keep their eyes off us. My physique impressed them mightily.

Breakfast arrived for both of us. As promised, each steaming plate contained a large rump steak of about a pound (half a kilogram) with sausages, three eggs, plentiful bacon and toast. Robin fell upon his with gusto. It was the best meal he had eaten since before leaving home three weeks ago. He was ravenous. He wolfed his meal down, finishing before I did and sat back with a satisfied burp. He looked at me gratefully. He had a full stomach for the first time in weeks. I continued on eating happily.

Robin: << Life's really worth living with you around. >>

I sent him a warm buzz of acknowledgement.

<< How do you become a superman? >>

<< Through God. You go up to Him in Heaven, stand before Him and pledge to serve Him forever and then He grants you superpowers. >>

<< Just like that? >>

<< Well, sort of. That's a very cut down version of the story. You need to be a telepath, which you are, and you've got to be brave. You don't want to go shitting yourself in terror before the Lord God Almighty. >>

Robin grinned. The thought amused him. << Don't worry. I won't. >>

He continued. << You know, when I'm a superman, I guess I might go and kill my father and that ugly fat bitch of his who got him to marry her. >>

I was amused. << God would not approve of that. That's certainly not what He wants people doing. Anyway, there's a much better way of dealing with the situation and that's to do nothing. You just stay out of sight and your father will be consumed by guilt at tossing you out of home. That guilt will eat away like acid at his relationship with your stepmother. He'll blame her and she'll blame him. Those two are going to be living in hell together. God wants us to take responsibility for our actions. You do nothing and there's no one there to alleviate his guilt and redirect her anger. Your father and your stepmother will have to live with the consequences of their action. That's how God wants it. You don't do a thing and meanwhile, you grow big, beautiful and strong and they suffer. You never know, they could end up like the old couple behind me. >>

<< So God really does exist. >>

For answer I pointed to God. For the first time Robin became aware through his telepathic sense of an overarching loving nimbus of being that surrounded and permeated all that is, the whole Universe including this very dining room. This was a Being that was all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful and in Whom and by Whom the whole Universe was kept in being.

Robin was awed. << I serve Him? He wants me to serve Him? >>

<< Yes. >>


Robin trembled. A current of love flowed from God over both of us.


The Presence drew back a little. Robin was silent. This was far bigger than he had ever dreamt of and he was being called to serve this gigantic numinous Being, the Lord God Almighty. He needed time to think things over. Events were moving so fast that his comprehension was stretched.

The other diners carried on oblivious to the Presence of God. Since I had first become a superman, it had always seemed a little odd to me that so few normal people had any inkling of the huge loving Being that was all around them and that permeated and held in existence the whole of reality around them. Normal human beings were so very ordinary, but they had within them the potential to become superhuman beings like me. Some were difficult to transform like the cranky old grump sitting behind me, some were easy to transform. Robin was a gift. He glowed with appreciation.

I flicked my telepathic sense back to the owner of the Hutt Motel across the street. He was cleaning up in the room where we had spent the night. He had pulled the sheets off our bed and he held them up his nose inhaling the strong odours of our semen and sweat that had soaked into the sheets. He revelled in the smell. His mind was full of the lurid images of two strong virile muscular young men fucking each other with lusty enthusiasm. I felt sorry for the lonely old man. Robin burst out sniggering. The image of the old man sniffing our sheets and getting excited by the smell of our semen appealed to his schoolboy sense of humour.

I finished my breakfast and swigged off the remains of my beer. Robin had finished well before me. He had been starving but now he was well filled. We stood up, paid up and left the dining room, the cynosure of all eyes.

Outside we stood in the sunshine next to my motorbike and Robin stripped off his T-shirt exposing his muscular torso. He wanted to show off his body too. I put the T-shirt in one of the bike's panniers and gave him a red neckerchief with a Roadknight insignia of a flared red cross on a white shield on the back. He put it on proudly around his neck. It was held in place with an old Boy Scout woggle with a small Roadknight pin. I also gave Robin a chinless bike helmet and aviator style sunglasses, both like mine.

We put on our bike helmets and sunglasses and mounted the bike. Robin sat behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist. With one kick my hog roared into life and we took off down the leafy tree-lined Gilles Street towards Pulteney Street.

We were waiting for the Pulteney Street traffic lights to change.

