Super Powers Universe, The


By legionxp

One week after the destruction of South Fork (In part 4) in some random US city.

Mr. Perfection swoops over the scene, the remains of 15 vehicles are still smoldering in the lot of the car dealership this morning. TZZZZZ! Mr. Perfections eyes glow with white light as he gets the “scent” of the perpetrator. The vehicles were destroyed last night, by some foolish power dude who was abusing his powers. As long as he comes upon the scenes of power outbursts within 24 hours, Mr. Perfection can usually follow the trail to the sinner before it goes cold.

A small crowd of dealership employees gather and look up at him. Mr. Perfection hears the impure ones babble with his super hearing.

“He does exist.”

“Holy shit! Whoever did this is going to get their ass kicked!!”

“Look at those muscles, plumped up like a hot dog.”

“What self respecting man wears a white cape and a super thin see through spandex body suit?”

“Shut up, Chuck. If you looked like that you’d wear the same thing. Probably walk around nude, you fat fuck.”

“I heard from my cousin in Atlanta he took out a whole bunch of people there, blew up half the neighborhood.”

“This power thing can’t be real. Super heroes don’t exist. Reality is so fucked up!”

“He’s a hoax, if this shit was real it would be all over the news, not just on nutty websites.”

“David Copperfield is behind this shit. We’re all probably on TV right now, on that one joke show.”

Mr. Perfection smiles, he’s locked on to the energy signature of the perpetrator of this vandalism with his special super sensory powers. SWOOOOSH! He flies off, following the energy signature, like Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, to a modest home in the suburbs. WZZZZ! He scans it and sees his 23 year old male culprit in his second floor bedroom, toweling off his hot, jock body after his late morning shower.

WOOOOOSH! Mr. Perfection dives toward his target and KERBOOOM! Plunges through the home’s exterior brick wall and crashes into the room. The 7’ foot tall “hero” with the 5’ foot shoulder spread, smashes out the entire exterior wall of the room with his entrance, blowing it into the young man’s bedroom in a storm of plaster, brick, and window glass bits.

The young man, Eric, startled by the sudden appearance of this muscle god and the explosion of debris that accompanies his dramatic entrance, drops his towel, exposing his lean, muscular figure. His mouth is agape as he stares in awe at the huge muscle man before him. Mr. Perfection’s upper arms measure at least 26 inches and they are not even flexed. His shoulders are the size of basketballs. His head is mounted on a powerful, thick neck, the a magnificent statue upon a pedestal. His pecs are blown up like Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, huge and thick, with a smooth, lean 18 inch deep valley between them. His white cape billows behind him and his sheer white bodysuit leaves nothing to the imagination, even with the metallic white codpiece. His shiny, white metallic boots reach up to just below his knees and conform to the exact contour of his powerful, huge calves, it’s as if the boots are a second skin. The quads and hamstrings are perfectly formed works of art, massive and majestic. Mr. Perfection stares back at Eric with his glowing white eyes, which betray the awesome power contained within his gargantuan, ripped body, meeting Eric’s gaze with a cold, emotionless expression on his face. After all, dispatching sinners for God to judge is part of Mr. Perfection’s mission. Mr. Perfection’s black hair is tussled. His perfect face is framed by the unusual white, metallic headgear he wears. The headgear wraps around his entire head, leaving his face, ears, and crown of his head exposed. His forehead is also covered by the head piece, as a strip of the metallic, white material stretches across it, connecting with the part of the head piece that covers the back of his head. The head gear merges seamlessly with his transparent, white body suit at his neck. In fact, the entire outfit has no seams, it appears to be all one piece of the same unusual material.

Eric snatches a 45 lb plate from his weight set in his room and OOOOSH! Flings it like a Frisbee with all of his might. THAAAOOM! The plate smashes into Mr. Perfection’s beautiful, hard pectorals and is instantly transformed by the extreme force of the impact into a thin layer of iron that conforms to Mr. Perfection’s supreme chest. It’s as if a person threw a ball of silly putty at a brick wall as hard as they could, the wall isn’t going to be affected at all as the putty conforms to the surface. Mr. Perfection hardly felt the impact of the metal plate, as it deformed into a layer of iron that partially covers his giant pectorals. THOOM! Mr. Perfection bounces his pecs in unison and OOOSH! The metal is launched from his chest and THWAAM! Slams into Eric “OOUUFF!” with such great force that it KERNLANG! Sends Eric tumbling into his weight bench.

