Robber, The


By wombat

I stood naked in front of the enormous mirror that ran the length of the motel room I was using. I ran my hands over the big muscles of my massively powerful body and I liked the feel. My tanned shiny hairless skin felt satiny smooth. I like my body. I like the powerful physique, the thick mop of straight golden blonde hair that falls down over my big bright blue wide-set eyes. I like my handsome head with the strong jaw and cheekbones and the golden sideburns. I like my wide powerful muscular shoulders and the way my torso tapers in a convex curve down to a nice slim muscular waist with an impressive eight-pack of abdominal muscles. I like my deep wide chest packed with muscle, particularly the thick massive rounded slabs of pectoral muscles. I stand 185 centimetres (6'1") tall and weigh in at 135 kilograms (300 lb.).

I did a double biceps pose in front of the mirror. It is very satisfactory the way my great big well-veined biceps muscles swell up into nice big round peaks. My ripped body was shiny all over like it had been oiled. Well-veined muscles stood out all over. I look magnificent. I am a seriously sexy hunk of muscle.

I had given up waiting for the good-looking young American guy whom I'd been chatting up in the bar of the General Havelock Hotel a couple of hundred yards down Hutt Street from the Hutt Motel where I was now. In room thirteen. Using my telepathic sense I tuned into the American guy's mind and found he was still in the General Havelock's front bar chatting up yet another girl. He was determinedly heterosexual although he had been interested in me.

I had consoled him after a tiff with a girl in the bar. He had got her to agree to go to bed with him, but she had been still dallying with her friends. He got impatient and asked if she was "going to sit on her fanny with her girl friends all night". At that she had slapped his face and told him to fuck off. She wasn't interested in rude Yankee bastards.

Crestfallen, he had wandered up to the bar and sat next to me and started talking. He took a liking to me, the big blonde muscular man dressed in pale fawn moleskin trousers and a blue short-sleeved shirt that showed off my big muscles. Guys like this particular American seem to take comfort in my powerful physique. They see me as a kind of protective big brother.

Gently, I explained to him that in Australia, "fanny" meant a vagina. It certainly did not mean an arse or butt. He did not understand what a vagina was, so I told him it was a cunt. He blushed and giggled. We continued talking. I bought him a couple of drinks. I could feel him running his eyes over my body. He admired my musculature.

He talked about himself. He was over here in Adelaide working for a large American computer company that had a big contract with the South Australian State government. He was a computer systems programmer.

While he was talking, I transmitted ideas of sex with me into his mind and he did not reject them out of hand. It is fun being a telepath. Other people's minds are completely open to me and usually they have no idea that I know what's going on in their heads. You've got to be subtle though. You can't afford to give the game away. Telepathy's power lies in the fact normal people don't believe in it. At this time it is one big awesome secret.

I set him up so that he broached the subject first. Our conversation slid from computers to sex. He found it hard to understand Australian girls. They were not like American girls and he was not having much luck. He was a long way from home, which was in Cincinatti, Ohio. We started talking about alternatives. He wondered out loud what it would be like to have sex with another man and looked at me meaningfully. I played hard to get, keeping it friendly but not too interested at first. But he got more and more excited by the idea of having sex with the big blonde muscleman that was I. He had never done it with another man before and was curious to try.

I told him about my room in the Hutt Motel and he agreed to see me there. I left and he was going to follow me there after a decent interval. Well, he didn't. He got sidetracked by this woman and he had completely forgotten about me. Well, them's the breaks. He was obviously not a long-term proposition. In fact right now, he was about to leave the bar with a German backpacker. He was taking her back to his town house just down Carrington Street.

The General Havelock Hotel is on the corner of Hutt Street and Carrington Street in Adelaide. It is well known as one of Adelaide's meet markets. I go there now and then to see whom I can pick up. Sometimes a guy misses out on a lay and is willing or desperate enough to try having a fuck with another guy. I am a pretty impressive specimen.

I switched off the light in my motel room and got into bed. It was a fairly warm night so I lay naked in the bed with only a sheet over me.

As I lay in darkness, I let my telepathic sense wander around the vicinity. The Hutt Motel used to be on the corner of Hutt Street and Gilles Street in Adelaide. It was demolished several years ago and was replaced by an edifice called Oxford Terraces that contains shops and apartments. Just south of Gilles Street is the southern part of the belt of parklands that surrounds the city centre. My mind ranged as far as Glenside Mental Hospital outside the southeast corner of the parklands. The Great Stone Mother was where I used to work as a psychiatric nurse many moons ago. Not any more.