I asked: << Do you prefer to be called Robin or Rob? >>

<< I don't care much. My friends at school call me Rob but I want to be Robin with you, Wombatman. >>

The lights changed, we turned left onto Pulteney Street and roared south over South Terrace onto Unley Road past the playing fields and gum trees of the South Parklands. The traffic lights at Greenhill Road were green and we continued south along Unley Road. People call Adelaide the City of Traffic Lights and Unley Road is one of the worst places with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings scattered densely along its length. Unley Road passes through the leafy well-heeled suburbs of Unley, Parkside, Malvern, Hyde Park and Unley Park. Our destination was our community house in Unley Park. The road was clogged with all these shiny, spotlessly clean new four-wheel-drives, Toyota fucking Landcruisers and their Lexus clones, Range Rovers, Nissan Patrols, Landrovers, Jeep Grand Cherokees, Mercedes Benz M class, Honda CRVs and a few Mitsubishi Pajeros. Most of them were being driven by women who had what they considered more important things on their minds than paying attention to their driving. Several times I had to flick the attention of a driver telepathically so that she would see us and not pull out into us. I had the headlights of the motorbike switched on but still they did not see us. Robin clasped me tightly around the waist. He was agog at the goings on around us as we threaded our way through the traffic. His telepathic sense was working hard as he struggled to take in all the impressions.

On Unley Road in front of the Unley Shopping Centre and the Unley Civic Centre there are three sets of traffic lights within a hundred yards (metres). We rode down in between the two rows of halted traffic waiting at the red lights and pulled up alongside a white 1959 Ford Thunderbird convertible. The big car with red upholstery had been converted to right-hand drive and was in immaculate condition. It was being driven by a middle-aged man sporting a grey ponytail and wearing a spiffy slim black pair of Raybans, blue jeans and a black T-shirt celebrating Metallica. His face looked well used.

Robin: << Look at that old poser driving the old Yank Tank. >>

I just smiled with amusement.

The Thunderbird driver looked up at the two of us apprehensively. His eyes travelled along the thick muscles of my huge arms. I looked an impressive sight with my helmet, sunglasses and powerful denim-clad physique on a powerful motorbike with my mate.

I grinned showing my white teeth. I soaked up the deep-throated rumble from its big V8 motor as it idled.

"Nice car", I said warmly. "Very nice. It sure is a magnificent machine you've got there."

The man's eyes took in the two of us. He noted Robin's bare well-muscled torso and arms, the red neckerchief he was wearing and the way he held me around my waist. He saw that Robin was a hot hunky young spunk bucket. He knew.

"Thanks", he replied uncertainly.

The lights changed to green. We roared away. Thank heavens the three set of traffic lights were synchronised so Unley Road was relatively clear ahead of us for a short distance. The Thunderbird was stuck behind an old lady driving a Toyota Camry; she was accelerating sedately.

The Thunderbird driver looked after us wistfully. His eyes bored into Robin's broad strong back as we rode away down Unley Road. He was into his third marriage now and that was failing. His first marriage went bust thirty years ago when he had a wild and passionate love affair with another man. It was fantastic and beautiful while it lasted. Robin reminded him of his first lover. He had had but a few sexual encounters with other men in the intervening years since then but they were very furtive and secretive; he told no one. Since the AIDS scare hit the scene in the early mid-eighties, he had only had one fling with another man. Sex with another man was a pleasure that seemed denied him now, what with AIDS and haemorrhoids and creeping old age. What was he now? A sound engineer with one of Adelaide's commercial FM radio stations. He was considered a bit of an old hippie who was over the hill. A hippie? Not!

He knew of the Roadknights and that some of them enjoyed sex with other men. I represented to him all that was wild, wonderful and free. I was a beautiful blonde young muscle god and I had a gorgeous young hunk as a lover. He was pensive, envious and melancholy, yearning for the good old days and all those things that he thought were out of his reach now. I sent a thought back to him that he should join the Roadknights. He thought that maybe he was too old. I made a mental note to look him up after his current marriage had finished in divorce and bring some joy back into his life.