Eric is undeterred, he grabs his four foot long weight bar and SWOOOOOSH! Lunges at Mr. Perfection, using it like a spear. RENKT! Eric succeeds in driving the end of the weight bar deep into the valley between Mr. Perfection’s pectorals. “UURRGH!” Eric grunts as he attempts to drive the metal bar into Mr. Perfection. The metal bar only RENKT! Bends as Eric applies more force, before Eric realizes this isn’t working, Mr. Perfection closes his right hand around the bar and FRAZZZ! KRAZZX! ZZZRACZZT! A storm of blue electric bolts streak from his massive hand, down the bar, and into Eric, who is OOOOOOSH! THWAMMM! Blasted across the room and slammed into the wall by the powerful jolt of energy.

The bar itself is turned into molten slag by Mr. Perfection’s mysterious electrical like power. Eric VREEET! Blasts Mr. Perfection with his heat vision. Mr. Perfection looks down at the two paltry heat beams attempting to burn his pecs, shrugs them off and marches toward the young man, who keeps the heat vision going until THOUMP! Mr. Perfection’s right hook connects with the side of the young man’s head. Mr. Perfection’s massive fist delivers a blow whose power is so great that the force of the impact causes the entire house to quake and the young man’s brain to almost shut down. Eric stumbles and almost falls to the floor, until WRRUMP! Mr. Perfection snatches him by his shoulder with his left hand, Mr. Perfection’s grip is like a vice as he uses his greatly superior strength to hold Eric upright and KERACKK! Deliver some punishing pressure to Eric’s shoulder joint.

Eric moans and stares blankly up into Mr. Perfection’s glowing white, cold eyes. Mr. Perfection’s face is expressionless as he holds his right fist in Eric’s face. KKRRZAK! Mr. Perfection’s right forearm and hand crackle with an aura of white energy and then SHRACKZZZ! Mr. Perfection phases his right fist through the young power dude’s left pec, he just slides his fist right in, as easily as a warm knife cuts through butter. Eric’s body shutters and he gasps as a sudden coldness spreads throughout his chest cavity. Mr. Perfection’s fist feels like a block of freezing cold steel. Eric is stunned by the sensation. Mr. Perfection stares into Eric’s sweating face. URMPH! Mr. Perfection phases his entire forearm through Eric’s pec and into Eric's chest cavity. The circumference of Mr. Perfection’s forearm nearly matches that of Eric’s left pec, Mr. Perfection is a muscle power beast. Eric feels the coolness spreading from his chest through the rest of his body. He feels tickles as Mr. Perfection’s arm and hand move around inside him phasing through his various organs. Then Eric feels excoriating pain just as HHRRRMM! HRRRMMM! Rings of white energy begin to flow out of Eric and up Mr. Perfection’s right arm, out of Eric’s chest and into Mr. Perfection’s mammoth body. “ARRGGHHH!” Eric cries out as paralyzing numbness spreads quickly throughout his body.

Eric goes into shock and he begins to involuntarily spasm and quiver. The energy rings continue to be sucked out of him, HHRRMM! HHRRMM! by the towering figure of Mr. Perfection. The spasms grow increasing more violent, drool flows from the helpless power dude’s mouth. Suddenly, tendrils of white energy begin to streak from Eric’s beefy muscles, across his lean, smooth flesh and into Mr. Perfection’s arm at the point where it enters Eric’s chest. FRAZZT! FRAZZZT! Eric’s skin glows like a light bulb as his beautiful muscular physique shrinks away in a storm of white lightening as Mr. Perfection’s powers steal Eric’s impressive muscles. Eric feels his muscles shrivel away, he is powerless to stop the drain. His pleading eyes stare up into the face of Mr. Perfection, which is serious and unforgiving. FRAZZZZT! One final tendril of white energy flows into Mr. Perfection from Eric’s muscles and it’s over, Eric’s massive muscles have been wasted away to nothing, stolen by the power of Mr. Perfection in moments. Mr. Perfection has stolen all of this sinner’s muscle and power. A young man who recently had the powers and body of a god, now has less muscle than a child.