In the south parklands were sleeping out a few sad destitute homeless souls who had not been able to get a bed for the night in the Daughters of Charity hostel just down Hutt Street near South Terrace.

My mind ranged closer to my fellow guests staying in the motel. The rooms on each side of mine were vacant. In the next room but one lay a lady aged 82 years old. She had just become a great-grandmother and was so excited that she had difficulty sleeping. Her granddaughter and great-granddaughter were in St Andrew's Hospital just down Gilles Street. She had travelled to Adelaide from Hamley Bridge to be at the birth.

The rooms on each side of mine were vacant and the next room along on the other side was occupied by a travelling salesman selling industrial cleaning products for a company in Melbourne. He did not much like what he was doing and was a boring person to boot. His main interest was making money.

There were few other people staying in the motel. It was fairly run down then. It was only a matter of time before it was sold and demolished. The competition from the Clarice Motel a few doors north was stiff and the Arab Steed Hotel was directly across the road.

My telepathic sense was drawn to a mind harbouring a nefarious intent. A teenage boy had seen the splendid array of rings that the old lady wore on her fingers and was planning to break into her room and rob her of them. She was carrying a fortune on her fingers. I had seen them myself. She wore rings with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. I peeked into her mind and found that she had had them valued recently at about $30,000. That was a very nice sum. Mind you, he would have got only a tiny fraction of that amount from a receiver. Certainly it was enough to feed the teenager who had not eaten for a day. He was starving.

The boy sneaked into the motel grounds. It was quite dark. No one had seen him. He had taken note that the old lady was staying in room 15. I sent a mild mind glitch into his brain changing his memory to room 13, my room. I was going to have some fun tonight.

The young robber pulled on his balaclava over his head and approached my darkened room. I was at full alert. My mind was recording every thought and impression that went through his mind. He was a strong well-built lad of sixteen years old. He had been thrown out of his home by his father because he could not get on with his stepmother. She had accused him of sexually abusing her two daughters who were much younger than he was. It was a complete lie and the injustice rankled. Homeless, he had been living on the streets for about three weeks. His mother had married another man and had gone off overseas to work with some charity looking after homeless young people in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa.

Using telekinesis I hastily arranged the pillows on the bed to look as if someone was sleeping there and stood naked behind the door. My skin was shiny and slick because I had created a force field on the skin.

The boy opened the door with a thin flexible plastic card and cautiously looked around my room with his torch. He saw the huddle of pillows on the bed and thought it was the old lady sleeping. Quietly he crept over to the bedside cupboard looking for the rings. He held his knife ready to use it. I was troubled to perceive that he would have at least threatened the old lady with it; he would have used it if necessary. He would have even cut her fingers off to get the rings. He was desperate and dangerous.

I slammed the door shut, it locked automatically, and snapped on the light. The teenager jumped and whirled around. I could see his eyes grow round inside his black balaclava. He got a tremendous surprise to see a big naked blonde muscleman with shiny skin standing behind the door. Recovering quickly, he whipped around with his hunting knife and rushed at me. The end of the knife blade broke off when it hit my rippled steel-hard abdomen. I am invulnerable; I am a superman.

Before he could recover from the shock, I grabbed him and whipped off his balaclava. By the room light I saw that he had short straight medium brown hair and steely grey eyes. He would have been quite good looking except for the pimples marring his face. He had moderately severe acne.

I threw him face down onto the bed, leaped on top of him, removed what was left of the knife from his hand and took off his runners. I pulled off his black jeans. He struggled furiously. He was strong but he was no match for my superhuman strength. Compared to me he was as helpless as a small child.

I did not bother pulling off his black T-shirt as I would have ripped it, but I pulled the front over his head to the back of his neck so that his big rounded pectoral muscles and all his muscular abdomen were exposed. His body was hairless except for his bush of pubic hair. As I held him tightly in my powerful arms, I relished the feel of his lean hard strong young body struggling against mine. His struggles were a real turn on. I liked the way his big biceps bulged as his strong arms strained.

"What are you going to do to me?" he demanded. There was real fear in his voice.

I said nothing. I knew that things were going to get noisy so I created a force-field barrier against any sound getting out. There was no point in alarming the old lady.

