Spirit of the Matter, The


By Genie

The familiar buzz of the alarm snapped me awake, and I showered, got dressed, and began the walk to work, just a quick 15 minutes from my flat.

As I walked down the street, I heard a whispering sound. Looking around, I saw nothing. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice – the screeching, nails-on-blackboard voice of the creature I saw last night!

“Mortal, I am a spirit of desire. I am going to grant you your desire, but in the way that I decide! I shall have great fun torturing you, foolish mortal. Heeeheeeheeeheeeheeeheeeheeee!”

The maniacal laughter echoed for several seconds and I looked stricken. Pedestrians walking by seemed not to hear a thing. Was I going insane? I committed to visit the doctor at the end of the week as I climbed the stairs to the office.

Work had been hard. The Clanson account was in danger of being lost and we'd all been working very long hours to keep it. Working through the day and into the late evening had been nothing new, as the company was in danger of insolvency if it lost this account. Hours of sitting and drinking litre after litre of Diet Coke had taken its toll, and nature called.

As I pissed and then zipped up, I walked to the sink and turned on the sink. As I turned on the water to wash my hands, the familiar voice returned.

“So I start to torture you, your eyes are perfect crystal blue!”

Suddenly the room seemed to blur and then snap into crystal clear focus. . . better than I'd ever seen before. Looking up to my reflection, my heart skipped a beat. My eyes were now a brilliant, clear blue. . . the colour of water in the beaches of the Bahamas.

Gripping the sink, I stumbled backwards, shocked at what I saw. Shaking, I ran back to the office, grabbed my things and ran home.

Throwing open the door to my flat, I panted and ran into the washroom to have another look in the mirror. Sure enough, still blue, and my vision seemed perfect!

I had to have a shower, to clear my mind. This was outrageous, what the hell was happening to me? What was that creature doing? I did look more attractive with these hypnotic eyes than I did before, but what was this about “torture?” I didn't like it one bit, and I didn't want to find out more.

Peeling off my clothes, I stepped into the shower. Soon, the steaming hot water had relaxed me, and the stresses of the day (not to mention my eye's colour change!) melted as the hot water streamed down my back.

I was sinking further and further into relaxation. . . almost so I couldn't move. Then I realised – I couldn't move! I was standing, paralysed. A gurgling noise soon issued from the drain of the shower, and crawling out of the sink was the grotesque little creature I'd seen the night before!

With a screeching laugh, the creature pulled itself up out of the drain while I stood, naked and wide-eyed, staring helplessly, wanting to jump away from the revolting thing but completely unable to move.

With that, the creature started to grow, taller and taller, until its head was level with my chest. Then, in the blink of an eye, it morphed into a stunning muscular man, who looked me in the eye and smiled. The teeth were still jagged rows of sharp teeth. Utterly disgusted and terrified, I wanted to scream, to run out, but I couldn't move, with this man, formerly a frog-like imp, standing just inches from me.

“Well, now I can have a look at you,” said the man, with the imp's screech voice. “And what have we here?” he asked, looking down at my penis.

He touched it, making a “tsk-tsk” noise with his mouth as one hand wrapped around my ball sack and the fingers of his other hand held up my limp penis. With a grin, he started to laugh maniacally again, and with a flash, he vanished.

Suddenly, I could move again. Either I was going insane, or I was being stalked by some sort of supernatural creature, but either way, I was in BIG trouble. Scrambling out of the shower, I reached for my towel when a strange sensation made me freeze.

My penis was tingling.

No, not just tingling, it felt like an electrical current was running through it, and my balls. I rushed into the bedroom and sat down as my dick seemed to increase with electrical tingling. My legs splayed open, I stared in wide-mouthed horror as it began to twist and quiver, seeming to have a mind of its own.

My scrotum began to crawl around, thickening and growing larger, feeling like a living thing. Within it, my testicles began to quiver. I threw my head back and moaned as the quivering gonads began to swell. Grabbing them with my hands, almost to constrain the growth, I felt new tubes and coils growing and slithering to life in my hands as they grew larger and larger. Ping pong balls, then to the size of golf balls, then small eggs, then jumbo ones!

The quivering in my balls stopped, but the tingling shot up my scrotum to my flaccid penis. As I stared in amazement, the head began to moisten and glisten, turning pink. Within moments, a foreskin began to grow over the tip where one had been before I was cut a few hours after birth. Reaching an apex, it soon slipped over the head, quivering before finally closing over the tip as new nerves connected and came alive within it.

Then without warning my dick grew hard, extending forward to its normal six inches, and with a cracking noise, changing position from its normal outward curve to on pointing it skyward towards my chest.

With stretching noises like two balloons being rubbed together, it began to lengthen and thicken, pushing outwards with increasing speed. Throwing back my head again, my eyes rolled back with disbelief as with small, forward thrusts, my member grew outward and upward. Six and a half inches. Seven inches. Eight inches! Ten inches and thickening! Oh God, make it stop, it was becoming freaky! With a lurching shudder, it finally stopped at a throbbing eleven inches, almost as thick around as my wrist, foreskin giving it excess “play” it never had before.

But this freakish experience wasn't over yet. The head of my dick began to tremble and quiver, the mushroom head deepening in colour to a rich dark red and thickening, blunting, growing wider. Veins wormed their way under the skin of my monster erection, spreading upwards towards the tip to deliver more blood. The growth subsided, but the tingling intensified, growing more and more pleasurable. My monster balls pulled close to my body, and with a throb, my dick shot a massive load of cum in the longest and most pleasurable orgasm I'd ever had. As my moans echoed through my bedroom, I could hear distant, screeching high-pitched laughter. I finally blacked out in shock. •

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