Power Geek


By Muscl4life

I wasted no time and headed to the school – just the simple walk to the school made me horny again, mostly because my thickest thighs rubbed against my giant cock which grew hard as an anaconda. I smiled and pay not further attention to it, I realized it would be like this from now on, always hard, always horny, always huge.

I got to the school, and directed to the side fence, bending it was no trouble at all, no one was there to spy on me, the only problem was that I accidentally ripped the entire steel fence from the concrete sidewalk, with simply one arm – “Fuck this is too light for my huge muscles!” I tried to put it back, but it was useless so I just let it there and went for my goal – it was almost the end of the first class. I adjusted my glasses and smirked – “SHOWTIME!”

Troy Powers had always been the top hat around the school, no one ever challenged his authority, he was the main star of the Football Team and every teacher had been forced to pass him because of his amazing plays and unique style. He was used to be under the spotlight, he liked that and used it with his arrogance and stupid attitude. At 6’3” and weighing 215 pounds of lean built muscular mass, with light chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes, Troy was the all American jock, like me he was an stereotype, the idealization of youth perfection, athletic excellence and male power in just one hot guy.

But this would soon change. Forever.

I knew Troy had Physics class now, but he would be hanging on the yard with the other jocks – why would he ever watch any class if he had me to do all the hard work and the teacher was forced to pass him on the exams?

The coolest guys all gathered under this huge oak tree, which gave them a good and fresh shadow, not to mention a very privileged view from the swimming pool, where the girls of synchronized swimming team trained. From there they ruled the entire school, judging everybody and everyone, making those who dared to be different of them suffer and humiliating innocent people like I used to be.

I felt my heart beating faster, my cock leaking pre-cum all over my abs and my biceps bulging with each heart bump. I smiled and felt in the air the smell of my prey’s fresh cologne. I heard from afar he was laughing at someone and the gang supporting his mockery as usual, just a typical Thursday.

They never saw me coming, not because I was tried to hide, but because I acted too quick. They only saw my giant paws grabbing the thick oak trunk – well not so thick, after all my biceps were almost twice the size of the fragile tree – and with no effort at all I pulled it out of the soil, the sound of the unroothing oak tree scared the jocks who jumped to the side as I finished pulling it out the ground.

“SORRY GUYS, I AM REDESINGNING THE YARD!” I shouted with a ironic smile on my lips. The jocks are dumb, but not stupid, they realized that only someone who was sure to kick their asses would dare such thing. They all looked at me, astonished and shocked to my sheer size and freakish proportions, I scared them to the bones, I could feel that, I was nothing but muscle and power, breathing loudly, expanding my huge chest every time I inhaled, twisting my shoulders and head to accommodate the gargantuan mass.

“SO GUYS, ENJOYING THE MORNING? I AM SO SORRY TO BOTHER YOU!” I said as my huge hand simply pulverized the trunk, spreading little wooden fragments everywhere, which made the jocks cover their faces as soon as they realized what I had just done.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Troy shouted with his face still covered. I just laughed and grabbed him by the collar with my pinky finger – “YOU KNOW ME PRETTY WELL, DON’T YOU TROY? WE ARE FRIENDS SINCE THE SISTH GRADE!” I looked into his eyes and a voice screamed inside my mind “REVENGE!!!!”

Troy realized who he was talking to and I felt him wetting himself, that was it, only the look of me, made the meanest jock ever pee in his pants. I laughed and lifted him even higher and showed everybody their precious football captain was nothing but a coward wetter – “S-s-s-s-s-simon? Is that you?” he kept repeating as his pee soaked his pants and even his sneakers.

“YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT LITTLE MAN!” I said flexing my huge biceps and pressing his face against my sweaty smelly armpit – “SIMON FINNEGAN, THE ONE AND ONLY!” I screamed in ecstasy as I felt his little head drenching on my copious smell.

By the time the school inspector got there, I was holding Troy upside down and showing everybody he had peed on his pants, but the guy tried to made me stop – he yelled at me, which he regretted very much. I just walked towards him and threw him off the school, simply like that, he just flew away over three hundred yards over the school wall, landing atop the dumpster.

It only made the other inspectors rush towards me. I couldn’t care less, with one arm I sent all the five of them against the fence and then, I tied the little guys with the steel fence – I knew I would need it sometime.

The school went chaotic at this time, every boy, girl, teacher and janitor wanted to see the monster kid who invaded the school. They all gathered at a safe distance from my gargantuan bulk and watched in disbelief as I toyed with Troy Powers, like he was just a little scrawny boy. Principal Meyers came along, he held the megaphone and tried to convince me to drop Troy. I just laughed at him. What could he do Send the police I would probably kick their asses too!