Mr. Perfection’s right bicep throbs and FRAZZKX! An orb of crackling white energy travels slowly down Mr. Perfection’s arm, into Mr. Perfection’s hand, and out into Eric’s chest cavity. FWASSSH! There is a bright flash of white light as Mr. Perfection withdrawals his hand from the young man’s body, after releasing the energy orb inside his victim. Mr. Perfection steps back and Eric’s limp body falls to the floor. He’s a pathetic pile of skin and bones which FRAZZXXT! Suddenly is illuminated in a cocoon of white energy and pulsing light as the orb expands and engulfs his body from within. There is a scream from Eric and then FRAZZZKOOOM! Eric’s story ends. The energy storm dissipates as suddenly as it appeared, leaving Eric white as a ghost, frozen like a statue, steam rising from him. CHUMFF! Eric’s arm falls off and POOF! Disintegrates into a pile of white powder when it hits the floor. Obviously, Mr. Perfection’s little energy orb packed some major juice.

Mr. Perfection causally puffs out his cheeks, PPSSFT! Unleashing a gust of his super breath to finish what he started PIFSSSH! The white figure explodes in a cloud of white powder which fills the room.

Mr. Perfection has delivered another nonbeliever who has abused his powers to his God for ultimate judgment as he has countless times before in service to his Lord. His sacred mission to eliminate those who abuse their powers gets easier with each victim he punishes with death and complete power absorption. Eventually he plans to deliver to God all life on earth for final judgment, all those who don’t believe will be judged by his God.

Mr. Perfection has caused a stir, other family members are up and about. Mr. Perfection’s body begins to give off an intense white light. FWASSSH! SOOOSH! Anything illuminated by the light crumbles to white ash. The walls of the bedroom tumble to ashes, then the light spreads through the house in a millisecond. SOOOOSH! The whole house and everyone in it, is reduced to white hot ashes. The family of this sinner is, of course, tainted by the sinner living among them and they too must be expunged.

Mr. Perfection flies off and continues patrolling the metropolis below. 10 minutes earlier…..

Brock Stevens, super jock, was enjoying his joyride through the city in a new sports car he got at the mall, until the cop pulled him over five seconds ago. Brock was 23, but his brain was trapped at the 18 year old high school jock stage of development. The fact that he was captain of the half super powered high school football team and lead that team to the state championship, thanks to some super powers and his awesome athletic talents, was the be all and end all of his existence. That was all that his widowed father ever expected from him.

Brock, with his super powers; charming, Muscle and Fitness model good looks; and belief that he was god, made the city his playground. All of the other super powered members of his high school team had their powers stolen and their lives taken by Brock.

He was trouble and most people in town knew it, although they didn’t quite know how powerful Brock actually was. Brock’s father had moved away about three years ago after turning all his assets over to Brock. The truth was Brock got sick of his father one day and smoked him. The old man didn’t stand a chance even with his shotgun. Killing his father was the hardest thing Brock ever had to do, but it was worth it to be free of him. Sometimes in his dreams the scene repeated over and over.

Brock and his Dad fighting; Brock smashing his fist down on the kitchen table, blasting it to splinters KRACKOOSH!; Dad running to his bedroom and locking the door; More shouting; Dad shooting through the door, BLAMM! BLAM! Believing Brock was coming that way; KKOOPHM! Brock surprising him by bursting through the wall in an explosion of plaster; BLAMM! The ineffective bullet slamming into Brock’s forehead; SHLUMP! KRACK! The sound of Brock’s huge fist burrowing through flesh and bone; SHHRIIP! The sound of Dad’s heart being ripped out of his chest; and SQUUSHH! The sound Dad’s heart made when Brock crushed it to a pulp.

Anyways, earlier today Brock went to the mall. He loved to hang out at the mall. They had a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy that Brock always ignored as he stomped through the mall wearing only his jogging shorts. He liked to watch people stare at his massive body.

He liked to check out the movies at the mall’s 15 screen theatre. Sometimes buying one ticket and staying all day. He had his favorite seats in each of the screening rooms. If someone was in them, he asked them to move. If they didn’t, VREEEET! They got a little Taste O’ Brock which turned them into a neat pile of ashes.

