Picked Up and Pumped Up

By mman

A rewrite of Instamorph Ahhh. To be in the right place at the right time…

Kara walks into this bar by the beach. Since it's right by muscle beach, there are lots of bodybuilders there, most of whom she knows very well. Like always, when she walks in, she gets hellos and kisses and pats on the ass from all the muscleguys she passes. She's used to it. She is the reason most of them are here at all. See, Kara is a scientist, a goddess of power if you will. She developed this serum that's meant to replace steroids, and now, all of these young studs are examples of how well it works. She loves the attention that she gets and the stares that her boys' muscles get, which, are truly huge. Also every crotch in the joint belonging to one of her creations has become something like a porno illustration. They bulge out like they're packing a couple of tennis balls and a five-pound sausage in each pair of pants. And Kara definitely encourages the stares, because she always gets them to wear something that caresses every thick and heavy curve. Anyway, she walks in, and there's this one guy, YOU, sitting with a couple of other guys and their girlfriends at the bar. You're the only one flying solo. You do a double take on Kara, and then, quick look away, too shy to make eye contact. You're pretty good looking, but she knows why you feel alone, sitting without a partner. She can tell that you pump iron. Not a real bodybuilder, but a nice, muscular body. Like an up and coming fitness model, trying so hard to fit in somewhere, catch somebody's attention. You're in a tank-top and stretch shorts, and she can see you're real impressed by the flock of pumped-up stallions surrounding her. You often look away from the conversation about the week at work to survey the sea of muscle just across the room, never daring to separate from your group to see if you belong there. Maybe you lack confidence, or are intimidated by them, Kara thinks. But she doesn't really care. She's seen it all before, on the faces on the behemoths now buying her drinks, and stroking her hair. You are just the kind of guy she loves to morph. See, Kara picks a new guy, about once a week, anyone she wants, and surprises them with an unexpected trip into another world. She carries a morphing formula with her at all times. She has it stored in a vial hanging from her neck, dangling just between the massive mounds on her own chest. She discreetly releases a drop into the drink of her new recruit, and, having done it a few hundred times, they don't even realize what has happened until the change is complete. So, the next time you order a drink, she goes to the bar right next to you. You nod and smile at her, there is no denying that she is the hottest female creature in the room. She returns with her seductive smile, and then you look at your friends to see if anyone has noticed you making time with this hottie. Kara thinks, just wait for a few minutes and then see how they take notice, as she deposits a drop of the serum in your drink. She picks up her own drink, and then turns to walk away. You never notice what she has done and are too distraught at never really getting to say hello. She just keeps walking across the bar where she can watch you, and she leans against the wall. A couple of friends say hi, but she keeps her eyes on you. You try to regain your dignity, now hoping your friends didn't see the opportunity you let slip through your fingers, but Kara can see right away that you're feeling it. You take a drink and begin to feel real hot and flushed. Then she can tell you're starting to feel real turned on, real erotic. You try not to show that you're feeling weird, but you begins to seem distracted, and your hands start to feel your own chest and arms, just kind of rubbing yourself, like you can't help it. You've got some hair on your chest, and you're rubbing that, too. You start to look like you're lost in the sensation, touching yourself, even though you're trying real hard to act like nothing is happening. Then she can see your muscles begin to swell up and start to get big and thick. It happens real fast, fast enough so that anyone couldn't help but notice. Your chest is ballooning up, your arms blowing up with muscle, your back getting thicker and wider by the minute, along with your shoulders. Your legs are getting thicker and bigger, and your thighs start to push apart from each other. In your stretch shorts, she can see your bulge getting bigger and bigger. You are completely entranced by what is happening to you. So are your friends and everyone else in the bar. They are all saying, "Jesus Christ, what is happening to you?" "I don't know," you say, as your tank top starts to rip out under your arms and down the center from your lats pushing wider and your pecs growing more and more massive. Unable to contain the the swelling mass of your torso, the top rips completely open down the front. More hair is sprouting on your chest and abs. And you keeps feeling yourself. You can't keep your hands off your own muscles. You flex an arm. You can't help yourself. You have to see how big it's getting, and it's huge by now, like Paul DeMayo's or some other seriously massive bodybuilder. "Holy shit", you say in a voice much deeper than the one you used before. "I'm getting as big as all of those guys over there." The legs of your shorts split open, the tears quickly running up to your hips. You look down at how big the bulge in your crotch is getting, and Kara can see your dick is getting hard, and it's so big now that everyone is staring at it. "Whoa", one of the girls at your table says. "Whoa is right", her boyfriend adds in. Kara is quietly laughing. You looks over and see that she's laughing. Now your chest and abs are covered with dark hair, like Alec Baldwin's, and she knows where else it is growing in. You are feeling it, the hair and your pecs, which have become absolutely gigantic. When you looks over, she lets you see her feel the huge, hairy chest of the boy-toy walking by her. You have a look of desire on your face, but she can tell, because she's done this before, that the desire is partly because of what is happening to you now and partly because of what you want to happen later, realizing how much you love the way it feels and how much control it will give you over your destiny. You walk over to her, walking the walk of a really huge bodybuilder, your basket bulging enormously in front of your crotch, your huge dick hard as a baseball bat, straining your shorts, being bounced back and forth by your massive, rolling thighs. "Did you do this to me?" you ask, timidly, but with your new, He-Man sound. "You should never be afraid to go after what you really want," she says to you, looking at you from the corner of her eye. "You will always wonder about what could have been." "Well, I thought any man who would get like this would be called a freak and a faggot," you say. "I never had the guts to push hard enough, but all of a sudden I think I feel real different." "What do you feel?" she asks you. You says, "Well, I'm not exactly sure. I started feeling real hot and sexy. I was thinking, what's happening to me? I'm standing here, I know you did something to me to make my muscles and everything change like this, and all I can think is how sexy it feels. And I'm actually thinking how sexy I'd look with you. And I know I'm standing there with this gigantic hard-on, and I'm not at all embarrassed. I'm just thinking, what guy wouldn't want to pack this kind of ammunition, and you rub your hand over your own bulging crotch. Everyone is watching you, and you don't care. "I bet you can show me what to do with all this, too," you say. "You know I can," she tells you. "What about your friends?" "I think I'd like to make some new friends." "You sure that's what you want? " "Yeah, I'm sure. They won't even know me anymore." So you go back over and tell them you're going home with (and as) someone else as they watch you with mouths open wide, and then you come back over to her. "I'm sorry I never had the nerve to get this big before," you confide to your creator. "Are you? " "Just get me back to your place, please. I've got to get out of these clothes before I come in my shorts." When you walk out of the bar, you are followed by a number of other Supermen. You notice and laugh, scooping Kara up into your arms. "I think I get it, now," you say. •

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