Jocking, The: Kai Cole

The Last Night


By CallMeCrazy

There was one guy left in the school by the time school was almost out. Carl Manner realized that he was the only guy in school not on the football team, so he decided to join. He walked down to the locker rooms and told Briggs that he wanted to join. Briggs showed him into the tube and changed him. The 5'10 189 pounder was turned into a 6'8 512 pound cornerback, called Man. His old name was just too long. Mentally he was long ready. When he stepped out, the school had a new sense of unity. Two thousand players and about one hundred coach’s sat in the locker room, all wearing identical white tights and jocks. No more speaking had to occur, they were ready. Tonight they would practice, and tomorrow they would expand. What the fuck am I fighting for? Individuality? Freedom? Myself? That seems like the most likely answer. I have to destroy the machine. That is most important. They will lose the ability to bend reality any further. It may reverse changes that have already occurred, and it will prevent that method of Jocking. And more importantly, they can’t pull the rug out from under me. From there, I just have to fight them. I, Kai Cole, swear to fight for the freedom of life and choice. I have two guns with six shots each. I need to be quick. The little explosion Cast taught me how to make will be enough to destroy the machine. Are you ready? No. But I won’t ever be ready to fight. I have to be brave, the fate of the world hangs in my hands. I cannot lose. I mean I can, but I won’t let myself. I refuse to die until I destroy that machine. I can worry about the rest later, but I cannot let an entire school be altered during the game. The stands are right below the machine, they will be well within its range. Kai, dressed all in black, walked in the school at midnight. He walked straight to the football lockers. He passed by players and paid them no mind. They were too involved practicing to notice him. In the locker, to the room. Now the guns come out. Ooh. They have guns too. Fuck, ouch, shit. Got him and that one too. Duck! Dammit, he expected me. A few shots, one gun gone. Dive, and fire! I think I hit one. A little paste, some matches and now the magic ingredient. Ten seconds to run. Kai stood up to run and was hit by a barrage of bullets. They pierced his entire body and sent him flying into the wall. As the approached him, the mental timer in his head hit zero. And the room exploded. •

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