Blood Moon



By Jace Soliz

(Part one: Wolf and Vampire) 9:15pm

(1) As Rion walked out of the quaint apartment building, he could help but wonder what his mother was doing. But how could he see her without giving her a heart attack. He guessed he will just have to leave that part of his life behind forever. His body glistened of sweat from Andy’s apartment and the night’s cool air hit him like a sexual bath of fresh air. He threw his shirt in the trash can and started to walk home to his pack. Tonight was going to be his night.

- Did you hurt him?

Rion stopped and smiled at the voice oozing of pure masculinity. “I thought I sensed you were here. Protecting him are we?” There was no answer. “I see. Wolf got your tongue?” A quick change in the air and he felt hot breaths down his neck. “Do you really want to do this here? Is he really that important to you?” Rion suddenly kicked but his leg didn’t hit anything, and he swung, he quickly rolled away and felt someone grab him and slam him into the trash can he had put his shirt in. He jumped up eyes glowing, teeth growing. Quickly looking around trying to find the source. He was kicked in the head from behind and he flew forward landing on the cool cement. “ARRRRGHHH” His muscles swelled up, his shoulders broadening to an unprecedented size. His chest hair thickening while his lats expanded, muscles popping, veins branching out. Then he found himself being thrown again into the wall of the apartment building where Andy lives.

(2) From inside his apartment, Andy heard the sound against his wall and looked up with tear stained eyes. He heard something going on outside. He got up from his ball on the floor and started to crawl nervously over to the window. He saw Rion. Rion had grown massive. He was getting up from hitting the wall. But he didn’t see anyone else. Then he then saw something move on his right and it was one of the Matrix men. The one that had reached his hands out to him that first night. He looked up at him and heard the words “Andy, hide!” Andy gasped and hid from view. He crouched down under the window and was breathing hard, then a feeling like the one he had when he was younger started to tingle in his body. “No, no…not now. no.” A glow emanated from his eyes. Andy shut them quickly, “Stop it! Stop it!” Then he heard a scream.

(3) - Leave him alone, Rion. You have no business being here. (Jacob stepped out of the shadows looking up towards Andy’s window. His massive frame was larger than Rion’s. His face was calm and not the slightest winded from the action just moments ago. Rion saw him stare up at the window and he sees Andy quickly move away from view.

Rion moved fast and jumped midair and kicked Jacob in the face then grabbing his waist, pulling his weight backwards launching Jacob into the street light pool, then landing on his feet in a hunched position, “Fuck you!” His voice was a growl. “You have no control over me, rat!!” He stepped forward and Jacob shook his head then quicker than Rion could see, was behind him slamming his face into the concrete of the sidewalk. Rion’s nails extended from his fingers and quickly grabbed Jacob’s coat and flung him over his body, and before his body landed Jacob grabbed him and cracked his back on his knee.

Jacob screamed and staggered, and when he got up his eyes had changed to a light yellow and his fangs shown.

- Ow. You play rough. (he said in a mocking voice) Now we play my way!

Jacob took off his coat, showing the amazing mass underneath. The black shirt he wore had no sleeves. His arms bulged with mass and veins, his chest almost ripping out of the shirt, which seemed to be painted on his body. His smile was evil and enjoyed the rush the boy dog was giving him. He was actually turned on by this dance, and a large bulge showed in his pants.

Rion snickered at the vampire. “What interest do you have over this man? It’s obvious that there is something going on, just as WE suspected. Or you wouldn’t be putting up a fight.”

- Suspected? That’s a big word for you, and darn it, I just ran out of those little gold stars. I’m not fighting for him or about him. I just want to finish what I didn’t finish the other night. By the way, David, I think his name was David, was VERY delicious. I just had to come back for seconds! (Jacob licked his lips)

Jacob launched into the air and spun fast kicking Rion in the face, then scratching his face and grabbing his pants and flinging him to the pole where Rion knocked his face into the same pole he had just seconds before. Rion stunned by the quick moves tried to grab the vampire, but he was too quick and he found himself flat on the ground with his arms behind him being pulled by Jacob. He could feel Jacob’s erection as he was held there.

- Hmm. (He starts to rub his erection on Rion’s ass. Moaning) Nice ass.

Then Jacob pulls hard on Rion’s arms and Rion screams and with all his strength flings Jacob off and as he lands Jacob has him in the same position, and he extends his teeth and whispers “Sorry, babe. I’m a top!” then proceeds to rub his huge erection on Jacob’s ass.

Jacob moves like a worm real quickly kicking his legs backwards grabbing Rion’s neck and flings him backwards and in the same time with Rion’s body pulling backwards, he twists and cracks Rion’s skull onto the pavement. He backs away. Both hurt and bleeding. They don’t attack each other.

- This reminds me of old times, before you guys went all pussy like. (Jacob does a slight laugh)

“Funny.” Rion gets up holding his head, “I don’t have time for this, Vampire boy. I have a meeting to go to. Otherwise I’d fuck you up the ass then rip you apart” He rubbed his erection without care. People from the street had started to gather. He quickly started to revert back to his normal self. His voice lost its growl. “And he’s all yours for now. But come tomorrow night, all bets are off. Can I pass now Jackie Chan or you going to keep hitting me like a little girl?”

Seeing that there were people around, Jacob transformed back to a normal face. Gesturing for the young beast to go on.

- I’m glad we had this conversation. I’m surprised that a retard like you could actually have one, but it was nice just the same. Say hi to the fam for me!

Rion glanced back and flipped him off. He couldn’t wait to be transformed. •

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