Not Just Skin Deep

The Costume Shop


By LeatherGryphon

I'm always on the hunt for a better costume, so the small rusty sign saying "Special Costumes" dangling from a single screw on the corner of the alley wall easily diverted me from my mundane destination. Close up I could see portions of a faded red arrow pointing straight up but it would have pointed into the cluttered dead-end alley if mounted properly. The bright noon sun was eclipsed by the buildings lining the narrow alley so I cautiously made my way into the dark shadows.

Approaching the blank wall at the end, I'd almost given up hope that the shop was still in business. Finally I saw another aged sign pointing down a steep narrow set of stone steps to an open basement door inviting entry with a simple "Open" sign.

Knocking on the door to announce myself , I walked in. Soft strains of mysterious eerie music surrounded me. The walls of the entry room covered with worn oriental carpets and the smell of incense reminded me of head-shops from the 60's. True to the image, a bead curtain covered a small door at the other end of the shop. The room was empty except for a counter with a gray marble top supporting an ornate bronze incense burner darkened from perhaps centuries of use. There was also an old fashioned desk bell similarly tarnished, and a chipped glass ashtray containing the cold stub of a cigar. A stream of smoke rose in lazy chaotic swirls from the mouths of the daemons forming the top of the incense burner. The rising tendril of smoke dissolved into the gray haze it had already produced. I slapped the plunger on top of the bell and it produced the expected loud "ding". I kind of liked this place. It had an atmosphere of simple unhurried civility and a definite personality.

The impatience of city living had been infecting me ever since I moved here. Thinking that the first ring of the bell had produced no results I was about to slap it again. At that moment an incredibly handsome man about twenty five, dressed only in faded, stripped bell bottoms pants a tattered dirty headband, and rose colored John Lennon glasses entered through the bead curtain. His loose sandals slapped quietly on the narrow Oriental rug that ran from door to door. His chest was firm and muscular and contradicted the image that his clothes invoked. The hippies I remember from the late 60's when I was just out of high school were usually undernourished and pale. This guy looked like an Olympic athlete who spent all his time in the sun.

"Cool it man, I'm here. Don't ring it again, like, the vibes clash with the music." He walked up a little too close to me, forcing me to back up a half step to preserve my personal space. With casual coyness he said. "Hmm, what have we here? You're a big man dude". Thrown a bit of iron in your time haven't you?"

He looked me up and down and then looked straight into my eyes for a moment too long. I averted my eyes nervously by looking at his beautifully muscular chest and arms. As if he were reading my mind his hands crossed his chest and pet the soft hair around his nipples. Feeling himself erotically he continued on down over his rippling abs and ended by cupping his crotch teasingly. I followed his motions hypnotically and felt my dick begin to stiffen. Suddenly the spell was broken when he reached up and stroked the large, heavy gold ring in his left earlobe. In deep thought for a moment he finally turned around. "Come on in buddy. I've got just what you're after.

" I doubted that, but followed him through the door. We entered a short hallway. The music came more clearly now from another bead curtain on my right. At the end of the hall we turned left into a small room hung with typical Halloween costumes. I glanced around disappointed and said. "No, I don't see anything here, thanks anyway."

"Yo, man. Chill. I know. This stuff is crap. You want a special costume. I've got what you're looking for back here in my special collection". He inserted a key and unlocked a heavy old oak door. The smell escaping from the room reminded me of a scuba shop with lots of neoprene wet suits. He reached around and twisted an old style rotary wall switch. The dim naked light bulbs in the ceiling barely lit the large room though instantly I could see I was going to like this collection. I didn't wait to be invited but preceeded him into the room.

This room was very big, it must have been part of the old warehouse next door. The place was filled with beautifully detailed full body rubber costumes. All the walls were lined with library shelves holding full head rubber masks to match the bodies.

The thousands of costumes represented the entire spectrum of human body types but I immediately saw in one section all sorts of things that interested me. Scary creatures, mythical beasts, beautiful men, and yes, just exactly what I was looking for.