I folded the boy up double with his knees up near his armpits and held him tight with one arm. He struggled furiously in my grip to no avail. I groped his nice hard muscular round buttocks. His arsehole was nicely exposed. I felt around his bottom until my finger rested on his arsehole.

"You bastard", he yelled. "What are you doing?"

I gently worked my finger into his arsehole.

"You fucking poofter", he screamed, more with fear and horror and with any pain. I was not hurting him and I was not going to hurt him.

"What are you going to do to me?" he screamed again.

"I'm going to fuck you", I replied quietly.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" He screamed again. He struggled violently but he was helpless in my grip.

I gently worked my finger further into his arsehole and used a force field to make all the shit in his bowels vanish away into nothingness. There had not been much shit inside him but his colon ended up as clean as a whistle. When I had pushed my finger all the way in, I started massaging his prostate gland with one finger in his rectum and my thumb outside on his perineum between his cock and balls. Most men find it a very pleasurable sensation. His struggles diminished in intensity. He started crying and begging me not to do it to him. Unmoved, I held him doubled up in a vice-like grip.

His anal sphincters relaxed enough for me to get a second finger up his arsehole. I massaged his prostate with both fingers up his anus. He was crying in loud deep sobs now but his cock was fully erect as I continued with massaging his prostate. I sent signals to the nerves in his groin and caused his arsehole to relax completely, enough for me to get my cock in.

My cock was now fully hard and erect. It is quite a sight, fully twelve inches (30 cm) long and eight inches (20 cm) in circumference; in fact it was as thick as a coke can. It was as hard as a steel ramrod. My unwilling fuck partner however had his back pressed against my front so he could not see what was about to impale him.

Gently I removed my fingers and, still keeping him folded up double, pushed my cock head up against his arsehole, which was still relaxed. I put in place a small repulsive force field around my cock, which made it feel wonderfully slippery and well lubricated. The force field eased open his arsehole. Gradually, gently and painlessly I pushed my cock up into it. The teenager felt his anal sphincters being stretched by my slippery cock like they had never been stretched before.

He realised then that I really was fucking him. I had inserted my cock a little way up into his anus. He screamed again and struggled violently as I held him still doubled up in my iron grip. He could scarcely move. He kept on screaming as I continued pushing my cock relentlessly up into his arsehole. I let him scream. It was from fear and anger. No noise was getting out from the room. With my technique I certainly was not hurting him. His strong virile young body struggling in my arms was a powerful erotic stimulus to me; I found it increasing my lust for him even more.

My cock head rubbed up against his prostate making it tingle pleasurably. His groin was being flooded with erotic sensations. His cock was as stiff as a ramrod. As I thrust my cock deeper into him, I used a force field to straighten his bowel ahead of my cock so that all my cock would fit snugly inside him and cause him no pain, only the purest utmost pleasure. His screaming stopped but his struggles continued unabated. He grunted with the effort.

I kept on gently thrusting my big fat cock up into his lovely hot tight arsehole. The stimulation was intense for both of us. I blocked my impending orgasm, intending to enjoy this fuck to the full. I was not going to blow until he started to come. He whimpered as intense erotic sensations coursed through his body.

Finally I had pushed the whole length of my cock up into his arse. It felt really good. He whimpered. His struggles stopped. He could feel that his rectum had a remarkably full sensation. It felt good, really good, better that he expected. I caused my cock to swell in thickness even more inside him. It was hugely thick now. It stretched his anal sphincters tremendously, but not enough to cause him any pain, just pure pleasure. I kept on thrusting it in and out. My cock pressed against his prostate, massaging it intensely. Orgasmic pressures started to build within his body.

I released his legs and straightened them out while keeping a firm grip on his hard strong body. His arsehole and muscular pelvis felt so wonderfully tight around my cock as I kept thrusting it in and out of him in short strokes that the sensual feelings flooded through my body as they did through his.

He started crying.

"Why are you fucking me like this?" he whimpered. "I'm not a queer. I'm not a poofter, you know."

"I know that," I replied. "I'm fucking you because you're bad to the bone, you're a hot, seriously sexy young robber and you really turn me on. I lust after your strong muscles, your hot, hard, manly body, your hard round buttocks, your muscly chest and your sheer hot maleness. It's your hot, undiluted masculinity that really gets my lust going. You're all man and you're fucking gorgeous."