“Listen, kid, who ever you are, I am certain we can discuss this!” The man had the nerve to say. It obviously pissed me off, so I dropped Troy for one brief moment and towered over Meyers, who just gulped down as he could identify the face atop the real muscle mountain – I just looked at him with an angry face.


Meyers went silent, he could not believe the little Simon had grown to my current proportions, and used it on my favor – I kneeled and looked into Principal Meyers in the eyes – “ALL I AM DOING IS GIVING BACK YEARS OF TORTURE AND HUMILIATION! AND THERE`S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THAT!”

Meyers went furious – “I am calling the cops on you, Finnegan!” he screamed as he tried to run away from me, but I just grabbed him and lifted like a bug. He kicked and tried to escape, much braver than Troy who just stood there in shock, I confess I expected more from the captain and the team’s star player.

“NO MEYERS YOU WON`T!!” my voice was so imperious the man simply froze. I flexed my muscles to emphasize my order. I made him closer to my face – “YOU WILL RETURN TO YOUR QUIET LITTLE ROOM, AND WILL TELL NO ONE ABOUT THIS, OR I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, INCLUDING YOUR PRECIOUS CAR AND YOUR BRAND NEW HOUSE, YOU LISTEN?” I whispered on his ears and smiled. Then I dropped him.

“The rest of you, little people, if you want to see good old fashioned justice, you are free to watch, but if anyone blabs I will make him my next victim!” I said as the people looked at my huge titanic figure from the ground, most of them hated Troy Powers and his gang just as much as I did, but the situation had turned impossible any attempt of protesting, the Principal protected Powers, because he was a major athlete and also because his family was at the leadership of the City’s Chamber of Commerce. So, because of political suck up, we were stuck with Troy Powers and his jock tyranny for year and years, but now I had changed it, for good.

I looked at the other jocks, most of them had run away, when I got distracted to with the inspectors, but I still had plenty of time to deal with them. All that mattered now was my unfinished business with Mr. Powers – “So Troy, guess what I am doing with you”

The boy was mute, he just watched with fear on his eyes, and it once more disappointed me, I expected him to face me and force me to use my uncanny muscles against him, but instead, he just accepted everything with no problem at all? But then he seemed to regain conscious – “Let go of me, your freak! My father is gonna put you on jail for this!”

I grinned – “Well, he can try but I’ll break free in no time, you little bastard!” I said and squeezed his arms with no effort at all, and he screamed in pain – “Now guess what I am doing to you”

“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!” he screamed feeling his arm bending further. I smiled and dragged him to the parking lot – “Well, I am gonna make you brighter, Troy Powers, I am teaching you Physics!” I said an pointed at his car, a brand new red Dakota pick up, which was parked at the best spot of the whole school, under the large shadow of a tree. The jock froze – “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Don’t worry Troy, we gotta sacrifice some personal things in order to get a fine education, now if you remember Newton’s First Rule of Physics is “When a body is stopped, he tends to remain stopped…” I approached the vehicle and smiled mischievously, then I just pushed it away like one boy does with his toy, but in my case I was pulling a 3000 pounds pick up, and I only wore my index finger to do this. The car made a loud noise, since I broke the brake resistance and it ran towards the end of the parking lot.

“And once the body is set into movement…” – CRASH! – the sound of Troy’s car hitting the school wall, the loud noise of his brand new car’s front completely smashed in the fact made Troy really mad at me, he tried to kick my in the nuts, but it happens they are almost as hard as my muscles, so full of cum they are, and he almost broke his foot, screaming louder than a pig when is slaughtered. “It tends to remain moving, unless it is forced to stop again! See? Physics is not that hard, is it?”

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DID THAT CAR COST?” He screamed as he tried to break free from my grip, but it was useless, I just grabbed him tighter, almost breaking his ribcage.


The police car arrived right then. I smiled and considered if Meyers had been brave or just stupid to test me. I jumped over the fence and landed on one of the cars. The officer almost passed out, he just had time to get out of the vehicle. Then his partner pointed his gun at me, shaking like a coward which he was truly was – “Let go of the boy!” he ordered me. I was faster than I could imagine.

With just three hard, incredible arm moves I had grabbed the officers, smashed the gun on my fingers, and immobilized them under my armpits, with the same arm I was carrying Troy – “Now Troy, a little chemistry. The oxygen is one of the most active chemicals, it practically combines with everything in the universe, and the most eligible elements are metals, and once a metal stays in touch with the oxygen in the air…” I grabbed the police car and lifted it over my head, it felt so easy, and I felt so powerful doing this.

