Little Red Pills


By no name

"Hey, do you see this guy?" Luke asked, whispering, and pointing towards a good-looking guy who had just taken off his shirt and revealed his chiselled abs and well-defined chest.

Trying to sound annoyed, I answered: "Sure. I'm not blind, am I?" Actually, I didn't really mind looking at athletic, muscular guys. I was in love with Luke, though, and consequently minded him looking at other guys, especially if they were as handsome as this admittedly gorgeous, blue-eyed hunk.

"You know, I really wish I had a body like that," Luke said. I said nothing, casting a shy look towards my friend. Luke was a track athlete and in great shape, but his body was lean rather than muscular, which seemed to bother him sometimes. While I was wondering whether I would ever have the guts to tell Luke what I felt for him, that to me he was more than just my best friend, he checked out a beautiful girl who happened to walk by. Which I liked even less than seeing Luke stare at other guys. To be honest, I simply couldn't figure him out. Sexually, I mean. Preference-wise, you see.

"Say," Luke asked, still eyeing after the girl, "do you like big muscles?"

I was somewhat taken by surprise and didn't know how to react at first, but then I managed to stutter something like: "Ahm, I... well, muscles are... you know, okay, I guess."

"Okay?" Luke said, eyebrow raised quizzically and smiling broadly. Luke knew I was gay, of course, and always got a kick out of embarrassing the shit out of me. Friends generally do, right? I mean, like to embarrass each other?

Anyway, I had lost track a bit, bathing in the light of Luke's smile, but he insisted: "Okay? Muscles are okay, that's all?"

"Well, it... you know, it would be great to-"

Luke announced triumphantly: "See, I knew it. Now look at this."

He held out a page from today's newspaper, pointing towards a small add at the bottom of the page. THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS - WITHOUT A DROP OF SWEAT, the add shouted. I looked back at Luke, who decided: "This, we will have to check out."

"Sounds like some weird kind of joke, though," I said.

Luke's smile broadened, and with a resolute gesture he brushed aside my objection: "Sounds like great fun."


I closed the door behind me, and we went into the living room, carrying the box the guy at the "Clinic for Body Improvement" had given us. Of course, Luke had been right, and it was, in a way, great fun to see how serious the guy was about his little red pills that, according to him, increased your muscularity without the help of exercise.

"I don't know what I did wrong," the small, skinny, roughly fifty-year-old man had said. He had been wearing a white lab coat and incredibly thick glasses, and continued: "I keep telling people that they can have a free trial, and that it works for everybody, and has no side effects, and even makes your features more attractive. But they don't seem to believe me. They all act as if I was some kind of weirdo, making absurd claims about biological impossibilities."

It was kind of sad to see that pleading look in his eyes, and Luke, always more sensitive than he admitted, immediately stopped mocking him. "Hey, doc, don't worry. We're really glad you gave us your whole stock of pills. And the little note with the formula. Look at the bright side of things: You said you are so rich that you can do all the research you want, without having to think about money or other people's opinion. Well, as long as that makes you happy, and you don't hurt anyone in the course of your studies, I see no reason why you should not go on and find a new field of research. Make new discoveries, you know."

The doctor thanked Luke for his encouragement, while I felt proud to have a friend with a good sense of humour, but also a great respect for other people's feelings. I knew he would never hurt some helpless, distracted guy by poking fun at him, no matter how tempting it was. And this little guy, let me tell you, was temptation in person.

Anyway, now we were in the living room of my parent's house, a box full of little red pills in front of us, and trying to make up our minds about what to do with it. On the one hand, it didn't seem such a good idea to eat something this crazy guy had come up with, but on the other hand... well, maybe we were curious, all the same. In any case, we were sitting there, not knowing exactly what to do.

"Hey, I'm sure this works, and we will soon grow huge muscles and become incredibly strong."

"Yeah, sure this works, but you will never dare to eat even a single one of those pills, so it doesn't matter anyway."

"In other words, you're saying that I'm a coward, right? While of course you would swallow a pill without hesitating a second."

"Sure I would."

We looked at each other, and knew we had arrived at an impasse. One of us would have to back down now and admit to being a coward, or we would both have to do something really stupid just to prove a point that wasn't even worth making in the first place. Being, as it happened, in our senior year of high school, we opted for the latter, of course.

"Okay, take your pill, on three. One. Two. Three!"

