Christmas Miracle, A

Tim went to bed early, as usual, on Christmas Eve. He had no one special in his life, which he blamed on his small size, so there was not much fun in Christmas. For the longest time he had wished that he could be built like a Greek god, even bigger! But, because of genetics, his metabolism wouldn't allow him to gain even a pound over his current weight of 125 pounds on his 5'9" frame. He knew he could always dream...

In Tim's dream, he realized that he was only ten years old. A kid with blondish/brown hair and a scrawny 99 pound body. A huge man in a Santa suit woke him up roughly, telling him they were going to be late.

'Late for what?" Timmy asked.

"It's a surprise! But I know you'll enjoy it!" the man said. He was dressed like Santa, but Timmy could tell that it was a regular man underneath the costume. A fairly large man, at that. His stomach was huge and round, protruding from his well-built torso like an overfull sack. The white beard was fake, but Timmy could see the thick, black beard peaking out from beneath it. His bright blue eyes shone with mischief.

Are you Santa?" Timmy asked.

"No. Just call me Nick, St. Nick." he answered, extending his hand for Timmy to take. Timmy immediately trusted the man and placed his small hand in Nick's enormous paws.

Next, Timmy found himself in a large banquet hall. The hall was empty of people, but tons of food lined the tables as if waiting for a reception to begin.

"What's all this?" Timmy asked Nick.

"It's all for you, Timmy. I know that you didn't have alot of food growing up and that's why you're so small. I'd like to make it up to you." Nick grinned, pushing Timmy towards the first table ladened with food.

"I can't eat all this. There's enough food here for a hundred people!" Timmy explained, surveying the meats and cheeses, desserts and breads, milk and juices before him.

"You can do anything your heart desires, Timmy. Dig in!" Nick said as he began to take off his Santa outfit. Timmy tentatively began to munch on the food before him.

Nick had an incredible body! He was only about 5'8" tall, but had to weigh close to 350 pounds. His weight was evenly distributed making him broad and stocky. Dark black hair covered his heavy torso. His stomach was gigantic! Full and round, Nick's gut looked like it could explode at any minute.

"Eat up, Tim!" Nick ordered. "You want to grow big and strong like me, don't you? Make up for all those years you never got enough to eat. Never grew big or strong enough to play football and baseball. We can both say goodbye to the puny, skinny Timmy tonight. All you have to do is EAT! I promise you'll never be skinny again.

Timmy was a little awed by Nick's proposition. To grow larger and have powerful muscles was a dream Tim had had for years! Timmy leaned forward and began to eat from the first table.

"That's it. Don't be afraid to make a pig of yourself. You know you want it all inside you. To grow bigger and bigger until everyone is in awe of your massive physique!" Nick was getting excited and began to caress his swollen belly.

Timmy, also excited, began to shovel food in by the handfulls. In minutes, he was gorging himself on everything within reach. His gluttonous appetite increasing with each mouthful he swallowed. The only thing Timmy could think of was food!

In no time, the first table was completely ravaged. Timmy sat back in the chair, his young gut swollen grotesquely before him. He looked odd, his skinny body with a bloated gut hanging off it. He stroked it lovingly. Then Timmy began to change.

In seconds Timmy's gut subsided and was replaced by tight, youthful muscles. He had aged two years and now at age twelve, he was beginning to fill out more, his new body actually the same size as his adult body was. Timmy was still slender, but puberty was just around the corner.

Nick placed his hands on Timmy's shoulders and guided him to the next table. "Eat, little one and grow stronger!" Nick said to Timmy, sitting him in front of the table. Timmy's small stomach grumbled in anticipation of being fed. Like an animal, Timmy lunged at the food, wanting nothing more than to make it all a part of his growing body. In no time the table was empty, its contents stuffed into the young body of Timmy. Timmy belched his appreciation.

Immediately, his swollen, tight belly receded and he began to grow another couple of years older. Now, at fourteen he was built like a wrestler. Thick, strong muscles corded his still slender frame. He judged himself at about 150 pounds. Twenty five pounds heavier than his adult size!

"More." Timmy breathed, and Nick obeyed, escorting him to the next table. Timmy realized he found Nick hot as hell and wanted very much to be with him, to worship his oversized gut. But, in the same thought, Timmy knew he had to feed. The hunger was unbearable and he wanted more than anything to grow some more.

The third table of goodies disappeared into Tim's gut even quicker than the previous two. Sated, for the time being, Tim massaged his ample belly as he admired Nick's excess flesh. Soon, Tim was a sizable sixteen year old with 175 pounds packed onto his 5'11" frame. His muscles were hard and defined, his stomach flat and rippled like a bodybuilder.

Tim realized that he wanted even more! He raced to the next table with Nick trodding along after him. Food vanished into Tim's gaping mouth as he guzzled as much at one time as he could. Tim's cheeks were stuffed like a chipmunk, as he swallowed more and more of the food. As usual, his muscular body responded by growing fatter and fatter until he had to eat his meal sitting down, his overstuffed gut spilling over his big, muscular thighs. Again, Tim cleared the table.

