Spirit of the Matter, The


By Genie

Waking up with a start, I leapt off the crunchy sheets late in the morning, feeling an unfamiliar weight swinging back and forth in my crotch and smacking against my thigh. Hanging down at least seven inches flaccid was a huge uncut dick, with two massive uncut balls in a huge hairy sack bumping against my leg. Dizzy from shock, I glanced over at the clock. SHIT! 10:00 AM, I was late.

I called the office, saying I was sick, washed off in the sink (I wasn't going to risk the shower again), and pulled up my underwear, which now uncomfortably squashed the massive genitals between my legs. Even with baggy pants I pulled on, my dick and balls bulged almost obscenely!

Hopping into the car, I quickly drove to my doctor's office, telling him I had a “major emergency” on my mobile phone.


“You're just a big boy,” said the doctor, a sheepish smile on his face.

“Doctor, that's not my dick,” I said incredulously after his examination.

“Well, it's attached to you, and quite normal and healthy apart from its rather unusually large size,” said the doctor.

I explained my sudden change, the eyes, the creature, the growth, and the doctor's brow furrowed.

“Brian,” he said, “You've had a stressful couple of weeks. I am worried about you and I think you're reacting negatively to all the stress at work. I want to send you to a specialist to talk about what you've been going through, it's causing hallucinations. Meanwhile, I suggest you get some new underwear, the ones you're wearing have got to be almost painfully constricting.”

He didn't believe me. I was terrified. I had to get away from this creature. I thanked the doctor, took a prescription for a referral to the psychologist, and hurried to the parking lot. Jumping into my car, I drove off in a random direction. . . any direction away from here.


After an hour, I'd passed the sign for central London. Finding a vacant curbside space, I stumbled out into the streets of SoHo, the sidewalks slick from a recent rain. Walking down the road, I stumbled across a small hotel and checked in, the proprietor handing me a key but looking more at the massive bulge in my crotch than my eyes. I couldn't blame him, it was hard to miss. I had to get away from this creature and figure out a way to stop this madness.

Walking upstairs, I peeled off my rain and sweat soaked shirt, dropped my trousers and pulled down my too-tight boxers with a sigh of relief as my huge cock and balls flopped free of the crushing constraints of the once-roomy underpants.

Moving over to the sink, I washed my face and looked in the mirror at the ice blue eyes I now possessed. Sighing and feeling despair, I buried my face in my hands and looked into the mirror again.

My blood froze. Rather than my reflection was the leering face of the creature in the mirror. With an angry shout, I smashed the mirror with my fist, shattering it. Hyperventilating, I sat down on the bed and buried my face in my hands, sobbing. My stomach growled. I was getting hungry.

Then my stomach growled again, and I felt a churning sensation in my stomach. No, no, no, NO! Not again! I stood up and watched in horror as the fat on my body began to melt away and pull in. The love handles and slight belly I'd had since young adulthood melted away, the pad of fat on my pubic bone pulling back, exposing an extra inch of dick, making it seem even longer.

As the process accelerated, my body fat vanished, leaving me looking skinnier than I'd ever looked, large bones showing more clearly and my abs seeming almost defined. With a familiar quiver, the process finally stopped, sending a shudder through my body.

Fitful and upset, I sobbed myself to sleep on the bed, curling into a foetal position and a light and fitful sleep. •

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