By JMH02003

The file slowly burned to the CD as I reviewed the amazing pictures I'd been sent. One of my old college buddies, Nate, had sent me something he called a subliminal hypnosis file that he had made from an older file. He was the one who got me into bodybuilding. 3 years and 50 pounds later, I had slacked off. He, however, showed me a picture where he was well in excess of 500 pounds. That was amazing enough, but his newest boyfriend was too big to be shown on camera. All of the pictures of him were astounding, he was way over 1000 pounds... he couldn't even wear clothes anymore! Both these men claim to have been affected by another version of this file, Nate had remastered it so that the hypnotists commands had faded into a musical background and become more effective. By listening to the file, a person could increase their muscle mass almost instantly by messing with their hormones. He also told me not to listen to it unless I was going to use it on myself, because it was permanent.

The computer hummed and spit out the CD. I pulled it out hastily and looked at the clock. "2:45 a.m." I thought. "Mike is deep in sleep now.". I put the CD into a discplayer and plugged in the headphones. I walked quietly into the next room to see Mike sprawled nude on the bed, snoring lightly. I stripped down and climbed into the bed. I placed the headphones on him carefully and played the file. He nodded to the music unconsciously. I looked at the moon-light draping over his thin body. He and I were quite the contrast. I was a bulky 235 pounds.. he was only 169, up from 159 when I first met him 2 years ago. He went to the gym with me, but he never seemed to get bigger, which he hated. I rubbed my muscular biceps and chest, thinking that with the help of this file that Mike could be even larger than myself. All I needed to do was get him to say the trigger "Gain '#" pounds now.".

Soon the bright morning light streamed into my window. Mike stirred slowly and awoke. He tossled his long, auburn hair and wiped his brilliant emerald eyes. With a yawn, he came back into the conscious world, finally noticing the headphones. "Why am I wearing these, Alex?" He said, rubbing my pec. I quickly made up a story "Oh, it's some work out music that I made for you today. How do you like it?". He nodded to the song "It's good. Makes me feel really... energetic. I'm going to go get a shower before we go to the gym, k?". I nodded as we both rose from the bed.

I heard the woosh of the shower and Mike humming softly, and just for kicks... I joined him. --------------------------------------- We walked into the gym at around 10:00 that Saturday morning. It was filled with guys, being an all-male gym. Some of them were as big as me, but not many. I was probably the largest guy there, in fact. Most of the guys were around 215, and none of them, save for Mike, were below 180. "I'm just going to go get changed." I said to Mike. He gave me a light kiss and said "Hurry up, I need my spotter.". I walked away and got changed into my lycra shorts... what can I say? With glutes as good looking as these, and a cock an elephant could envy, I liked to show it off. I walked out into the gym floor and saw Mike moving towards the bench press. He was talking to another guy that we knew named Brentt. He wasn't much bigger than Mike, probably 181. We all got together and worked out for the next two hours. My toe tapped to the gym's music system. They had picked out a really great song today. It didn't seem to end or to loop. It flowed seamlessly over and over again. It seemed invigorating, but it reminded me of something. "Hey Mike, what happened to that cd I gave you? I thought you were going to listen to it when you worked out." I said as I lifted the freeweights. "I am listening to it. I gave it to the manager to play over the speakers.". My eyes widened. Mike had just given a gym filled with muscle-men the ability to get just as big as they wanted. "I had the weirdest dream when I listened to that cd last night... I dreamt I was over 600 pounds of pure muscle. I was so huge that I was worshipped by every other man on earth, they all wanted some way to be as big as me.". Brentt laughed "Is that all that you need to get men? If that's all you need to do, I'd gladly gain 600 pounds now.". I looked over at Brentt to see if this song was going to do the trick. His biceps puffed as he lifted the free weights, but nothing seemed to be happening... I worried. "Alex, you were in the dream too. You were the only man bigger than me... you were much bigger. I'd say that to be as big as you were, you should gain 2000 pounds. Not like that's possible."

A small shudder trailed up my spine right then. Would that work? Would Mike telling me to get bigger make me grow? I was feeling warm... I dropped the weight when I looked back over at Brentt. He was as big as me, or I thought he was, until I looked down. My chest was filling out my shirt quite a bit more, I looked around 20 pounds bigger. Anyone who was specifically targeted with the trigger would be changed! Mike looked over to Brentt and gasped, Brentt hadn't even noticed his now 80 pound gain. "Brentt, what's happening to you? You're bigger than Alex!". Brentt rubs his hands down his 260 pound muscle-bod and shudders as he swells again. His shirt is tightened so much that it's lifting up his body. He looks over at me "I'm not bigger than Alex! It's happening to him too!". Mike looks over at me, now sitting nicely at a hugely muscular 315. "What's doing this to you two!?" He shouts, bringing everyones attention to us. Men crowd around, watching Brentt and I outgrow our gym shirts. My lycra shorts are crying at 350 pounds, my shirt is tearing on my lats. Brentt's addidas shorts are tearing at the legs, and his shirt is so tight that he needs to rip it off.

