An Extreme Makeover


By RalphLauren

Steven Johnston sat in the college cafeteria, Julia having just told him their relation did not have a real chance and it would be much better to split up. Steven was in his final year, in a few weeks he would have finished college - and asked Julia to marry him. Well, that was over now and he actually did not know what to do, when he had finished. Steven was an average guy, he was neither bad looking, nor good looking. He had light brown hair and marvellous blue eyes. He enjoyed working out a bit, nothing special, just to keep in shape. Steven was disturbed, sitting in the cafeteria not knowing what to do with his life. After he finished his coke he took his bag and walked through the door. He just started to unlock his bike, when a person talked to him:"Are you Mr Johnston? Steven Johnston?" Steven turned around, the gentleman talking to him smiled. He was wearing a black suit, sunglasses, his hair slicked back. "Yes, who wants to know that?" Steven asked with a strange feeling. "Oh, you don't have to worry, I am Julius Hardenberg, I am the manager of the large chain of fitness clubs, I am here to ask you for an interview. We thought you might be looking for a job when you finish here." He pointed at the campus."Well, what sort of job?" Steven asked eagerly. "That, I have to say is not to easy to explain, I would be very pleased to invite you to tell you everything in detail, if that is O.K. for you." - "Why not." Steven replied. Hardenberg gave Steven his card and told him to come to this adress the following Thursday at three o'clock.

Steven was rather excited about the appointment, he dressed carefully to make a good impression. His roommate Tristan joked about him wearing a suit, he pretty much thought Julia was his job interview as she continued speaking long whiny apologies on the answering set. Steven was a bit early, at about ten minutes before three he arrived at the adress he was told. It was a large estate, as far as he could see the house was huge. As he was early he decided to wait. He sat down on a bench which was on the left of the iron gates. Keeping an eye on his watch the gate opened. A guy wearing a blazer stepped out looking somewhat bedazzeld. He was Steven's age and pretty much the same height. The guy did not realize Steven an walked off. Steven stared after him when he heard Mr Hardenberg talking to him:"You didn't believe you were our only candidate, did you?" - "Eh, no, hello Mr Hardenberg." - "Well, come in then..." Hardenberg lead the way throug the gate. They entered the ground, which was a huge park complete with ponds huge trees and several peacocks strolling around. On a small hill was the house, Steven had seen from outside the gates. It was huge, seemed to be pretty old and was completely build out of white stone. "Wow" it came out of Steven's mouth "You are impressed, Mr. Johnston" - "I have always dreamed of living in such a house." - "Really, Mr Johnston, maybe your dreams will soon come true" The reached the front door, a butler in white livery opened the door. They stood now in the front hall. White marble everywhere. Chrystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. White, perfectly chiseled Greek statues were positioned alongside the walls. A central staircase leading to the upper rooms. "Mr Van Blunt is waiting for you, Mr Hardenberg" the butler said. "Follow me then, Mr Johnston" Hardenberg said and lead Steven through the hall into a huge office. The long table was covered with green leather. The rest of the room was white. Along the walls were hundreds of framed magazine covers, covers from fitness magazines. The models looking like the Greek Gods in the hall. Several people were sitting around the table. Mr Hardenberg introduced them to Steven: "Over there is Mr Van Blunt, he is the big boss" Van Blunt smiled, he must have been a good looking man once, but now in his eighties he looked old and ill. "This is Doctor Sylvia Lange" a handsome lady nodded at Steven."This is Montgomery Matthews" - "Hello" Matthews answered, he was a good friendly looking man with a gorgeous physique, blond curls framed his square head, his huge muscles made his poloshirt stretching over his chest and arms."And finally Ken Trent" Trent smiled at Steven. Ken Trent was awesome too, he was as muscular as Montgomery Matthews but a different type of man, short jetblack hair gelled up at the front, thin sideburns and a thin black chinstrap. A very dark tan and steel blue eyes completed his look. "Hello, I am Steven Johnston." Steven was told to sit down. They stared at Steven for a moment when suddenly Mr Van Blunt began to talk:"Steven, how do you like my house?" - "Well I haven't seen of it much yet, sir." - "Haha, he is funny. Steven I am an old man, I am the owner of all of these mageazines, several fitness studio chains, and much more firms being connected with fitness. I am looking for someone to take my place, when I am dead which will be very soon according to my doctors" he laughed "We want you to become one of my empire's representatives, as business is run by Mr Hardenberg. We are looking for a handsome chap who is willing to take my place, so what do you say?" - "When that is everything, when can I start? " The others laughed. "No, that is actally not everything. I am looking someone to become a role model in the fitness industry, perfect body, perfect features, all in all a person who I am going to adopt, to give my empire to my sons. What are you saying now, Steven?" Steven did not know what to say, he was an orphan, O.K. he was raised by his grandmother who died the year before, but he was not the Mr Perfect these strange people were looking for. "Oh come on, thank you for inviting me here, but I am not your Mr Perfect, Number One representative..." he raised "Please sit down, you are perfectly right you are not, but you can be. I'll give you one year to become Mr.Perfect, as you call it. Are you on a magazine cover by then you'll be my new son and you will inherit, will you fail, you may go your own ways by then." - "But how can I become perfect without help?" "These people are going to help you: Montgomery Matthews will be your Personal trainer, Doctor Sylvia Lange is going to be your plastic surgeon and Ken Trent is your personal stylist, are you ready to become a new person, Steven? You'll have three days to think about it, Good bye." The four of them raised and left the room. Steven sat there his mouth open. The butler opened the door "Is everything O.K., sir?" - "Yes" Steven answered and followed the man out of the room, down the stairs, out of the front door. He walked down the alleyway through the gate thinking about the opportunity of starting a new life...

Will Steven become "Mr Perfect"? •

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