We arrived in Unley Park and waited in Unley Road to turn right when the oncoming traffic cleared sufficiently. The sun was warm on our backs. Our chance came and turned into the narrow tree-lined street where our community house was. 'Bethany' was a vast roomy old neo-gothic stone mansion with two towers and had been built by a wealthy Adelaide merchant in 1897. It has stayed in the family ever since. It was now owned by my friend Guy Talbot who had inherited it and a fortune at the age of twenty-one when both his parents were killed in a car crash. He was an only child. For several years afterwards he had lived a drug and drink soaked life that had been one continual party. The party stopped while he was away overseas in Paris with his girlfriend when the police raided his house and arrested everyone living there. It had been a real hippie style commune with lots of drugs and freewheeling sex but it was happening years after hippiedom had gone out of fashion; things were not the same. Guy had come back after he had broken up with his girlfriend and found his house trashed and empty. All his friends were either in gaol, in mental hospitals, dead or gone away. He was in despair and about to commit suicide when one of our Order rescued him, made love to him and persuaded him to become a superman and join us. He invited a group of us to move in and we comprehensively cleaned and restored the house using our superpowers. 'Bethany' is now one of several community houses in Adelaide where members of the Order live and others like me stay a while when passing through.

Robin picked up all the thoughts passing through my head as we came up to the house. He jumped off the bike and opened the gate.

We rode round to the back of the house. Julie and Jenny welcomed Robin in the kitchen. Robin was fascinated to meet two telepathic women and they were beautiful too. Information buzzed back and forth between their minds. He was intrigued to discover that it is easier for a woman to become telepathic and then superhuman than it is for a man. The result is that there are noticeably more women than men in the Order. They also explained that the Order is made up of supermen and superwomen. Its full title is the Order of the Knights of God and it is a chivalric order organised on lines like the medieval chivalric orders, except that men and women are equal and there are not lots of silly rules. The term knights is used in a non-sexual sense. The existence of the Order and its superhuman members is kept secret on the direct orders of the Lord God Himself. It is not yet time for us to reveal our presence. Our numbers are still too low.

Julie and Jenny thought Robin was a real cutie. He glowed with their attention. The word went out telepathically that Wombat had picked up another beautiful boy. Other members started gathering in the kitchen to see.

First in was Fiona followed closely by her husband Douglas. She was a little above average height and very attractive and nicely built. Doug was powerfully muscled with a similar physique to mine. Robin looked at him with awe. Then he realised that there was something alive inside Fiona's belly. She laughed gaily and informed him that she was two months pregnant. She and Doug had been married three months. Robin focussed his mind on the little foetus growing inside her belly; he was fascinated. There was no real consciousness detectable at this stage; the foetus's mind was still yet unformed. Her pregnancy had not started to show yet.

Fiona: << He's a little boy. He is going to grow into someone gorgeous like you, or him. >>

She jerked her thumb back at Doug. He came up behind her and wrapped his massive arms around her gently, smiling happily. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. He was absolutely delighted to be the father of this unborn child.

Fiona and I had been lovers at one stage. She had several men as lovers at the some time but she had wanted me to be the father of her children. I was not ready to make the commitment to her and to bringing up children. I really enjoy lots of sex and I love making love to people but I still prefer men. Doug was very keen on her and when I got cold feet, he jumped in willing to make the commitment. He was one of her lovers and he was more than happy to make babies and raise children with her.

The other people in the house trooped into the kitchen, Craig, Helen, Annette, Brian, Kevin, Henry, Mark, Philip, Rick, Jared, Sarah, Sally, Linda, Ruth, Wolf, Peter, Susan and Guy. With them came a bunch of about half a dozen small children. The older children were at school. Keir, a boy of four years old, boldly went up to Robin and asked who he was. Robin sent back a reply telepathically which Keir was not able to receive. With amusement Sally explained to Robin that Keir was far too young to be telepathic. Robin told Keir briefly who he was.

Robin was enthralled by the supermen and superwomen around him. They all liked him. He was like a puppy going from one to the other. His mind was busily absorbing all the impressions and information coming at him from the others. He was beside himself with wonder, awe and happiness at being welcomed into this group of wonderful superhuman beings. They were appalled to know that he had been thrown out of home and was living as a street kid. They thought Robin's father and stepmother were complete idiots. Doug put it well when he considered that their loss is our gain.

The men and women were all beautiful and the men all had muscular physiques ranging in build from not much bigger than Robin was through to truly huge. None of the men apart from me were wearing any sort of top. Jared was a fifteen-year-old superman and he sported a fantastically well muscled body; he stood 185 cm (6'1") and weighed 145 kilograms (320 lb), a little more than me. He had been a superman for less than a year. Robin goggled at Jared the gorgeous handsome blonde super hunk with awe. He was overjoyed at being invited to become a superman himself. He had never dreamt that such a thing was possible.

