Greed Kills

By Muscledude49

John was a 50-year-old man who had had dreams of being the biggest muscle guy on the beach since he was a teenager. But that was only in his dreams because John never worked out a day in his life. His body was soft and flabby, he looked like the accountant he was.

He never had much luck with the women or men. This is not to say he had never had sex, but he had never inspired much more than a quickie or a one-night stand. A lot of this wasn’t his looks but rather his confidence in himself. If there was one thing that John lacked in life it was confidence. He would let just about anyone walk all over him. Even servers at McDonalds intimidated him.

John really didn’t feel to good about himself and so he spent his days working and his nights in his apartment alone watching TV and eating popcorn. He had convinced himself he was happy this way, but inside he knew that wasn’t so. He had those dreams of being that muscle guy who could get anyone they wanted.

The company John worked for was a Pharmaceutical company that was doing research in fighting the AID’s plague that was ravaging people around the globe. Lot’s of progress was being made a number of “accidental” discoveries were found for solutions to a multitude of problems for people with other diseases as well.

However, there was one group that had made a discovery of a drug that would cause hypertrophy in men. Hypertrophy is what causes muscles to get bigger as you exercise. The amazing thing about this discovery is that the researchers didn’t realize what they had until the men started to notice that their clothes were getting tighter. Just taking in some of the fumes though the protective clothing in the lab was causing a very slow but noticeable growth.

Dr Peter Hawks one day after he had noticed this growth decided to take measures in his own hands. He realized the importtance of this discovery for persons with degenerative muscle diseases and knew that even if they had found something remarkable that the FDA would be years in approving it’s use in humans.

Dr. Hawks had always been a very skinny man. This was mainly because he just didn’t eat much and many times got so caught up in his research that he wouldn’t eat hardly anything days on end. He had never measured his arms but they had probably been around 11” and now because of the effects of this new medicine were up to 14”, a real noticeable difference! He could see the growth in all his body as well. He had been wondering what effect the medicine would have if he purposely took it.

Even though he had never, like John, had a strong desire to be a muscle guy, he like all men wanted the strength and looks that muscle gave a man.

After several weeks of thinking about this and beginning to be obsessed about it to the point he was buy muscle magazines and looking at pictures on the Web of guys with huge muscle, he decided to try this stuff on his own. That night he had hidden a vile of the formula inside his coat where the guards wouldn’t find it. When he got home, for the first time in a long while early he took the formula and looked at it. The beautiful red color called to him to take it. He pulled out a syringe and put 5cc of the formula. Hardly any, but he didn’t know what effect it may have. He’d already experience major growth from just the fumes in the lab.

He rolled up his sleeve, put the tourniquet on his arm and up popped a couple of small veins. He put the needle in and released the formula in his blood stream. He could feel it as went in. A warm sensation went over his body, but nothing dramatic happened. He was kind of expecting something like the hulk growing like on TV. Soon the warmth went away and he went back into the living room to read the paper.

After about an hour Peter got up and stretched, and his bicep tore through his long sleeve shirt like it was nothing. He looked over and saw a ball of muscle on his arm that was bigger than a softball he flexed his other arm and the same thing happened. Then he noticed his shirt was tight on his chest so he stuck it out and the b buttons flew all over the room. He remembered how the Hulk had done a most muscular pose all the time and did that and his shirt ripped down the back as his lats filled out!

He ran back to the bedroom and tore off his clothes and was amazed…. there standing before him was a god. Ripped tight hard muscles all over his body and he could see they were still growing!

By morning the growth had stopped and he was amazed. 19” biceps, 52” chest, 30” ripped washboard waist and legs that were amazing!

Then he realized he had a problem…he didn’t have any clothes that would fit him! He found some sweat pants that he could get on barely. They looked like tights on him. And he finally found an AXLE t-shirt he had won in a contest he had never worn, that was also way to small now.

He went out to his car and went to Wal-Mart to find some clothes he could wear. He noticed people starring at him. At first this bothered him, and then he realized they were amazed at how big a man he was and he liked it! He got his clothes and went to work.

Even with the new clothes he couldn’t hide what had happened to him. One of the first people he met going in was John. John couldn’t get over how this skinny little scientist who came in one day a wimp, was now this huge bodybuilder! He decided to find out what was going on. Because of his position he had access to just about part of the facility. So he went down to Peter’s lab and was able to turn on the phones intercom so that when he got to his office he would hear what was going on. Fortunately Peter and his group had been delayed due to Peter’s sudden change.

John was listening to the continued conversation, which had turned into an argument. Peter’s coworkers couldn’t believe that Peter had used some untested, unproven formula on himself. They had noticed the changes in them too, but couldn’t believe that by the book Peter had done this!

Then instead of arguing they starting asking questions like how much did you use…how do you feel…do you think this is permanent?

He said he had never felt better; that he had only used 5cc and he thought it was permanent, as he couldn’t find a trace of the formula in his bloodstream.

John had a hard on….the hard-on of hard -on's when he heard all this. Could it be true? Could a formula take a skinny little guy and in one night make him super muscular? He had to find out. He went down and talked to Dr Peter a bout it and Peter refused to give him any as it wasn’t tested out. John said, “Well you have tried it with great results and we don’t see any side effects.” “Well not yet,” said Peter, “but you don’t always know this soon.” “We really need to check it out” “I’ll put you on top of the list for test subjects when we do get approval.”

This didn’t sit well with John and he went back up to work in accounting where he cooked up a plan. He decided if he could get it by asking nicely he’d ask another way. He opened up his computer and got the accounting for Peter’s project. Everything checked out fine, but he began to change some of the numbers around. Soon it looked as thought Peter had been playing around with the funds.

He took this down and confronted Peter with it. He said, “With one finger I can ruin you unless you give me some of the formula.” Peter couldn’t believe this. John went on, “All I have to do is push return and suddenly all your numbers change and you will charged with embezzlement.” “All I have to do push clear and all those numbers disappear forever and your good name will be saved.”

Peter felt pushed against the wall so he relented. He got John to roll up his sleeve put the tourniquet on and filled the syringe with the same 5cc he had. John said, “NO, I want more! I want to be bigger than you are now!”

Peter tried to tell him that he didn’t know what more would do and it might not even be more growth but some other things would happen. John insisted…so Peter filled the syringe up to 10cc, put it in the vein. John’s face got a smile a mile wide! It felt so good and hot running in his veins, but like Peter, nothing happened right away. Peter told him how it happened to him. So John went back up to accounting, cleared the fake numbers and began to work.

In a couple of hours he began to feel funny…at last it’s working he said. He ran into the men’s room to see it in the mirror and sure enough there he was growing all over, but he also noticed he was a lot hairier than before. Hair started growing on his arms and legs and torso at an alarming rate as did his muscles. Soon he was a regular very hairy bodybuilder type!

He went down to see Peter who was astonished to see this man come with clothes torn and hair growing long and thick all over his body.

“Can you help me?” asked John. “No” said Peter, “We don’t even know what makes it work yet, much less stop or reverse it.” “Go home and shave it off”

John did. But as soon as he would shave it would grow right back, long, thick and luxurious all over his body.

Peter starting seeing men and woman who loved his muscles. John on the other hand because of his greed ended up in a circus sideshow. •

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