Earlier today, Brock was leaving the mall when he saw some middle aged dude driving through the parking lot in a hot, red sports car with its top down. Brock raced in front of the moving vehicle SWOOOSH! And THUMMP! Placed both of his hands on the front hood and EERRRRKKK! Stopped it in its tracks, with a delicate application of super strength.

Brock hadn’t driven a vehicle in years, if he needed to go anywhere he used his super speed and flew or ran which made him an imperceptible blur, but this car was hot.

“Nice car, dude,” Brock exclaims as the driver recoils in his seat at the huge guy holding on to his car. The driver fumbles for his cell phone. Brock notices this.

“WHY YOU GOT TO BE CALLING PEOPLE, MAN!” Brock yells in a deafening roar causing the driver to drop the phone under somewhere under the passenger seat. “That is so not cool, rich man.”

REEEEEEEEKK! The driver slams on the gas and shifts into reverse. Brock smirks and holds the vehicle securely in place. As the smell of burning rubber fills the air, REEEEEEKK! The driver shifts the car into drive and tries again, no use. Brock reaches under the front bumper with one hand and UUUMPH! Lifts the whole car up of the pavement, in one smooth motion. Brock gets a firm grip on each side of the vehicle, just above the wheel wells and RUMMMP! RUMMP! Shakes the vehicle up and down, which launches the non-seatbelt wearing driver up into the air 15 feet and THUMMP! He lands upside down in the passenger seat. Brock gently sets the beauty of a sports car down and races over to the driver’s side door. He snatches the driver by his ankle and holds him in the air over the vehicle.

“HELPPP!” The rich driver yelps.

WOOO! WOOO! The mall security SUV pulls up with sirens blaring behind the sports car and two wimpy 19 year old, unarmed security dweebs jump out of the vehicle ready for action.

Brock focuses on the blaring sirens and VREE! Toasts them with a quick blast of heat vision. SPLURGGSH! They melt and wither like a shrinky dink in the oven for too long.

Brock looks the two string bean wimps up and down.

“Put Mr. Sherman down now,” one of the dorks commands.

The name rings a bell, Mr. Sherman is the owner of the mall, Brock realizes. Meanwhile, Mr. Sherman passes out from all his blood rushing to his head. Brock WHUMPP! Tosses Mr. Sherman across the front seats.

“Good, now get down on the ground,” the man child commands.

“You two geeks are ordering me around?” Brock retorts. “You can’t be serious, you tards.”

Brock’s muscles swell up like Ball Park Franks and UMMMM! HUMMM! Pulses of green energy move randomly across his thick, muscular body. At 6’3” and built like an ox, Brock is a very intimidating figure, intimidation is exactly what he is going for.

ZREEETT! Brock’s eyes explode with yellow fire, two beams of his laser vision slam into the security SUV. ZRACCCK! The beams light the vehicle up like the sun and FSSSSSSHHH! It fades into oblivion.

The two dweebs freak out, one pisses himself and the other begins hyperventilating and stumbles to his knees. Fear over powers both of the chumps, their legs turn to jelly, their hearts race.

Brock’s cocky, jock grin is spread wide across his face at the sight of the two security asses. The only thing left to do is to finish them. Brock decides to start with piss boy and puckers his lips into a small circle. Then he aims for piss boy’s feet and blows FIISSSSHHH! A compact stream of Brock’s freeze breath wraps gently around the dork’s feet. The loser gives a holler when he realizes his feet are encased in a block of ice and he can’t even feel them. FIIISSSSH! Brock inches his fine stream of freeze breath up the wimp’s calves to his waist. The freeze breath vapor stream expands quickly solidifies, swallowing Brock’s victim’s legs, imprisoning them in ice.

The half frozen wimp starts crying like a baby. “Stop it,” his terrified co-worker manages to cry out between erratic gasps for air, as he lays hunched over paralyzed by fear.

Brock loves the slow kill. He’s into the torture of the weak ones. He didn’t get to be as powerful as he is by playing nice and asking other power dudes politely for their powers.

