Robber, The


By wombat

He literally jumped at me. We kissed passionately again with our arms around each other. My cock stiffened rapidly.

I lay down on the bed with my knees up and he leaped on top of me landing between my thighs. He fumbled with his cock as he tried to find my arsehole. He poked around with his fingers and found my anus, then placed his cock head against the opening. He pushed against it. My force field lubricated anus opened easily and he quickly rammed his penis all the way into my arsehole. To him my force field lubricated arse felt wonderfully smooth, slippery and tight as he eagerly thrust his cock in and out. His technique was ratshit; many men would have found his rapid thrusting unpleasant, but then, I have had thousands of men come up my arse. His vigorous and enthusiastic thrusts like an animal up my arse bumping my prostate I found strongly stimulating. While he thrust up inside me, he squirmed around on my front really enjoying the feel of my great big fat stiff hard cock and the massive thick hard muscles of my torso rubbing against his body. My cock swelled in thickness even more as my orgasm approached. I really enjoyed him squirming on top of me too. I wrapped my powerful arms around him and held him close against me. I was careful not to crush him with my arms or between my thighs as my sexual excitement increased rapidly. I delighted in feeling the muscles of his torso working hard as he thrust into me. He kneaded my big thick rounded slabs of pectoral muscles with his hands while he kept on ramming his cock up me. He was really getting off on the huge muscles of my magnificent body.

He stiffened suddenly, plunged his cock as deep as he could up into my arsehole and groaned deeply as he squirted his spunk deep into my bowels with orgasmic joy. I clamped my anal sphincters and pelvic muscles onto his cock, intensifying his pleasure even more. He grasped tightly me round my chest. I could feel his hot spunk shooting deep into my pelvis. I pumped energy into him to prolong his orgasm and roared into my own. It was sheer joy to feel him pumping his spunk into me while my own cock pulsed and squirted hot semen out between our bodies tightly clasped together. My semen squirted up underneath his jaw. His orgasm slowed but mine continued apace. He sucked on the end of my penis swallowing my semen as it came squirting out the end. My cock head was almost too big to fit into his mouth but he made an effort and got it all in. He relished the taste of my sweet tasting semen.

My orgasm slowed to a stop. He lay on top of me between my thighs with his cock still stiff up my arse.

"Fuck, that was good", he said. "I really enjoyed that. You're really hot, big fella. I really love your huge big enormous muscles. You're so fucking hot."

I grinned up at him.

"How big are your arm muscles?" he asked.

"24 inches (61 cm)."

"They're fucking massive. How big's your chest?"

"60 inches (152 cm)."

"Fuck, that's huge. You're one huge big fella with a huge big chest. I love those huge big pectorals of yours."

He looked my body over including down at my slim muscular waist.

"You're incredibly ripped all over. Your muscles really stand out. And your veins do too. They look so thick. You must have zero percent body fat."

"Well, it kind of looks like that."

"Your waist looks so slim. How big is it?

"32 inches (81 cm)."

He ran a hand over my thighs admiringly.

"How big are these? They're so thick and huge, like tree trunks."

"29 inches (74 cm)."

"God that's big. How much do you weigh?"

"135 kilograms or 300 pounds."

"You're one big heavy guy. How tall are you?"

"185 centimetres or six foot one."

"That's not much taller than me. I'm 180 centimetres or 5' 11" if you like. And I weigh in at 90 kilos (200 lb.).

"90 kilos of solid hard muscle. I like it!" I squeezed him affectionately and ran my hands over his body appreciatively.

He continued. "I never thought I'd say this, but your spoof tastes like ice-cream. It's really nice and sweet and creamy."

I laughed cheerfully. "Glad you like it."

He lifted himself up and looked down at my cock beneath him. It was still massively erect and swollen out to 11 inches (28 cm) circumference.

"How the hell did I manage to fit that fucking great big donkey dick of yours up my arse? It's fucking huge! It's the biggest dick I've ever seen on a human being."

I grinned. "You've got a nice elastic arsehole."

"This cock of yours, it must be a foot long, it's so fucking huge."

"It is."

"Shit. You know, I gotta admit it felt really great up my arse. I reckon I had the biggest bang of all time with you."

I hugged him.

He went on: "You know, we've been fucking all this time. You know my name's Robin because you can read my mind. What's your name?"

"Steve. But my friends call me Wombat."

"Wombat! Wombat! I like it."

His face suddenly split open in a wide grin. His eyes sparkled merrily.

"Wombatman! I'm Robin and I'm gonna be Robin and you're Wombatman. We're gonna be Wombatman and Robin together. Wombatman and Robin! Fantastic! You'll teach me how to be a superman and we can be superheroes together."

He climbed further up my body, thrusting his cock deeper into me, put his arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. His face smelled of my semen. We kissed eagerly with our arms wrapped around each other. He started thrusting his cock into my arse once more and started sucking on my cock head in his mouth at the same time. He was rewarded with me erupting with another gush of semen into his mouth. He swallowed my semen down but after a few strokes he exploded into orgasmic joy as well. He plunged his cock as far as he could up into my arse and arched his back as he squirted his spunk deep into my pelvis. It felt really good. He yelled out his joy as he clung tightly to my chest.