He fell silent. I kept on fucking him slowly, easily and inescapably. My huge fat stiff hard cock lubricated by the force field slid in and out of his hot tight arse easily. His hard muscly well-rounded bottom was pressed against my groin as I held his body tightly, enjoying the feel of his muscular torso. I took hold of his sweet uncircumcised cock, which was stiff and hard with velvety skin. My hand also had a force field for lubrication. To him it felt deliciously soft and slippery like it was soaped. I felt the thrill run tremulously through his body as I rubbed my encircling hand up and down his stiff cock, masturbating it gently. I ran my other well-lubricated hand over his strong young body, gently massaging the hard muscles of his abdomen. There was no way he could get away off the huge cock rammed up his arsehole. His rectum felt incredibly full and pressing hard against his prostate with my moving cock inside it. It was extremely arousing sexually. His groin was congested and intensely stimulated. He groaned as passionately erotic feelings flooded through his body. He started to relax against me into his approaching orgasm. I had blocked my own until he started.

I thrust my cock into him faster with longer strokes, thumping it up against his prostate and seriously stimulating his insides. My groin thumped up against his perfect hard bubble butt. I fucked him with a ferocious joy. With my hand I kept on masturbating his cock. Just for fun I increased the length of his cock from six inches (15 cm) to a splendid eight inches (20 cm) and in thickness to that of a coke can. It was splendid. I could feel it swell in thickness even more a bit in my hand as ejaculation came close. His body tensed all over. Orgasm hit him like an express train. He gave a great shuddering groan as his hot white spunk gushed out in spurts all over the sheet. Using my penis as a conduit, I pumped a lot of energy and good vibrations of love and sensual enjoyment into him to prolong his orgasm greatly. He howled as great orgasmic gusts swept through him. I released the block on my own orgasm and rammed my cock up into his torso as far as it would go. It was sheer joy to squirt a bucket load of semen up his anus into that lovely muscly slim-hipped torso of his. I kept on pouring love and energy into him and fuelling his continuing orgasm. With my telepathic sense I could feel his every sensation that coursed though his body and it fired my orgasm to greater heights. He could feel the energy pouring into him from me as being like great thick sparks of electricity shooting from my cock into all the nooks and crannies inside his body. He felt tremendously stimulated. I pushed him into a hugely prolonged, overwhelmingly powerful multi-peak orgasm that went on and on and on. He was on an orgasmic roller coaster going up and down; one peak would never finish before the next one started. He felt as if he was caught in an endless train of gigantic orgiastic tsunamis of orgasms that swept over him in fiery joy. His body became slick with sweat. He felt as if he was on fire. To him my cock felt like it was this huge hard red-hot throbbing bollard rammed all the way up into his arse and was pouring great torrents of white-hot molten metal all over the insides of his body. He screamed with the sheer intensity of his endless orgasms. I could feel his groin pulsing vigorously against my cock as he squirted great gobs of his spunk out of his steely hard cock. I kept on shooting my spunk up into his body as my orgasm continued on and on. I revelled in his intense ecstasy that coursed through him. Never before had he had such a hugely powerful sexual experience.

His consciousness blurred, stretched out like molten toffee and wrapped around my huge cock up his arse. Orgasm was like a great pillar of fire that burned inside him without consuming him. Orgasm filled his mind with this huge and powerful sexual ecstasy. There was no room for anything else. He was conscious of nothing else but my great big fat cock up thrust up his arse way up into his torso past his belly button and his anal sphincters being hugely stretched by its thickness. That just added to the enormous force of his orgiastic rapture.

His orgasm continued on and on for a couple of hours as I kept pumping my orgasmic energy into him. Finally I eased up on the torrent and allowed our concurrent orgasms to subside into a state of bliss. The boy relaxed against me. His big fat cock was still ramrod stiff because I had locked it into an erection and it was going to stay stiff until I let it go down. It was fun. I held his hot stiff cock in my hand. My cock was still huge, swollen, thick and erect up his arse. I delighted in running my hands over his body. His muscular hardness felt good to touch.

"You are beautiful", I said quietly. "And you're a really hot and sexy hunk of muscle. You're just so male."

He turned and looked at me sleepily but said nothing. He was trying to come to grips with the situation in which he found himself. He had just had the most enormous orgasm of his life with this big muscleman's huge cock thrust up his arse. It had not hurt a bit. In fact it had been an incredibly fantastic orgasm. It was the best he had ever had. Guiltily, he admitted to himself that he had enjoyed it. He did not know that I was reading every thought that passed through his mind.