"It was the cd Mike! That music was meant for you. It's a hypnosis file that makes a person suggestible to muscle growth. You told me to gain 2000 pounds, and that's what's going to happen. Every guy in this gym has the ability to become impossibly huge now... including you!" I shouted as my shirt popped it's seams at the shoulders. "That's impossible! A song can't do that!" He says as he rationalizes. "Then how do you explain what's happening to Brentt and me? What you said is going to turn me into an immobile muscle monster!" With that, my shirt popped off. My huge pecs heaved out a foot in front of me, my delts and traps seemed to swell after they were freed. My glutes and upper thighs were still compacted into the small lycra shorts, and for all their stretchy nature, they were becoming unbearably tight. I looked to Brentt, who was now exceeding 375. His shirt was in shreds on the ground, his shorts entirely in peices, only the crotch and seat of them intact which showed off a huge erection. I was well in excess of 400 now.. probably 430 or 450. I took my huge arms to my shorts and with little effort, tore them to shreds. My own 12 inch erection sprung out and bounced from side to side. Brentt took my lead and did the same. I turned to the mirror and flexed, watching my body expand. I could see Mike and the other gym members in the reflection, all of them getting hard as a rock.

I was pushing 550 now. My arms were so large that they were nearing a 90 degree angle with the floor. I walked over to two of the bigger guys in the Gym and lifted them effortlessly. "Man, this is AMAZING! I've never felt so good!" I yelled. Brentt was sprawling on the gym floor rubbing all over his 525 pound body, moaning in pleasure. "I never thought I'd break 190! This is great!" He yelled. Mike walked over to me and rubbed my pecs as I swelled up past 600. "You know, I'm going to be so big that I won't be able to move anymore, Mike. You're going to have to get big enough to help me out... take me to Nate's farm... I'll learn how to move again there." Mike nodded and leaned on my huge beefy body. My pecs were the size of extra large pillows... the same shape too. The pounds were piling on faster now, 650 came and went. I was constantly changing my stance as my quads pushed together. Every time they puled with mass, they pushed my balls and cock up higher and higher, until it pointed straight up. I walked over to Brentt, slowly, as that's all I could manage being a 5'11" 675 pound muscle man.

"Hey Alex... check this out." He said. He moved his hands toward his hard-on, but he couldn't reach. "My arms and lats are so big that I can't whack off! This is so awesome!". I tried as well, and couldn't even get close. I looked down at Brennt over my ever-expanding chest. He was getting up as the last few pounds piled into him. All 780 pounds of him stood on his two feet. He walked slowly, with determination. Each step he took made his entire body flex, it looked unbelievably hot. His huge Glutes made it difficult for him to walk, and his massive quads moved around each other in shaky arcs. His huge arms propped up on immense lats, hanging his ropey forearms downward. He strikes a pose, and the definition is incredible. I saw one man faint simply at the sight of our new magnificence, another guy I could swear creamed his pants. I was 815 pounds now... not even 1000 gained, and I could barely move.


Time passed, and I just kept on growing. Soon, I was 1000 pounds, not to mention immobile. My legs were too large to stand on. My back was so large that I was laying on an angle at all times. 1500 came. I could only look in one direction... If my eyes strayed down, I'd only see my chest. My arms nearly point straight from how large my lats had become at 2000 pounds.... at 2235, it wasn't much different... I could feel my whole body tense with each breath I took... I could only see Mike if he stood right above me... He was bigger... While I lay on my back, he increased his own weight to 800 pounds, and turned the other 15 guys in the gym into 400+ muscle-gods. With their help, we managed to load me into a huge tractor trailer at the back of the gym, and in that trailer, we went to Nate's farm. that Made for 20 muscle freaks managing a farm. I met Nate's boyfriend, who I found out was named Allen. He had been immobile at one time, but he learned to walk in his new body, and he taught me. After a couple of weeks, I was capable of lifting him, even though he was 1200 pounds. It can get a bit cold around here, being too big for clothes and all... mind you, most of us don't wear clothes anyway.

On another note, Brentt, Mike, and myself still work out... though not in the conventional manner, if you know what I mean. The effort into moving in such a big body can be taxing, so I don't do much moving other than lifting the heaviest things on the farm, such as cows and bulls, and much of the farm products go to myself and Allen, but we harvest more than enough to get by. Many of us live in the old airplane hanger made for the crop duster, and we just keep getting bigger... who knows who will be next? •

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