Jared assured Robin that pledging himself to serve God was easy. The main thing was not to get frightened of God who loves us absolutely. Jared told the story of one man who shat himself with terror in front of God who was not impressed. The cherubim fell about laughing. The man had been pushed into it too quickly by his over eager young teacher. Jared was really rapt in being a superman. He would never ever go back to being a normal again. That would be just too boring. Serving God was not onerous. The main thing was to stay within in the parameters of God's Will and avoid working against God. Jared was recruiting new people himself and really enjoyed it. He also liked lots of sex. He flashed a double biceps pose and let Robin feast his eyes on his huge 25-inch (64-cm) flexed biceps. Robin just gaped in awe and admiration. Jared had a really hot, perfectly symmetrical, massively powerful and muscular body with great broad shoulders and deep wide muscular chest tapering down to a slim and muscular waist. His latissmus dorsi muscles flared like a cobra's hood. Robin's eyes were round like saucers.

I took Robin up to my room. We stood and hugged. Robin was grateful to have my arms around him.

Robin: << Do you think I'm ready to become a superman? >>

<< If you feel ready, you are ready. My mates and I will teach you all that you want and need to know. With telepathy it is really easy to gain knowledge, especially once you are a superman. You don't have to know heaps when you go to see God. You just have to have the right stuff and I know you have it. >>

<< Can you back out after you have made your pledge? >>

<< Yes. You'd be weak to do that and also it would mean that God would take your superpowers away from you and you would go back to being a normal. Nobody has ever done that. Life is just too good as a superman to give it up. >>

<< Being a superman would be a hell of a lot better than being a street kid chucked out of home and robbing people to make a living. >>

<< It sure would. >>

<< You are my family now. And your friends are really wonderful. It would be fantastic to be like them. >>

Robin leant against me thinking hard. His mind was buzzing. Finally he made a decision.

<< OK, Wombat, let's do it. Take me to God. I'm ready. >>

We both stripped naked. I held Robin in my arms and jumped up into the higher dimensions. The walls of the rooms dissolved around us into a formless grey with sparkles shooting through. It seemed to be moving like windblown fog. The grey lightened into a brilliant white.

Robin wrapped his arms around my chest and held onto me tightly but he watched the changes with fascination. I could feel his heart beating hard against my chest.

We arrived in Heaven in amongst the billions of spirit beings who dwell there, the souls of the departed and the angels, archangels and elder gods. Overall ruled the Lord God Almighty. Robin eagerly pledged to serve Him forever and in return received the benefice of supernatural powers. A lot happened but I won't go into details here. However the result was that Robin was transformed into a magnificent superman. He chose to have a body like mine, six feet one inch (185 cm) and 300 pounds (135 kg) of huge solid hard ripped powerful muscles. His face was very slightly altered to make him look even more beautiful. The slight asymmetry was ironed out. He also found out that he could transform himself into any shape he chose. If he wanted a different body, he could easily change it to whatever he wanted. However, he was in raptures in the magnificently muscular body he had now.

We returned to my room. I stood back and admired Robin. He was recognisable as the same person but now he had a truly magnificent body. He was a brown haired, grey eyed, gorgeously handsome, muscular superman. I looked him in admiration. He had really turned out well.

I made a full-length standard mirror float over to him so he could see himself. He stood in front of it looking at his new body with rapt wonder. He ran through a couple of poses making his muscles bulge hugely. I came up behind him and put my arms around him. I delighted in the feel of his huge hard muscles. He twisted around and kissed me hard on the lips. He wanted to celebrate his transfiguration.

Robin: << I feel so awesome and so hot. This is tremendous. Wombat, you are just so wonderful. >>

<< So are you, mate. >>

<< It's just so fantastic to have such huge muscles. I'm just as big as you and that's how I like it. >>

<< Let's fuck. >>

I turned on a force field around my body that made it look slick, shiny and slippery as if I was covered in oil or soapy water. I showed Robin how to do it and he did the same thing. We held each other tight and rubbed our big muscular bodies together revelling in the feel of our big muscles slipping and sliding over one another. We floated over towards the big double bed writhing and kissing in mid-air.