We swallowed a pill each, and agreed that they were surprisingly tasty. They didn't seem to have any effect on our bodies, however, and although we hadn't expected anything to happen, a sense of disappointment seemed to hang in the living room air. I admit that the idea of Luke and myself growing huge muscles by swallowing little pills appealed to me, resonating with a part of my unconscious that had been providing me with my most intense erotic dreams and fantasies. I knew that it could not really happen, of course, but the thought had still managed to turn me on. Perhaps I was a bit surprised that Luke seemed similarly disappointed, but then again I knew that he sometimes wished he was more muscular, which explained why a part of him had wanted the pills to work as well.

Neither of us admitted to our disappointment, however, and, slightly embarrassed in the wake of our stupid and rather childish dare, we pretended to be bored and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around in the back-yard, sometimes taking a swim in the pool, sometimes just lying on the grass, talking about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. After about an hour, Luke put on his shirt and got ready to leave, both of which I regretted to see. I didn't get up, but remained lying on the grass, in the shade of the old elm that seemed to have been there forever.

"Hey, I have to go now. See you in school."

"Yeah, see you. And thanks for the great time."

Luke left, and I stayed outside for a while longer, but the evening air soon became too cold. I went back inside and picked up the box with the pills from the living room table, absent-mindedly scratching my stomach, which had begun to itch slightly. While I got up to my room, the itching increased, and I looked down to see whether I had been bitten by some kind of bug. Having arrived in my room, I placed the box with the pills on my bookshelf, sat down on my bed and decided to examine my stomach more closely, because the itch had still not disappeared. I gasped when I noticed the faintest outline of a six-pack, which I knew had not been there before.

Although the itch had stopped by now, my mind started spinning, and I looked at the little box with the red pills with a mixture of scepticism, fear, and excitement. I knew that it was crazy to believe in some magical formula which would miraculously help me to grow into some sort of fitness model, giving me the great, muscular body I had secretly longed for since I had unexpectedly discovered the beauty of the male body at the age of twelve, during my first spell of puberty. The mere thought that my dream could suddenly come true made me disregard all appeals of reason, and kept my eyes fixed on the box with the pills.

After a few seconds, I got up from the bed and, still hesitant, picked up the box from the shelf. There was only one way of finding out whether I had somehow lost my mind, or whether the red pills the weird little guy had given to us actually worked. My hand hovered over the box for a while, and suddenly I felt three more pills in my mouth, which I swallowed before I could change my mind. I put the box back on the shelf, opened my closet and examined myself in the full-length mirror on the inside of its door.

Nothing happened at first, and I was starting to wonder whether I had been mistaken, when I remembered that I had taken the first pill more than an hour ago, and that it had taken all this time before its effect had begun to show. I sighed, put on a shirt, picked up the book on my bedside table, and started to read. It was a great book, and after a while, I had already forgotten that I was, perhaps, about to grow into the handsome, muscular guy I had always wanted to be.

When the itching started, it took me a while to find my way out of the story, and back into the reality of my room. As soon as I remembered what the itch meant, I immediately got up and placed myself in front of the mirror. I lifted my shirt, and stroked my abs with my right hand. I felt myself getting hard in my pants as the abs were becoming more defined, their outlines clearly visible now even without closer inspection. I kept rubbing my six-pack, but also paid attention to the feeling of my pecs slowly pushing outwards. They were starting to show through the fabric of my shirt, which was getting tighter not only because of the growth of my chest, but also because of my broadening back and shoulders. My lats were pushing outwards as well, and I could feel my biceps inflating with size. My forearms thickened, and I felt a wave of energy rush through my legs as my quads started growing. Naturally, I still had a raging hard-on when the growth stopped.

Almost unable to take my eyes off my newly athletic body, I kept running my hands all over myself, relishing the hardness of my muscles, and enjoying the feeling of strength and power that went with them. I knew already that I wanted to be bigger, so I went to the box, counted out six more pills, and swallowed them immediately. This time, I did not read in order to make the time pass more quickly, but instead used the time to further explore my new body, to stroke my firm, incredibly sexy butt, and flex my muscles in front of the mirror. My hard-on had still not subsided when the itching returned, stronger now and spreading from my stomach down towards my legs and upwards to my chest.

