By JMH02003

Aidan and Julian are back, getting as big as ever. How do you think people with a camera that has the ability to increase muscle mass would train for a bodybuilding competition?

"Funny that you entered me into that bodybuilding contest." Aidan said as he rifled through his bag of clothes. "'cause I saw these and decided to buy them. Kind of an around the house thing." He pulled out a small pair of bright lime briefs. They had a huge pouch on the front, but were still, very revealing. "Oooh, Sexy." I said, somewhat mockingly as I got up from the computer chair and put my hands on his waist. "So. What kind of clothes did you buy anyway." I said. He smiled that irresistable smile of his "Mostly baggy or stretchy things... leaving room to grow, you know.". I pulled my hands off his waist and moved toward the camera. "Good, because you need to get in shape for next weeks contest." With a quick flip I pointed to him and snapped twice. "You're going to be the biggest guy there!"

It happened again. I pulled out the pictures to see a progressively larger Aidan develop in front of me. He was still wearing his shirt in picture 1, but it had an interesting effect. I looked up at Aidan as he began to grow... faster than usual. He was quickly inflating, veins became more pronounced on his arm, striations appeared across his bicep and forearm. His neck bulked up, stretching the head-hole on the shirt. His traps tried to make their way up it as well, reducing the length of his neck as they grew. It was obvious that Aidan had gotten to the point where his muscles weren't growing vertically anymore, they were thickening, becoming heftier instead.

My eyes were drawn to his pecs. They weren't just growing out, as gravity was causing his muscles to fold in broader areas. His chest was creasing his shirt under his pecs as it grew. He flexed both pecs at the same time, pulling the shirt down around the neck, causing the seam around the hole to rip. He struck a pose, flashing me his biceps (which looked like mini-basketballs, if you ask me.), and the shirt sleeve ripped right open, so did the other. As he put his arms down. the tightened shirt twisted to follow his descending bicep. I looked down as his defined abs showed as the shirt lifted higher and higher. He turned his back to me striking a crab pose that I couldn't clearly see from behind his lats. The motion caused the shirt to tear down his expanding back. He turned back to me, and in one effort, tore the rest of the shirt off his bulking body leaving the neck intact.

I finally noticed that he was pantless in photo number 2. I looked down to see that his bigger glutes had pulled the fabric of the jeans in opposite direction, unzipping the crotch as he grew. The tight denim showed a dull definition of what lay beneath it. The meaty sections on the front of his quads... swollen adductors. I could even see his huge calf muscles. He slowly pulled off the pants, revealing his now almost 10 inch dick. I noticed that his calves could comfortably fill the thigh of my old jeans. He was slowing now. I looked at his nippled as they slowly creased down under his pecs, giving him a smooth chest. "That was definitely more than 50 pounds that time." Aidan said, rubbing his new body.

I yanked on the last shred of clothes hanging from him. The black collar of my old shirt. "You know, you ruined my favorite shirt." I said, playfully. "Trust me, I don't see you ever fitting into clothes again after a while." He said as he shook the camera at me. "Did I ever tell you that you look sexy with a gut?". I laughed "Many times last night. Now let's get you weighed in.".

Aidan stepped on the cool bathroom scale and bent over in order to see it properly over his chest. "321." He said. "That's 71 pounds. I guess the camera has a bigger effect on larger guys." I whipped out some measuring tape. "It sure does. You've got an 11 1/2 inch dick now... that's huge! Are you sure those posing briefs are big enough for that monster?" •

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