Robin lay back on the bed and looked up at me, his eyes desperate with lust.

"Fuck me, Wombat, please fuck me", he moaned.

I slid down his body and wrapped my lips around the head of his huge stiff hard penis. I sucked it gently and he bucked his hips. I ran my tongue down his shaft and mouthed his large balls one by one. With pleasure I licked his whole shaft. He moaned and groaned with sheer joy especially when I concentrated my tongue at the top of his shaft just below the piss slit. I put my mouth over his cock head once again and went down on his shaft, taking his whole penis into my mouth. My mouth went up and down on him a couple of times and he erupted with passionate joy. His savoury semen flooded into my mouth and I swallowed it with relish. He was a superman now and he could come as many times as he liked. While he writhed with orgasmic joy, I rubbed my hand over the hard ridges of muscle on his belly and stroked his thick hard muscular thighs.

Afterwards, I sucked him dry then licked down the length of his shaft past his balls until I reached his exposed arsehole. His cock was still as stiff as a ramrod. So was mine, but I'm patient. Delicately I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of his anus. He groaned with delight. He was a superman and his arsehole was clean and smelled of manly musk. I delighted in the musky odour of his balls filling my nostrils. He writhed with delight as I licked the ridged pucker of his arsehole. My tongue put a little more pressure on the anal opening and his anus opening willing. My tongue slipped inside into his anal canal and pushed further inside, pushing his anal sphincters open wider. He was beside himself with sheer joy.

Once his anus was sufficiently relaxed, I withdrew my tongue and sat up. I poked the head of my big fat cock against his anal opening and pushed. My cock slid into his arsehole easily. He watched with fascination as my cock slid its full length into his body. I started thrusting into his arsehole joyfully with long sweeping strokes that drove him wild.

I lay down on top of his big strong heavily muscled body and fucked him with all the vigour I could muster. We both held each other tightly. He wrapped his legs and arms around my body as I fucked him deeply. He howled with sheer rapture as I thrust into him. Our orgasms exploded simultaneously within us and our bodies felt filled with liquid fire. Our telepathically linked minds merged together in a firestorm of passionate love. It was ecstasy to pump my semen deep into his powerfully muscled torso and to feel his utmost joy at having my huge fat pulsating penis imbedded deep within him.

Our interconnected orgasms went on and on for the rest of the afternoon. Robin was sheer joy.

We stayed another couple of days at 'Bethany'. Robin revelled in his newly acquired supermanhood. He learnt quickly the essential skills of being a superman from me as well as the other people in the house.

Afterwards we flew up to the Mount Remarkable Community, which is near Melrose in the Flinders Ranges north of Adelaide. It is the largest community of the Order, or the People of the Way as we call ourselves publicly. There are a couple of thousand of us living there but the population varies widely as people come and go.

Robin grew into a lovely superman. He had many friends and lovers but he always has loved me as his teacher.

His mother wrote to him from Burkina Faso and invited him to spend Christmas with her and her second husband in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Robin decided to spend Christmas with us at Mount Remarkable because we were his family in his eyes and it was preferable to the fractured family he had left behind.

However, he decided to spend some time with his mother and her husband after the New Year celebration. Guy donated the money for the airfare and in January Robin took a series of airline flights to Ouagadougou pretending he was a normal human being. After all, we had to keep our superpowers secret.

His mother and her husband were delighted to see him and were filled with admiration at what a fine young man he had grown into. They worked with a Christian charity looking after homeless children and young people. About half the population of the country are Muslim.

Robin with his characteristic superhuman energy and charm organised some of the older boys into clubs for playing Australian Rules Football. He attracted the intense admiration of some of the boys. These boys he transformed into supermen and the movement snowballed rapidly. There were problems with street gangs in Ouagadougou. However, Robin and his comrades persuaded the gang members to join them. They all had tremendous fun fucking all these black guys and turning them into supermen. These days there is a growing community of superhumans in Burkina Faso that is also spreading to other countries in West Africa.

Robin's visa expired and he returned to South Australia. When he left Ouagadougou, many people turned out to farewell him.

A number of supermen and superwomen jump over here to Australia from all over the world to participate in the activities here but we don't tell the Australian immigration authorities that. It's all a lovely big wonderful secret now but we will be coming out some day.

The End. •

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