I moaned as my pecs resumed their growth, stretching the fabric of my shirt some more and continually increasing the strain on the seams. My jeans, too, were getting tighter as my calves and quads inflated with size, making my legs look less and less like those of a fitness model and more like those of an amateur bodybuilder. I flexed my arms and admired the bulge of my biceps, which kept swelling even when I had finished the pose. My forearms thickened, and my lats pushed outwards, unfolding like wings and giving my torso the v-shape I had secretly longed for so much. When I had finished growing, my muscles were bigger than I had ever thought possible. I felt strong, and could not stop flexing my arms and bouncing my pecs. In the mirror in front of me, there was a young, sexy bodybuilder, not the size of a pro, but incredibly muscular all the same, and I had to keep telling myself that I was looking at myself.

After a while, I went over to the box on my bookshelf, wondering for the first time what ingredients would be needed in order to make more pills, and eventually I found the little sheet of paper the mysterious scientist had given us together with his whole supply of pills. I read the note, then read the first part again, unable somehow to process what I had just read. I tried to pull myself together, and read the short paragraph once more.

"These pills will make your muscles grow. Take one pill, and wait for about an hour, until the first, minor wave of growth starts. Use the next four hours to adjust yourself to the new feeling of size and strength, and prepare for the real growth to occur. The second wave of growth will last longer, and the increase in size will be at least ten times that of the first wave. Be patient, and enjoy."

I swallowed hard, put back the note, and looked at the clock on my bedside table. Almost four hours had passed since I had taken the first pill together with Luke, and in a few minutes, the second wave of growth would set in. My muscles would start to grow again, and I would become even bigger than I was now. That, however, would not be the end of it, as I had swallowed no less than ten pills in the course of the day. I had always wanted to be bigger, to grow strong and muscular, but now, suddenly, I was a little afraid when I thought about what was to happen during the next few hours. Already as built as an amateur bodybuilder, I would grow at least ten times bigger soon. Although I tried to picture such an incredible amount of muscle on my body, my imagination faltered, and I stood in front of the mirror in my closet, not knowing what to do.

Soon, I felt a strange kind of pressure building up inside, and I realized that the second wave of growth from the first pill was about to begin. Wondering where Luke was now, and how he would react to an unexpected round of growth, I felt the pressure increasing, and heard myself moaning. I closed my eyes, and felt a wave of pleasure wash over my body, as the pressure reached its peak and my muscles started growing once again. Once more, my pecs pushed outwards, rubbing against each other and stretching the seams of my shirt to their limit. I adjusted my stance as my quads ballooned outwards, followed by my calves which were bulging almost obscenely, but showed no sign of stopping their growth. With each passing second, I added more muscle to my frame, and when I flexed my biceps, the sleeves of my shirt ripped apart. The rest of the shirt soon followed suit, as my back, lats and pecs simultaneously burst through the fabric, revealing an upper body more muscular than that of even the biggest bodybuilders, and still swelling with size. My lats pushed against my inflating triceps, forcing my arms away from my body. I turned sideways in order to check out the increasing bulge of my muscle butt. Remembering my continuing hard-on, I noticed that the bulge in the front of my pants was also bigger than it used to be, when my jeans could no longer contain the tree trunks of muscle that had once been my legs, and burst at the seams. I flexed in front of the mirror, enjoying the fact that I, with every new pose, I looked bigger than with the previous one, sometimes rubbing my hand over my unbelievably hard and huge muscles, sometimes stroking my hard-on, growing more muscular and aroused by the minute. With a final, orgasmic spurt my growth ended, adding several pounds to my incredible body, and at the same time, I came in my pants, lost in the feeling of size and power beyond anything I had ever even dreamed of.

When it was over, and I managed to focus again, I saw in the mirror the biggest, most muscular man that had ever walked the surface of the earth. I had grown beyond the size of any professional bodybuilder on the planet already, and that was still without the effect of the other nine pills I had swallowed a few hours ago. While a part of me was afraid of what was about to happen, I realized that another part longed for even bigger muscles. Trying to adjust to my superhuman size, to the idea of being the strongest and most muscular man alive, and waiting for the growth to resume, I wondered whether this second part of myself could ever be satisfied, or whether it would always long for more size and bigger muscles. I tried to push the thought out of my mind, but no matter how hard I tried, it stayed right there, and I threw a worried glance at the box on my bookshelf, in which there were still hundreds of little red pills waiting their turn. •

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