Power Geek


By Muscl4life

The simple vision of my body scared everyone at school – but who could blame them? I am 9’5” tall weighing over 3000 pounds of sheer mighty muscle. My shoulders are over 5’10” apart and my chest is now over 85 inches around, along with my 57” arms and my 65” thighs – there you have the sight of a true FREAK!

But I guess that what really freaks them about me is my behavior. I am a straight A student, with the best grades ever, and I dress like the typical nerd stereotype – thick glasses, cheesy shirts and my hair is really greasy and messy – Anyway, when they see the biggest muscles in world tearing my tight clothing and ripping off during classes, it really freaks them out, especially the jocks, mostly because I humiliate them, every single day, and they can’t do anything about that – because I am ten times stronger than ALL of them combined – and I have proved it already- , by winning the bastards in a football match – all of the team players against myself, and I won with the amazing score of 32 – 0.

I must confess that my bulk is very noticeable – My arms are so long they actually touch the ground, and my hands are just enormous, each finger of mine is thicker than the average man’s arms. My wide shoulders are so gigantically proportioned they make my head look incredibly small, if you see me from distance you can only notice my thick glasses, so tiny my entire skull seems when compared to the rest of my huge body. My legs are also so huge and thickly muscular I can’t completely stretch them nor walk properly, if the little jocks could make fun of me, they would start by that – I have a heavy, slow way of walking, and most of the time I fill the entire hallway and no student can walk aside me otherwise I can accidentally crush him or her against the wall.

The indoors are so tiny I have to sit at the floor and enter the rooms one leg at time, and I can’t stand up, otherwise my head goes trough the short ceilings, and I can only watch the classes sitting on the bare floor, because no chair can hold my massive weight.

I guess the most uncomfortable situations happen when I am growing, mostly because I am always growing, getting stronger, more muscular and thicker and the little people is very scared at that, they just can’t get used to the idea that my muscles are always growing and thickening therefore, I’ll be ripping whatever clothing I have over my body!

I remember when I hated P.E. the jocks were always bragging themselves about their huge cocks, and we had to run and hide, when one of them wanted to show off by comparing his big dicks with our little weenies, but now it doesn’t happen anymore – no one can match my 20 inches flaccid – I repeat flaccid – cock I still don’t know how big it can get, people had measured it at 40 inches long and over 18 inches thick, with matching 50 pound heavy balls to produce gallons and gallons of cum.

I walk proudly and everybody greeted me, how could they not see me? After all Simon Finnegan is the biggest man in world, but there were times when people couldn’t even notice me and simply tossed me from side to side. I guess you are wondering how come all of this be possible? A Titanic sized man with the biggest muscles in world attending high school?

It wasn’t always like this. I was already a sophomore but it didn’t help much being 5`1” 115 pounds of misery, even the freshmen could bully me. The football team was the worst part, I was their favorite prey, every single day they bullied me from the moment I entered the school.

Life was an endless nightmare – you must have figured it out.

One night, I was doing some essay to Troy Powers, the football team captain and my worst tormentor – it was about Shakespeare, and I had to write about the famous scene where the witches cast their spell, throwing the ingredients into the boiling cauldron – one thing led to another and when I realized I was looking for witchcraft sites and rituals. I had the vain fantasy of finding a spell which could help me to get stronger and finally get rid of the bullies.

I had seen a lot of crap, bogus witches and warlocks promising all kind of things, but finally I could trace down one interesting item – an old book which allegedly belonged to a powerful witch who lived in Scotland – the book was written in an ancient language, and should be over 500 years old.

“I will never be able to buy it…” I thought but even so I gave it a shot.

Surprisingly, as soon as I typed my offer (only 100 dollars which I had saved tutoring) this message appeared on my screen.

“Are you interested in that book?” it was a dialog box – I had a highly protected firewall system, so I had no worries about viruses. “Yes, indeed, it is surely a terrific historic item” I typed. “But that is not the reason you want him – you seek for its power” the thing answered “Who are you, anyway?”

“Just a friend, I’ve been the keeper of the Book’s power for quite some times, and it is time to pass it on!” “A witch who uses the net? Talk about modern days!” “Cut the bullshit, within 5 minutes, check your email account and make sure to be at the address at the precise time, otherwise you will be forgotten!” the dialog box blinked and just disappeared.

I checked my email and there were this message with an address, it was really a nice place downtown, I would have to go alone there. Normally I would just ignore it, but my curiosity spoke louder. At the very next day I rang the bell of the apartment, and this middle aged man opened the door.

He was tall, strong built and had full white long hair at shoulder length, he wore just a big blue robe, showing some very nice built pecs. He had green eyes and had many golden jewelry on his fingers, wrists and neck. He looked more like a pimp than a wizard!

“Welcome, Simon” He said and showed me the inside – It was a dark place but incredibly beautiful, very appealing, indeed.