I toyed with the car throwing it up and down for a couple of times, then I continued on my lecture – “The oxygen reacts to the metallic chemicals and produces the effect we usually know as…” I threw the car away, launching it like a rocket, it flew higher and higher, until it reached the pond almost half a mile across the school front gate. – “Rust! And such effect is favored if we expose the metal to watery solutions!”

I laughed out loud, as everybody screamed in horror, ecstasy or simply shock, the officers were trying to break free and they were starting to bug me too, so I just reached the flag pole, and bend the metal easily, till the point I reached the edge and put the guys on it, tying them with the ropes, then I just moved away carrying my little prey with me.

One or two teachers also tried to dissuade me of going further on my revenge, but I simply ignored them, the revenge was mine to savor and enjoy. I smiled and mentally reached for my servant spirit – “You promised more power, I want it NOW!”

“As you wish master!”

I doubled over feeling the power making me grow again – I almost dropped Troy, but I recovered quick. My body grew in violent spasms. My veins and muscles growing freakier and thicker, my whole body seemed to bubble in different directions; I looked like a freaky dough, growing bigger at each heartbeat.

The screams of agony and shock filled my ears, but they sounded as music to me, I felt the pleasure of my body growing stronger and bigger, each new ounce of pure muscle and strength increasing my already gargantuan figure, I felt each limb growing so much powerful, so much stronger, that I had to laugh and this time, it felt like a thunder, everybody covered the ears and dropped to their knees as I stood up and opened my arms. “LOOK AT ME! I AM THE FREAKIEST MUSCLE MONSTER! HAHAHA LOOK TROY! LOOK HOW PUNY YOU ARE! AND I GONNA GET A LOT BIGGER!”

Troy watched in awe as my hands started growing larger, and larger, my forearms were humongous, and my shoulders stood massively and gigantic and my chest had finally ripped my puny excuse for clothing, and my thighs tore my pants away, revealing my mammoth cock to the audience, it was over 24 inches long and growing bigger by the second. Then I flexed my guns and watched as they got bigger and bigger.

What I really didn’t expect, never in my whole life, happened next. I was still marveled to the growing size of my guns, when I suddenly felt lips worshipping my muscles. I looked in disbelief, when Troy Powers, the most homophobic guy I ever knew was kissing my triceps and hugging my arms. My growth had caused my hands to enlarge and it made possible to my prey to escape from my hands, but instead of running away he simply climbed up on my arms and hang upside down like a muscle bat and grabbed my humongous arm with his legs, kissing and humping with it, like he was a little horny dog.

“So fucking huge, so fucking strong, oh so, huge, love muscles, love hugeness!” He kept humping and humping kissing my muscles which grew faster and faster, I just felt my growth increasing with Troy’s sudden worship session.

“YES, WORHSIP THOSE MUSCLES BITCH! YOU ARE MY MUSCLE JUNKIE BITCH NOW, TROY!” I said with my voice getting deeper and deeper with each word. I felt my muscles getting thick, and I wished to fuck Troy right there, in front of everybody, but suddenly I felt the growth stopping again…

“WHYYYYYY?” I asked in anger, roaring to the people.

“I am still recovering master, but don’t worry, just keep on your revenge!!!”

I took a deep breath and looked around me, most of boys had creamed their pants, including the jocks of Troy’s gang, the others were gone screaming and crying, then I felt the warmth of Troy’s cum soaking my triceps, it felt so little, and he was so tiny, I still hated him, but I had to admit that he had done a great job, because now I looked so big I made my former self look like a piece of spaghetti – 8`8” tall and I knew I had to weigh over 1500 pounds, my shoulders had grown so fucking freaky they were now almost one foot taller than my head, and my biceps were amazingly thick, touching the ground like a huge Neanderthal muscle freak. My head looked so small, it only increased the width of me, but my cock stood even bigger, completely erect and trapped between my massive globes of muscle pecs.

I smiled, I knew this was just the beginning. I could hear the police backup arriving, but I was just tired of dealing with those little morons, I wanted more and more, and I needed to complete my revenge!

I looked at Troy and grabbed him, then I started running, and with my muscle legs, I just vanished of the school. “W-where are we going?” Troy asked still feeling the buzz of his recent cum.

“Don’t worry little bitch, we are still gonna have some fun! I am gonna take you to lunch!” I said and kissed him roughly, muffling his protest sounds…

Maybe I can tell you what happens next… If you beg me enough. •

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