Loft, The

By JMH02003

"Why are we doing this to these two guys anyway?" The man said as he cemented the last bricks over the door. The man next to him, dressed entirely in a black suit rifled through his miniature notebook. "Because these two are the perfect candidates for the experiment. This could be biotechnology at it's best. Both an aid to our soldiers, as the first will show, or a bane to our enemies, which is why the second man is included in this test. These two will be an aid to the country.". The Man with the cement stood slowly "So, when do we start?".

-------------------------------------------- Max was attractive, yet average. He had slightly waved auburn hair, and deep blue eyes. Jacob was slightly taller with a little more athletic build, his hair was dark, long, straight. His eyes were the perfect shade of blue. He had a rough look that betrayed his kind nature. They had started a visuals company based on their skills and had become best friends as well as business partners.

Jacob and Max had just found the perfect loft. Too good to be true, but it made for the perfect studio for each of them. Max could do all his painting and Jacob had enough room to do his photography. They got it cheap at only 100 bucks a month, and moved in the day after finding it uptown. It took only a number of days to settle in. They had begun to notice odd behavior though. No one seemed to come in and out of the building besides them... It was one average Teusday morning that became far less average when Jacob opened the door to pick up the newspaper.

"Max! Max!" He shouted. "The door! It's been covered over!" Max rose from the kitchen table and turned to see Jacob, standing in front of a red brick wall outside the door. "What the he-" Max was interrupted by the sharp ring of the phone. Max reached for it, but before he could it switched to speaker mode.

"Good morning, Gentlemen. I hope that you aren't too shocked by the door incident. It was necessary to complete our procedure." A raspy voice said from the other side. "You're here to help your government, gentlement. I trust you have no objection to helping your homeland?". Max stuttered a moment before spitting out what he wanted to say. "What? What are we here to do?". The raspy voice chuckled slightly "Eager, aren't we?" there was a slight pause. "You're here to test the body mass chemicals we've been developing. Jacob is here to test the muscle growth chemical, specially engineered to his DNA. You, Maxamillian, are here to test the weight gain chemical, which is engineered to affect anyone not affected by the muscle growth." another pause. "We're going to release the chemicals into the room now, gentlemen. The affects should take in a few moments."

Jacob looked at Max. "What is that guy talking about?". Max shrugged "I don't know... but I'd like to know what he meant by weight gain..." A hissing noise filled the room, and a slightly blue gas filled the room, followed by a clear gas. It settled near the floor, then began to rise... It became perilously close to their noses. Jacob held his breath, but breathed in before Max. He took in three deep breaths and coughed. A pinker gas fell from the ceiling, and Max unintentially took in a swell of it. Jacob coughed a few more times, then the gas began to subside, as did the gasses above Max. "I don't feel any different..." Max said. Jacob nodded. "Me either...".

The speaker hissed again. "It will take around 30 seconds more, gentlemen." The clock ticked by slowly. Jacob moaned a moment. Max looked at him intently, wondering just what these gasses had done. He blinked in astonishment as he saw Jake's loose shirt begin to tighten across his pecs. He wondered what was going to happen to himself. Jacob was feeling great! He felt his entire body swelling beneath his clothes. His pecs were bulging out, something that they hadn't done before... his arms were tight in the short sleeves he was wearing. He could feel the fabric stretching to contain him. It was then that his attention was brought to another tightness... in his crotch. He looked down over the mounds of flesh on his chest and saw a huge bulge in his boxers between two growing quads. Every muscle in his body felt three times as big!