“My name is Felix, please have a seat!” He showed me the big, purple velvet sofa, and sat, feeling very weird and yet comfortable.

“You don’t look like an old wizard…” I started and he nodded, gently caressing this white cat, which just came out of nowhere and jumped at his arms.

“Why you say that? You doubt of my powers?” He asked smiling

“No, I just tried to make some conversation, I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, I am not offended, now, you want the book don’t you?”

“It depends, I don’t have much money…”

“I don’t care for money, you foolish boy, look around you, I have all the money I can spend, I look for a proper owner to the Book!” He said roughly and I just frowned.

“Simon, I know you seek for power and this Book can give you the power you seek, the question is – are you ready to embrace such power?”

“Yes, I am!” I just replied to my own surprise.

“Farewell!” He said and suddenly I just felt light minded, a bluish fog covered my vision and when I came back to myself I was at the outside of the building, except that there was no building at all, only an empty lot.

“What the hell?” I asked, feeling the weight on my hands – it was the BOOK!

“But how?” I asked looking at the thing on my hands – it was extremely large and heavy, it had a leather cover, with golden symbols and a huge lock, I gently pressed it and it popped out opening the book, which almost fell from my arms.

I managed to grab it and rushed back home – it was the first time I ever cut class, I rushed home, fortunately my “uncles” were not there (my parents had split up a long time ago, and I ended up living with a cousin of my mother to have a better schooling, but they didn’t care much about me, only let me live on the back yard house, to get the money she sends every month).

I closed the windows and sat the book at the table. It was dragging me to reveal its secrets I could feel that. For an unknown reason, I lit some candles around it, and grabbed a crystal glass, which I filled with water. When I finally had finished these preparations – I opened the thing, and somehow I could see a face- a real face formed from the words written on the pages, it was the same face of the man that gave me the book!

“Hello, my young master, I have chosen you to be my new user! I shall give you everything you seek and much, much more!” The face greeted me with an evil smirk.

“H-how are you there?”

“I am the Spirit of the Book, I live inside for ages, granting the power to those who seek power!” the face smiled once more.

“You mean me? Why?” I asked still not believing

“Because your inner self is thirsty for POWER, and it calls for my help, please let me grant your most intimate wishes!” The Spirit had very appealing voice and arguments. “W-what can you offer me?” I asked more interested.

“Anything, and Everything! You just have to decide!”

I looked seriously now – “I want POWER, all the POWER you can give me!”

The spirit smirked once more – “Are you serious about that?” “Why? You offered it to me, why are you hesitating?”

“Just to test you, I can feel your inner flame desiring the power, but your mind still hesitates!”

“Yes, I wanna know what is gonna happen to me!” I finally confessed.

“You are a wise man, Master Simon. You seek for muscle and strength, and I can grant that, that is a given. My power can be granted in its integrity to you, but not without a cost…” “Which is?” “First I will tell you that, in order to accept the Power I can give you, your body will change drastically.” “How so?” “You will become bigger and stronger…”

“That’s just what I look for!” I said smiling

“but in a way mankind is not used to, and it will be shocking…”

“Still interesting though…”

“your body will enlarge into incredible proportions, and it will keep happening, your muscles will grow with power and strength, and they will just keep getting bigger, stronger and thicker…”

“I understand that, and yet I am not afraid” “But you will, most of times you’ll feel like you’re gonna blow like a balloon, but yet you’ll keep growing, every day, every hour, every single minute, your body will develop and enhance its muscles, its power and yet, it will grow…”

“I am still with you, spirit!” I said with greedy eyes.

It paused, and soon it spoke once more – “Simon, you have the thirst for power I haven’t seen in ages, and I like that, I am not a good Sprit, I only act when I feel that my user will give me pleasure.”

“You mean you are some kind of demon?”

“Please, don’t try to fit me into your poor mortal religious concepts, I am beyond good and evil, I seek Pleasure, the same way you seek for your power!”

“So, in exchange for my power you ask me to please you, how can I please you?”

“Revenge, Simon! Your inner soul is filled with bitter feelings for those who ever picked on you, during your whole life! Once you get the power flowing into you, you’ll feel the need to teach them a lesson, won’t you?”

“I already do!” I confessed with a mean smile – “Pleasure you shall have, but first you gotta give me the power!”

“There’s more, young master!”

“Please, continue!”

“The more you please me, the faster the transfer will occur, so you will be able to grow faster! But you won’t stop growing for quite sometime!”

“If you are trying to scare me, Spirit, you are losing your time, I said I want muscle and strength and you shall give me! ALL THE POWER! NOW!” I shouted.

The spirit nodded – “Farewell!”

Suddenly, a brilliant light came of the center of the pages and hit me right into the chest! I watched as I start growing, that my body floated in the middle of the air, and the book also flew higher we started spinning and the light, which connected us, got stronger and brighter.

