Jocking, The: Kai Cole

Kai Cole


By CallMeCrazy

(There is an actual story that is about to begin. The growth and change will still occur, its just gonna be a real story.)

A week of school had passed, and aside from Darren Brock, now Brock Cast, Briggs had not added any more players. He thought that too much too quickly would attract more attention than he wanted, at least until the season started. But at the start of week two, he had big plans, and a bigger problem. As looked out of his office he saw a tall, blonde, and beautiful boy walking . . no dancing into the school. Late, as usual. His name was Kai Cole. And Briggs hated him. He wasn�t an actual blonde. It would be more correct to say that his light brown hair contained natural highlights of blonde, black, and red. To Kai, school was a great place to have fun, something he never took seriously. And that seemed to work for him. He was humming a song to himself, I�m Here Saying Nothing. Kai had just gotten back from touring around Asia, yes he was a pop star in small Asian countries. The fact that no one he knew had ever heard him sing only made Kai laugh. He didn�t do it for the fame, he just wanted have fun. Or he would have arrived on time for once in his life. Not that Kai had any worries, Burton had loved the boy. Kai was ranked first in his class, community volunteer, etc. etc. Simply put, he got beauty, brains, and a huge amount of luck. Life had been handed to him. As he passed by the principal�s office, Kai began belting a song in Japanese. Burton thought it was great that Kai learned other languages, and even performed in them. Briggs stepped outside to investigate the ruckus. To say they were not friends would be an understatement. They were mortal enemies, a classic battle of good versus evil. Kai glared at Briggs but didn�t stop singing until he noticed the name on the door. He stuttered and stared at Burton�s missing nameplate. "Where�s Burton?" "He retired." "Shit!" A mouth like a sailor, Kai was known for cursing frequently in front of adults. Briggs just stared at him. No one in the world had the same affect on Briggs. Kai inspired combined rage, disgust and outright hatred in him. Even the thought of converting Kai couldn�t restore his composure. Kai shook his head. "You? What in the world made anyone think you were competent enough to manage anything larger than a sports team?" Kai smirked at the elder man who was turning a bright red. "Aren�t you late?" "Yes, yes I am tardy. Blast me and my eternal lateness. Dommage! Note to self, look up how to say �too bad� in Japanese. Would you believe for all my lessons I can�t say that and �you�re welcome.� I felt so rude." A minute of silence followed as the two began to stare each other down. "Burton may have let you get away with anything, but I will not. Being valedictorian is no excuse to be a bastard." "That�s cute," Kai responded. "And for future reference, I am a lot more to this school than number one. I am the largest individual sponsor in the state. Your job, is paid for by me." You couldn�t cut the tension with a knife, it would shatter long before their hatred would ever. "Get to class." "Fine, asshole. And . . . could I have my schedule? I was in Malaysia when you gave them out." Briggs immediately pulled out the document and thrust it at Kai, who smiled as he took it. "Drat, I missed Cast�s class. Ah! He is gonna be pissy." "You call him Cast?" "Yup, pisses the hell out of him. But it didn�t stop me from being Chem student of the year!" "Along with Brock." "Yeah, Dare is a little odd though. I mean, in me you�ve got a perfectly balanced person who didn�t watch his parents get murdered." Kai just stared after that comment. He had never known Darren, but he felt bad for him. Kai had the great fortune of not watching his parents die. Though it was the same accident. "See ya, bastard!" "Does any else find this more than a little disturbing?" Kai questioned his friends at lunch. "I mean, I come back and the football team is huge and . . . no one wonders?" "C�mon," Mike Stack answered. "Briggs had rough training methods. Remember, I used to be on the team. It�s harsh." "I�m sorry. It�s just that I saw "The Stepford Wives" and I read the books. All the mind control books. And no suspects anything. Look at that." Kai pointed to a table of jocks sitting a few yards away. "They aren�t even talking. They just sit there and eat. That is not natural. No one does not talk. They talk a lot, and loudly." "Calm down." Mike replied. "No! No I will not calm down. Something is wrong. What is this- Stepford Jocks! I�m sorry, I took my reality pill this morning and shit like this does not happen!" By the end, Kai had been screaming the words, and the entire cafeteria was now staring at him. Kai just blinked, sighed and walked out. This is my nightmare. I think I�m in hell. Or high, am I high? No, no, no . . . . this is real. Kai sat in the auditorium alone. Having decided to skip the rest of his classes, the theater room would be the perfect hiding place. He walked on the stage and stared out into the empty audience. I could sing. Do a whole, Julie Andrews, make my fears go away. Nah, never really works for me. Singing doesn�t solve my problems, it just blocks them from my mind. I want . . no, don�t think it. That makes it worse. I�ve moved on, nothing really matters anymore. I just can�t stand being . . "Alone!" The room echoed with his yell. He sat down as tears began to well in his eyes. I can�t cry, not anymore. Not for something this dumb. Crying is for wimps. Except I am crying. I can feel it on my face, down my chin.It had all been a news report. The chemical research plant on Elm had a fire. . . . .police arrived at the scene . . .reports are coming in . . . multiple fatalities. . . .an explosion . . . . I went to bed alone. Life has been like a dream ever since. I want to turn back the clock. I want to have everything I�ve lost. I want . . . . shit! Stop thinking like this. Rotten luck, bad luck, that�s the only bad thing that ever happened in my life. I need to talk to someone. Darren, I should talk to Darren. He always said I could talk to him. His parents were the cameramen on the scene. Mine were the researchers.

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