Brock blows another stream of freeze breath out FISSSSSHH! Soon the cry baby doesn’t feel his hands or stomach. FIIISSSSSH! Brock inches it up, the cloud of vapor solidifies around the runt’s chest and elbows. FISSSSSH! Brock carefully lets out just enough of his freezing vapors to trap the geek in ice up to his neck. CRRRKEK! The vapor cloud solidifies, Brock knows that the chump doesn’t have much time left before he dies of the extreme cold. The frozen sap shivers and moans as Brock strides confidently over to him, smirking all the way.

He stands before the frozen wimp and stares down at him. Brock’s victim’s head reaches up to Brock’s lower abs. Brock lets his mouth hang open and his eyes twinkle in anticipation of what is coming next. Finally SSSSSHHH! A thick bluish fog floats from Brock’s mouth, it’s Brock’s freeze breath, but he isn’t propelling it with his lungs, he’s just letting the thick vapors in their purest form tumble from his gaping mouth and slowly float down and swallow the dork’s head. “AAH-“ the loser makes one final sound before his head is frozen in an ice like substance.

Brock stops the flow of freeze vapors and the result is a 5 foot high ice block with a frozen chump in the center, kind of a human Twinkie, Brock thinks.

Brock raises his fist over the frozen wimp’s head and THWAAM! Brings it down. BOOOSH! The whole block of ice and the dork within it explode into bits of ice dust.

Brock walks over to the other security child and smirks as the chump looks up at him. Brock forms his lips into an “O” shape, lines up at a 45 degree angle with his target, and FWOSH! Blasts the cowering fool with a 600 mph gust of his super breath. SPLAUGH! The sap is smeared into the pavement like road kill that has been left to lie in a busy street all week.

Mr. Sherman stirs, Brock lifts him by his slightly bulging gut out of the car and OOOSH! With a flick of his wrist launches Mr. Sherman up into the sky at 80 mph, he doesn’t want to kill him, just yet. As Mr. Sherman freaks out as he rises higher and higher SHRACCKT! A bolt of green energy shoots from Brock’s hand and FSHOOOM! Vaporizes Mr. Sherman in a Fourth of July like flash.

Brock hops into the car and begins his joyride.

Now, 15 minutes later, Brock had been stopped by some pig on highway patrol. He watched the cop walk up to his vehicle.

“License and reg—“ the cop was stunned at the sight of the mammoth body of Brock. Brock’s huge muscular body filled the seat completely. Brock looked like a comic book superhero, with all of the muscle piled on his huge frame.

“GRRKKK-“ the cop utters as Brock swiftly reaches up and drives the fingers of his flat palm through the cop’s uniform shirt, bullet proof vest, and skin, deep into the cop’s chest cavity. As blood drips from the wound, VZZZZZZZ! Brock’s fingertips unload green energy that races through the cop. In seconds, the cop glows bright green and the PHOOPT! Explodes in a pile of steaming ash.

Brock takes off down the highway….


WZZZZZ! A vision scan detects power use on the city’s highway. Mr. Perfection lands near an abandoned police car on the shoulder of the highway. A pile of smoking gray ash is all that remains of the officer who was driving the vehicle.

Mr. Perfection uses his vision powers and detects the speeding red sports car 25 miles ahead. The driver is a pumped up super powered male, a big one. Mr. Perfection watches as the big dude leans out of his vehicle and FAWOOSH! Blows three cars off the highway. KERASSSSH! The speedster keeps driving.

Mr. Perfection is in pursuit. In seconds, FLUMP! He lands in front of the car. KERASSSSH! The car explodes in a hail of shrapnel as it slams into Mr. Perfection’s giant body. THUMPP! Mr. Perfection catches the huge man as he is thrown through the air. Brock reacts quickly and THWAMMM! Plows his fist into Mr. Perfection’s jaw. WOOOOSH! Mr. Perfection is launched two miles down the highway and smashes through numerous vehicles.

Traffic comes to a halt and chaos erupts on the highway. VREEET! Brock targets the vehicles around Mr. Perfection with his heat vision. VOOSH! KABOOOM! Cars and trucks explode all around Mr. Perfection, their occupants burn and die, and Mr. Perfection finds himself engulfed in flames. VOOOSHH!

Meanwhile, Brock UMPHH! Hoists a van with 7 people in it up off of the highway and OOOSH! Launches it at Mr. Perfection. WRENKERBASH! The van explodes, Mr. Perfection is slammed into the highway so hard the road surface shatters like glass all around him.