I lifted up one of his legs and swivelled him around easily on my force field lubricated cock up his arse until he was face to face with me. I lay him back down on the bed and I lay on top of him with his legs either side of my body. I partially levitated myself so that he was not bearing the full weight of my body. I held him tightly so that our fronts were pressed together. His rock hard cock was sandwiched between our bellies. I ran my hand through his hair. I really like the way his cowlick at the front stood up. He looked really sexy, despite the pimples.

"You are one gorgeous hunk", I said.

He did not say anything. He felt confused. He was angry at forced into being fucked by me but it had been a fantastically enjoyable experience. He hated to admit it but he would like to do it again.

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him gently on his lips. He did not respond. I inserted my tongue between his lips and into his mouth. He bit down hard on my tongue but I am invulnerable. He just could not bite into my force field protected tongue. It was a really strange experience for him to be unable to bite down with all his strength onto a soft fleshy tongue that was moving freely inside his mouth. I transmitted a heavy beam of loving, sensual and joyful vibrations into his mind. I liked him. He had been going through a hard time and I wanted to bring some joy into his life. He relaxed and started to respond to my enthusiastic tongue kissing. Soon he was kissing me back as enthusiastically as I was kissing him.

Our passions rose as our kissing became more fervent. He started humping his big stiff cock against my belly. It fell into the slick central groove between the thick ridges of muscle running down the eight-pack of my abdomen and slid easily along it. I started thrusting my cock into his arse once more. Our fervour increased. He actually enjoyed it as I rammed my huge stiff cock up his arsehole into his torso, thrusting against his prostate and heavily stimulating his insides. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and his legs around my waist while I fucked him vigorously. His ramrod stiff cock sandwiched between our bodies thrilled with intense feeling as it slid along the muscular groove of my abdomen.

Our orgasms started simultaneously and quickly. He arched his back and screamed in the intensity of his passion while I poured torrents of spunk and energy into him. Again I took him on a roller coaster ride of continued orgasmic peaks. His lovely muscular body was tense and hard all over as it shuddered with the force of the experience he was undergoing. Hot white spunk gushed out of his cock sandwiched between our bodies. It was rapture beyond compare. His body filled with the energy that I was pouring into him. He felt as if I was filling him with electric fire.

I was a state of glorious bliss as I had my cock thrust up his anus into his lovely strong young body. My balls and groin kept on pumping my semen deep into his muscular torso.

I kept our mutual orgasms going for around about an hour then gradually diminished the flood of loving energy I was pouring into him. Our orgasms wound down to an end. I rolled over onto my side still keeping his hot and sweaty body clasped to mine. We lay front to front together with our arms around each other. He lay quite limply against me with his eyes closed. He had gone through one more huge almighty multiple orgasm and he was still coming down. I let him take his time. I let our cocks go limp.

When I gently removed my cock from his arsehole, his eyes opened.

"I liked that", he said with a sleepy smile.

I kissed him.

"I really liked it too", I replied. "You're really hot, sexy, hunky guy. You're just so masculine."

"You're into fucking guys", he said.

"I sure am. I'm heavily into manly love. You're just one gorgeous hunky guy. You're a real man and that's the way I like it. You've got nice big muscles. You're a real he-man."

"You've got absolutely huge muscles. You're one hell of a big muscleman. I wouldn't mind muscles like yours."

"Stick around and you will. You've been working out. You played football at school and you worked out at the gym. I like your muscles. You know, you'd never think that you were only sixteen. You look older, say in your early twenties. You're a really hunky man with nice muscles."

He grinned.

I continued. "It's pretty awful being homeless and having to live on the streets, Robin. You must have been pretty upset being chucked out of home because your stepmother told awful lies about you to your father, Robin. You left school because you were ashamed to admit you were homeless."

His eye flew open. "How did you know all this about me?" he demanded. "How did you know my name?"

"I can read your mind. I'm telepathic. I know you were going to rob the old lady of her rings but you blundered into my room instead. I thought I'd show you there's an alternative to the shit and misery that was filling your life."

He looked at me with those steely grey eyes of his wide open.

"What kind of guy are you? Are you some kind of freak? How come my knife shattered when I tried to stab you in the guts? Are you human?

"I am a superman. I've got all these super powers, like I'm invulnerable, I can read minds and I'm super strong. I once was just an ordinary guy like you until another superman taught me how to become a superman."

"Can you fly?"