Max began to feel woozy himself. He knew his changes were beginning to take place. He felt his body swell, but not all over. He looked down at his torso, seeing a bulge appear on his midsection. He felt his ass grow into the seat of his own boxers, but then felt the front become looser. What was happening to him? He moaned as his stomach swelled more, creasing slightly on the sides, forming rolls. His ass grew again, forming to the boxers. His arms and legs thickened... he was getting fatter! He felt the boxers loosen in front again. He pulled them down quickly to see his 8 inch dick shrinking to 6 inches.... "What?" He said, no comprehending it. The speaker crackled on again. "Max, you seem confused, so I'll explain. Jacob is being made into a highly muscled human... a supersoldier if you will. As a side effect, his genitals grow larger. As we know, each man has a need to masturbate from time to time, so this was necessary, as with how large he's going to be, it would have been impossible to grab on to his own penis. You're being tested on what would happen to our enemies. We're making you obese to the point of immobility, because we don't want these enemies to escape. Your penis is shrinking in case you do escape... we wouldn't want these enemies reproducing, so we shrink the genitals to the point of uselessnes. This eliminates suitable generations of soldiers to come."

Max looked back over at Jacob, who was litteraly bursting out of his clothes now. It was easy to see every line and bump on his body through the tightened material. Even easier to see was the 11 inch flaccid dick trailing down and out the leg of the boxers. Max felt his stomach crease down over his boxer band now, which was becoming unbearably tight. His ass was stretching them to the point of no return, and his shrinking balls were being crushed. He pulled them off, freeing his now 4 inch manhood. Jacob began peeling his own shorts off, his whole body flexing with each movement, causing him to grow larger. He had to be in excess of 300 pounds now. Just moving seemed to increase the effects. A low long ripping sound filled the room as Jacob's shirt split up his lats, causing the shirt to fall to the floor. There he was, nude, huge, growing. Max watched as his friends pecs grew so large that the nipples were pulled underneath them. He could see the abs fighting for space on Jacob's stomach. His adductors were enormous, growing, forcing his stance to change each second. He was over 350 now!.

Max groaned as another swell hit him. His stomach sagged further, it was probably pushing out 2 feet in front of him. He felt his thighs pushing together, his chest bulging slightly. Then what he dreaded. His penis shrank again down to 2 inches. He looked himself over. Feeling a second chin and a bounce in his butt as he turned... he was pushing 400 himself. Jacob was walking towards him, slowly. His legs were pulsing and striating each step. His dick was swinging down 16 inches from his crotch. He spoke in a deep voice "This is amazing...". Max didn't entirely agree as he felt himself get fatter again, much more so than before. Possibly by 100 pounds, his stomach grew, his boobs rounded, his chin rested on his neck... his dick dissappeared under his huge gut. 550 pounds....

Jacob grew again, swelling like never before. He got a few inches taller, but not much. His chest was sticking out nearly 4 feet in front of him, nipplesless thanks to the effects of gravity. His quads were the size of tree trunks, his calves almost as huge. He had biceps like watermelons and forearms like huge ropes. His delts were like bowling balls, and his traps rose to his ears. His neck was wider than his head, and his jas was squared off. He still maintained his features, but they sat inside a bulked, masculine frame. And then, the growth stopped. He stood in front of Max, nearly 700 pounds at only 6'1" and with an enormous 25 inch dick pointing to the floor.

"Ah, so Jacob is finished. Surprisingly, he's only undergone mild treatment." the voice said. "You're undergoing a mild treatment as well, it should finish next with the big growth... an additional 800 pounds.". Max was already 600... Then it hit. Hus stomach heaved out, 4, 5, 6 feet in front of him. His whole body was being pulled down by gravity now. His stomach sagging to his knees, his huge thighs pushing each other apart. He fell to the ground with a monstrous thud. His growing ass slowly pushing him up as it swelled. 650... 700, 800, 1000.... his swelled body was spreading across the floor. He could feel his dick retracting smaller and smaller... 2 inches, 1... a half inch. Another 400 pounds to go. With one burst of energy 400 pounds deposited itself into his jello like body. His stomach reached his ankles, mounding up on top of his legs. His breasts sagged off to each side. He couldn't even lift his arms.... The speaker turned on. "Well, that's it for you. Your stats are 5'11", 1450 pounds... your penis is now 0 inches with an erection size of 0. Thank you gentlemen, we'll continue this tomorrow with the extreme treatment." •

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