Our orgasms slowed to a close. This time they did not last as long. Robin lay on my chest sleepily. His limp cock slid out of my arsehole. However, he was a horny young man.

He looked at me. "You know, I kinda miss that great big huge fat cock of yours up my arse. It feels really tremendous up there."

We kissed again. Our tongues slid ravenously around inside each other's mouth. He was really getting into the swing of manly love. He then started kissing and licking my cock, which soon became almost painfully stiff and as hard as steel. It was really big, fat, veiny and purplish in colour.

"Fuck me again, big fella?"

Robin slid forward up my body then backed his anus onto my cock head, which I held in place. His anus opened lusciously when penetrated by my cock it then closed tightly around my shaft. He groaned with utter delight as he forced more of my cock up into his arsehole by backing onto it. He squealed as the cock head impacted his prostate and pushed on further up his bowel. He kept on backing up his anus until it had accepted the full length of my cock. His anal canal felt wonderfully full and distended. His groin felt joyfully congested as he sat astride my groin. I compounded his pleasure by thrusting my cock in and out his arsehole and deep up into his torso. He rode up and down on my thrusting pelvis getting really aroused sexually by seeing the huge ripped muscles of my powerful body working hard pumping my cock into him. He also saw that his fully erect cock was bigger that it had been before. It was back to its eight-inch length.

"Fuck me!" he yelled. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as you can, big fella. Oh fuck me, fuck me like hell. Your cock is so fucking huge inside me, it feels so fucking fantastic, oh fuck me, Superman, Wombatman with your huge muscles, fuck me hard and fuck me deep."

He quickly went into orgasm and ejaculated all over my front, covering my chest and belly with his thick white semen. That was quite enough to tip me over into orgasm as well and joyfully I rammed my cock right up into him and squirted my semen deep into his body. I pumped a blast of energy into him. Delirious with orgasmic delight, he fell forward on top of me, clung desperately to my chest and squirmed wildly on my semen-slicked chest and belly. He went absolutely crazy with the orgasmic joyous rapture that was exploding inside his body. He felt that his body was being raked by great arcs of electric fire shooting out from my cock implanted deep in his torso.

He slobbered and drooled on my chest, quite unconscious of anything else but the huge orgasm that was shaking his body. His cock kept squirting his hot spunk all over my belly as I kept shooting my spunk into his torso.

I took him on another wild orgasmic roller coaster ride, but not as long this time. Gradually I let him come down from his orgiastic high until he lay quietly on top of me with my cock still up his arse.

After a while he raised his head. His grey eyes looked into my blue eyes.

"You've got such blue eyes", he said. "Christ, I love you, Wombat."

"I love you too, Robin", I replied.

He kissed me. We kissed and hugged replete in the golden afterglow of glorious sex. He ran his hand admiringly over the massive thick rounded slabs of my pectoral muscles. He was enraptured. His mind overflowed with love for me and I did not need to be a telepath to know that. He had attached himself to me as firmly as an abandoned puppy, which in a sense he was. To me he was rather special and he would grow quickly under my tutelage. This Batman and Robin thing he had about me made me smile. He obviously had a long running fantasy about joining up with a big powerful hero like Batman and I was filling that role. I was Wombatman. In his mind I was better that Batman. I am a real superman.

He saw his acne as a real problem. I know that teenagers often regard one single zit as a major catastrophe, but Robin did have a problem. I had to admit that, but it was nothing I could not fix easily. He had been applying all sorts of lotions and creams and had undergone a number of treatments but they had not made much difference. It was clear he had bucket loads of testosterone coursing around his virile strong young body. He had big muscles for his age and his balls were significantly bigger than average. While he was still at school and playing football, he had been working out intensively and his muscles had thrived massively. He obviously had the genes for it. He was going to grow into a big powerful man even if I had not been around.

Of course, once he had been chucked out of his home by his father, he had been too ashamed to go to school and the workouts had stopped. The past three weeks had been a lean time for him. He had been living rough out in the open and he had little to eat. The last thing he had eaten was half a meat pie he had found in a rubbish bin two days previously and he had been ravenously hungry. He was still very naive and still had a lot to learn about living as a street kid. Most of his clothes and things he had brought from home had been stolen by the other street people. Virtually all he had left were the clothes he had been wearing. He had swapped his good Nike runners for the hunting knife that he had broken on my belly.

It had not been all bad, however. All the puppy fat had melted off him, leaving him with a lean hard strong body with well-defined muscles. He had a body many men would envy. He was starting to realise that his strength was a real asset.

It was broad daylight outside. The sun had well and truly risen some time ago. Sunlight shone on the blinds covering the windows. I suggested breakfast to Robin and he was very keen on the idea. He was not as desperately hungry as he had been before because he had swallowed a lot of my semen, which is packed full of protein and carbohydrate. It is very nutritious. However, he wanted to have a shower first.