I floated up off the bed into the air to demonstrate.

"Wow!" he exclaimed.

"Would you like me to teach you how to become a superman yourself?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah! I sure would." His eyes shone brightly with eagerness.

"Well, we've already started", I said.

"Like you teach guys by fucking them?"

"Well, actually I have already started preparing you."

"Fantastic! Can you take me flying?"

He jumped onto my back and I floated up into the air. He wanted to go outside. I jumped from my room outside into the motel yard. It was still dark. He was confused by suddenly finding himself and me floating in the air outside above the motel yard. I explained that I translocated myself and him from my room through the wall to the yard by a process like jumping through hyperspace. He was mightily impressed. We shot up high into the night sky until we could see the lights of Adelaide spread out from Sellicks Beach in the south to Gawler in the north between the sea and the hills like a glittering carpet way below us. The golden light of the sodium street lamps illuminating the main roads were like long golden threads running through the blackness. White suburban streetlights made up the background.

We floated in the air about a mile (1600 metres) above Adelaide.

"What would you like to do now?" I asked.

I could feel Robin grinning as he lay on my back clasping me tightly. He rubbed the front of his body against my thickly muscled back. He was not the least bit afraid.

"Why don't we go and have a fuck on a tropical desert island somewhere?" he suggested.

With that I climbed up higher into the sky and accelerated away to the southeast rapidly. I put a force field around us so that Robin would not be buffeted by the high wind of our passage and to minimise our sonic boom. We ascended into the stratosphere. A couple of minutes later we were streaking high over the east coast of Australia. To the south in the distance we could see the blazing lights of Melbourne. North of us far away were the lesser lights of Canberra. The eastern horizon was showing a little light from the approaching dawn that was still a couple of hours away from Australia. We flew over Cape Howe and headed in a more or less easterly direction across the Tasman Sea. We flew over the North Island of New Zealand about halfway between Auckland and Wellington as we headed to an uninhabited coral atoll I knew of in French Polynesia in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. It was six time zones east of Adelaide or about 8300 kilometres (5200 miles) away. The sun was well and truly risen there. We flew into the dawn after passing New Zealand. Robin was dazzled by the rising sun. Ahead of us lay the vast empty watery space of the Pacific Ocean. Far below us were visible the tiny waves on the ocean's surface. I could feel Robin's sense of wonderment.

"I hope you know where we're going", he said.

"I do. We're going to a tropical desert island just like you said."

After about ten minutes of hypersonic flight our destination came into view. It was a small coral atoll at the eastern end of the Tuamotu Archipelago about 300 miles (500 km) northwest of Pitcairn Island where the mutineers from the Bounty had settled. It was one of a small cluster of atolls.

We flew down towards the largest of the islands that made up the ring shaped atoll. All the islands of this atoll were uninhabited. They formed a ring of emerald green dots of varying sizes around the clear blue lagoon. I could feel Robin's amazement as we made a leisurely descent. In the middle of the island we were heading for grew a thick grove of coconut palms about twenty acres (8 hectares) in extent. In the shade of the palm trees grew a thick carpet of soft green grass. Surrounding the grove was a broad beach of soft white sand. We landed at the edge of the grove on the lagoon side of the island and Robin slid down off my back. He was eager to explore this little piece of tropical paradise.

His broad shoulders, deep chest and muscular torso narrowed down into a narrow well-muscled waist above a perfect bubble butt marred only by a pimple. His body was almost hairless. He was a beautiful virile young athlete except for his acne. He was naked apart from his black T-shirt with the front pulled over onto the back of his neck showing the hard round mounds of his pectoral muscles and the well-defined six-pack of his abdomen. His nice big cock hung invitingly down between his thick muscular thighs. He looked faintly ridiculous but extremely cute; he looked like a kid; indeed he was a kid with muscles. He was grinning from ear to ear. He was so happy.

I suggested that he remove his T-shirt, which he did, and we raced off and dived into the clear blue water of the lagoon.

The morning sun shone warmly on us as we swam and splashed and laughed in the calm water. We swam out towards the centre of the lagoon where it was quite deep. I was pleased to see that Robin was a strong swimmer. He swam up to me and put his arms around my waist. We kissed as we floated together in the warm salt water. We wrapped our strong arms around each other, as our kisses became more and more passionate. Our cocks stiffened rapidly and rubbed together as we pressed our bodies fervently against each other. It was time for another fuck.

