Spirit of the Matter, The


By Genie

Returning to the hotel room, I was a mess. I'd managed to sneak in without anyone noticing me in my new, smaller size. Well, not EVERYTHING was smaller. My dick and balls were as big as ever, looking positively freakish on my diminished frame.

Another wave of nausea swept through me, and I rushed to the toilet to vomit. Flushing the contents down, I panted, panicking and hyperventilating.

I heard the creature's voice again. It was getting more frequent! “FACE it, things are coming to a HEAD” tittered that hated voice.

My head felt like it was in a vise and being crushed. Rushing over to pick up a piece of broken mirror, I stared in the mirror. Cracking noises echoed through my head, and grabbing my head, I screamed in absolute pain.

Within my hands, I could feel my head shifting like a planet going through geological turmoil. It grew smaller, crunching in on itself, as my eyes moved further apart and cheekbones pushed forward. My hands held a face that was growing longer and longer, each crunch thinning my nose as I felt my jaw broaden and square. Tingling and irritation filled my head as I felt my hair grow out, thick stubble bursting from every pore on my face, joining and overtaking my thin beard that I'd always had.

Then, it was over. I had to see the damage. I picked up the mirror and the face of a stranger stared back.

I had thick, wavy black hair and the angular, ruggedly masculine features of an more masculine male model. My jaw was broad and square, with a cleft. Thick, black stubble covered my jaw and face, a five-o-clock shadow far more substantial than I'd ever had before.

“Shit,” I said, jumping at the rumbling deep voice that came from my throat. As in prior changes, I felt tired and fell into bed and a deep sleep. •

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