We got off the bed and stood in front of the mirror that ran the length of the room regarding our naked bodies. He ran his hands over the huge veined muscles of my arms lost in admiration. Then he came up behind me and ran his hands over the massive musculature of my torso. It was quite clear that he was only a little shorter than I was. I snapped a double biceps pose and the sight in the mirror of all my muscles bulging massively caused his cock to snap to attention. It was quite amazing how quickly it stiffened to its enhanced eight-inch length. He started rubbing it between my buttock cheeks.

"I've been meaning to ask you", he said. "But how come my cock is so big now? It's a hell of a lot bigger and fatter than it was used to be."

He looked down at his big long fat ramrod stiff cock sticking straight out in front of him.

"You are really turned on sexually", I said.

"Oh yeah. I got to say that I've never felt so fucking horny before I met you. You are so incredibly fucking sexy. Your huge muscles make me feel so terribly horny. You are just so hot. Is that why my cock is so big now? And so fat? Because of you?"

"I guess so", I replied.

He ran his hand along his shaft admiringly. He tensed up and all the muscles of his lean hard torso bulged.

"Jesus, my cock is just so fucking huge and hot. This is incredible. I feel so fucking horny again and your huge muscles make me feel so hot."

I had pumped a lot of energy into him during our sex together, maybe a bit too much. This boy was rearing to go again.

He put his arms around my torso again and ran his hands over the thick massive rippling rock-like muscles of my chest and belly relishing the feel of my smooth soft shiny skin. The previous evening I had put in place a force field on my skin that made it look and feel beautifully slippery, glistening and wet like it had been soaped all over. Robin revelled in the slick feel. He rested his chin on my shoulder like a randy dog and rubbed his front against my slick shiny back while he rubbed his hands over my torso.

I threw another double biceps pose and Robin got really horny. He started thrusting his cock in between my arse cheeks along the tops of my thighs. All this attention from him caused me to feel strongly aroused too. My cock stiffened like a ramrod and stood up vertically along the midline of my belly. Robin ran his hands along the thick hard shaft with delight. The reflection in the mirror made us both incredibly horny. He felt my balls with amazement; they are big, the size of goose eggs.

He bent his knees and guided his cock to my anal opening with his hand. I relaxed my arsehole in anticipation. He gave a thrust and his cock entered my arsehole easily. He straightened his knees and rammed the full length of his cock into my anus. It felt incredible. He thrust his cock vigorously in and out my arsehole, delirious with joy. He loved the sight in the mirror of himself fucking hard the massive muscleman with the huge muscles all bulging and standing out. He loved the smooth velvety well-lubricated feel of the inside of my anal canal and the hard muscles inside my pelvis against his cock. He loved the feel of the steel hard rippling muscles of my washboard abdomen. He loved the feel of the mighty rounded slabs of my rock hard pectorals. He loved the feel of the thick hard powerful muscles of my back pressed against his front. He loved the hard round hemispheres of my muscular buttocks pressed against his groin. I loved the feel of his big fat stiff cock thrusting into my arsehole and ramming into my prostate. My arsehole felt nicely full. It felt really good. As his orgasm approached, he wrapped his arms tightly around my chest clasping my pectoral muscles hard.

Together we ejaculated simultaneously. He thrust his cock as far up inside my torso as far it was possible to go. It was wonderful to feel him pumping his hot spunk deep into my bowels with such ardour. My spunk spurted out of my cock in great ropy arcs all over the mirror. I stood as stiff and hard and strong as a bronze statue with my muscles bulging out all over while Robin clung to me with an overwhelming passion. I tightened my steel hard buttocks and clamped my anal sphincters on the shaft of his cock. The tight grip of my anal canal on his stiff cock sent him berserk with passion. His knees wobbled with the intensity of his rapture and he desperately clung for support to my solid robust torso with his chin on my shoulder. But still his cock remained thrust up deep inside me squirting his man juice into my bowels. Clamped inside my arse, it was taking a fair amount of his weight. The sensation was incredible for him.

I could not help myself. I pumped more energy into him prolonging his orgasm. It felt really good. He was absolutely crazy with lust as he pumped lots of spunk into my anal canal. His arms were like thick tough graspers held tight around me. His consciousness blurred. He howled in the heights of his ecstatic passion.

Finally our concurrent orgasms wound down to a close. Robin was almost limp but he still held onto me tightly with his chin on my shoulder. His cock was still clamped inside my arsehole.

He moaned. "Oh, fuck that was incredible."

I grinned at him in the mirror. I knew that it would not take much more for me to switch on telepathy in his mind.

He saw the ropes and splats of semen that I had ejaculated all over the mirror and giggled.

"Fucking hell, you shot a real bucket load all over the mirror", he laughed, full of admiration. "You're like a fucking great big stud bull. You must have a ton of cum inside your fucking huge bull's balls."

His cock softened and when I relaxed the grip of my arse, it slipped out. He leant against me with his arms around me replete with joy. He had a lovely big happy dopey grin on his face. He closed his eyes and snuggled up against me. •

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