I felt my limbs growing thicker, longer, stronger, ripped with uncanny muscles. In a matter of seconds I changed beyond comprehension. I was already bigger than many male models, but I felt that it was just the beginning.

“You asked for power Simon, and you shall have it ALL!” I hear the voice on my head I felt the power flow into me, like a real flood. My senses were going nuts, I felt I could take the whole world at once.

My muscles were growing so fast, all I could do was look at them, the veins popping, the skin getting each time tighter around them, I could hear it stretching, just like my bones thickened to allow more and more mass. The link became stronger it shone even brighter.

The whole world seemed nothing but my playground. I watched in awe as my muscles grew even bigger beyond any man could ever dream of, the power growing inside of me as well as the thirst for more.

“GIVE ME EVERYTHING, FELIX, OBBEY YOUR MASTER!” I shouted, followed by a loud laughter as the muscles increased in my uncanny huge body!

I felt my weight increasing exponentially, and the more it happened the better it felt!

The sight of my ever growing muscles made me horny, and I felt my cock coming to life, it was never so hard and big in my entire life, it was already over ten inches long but kept growing like a huge python, joined by the freaking huge balls I now had hanging down on my scrotum. I flexed my guns, and they start growing even more, then I realized that I could grow even faster. So I started flexing every fiber of my body, and the transfer intensified tenfold.

“YOU ARE ABSORBING MY ESSENCE!” The Spirit shouted in my mind. “YOU OFFERED ME POWER, AND I SHALL HAVE POWER!” I replied. The link got even stronger and I could feel that I was monstrously huge, with uncanny muscles. My body had changed beyond human anatomy. I had no longer human standards, every single muscle was so bloated and huge, it just had new morphology. I had developed new muscle fibers to increase my strength, and my limbs no longer had human proportions. My shoulders bloated in side and mass, my chest filled with ever growing masses of muscle fibers, my nipples grew enormous bigger than ever, my cock started aching with so much growth and hardness, and yet it kept growing bigger and thicker, my balls churned producing more and more cum.

I looked at my biceps, they were so he, powerful and beautiful, I wanted to flex them, and make them even bigger, and so I did, which caused the entire room to shine even brighter.

“I’VE NEVER FELT SUCH AN INTENSE DESIRE!” The Spirit said with a weakening voice, but I just laughed – “I HAVEN’T STARTED YET!” and with that I flexed even harder, trying to suck out every drop of that magnificent power!

The Book started burning, the flames increased my growth, and the power seemed to flow even faster, it was like having an ever lasting orgasm, each moment lasts for ever, and each growth moment is eternal, and yet you grow faster and faster. I could see my body enlarging so much, the veins, the skin so amazingly tight, the width of my lats is just unmentionable, I had legs thicker than trunks, my waist had gone so thin, mostly because the amazing growth of my shoulders and chest, and my cock grew even bigger, causing my body to grow even faster.

My arms grew beyond description, and my whole body inflated with more and more mass, and suddenly the transfer simply stopped.

I fell on the ground, making a huge hole at the floor. I was kneed, and my breath was slow, I savored every single moment. “SPIRIT! YOU PROMISED ALL YOUR POWER! WHY YOU STOPPED THE TRANSFER?” I asked furiously “I told you… It takes time! Your body will keep growing, but I need time to make it happen, you gotta…”

“I GOTTA GIVE YOU YOUR REWARD, I KNOW THAT!” I said as I tried to look at myself at the mirror.

I should be almost 8 feet tall, but my muscles were amazingly huge! I had to be at least 4 feet wide! The simple sight of me caused my cock to spew it incredibly huge load, which hit the ceiling, the walls, and yet I came for over ten minutes. I looked at my face, I was still the same, yet, much more handsome, but I had an idea. I grabbed my old thick glasses. And put them on, then I grabbed an former oversized shirt and cut off the sleeves, I squeezed myself into it and my chest just popped out three buttons. I laughed out loud, then I tried to put on some pants, and only my baggy cargo pants fit, although very loose on the waist and incredibly tight around my thighs, which caused another loud ripping sound as my muscle pillars adjusted inside the small space. I grabbed my pocket protector, and my pen set and squeezed them into my pocket, which only hanged from my huge nipple which outstretched the fabric. I was still the perfect nerd type – but no longer a dumb nerd! I had a muscle freak body, completely hulking and uncanny veined. My head was incredibly small compared to my body, especially because my chest rose up close to my chin, and my traps stood higher than ears, and my shoulders were even higher, which made me look a total FREAK! I felt the power hadn’t stopped flowing, I could feel myself growing, but much slower now. “You want revenge to make me grow, Spirit? You shall have your token!” I said as I just walked through the walls, completely destroying it. I went towards the school, there were some bullies which I had to bully – hehehe.

And that’s how it started, but I shall tell you later, it’s lunch time, and I need to eat in order to grow… even more •

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