I held him tight with my thick powerful arms and flew up from the water with him over to the edge of the palm grove. I released him and we ran together through the palms to a nice shady nook carpeted thickly with soft green grass growing on the soft sand in the centre of the grove. I threw myself down on my back on the grass and Robin leapt on top of me. We entwined our arms around each other and kissed passionately. Our raging hard cocks rubbed together vigorously. Robin was coming close to orgasm.

He lifted himself up off me a little then instinctively backed his anus up against my huge stiff cock. He was really horny. I sent telepathic feelings of ease and love to him and his arsehole opened up readily. I guided my swollen cock head to his arsehole and gently thrust the end of my force field lubricated cock into the opening. His anus closed tightly around the shaft. Already my cock head was rubbing against his prostate driving him wild with lust. He backed up against my groin then sat up astride it, driving the full twelve-inch length of my big fat cock deep up into his torso. Suddenly it was buried to the hilt up his anus. I raised my thighs and he leant back against them. I expanded the thickness of my cock inside him and thrust it into his bowels. He loved it. It felt wonderful for both of us. His anal sphincters were tight around the base of my cock as I kept on thrusting. The muscles inside his narrow pelvis were pressing hard against my shaft. Above them my cock head plunged into the soft velvety pleasures of his bowels in the centre of his torso. I poured energy into him. He felt the massive pillar of my cock thrusting up his arse into the core of his being stimulating all his insides. He felt as if great sparks of electricity were shooting from my cock all the inside of his body. His groin was pulsating and congested, filled by my huge thick thrusting penis. He was awash with rampantly powerful erotic sensations and pure rapturous bliss.

Robin was desperately keen to become a superman and if being fucked by a superman with a huge cock was the way to do it, he was an enthusiastic participant. He was really getting off on me. He was strongly aroused sexually by my great big bulging biceps, my thickly muscled arms and wide powerful muscular shoulders, my massive thick rounded slabs of pectoral muscles, my deep wide chest tapering down with a convex curve into a small muscular waist, the mountainous ridges of the eight-pack of my abdomen and my shiny, slippery, glistening skin. He was really getting off on seeing my huge hard muscles working vigorously as I fucked him hard and deep. He was having a fantastic ride. His whole body was slick and shiny with sweat.

His own cock was stiff thick hard and splendid. It was still the eight-inch length and coke-can thickness to which I had increased it earlier. It bobbed up and down as I fucked him vigorously. It was slick and dripping precum on my belly. He leant back against my raised thighs and rubbed his cock with his hand. He looked at it uncomprehendingly, realising that it was a lot bigger than before.

Suddenly he burst into orgasm. He shuddered and yelled as gouts of his white spunk shot out of his stiff cock. It was a massive turn on for him to see his hot spunk shooting forth in great gobs from his big fat cock all over the great big thick rounded mounds of my pectoral muscles and my huge bulging muscular arms and pooling in the cleft between my pectoral muscles.

I roared into orgasm too. I continued pumping energy into him taking him on a wild long lasting orgasmic roller coaster ride. It was sheer joy to thrust my huge cock deep into his torso and pump my hot spunk deep into his lovely body. He thrilled to feel my fuck rod pulsating inside him. His anus was clamped tight upon my shaft although it was being stretched enormously. Our orgasms continued on and on. It was the most glorious rapture. Torrents of his hot white spunk shot forth from his cock all over my front. It became covered in a slick white layer. His spunk ran down between my chest and my arms into the grass beneath me. My whole chest was covered in a thick gooey white layer of his spunk. His head was thrown back and his mouth was open with an expression of the utmost joy and rapture that filled his whole being.

Our orgasms went on for ages. Finally I wound down the energy I was pumping into him and our orgasms came to an end. He sat on my groin with my cock still stiff up his arse with a blissfully happy expression on his face. That said it all.

He leant forward and gleefully rubbed his hands over my chest slick with his semen.

"Fuck! Did I shoot out all that spoof?" he asked.

I grinned up at him. "You sure did."

"Fuck! You made me shoot a fucking bucket load! Fuck! That was fucking incredible!"

