Jocking, The: Kai Cole

Broken Walls


By CallMeCrazy

The team didnít stop with Hunter and Rod, many nerds and skaters were now huge members of the football team. In the five weeks before the first game, they had succeeded in converting about half the male population of the school. Hunter and Briggs were working on expanding the machineís powers. They could now cause limited bends in reality, as they tested on Rod. Increasing the scope of the effect was their next goal. Brute and Rod had recruited a collection of former skaters, now massive jocks. Stacker had recruited the nerds to play. Brock and the other jocks had contributed numerous other men. Some groups lay completely untouched, while entire cliches had been assimilated. Cast and the other teachers had refrained from any more faculty changes until reality could be bent. In the midst of it all, Kai was developing a routine. Each day, he snuck into the principalís office and copied the school roster, then went back the next day and determined who had been changed. It was to protect himself more than anything, knowing when they got near his friends. And so far, Briggs had stayed far away. It didnít help that Kai was occupied with musical business and spent hours a day at local recording studios. He had guessed that a push would occur once the first game approached. He still didnít know what caused the Jocking or even if it could be reversed. Great, so I know nothing. The first match is approaching, of course against the big rival team, and I still know nothing! Nothing! How is that possible. I mean, I know everyone who has been Jocked, but still thatís a very small piece of the mystery. I need to get back in that room. But how, with the number of jocks around I bet someone is always guarding it now. Except at night. I can see the parking lot from my apartment. No one is here at night. But the locks on the school are awesome. I canít pick the lock . . . and the doors are triple reinforced so breaking them down is not an option. Okay, this is a small town . . .was advantage does that give. Everyone knows their neighbor, trust . . . I bet he leaves the keys in his office. So, thatís a little easier to break into. I doubt he changed the locks from Burtonís day. Burton gave me a key didnít he? . . . Yes! Thatís lucky. So, Iíll hide in the school for a couple of hours. Right. . . saving the world . . . blast my luck. All I ever wanted in life was to be pretty and have fun, why is this happening to me? Kai hid in the auditorium all afternoon. No one ever came in, so he was pretty sure that it was a safe spot. He waited until the sun set before going outside. Silent in the darkness, the halls of the building exhibited greater intimidation and evil than ever before. This school is evil. I just know it. Nothing in life is this wrong. Hereís the office . . . bam bitch! Always change your locks. Now, where would I keep keys? On my key chain, but since thatís not here. . . in the desk. Nope . . .files. . . .lots of files . . .most of these pages are blank. Has he moved the office into the locker room? Shit! He is taking precautions at the very least. Look for something hidden. I mean, I would make a hidden shelf in my office if I was trying be the next Hitler. . . . god there is nothing here. I mean there are documents, but they donít say anything. And that chunk of wall is out of place. I mean it fits normally . . .but . . .anyone can see . . . that . . it. . .can . . . .be moved. If youíre stronger than me. Fine, kicking! Ha! I knew those classes paid off. And we have . . . A big black book. What the engraving on the cover? Not Latin . . .or Asian . . . thatís not a real language. Well, letís open it. . . . is this a book of prophecy? Briggs is into the supernatural? No . . .this . . . looks very familiar. A battle between good and evil . . . the evil coming to steal the happiness of the people. The good fighting back. Shit! This . . .canít be happening. This is fake. . . old. Really old. And the voice of light shall save the world or be swallowed in the darkness. Good ending, not telling what happens. The journey determines the ending, Iím sure. The beginning . . . time flows and repeats. What the fuck? The death of the elder by the child . . . the rise of . . . Kai slammed the book shut. This is ridiculous. I refuse to think that anything like this is real. Someone is writing fiction. Odd though, the cover is in some ancient text, and the book is written in English. I need those keys . . . stop thinking about the book. Briggs has made some changes to the office . . . was that there when Burton was here? No, . . but . . . I remember that hole. He pointed out that section of the wall to me. Told me that it opened. Shit, Iím doing that thing where I convince myself of something totally wrong. Keys, keys, keys . . .lying on the desk. Where I should have looked from the start. Now, to the room. Not a sound could be heard in the locker room. The pale fluorescent lights gave an eerie glow to the room. Kai found the door and unlocked it. He stepped inside to see the room had changed. Obviously, he has used it more. Clothes are everywhere. Discards? Must be the old shit people wore. Now, wow the computer has seen a lot of action. The back log is huge. Hmm . . . I need to look at the tube. I really donít want to get in. Plus, it has to be something in the wires. A chemical. Of course, the big box in the corner with Chem 5 written on it is no hint. 5? That blew up last year. I watched it blow up on the news. There was a fire. Which caused something to rupture. What is this shit? Itís thick, like bile or cum. Tastes like . . . oh god. . . .eww. That is not natural. I think I found the answer. But if its from the plant, they canít make anymore. Maybe he doesnít need anymore. Does it have a name. . . . no . . . Iíll call it . . . jock juice. Huh, so, got the method now for the madness. Why was this stuff made, by who, and why does Briggs happen to have a few crates full of it? The plant has been torn down . . . how would you access their records. Where would I store my back up files if I was a mysterious chemical company? I have no idea, but I have my parents files so . . . better get home and check. I only have three days until Friday. Soon after Kai went home, Hunter and Briggs came up to work on the machine. Hunter had only a few minor changes to make. "There," huffed his bass voice. "That should make it work." "Excellent. How far does it reach?" "I can affect the people in the school. Until we get more Ďstuffí it canít go further." "That is still a great achievement. Alright. Letís get ready for tomorrow." They worked late into the night. •

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