Tim's body transformed again into a well-built, beefy stud! At eighteen, Tim realized he was making up for all the times he went to bed hungry, all the times he never got the man of his dreams, all the times he stayed at home alone. And he was loving every gluttonous minute of it. Tim surveyed his 200 pound body in the mirror on the wall. At 6'1", his body was nicely muscled, but he wanted more.

This time he raced to the next table. He gobbled up the food making sure not to leave even a crumb on the table. His oversized belly felt full and content, at least for the moment. He aged another two years and now at twenty, stood 6'2" and weighed a hulking 225 pounds! He flexed his beefy muscles for Nick and pulled him along to the next table. He felt strong as an ox and twice as hungry!

Tim gorged himself again and felt his body weighted down with the copious amounts of food. Sitting there rubbing his huge, bloated gut, Tim waited for the next transformation. Just when he thought it wouldn't come, his body changed to a more muscular form and aged to twenty-two years old. He was now 6'3" and 250 pounds of solid beef.

At the last table, Tim begged Nick to feed him. But as he ate, Tim felt that Nick wasn't doing a good enough job and threw himself onto the table, shoveling food into his hungry mouth like it was going out of style. Nick stood back and admired his handiwork as Tim's belly expanded larger to accommodate his insatiable appetite.

Tim laid on the barren table, his huge gut swelling before him. He laughed out loud as he felt his body re- proportion itself into a hunky twenty-four year. He had now grown back to his original age, but was a much different man. Standing 6'4" tall, Tim now weighed an incredible 275 pounds, all muscle. Gone were his skinny limbs and chest, replaced by slabs of muscle and sinew. He delighted in the feel of his oversized brawn. Nick looked suitably impressed too.

"Time to go home," Nick said to Tim and before he could protest, Tim was back at home sound asleep.

When Tim woke up the next morning, he couldn't believe it had all been a dream. It felt so realistic. Suddenly, as he opened his eyes, he knew it had been real! His skinny body had been replaced by an oversized, muscular one! Pure beef! He immediately ran to the full-length mirror and began to flex his colossal muscles. His arms had to measure at least 20"! Thighs a whopping 36"! Chest, smooth and defined, a beefy 52"! Everything about him was big. And, he felt strong as a bear.

A Year Later

It was Christmas Eve again. A year after Tim's marvelous transformation. He had not had any contact with Nick the entire time, but thought of the fat man often. He was spending Christmas alone again this year, but only because he was exhausted. The guys he had been dating since his changes couldn't get enough of him. They worshipped his stupendous body day and night; bathing him, feeding him, massaging him. You name it! Tim was thankful to be alone. He had grown a little since that first night, up to about 285, but still managed to keep those hot muscles pumped and ready for action.

Exhausted, he fell into bed and immediately began to dream...

Nick was there in his bedroom, waking him up. Tim, still groggy got out of bed and gave the fat man a bear hug.

"Still big, I see!" Nick laughed.

"You too! Looks like you may have even put on a few pounds!" Tim said jokingly, patting Nick's immense beargut. "What brings you to see me?" Tim asked, unconsciously flexing his massive biceps.

"The remainder of your gift." Nick grinned.

"You mean there's more? But I already owe everything to you and that wild night!" Tim replied.

"All I want is a kiss, Tim. Then I'll be on my way." Nick said innocently enough.

"Sure thing. Pucker up." Tim leaned into the fat man and placed his lips on Nick's. Nick embraced the muscular Tim and began to french kiss him, his tongue burrowing into Tim's waiting mouth.

Tim kissed the huge man back, running his strong hands over Nick's broad back. For the first time in a year, Tim's voracious hunger returned. The two men were liplocked. Kissing and nibbling at each other like animals.

Tim felt the first wave enter his body from Nick. He immediately thought of how birds feed their young and he thought he was feeding off of Nick! But it wasn't regurgitation! Nick's essence seemed to be filling Tim's body! Tim was helpless in the fat man's arms, needing to be fed from him, to grow larger again!

Nick forcefed the powerless Tim his essence, his own body dwindling in size as Tim expanded larger and larger. Soon, Nick had to lay Tim down on the bed, never releasing his passionate kiss from the Tim's swelling form. Not that he could if he tried, because Tim wanted to devour him, to make him apart of himself. To really grow to enormous proportions!

In a matter of minutes, a new muscular Nick was standing over Tim's bed. Tim filled the bed easily with his bulk. He was still fairly muscular, but his stomach was roughly the size of an overfilled sack of potatoes! He massaged his 375 pound body lovingly. Sated, for now, Tim moaned his thanks as Nick slowly walked away.....

And slowly, his form begin to change again. Growing bigger, stronger, Tim drifted off into sleep.

When Tim woke up the next morning, he hurried to his bedroom mirror. His jaw dropped open at what he saw. He was 6'6" tall, with a 62" chest, 33" waist, and mammoth 28" biceps. "I guess I was a good boy again this year," he said, posing and flexing every muscle. "Hope Santa brought some extra extra extra large shirts, too." •

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