Then FAWOOOOOOSH! Brock unleashes a huge cloud of freeze breath which races toward Mr. Perfection as Brock smiles with glee. Mr. Perfection puffs out his cheeks and PFFFSSTT! Blows the freezing vapor cloud back at his opponent. Mr. Perfection’s shrewd move catches Brock off guard and the freeze vapor solidifies around him and he plummets to the earth. THWUD!

Mr. Perfection cocks his mighty fist back FIIZSHRACKT! A crackling sphere of white light forms around his fist. Then SHABOOOM! Mr. Perfection’s fist slams into the ice cube, simultaneously launching the cube down the highway and charging it with energy. SKAAKABOOOM! The cube slams into a pair of overpass support columns and an entire two lane overpass explodes and crumbles down upon Brock as Mr. Perfection’s energy payload is unleashed. 15 vehicles are crushed and at least 70 people nearby are injured or killed.

FWOOOSH! Mr. Perfection uses his super breath and blows the chunks of concrete and debris away as he seeks to expose and finish off his opponent. OOOSH! Several people are also blown off into the distance and SPLATOOSH! Smashed against other objects. Mr. Perfection’s controlled gusts are not powerful enough to blow away a being with as much mass as Brock by design.

Mr. Perfection lifts a one ton slab of concrete and twisted metal off of his opponent who is sweating and taking labored breaths. It’s time to finish him, Mr. Perfection thinks when SAHTOOOOM! Brock’s pecs instantly swell up and explode with green energy. FRASSSSH! Mr. Perfection is flooded with awesome energies. FSSSSSSSH! Mr. Perfection topples over, smoke rising from his body.

Brock gets up slowly, he has used a lot of his power, he doesn’t have a lot of energy left. He has never fought a dude this powerful before. Usually his opponents flame out quick. He raises both fists over Mr. Perfection and WOOOSHH! Brings them down HARD upon Mr. Perfection’s chest THWAAAAAAMMM! Mr. Perfection is slammed about fifteen feet into the ground, the Earth shakes violently within a 5 mile radius. Brock’s super strength blow has caused major destruction and Mr. Perfection is stunned by the power of it which knocks the wind out of him.

Brock is spent, he flies away, he doesn’t have enough energy to finish this guy and he fears that this dude may have enough power left to finish him. Mr. Perfection rises from the hole 10 seconds later. WZZZZ! His eyes easily lock onto his opponent’s energy signature and he gives chase, but then his super hearing picks up a nearly undetectable whirring sound. Mr. Perfection WZZZZ! scans the sky above and sees a small spy drone about a mile above and three miles from his position and coming his way.

“So now they are using spy machines”, Mr. Perfection thinks and he is pissed. He extends his right index finger and FRAZZK! A pen light sized tendril of white energy streaks from his fingertip, covers the distance in a millisecond, and FRABOOM! Destroys the device on contact.

Mr. Perfection knows that the spy drones in the sky are controlled by the government. He also knows that he can’t take on the powerful government tyrants now and that they may strike if they have found him. All people who don’t follow his Father’s teachings are sinners and Mr. Perfection will kill them all so that God may judge them. However, the first to be judged are those who abuse the great powers God gave them and those who aid them in their tyranny. Mr. Perfection decides to send the tyrants a message as he flies out of the city.

Mr. Perfection hovers over a police station. These police are agents of the government, they enforce the rules of the tyrants. TZZZZZZZZZ! White energy streams from Mr. Perfection’s pupils. His power, his light, his truth illuminates and envelops the large building. FSSSHHH! In seconds, the 10,000 square foot building and about 120 people are reduced to white vapor in a flash of light and soft rush of air. Mr. Perfection employs just enough of his power to take out his target and not the whole downtown area.

Pedestrians on the street scream and panic as the billowing cloud of vapor that was the police station engulfs the city in a white fog. A smoking crater now sits where the police station was located.

Mr. Perfection, his message now sent, leaves the city for another part of the country. As he races away through the sky, SHA-BOOOM! He leaves a sonic boom in his wake. He will return and hunt this particular prey another day, no one escapes him for long….. •

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