He lay down on top of me and rubbed his body sensuously against my semen-slicked torso. It felt fantastic to feel his muscular body slipping and sliding against the huge muscles of my own body. He loved it. He kissed me full on the mouth and I responded eagerly, holding him in my arms. I realised then that he was nearly as tall as I am. The fervour of our kiss increased. His cock stiffened up rapidly again. He started thrusting his body back and forth along my torso against my stiff cock still up his arse. His cock slid back and forth along the semen-slicked cleft between the thick ridges of muscle of my belly. He delighted in thrusting his butt against my groin forcing my cock deeper into his torso. I commenced thrusting my pelvis too, timing my thrusts with his so that my penis slid in and out his tight anus with long and rapid strokes that were highly stimulating for both of us. He was really getting into the fucking business. It felt fantastic for both of us.

Suddenly he stopped and gave a deep groan. His body tensed and shuddered as another mighty orgasm swept over him. He hung onto my shoulders with desperate lust. I thrust my cock deep into his body one last time and my orgasm exploded within me. It was sheer joy to feel my hot spunk squirting into his hot insides that gripped my cock and to feel his hot cock throbbing against my belly as it squirted his hot spunk all over my front. It was sheer joy to feel his intense pleasure at having my huge cock up inside him squirting my man juice into his bowels and feeling his own cock squirting his spunk against my hard muscular belly. He was absolutely crazy with lust as he thrust his arse against my groin forcing all of my cock up into his torso. I pumped more energy into him, prolonging our joyful orgasmic togetherness.

After a while I let the energy flow diminish and the orgasms faded away to a close. Robin lay quietly on top of me, spent and blissfully happy. My arms were wrapped around him and he felt comfortable and secure. He was filled with joy. I loved him.

I focused my mind on my friends in South Australia, 8300 kilometres away to the west. It was lightening in the east there. Dawn was approaching in Adelaide. I wanted to get back to the motel while it was still dark. I was not willing to take the chance that someone might see us fly in.

I rubbed my hands over Robin's sweat-slicked back. He lifted his head. Our eyes met.

"I love you", he said.

"And I love you, Robin", I replied.

We hugged and kissed and nuzzled each other gently. We savoured this moment of bliss as we lay in each other's arms on the soft green grass under the palm trees in the morning sun. All we could here was the pounding of the surf on the ocean beach, the rustling of the palm fronds in an occasional zephyr and the sporadic cry of a seabird. It was beautiful but I was conscious that this was not our permanent place.

After a while I managed to get Robin to stir. I explained that we needed to return to Adelaide while it was still dark. We walked hand in hand to the lagoon where we swam and washed off the semen drying on our bodies. It was fun to stick my head under water and watch a shoal of small colourful fish that came in and gobbled up the lumps of semen floating in the water. I produced a pair of eye goggles from Somewhere Else so that Robin could see them too. He watched entranced. The fish finished and moved on. Robin and I swam in the lagoon a little while longer then swam into shore.

Robin retrieved his black T-shirt which I then put Somewhere Else for him. To him it just vanished. I explained to him that I took advantage of the multi-dimensional nature of space-time and had tagged a particular set of coordinates as my own private storage space. It was like a huge storeroom and it had many things in it that I kept there, all sorts of things, keepsakes and mementos. There were an infinite number of dimensions but ordinary space-time could be described completely using only 21 dimensions. My tag had 36 coordinates for 36 dimensions.

He did not understand it. He just grinned at me cheerfully and said that he hated physics at school anyway.

"Anyway, you're just fucking fantastic. You're a most incredible guy, you great big blonde beautiful superman", he said.

He climbed onto my back and we ascended slowly up in the air over the island. We circled the atoll in farewell and then sped off westwards back towards Adelaide.

We flew back across New Zealand where it was already broad daylight. Dawn was approaching Australia's East Coast.

Robin clung tightly to my back as we flew. He really liked being up close to my powerful muscularity. He found my body a real turn on. The cheeky rascal was humping me as we flew. His cock was really stiff again and I could feel him thrusting it between my buttocks. I laughed to myself.

Adelaide was still in darkness when we returned but the eastern horizon was becoming lighter. The black outline of the Mount Lofty Ranges was distinctly silhouetted against the lightening eastern sky. Directly above the city I dived straight down vertically several kilometres towards the motel roof. Robin's grip tightened on me. I jumped into the motel room from above the roof.

Inside the room Robin slid off my back.

"Wow! That was fucking incredible!" he exclaimed.

He looked at me with a sly smile on his face. His fat erect cock was sticking straight out in front of him as stiff as a ramrod.

"Can I fuck you?" he asked.

I grinned at him. I had to admire his boldness. He was a real spunk.

"Yeah, alright", I replied. •

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