"These." I said, walking over to a collection of headless rubber costumes that were obviously muscular bodybuilders of several skin tones and various levels of muscular development. I reached for one of the bigger ones and felt the thick bulges that formed, the chest shoulders, and arms. The suit was one piece with an odd looking zipper down the back. It was completely naked and anatomically correct. Lord, was it anatomically correct. A thick heavy rubber cock hung nearly ten inches and was framed by a set of balls the size of small apples hanging nearly as long in a wonderful hairy scrotum. After surviving my own hippie period I had gotten into bodybuilding and I still keep myself in good condition and have much of my contest winning muscles from twenty five years ago. I pride myself at weighing almost two hundred pounds of middle-aged hard muscle, but this suit was as big or bigger than the modern pros. I lifted it briefly off the rack to check its' length but dropped it back, surprised by its' weight.

It must have weighed thirty pounds or more. From my brief initial survey it had looked a little short for my body but I was still fascinated by it.

"See, man. I told you I had what you wanted. Way cool aren't they? Wann'a try one on?" I looked around to see him grinning wryly. His green eyes gleamed brightly as if he know something I didn't.

Jumping at the chance and said. "Yeah, this one." Indicating the gorgeous bronzed set of heavy muscles I had in my hands. "Think it will fit?"

"No problem. They always fit." His comment went right over my head. I was too excited about slipping into that muscular rubber suit. I looked around for a place to go change. He chuckled. "You wann'a try on a suit with a cock and balls like that, and you're modest about undressing? Don't you realize we wear clothes to avoid embarrasing others. I'm not embarassed so, hey man, drop your pants and just do it." His remark embarrassed me even more for a moment, then I grinned back at him letting the truth sink in and the blush drain from my face as I started unbuckling my belt. He watched me intently and I could see his interest grow between his legs as I stripped completely. It's worth noting that my interest in him was keeping pace with his expanding crotch.

He brushed past me to pull the muscleman costume off the rack. His own beautiful slightly sweaty shoulder and arm muscles danced in the dim light as they lifted the heavy suit clear of the rack. While removing the hanger he grabbed a chair and indicated I should sit. He shook the costume a bit to straighten out the legs and lowered the open back down to my ankles. I put my hand on his shoulder and inserted first one leg then the other and pulled the heavy costume onto my legs. It felt cold and clammy and slightly slimy. The attached feet had individual compartments for my toes and I fiddled with them a minute until they slid into place. The inner surface was not nylon lined like a modern wetsuit so I'd expected it to be difficult to pull on. However, it slid on easily as if greased with a micro-thin layer of something very slippery like silicon grease or better. It glided snugly around my thighs.

With his eager help we fit my dick into the thick hollow dildo that was the costume's cock and he pushed my balls into the suit's scrotum. A quick squeeze with his fingers around the base of the suit's balls compressed the rubber material above my own balls. The compression didn't expand when he released it. With my balls firmly locked in place, my cock in the dildo expanded quickly and my erection caused the huge cock on the outside to lengthen and stiffen also. I tried to imagine what sort of mechanism was inside to effect such a behavior to lifeless rubber. Brazenly he stroked the big rubber cock a couple of times with fantastic shudders I swore that I could feel it as if he were playing with me directly.

The arms were next. I put my arms into the massively muscled costume arms and worked the attached hands over my own. The material here like the feet was extremely thin but showed no danger of tearing. Once my arms were fully covered we worked the remainder over my shoulders and I felt it slip into place around my chest and back. He fiddled with the collar area briefly then pulled the zipper up the back in one swift effortless motion and smoothed the flap of rubber that covered it completely. The suit readjusted itself quickly then stopped moving as it settled onto my naked body. Quickly it warmed and was very comfortable.

The feeling was incredible. It seemed as if the suit had been specifically molded to match my body. As short as it had seemed on the rack it didn't feel uncomfortably tight. The thing fit me perfectly everywhere. Looking down I could barely see over the massive pecs. The thighs were huge bundles of deeply striated rubber muscle. I reached down to feel them and my ham-like arms came into view. Phenomenal! My hands wandered up and down the thick bi's and tri's. I could cover only a small portion of those huge biceps with my hand. I examined everything I could reach. I could feel my hands running across the surface as if the rubber costume were my own skin. The feeling was intensely erotic.

The cock stiffened completely and was sticking straight out about fifteen inches. I grabbed the middle of the enormous shaft but couldn't get my hand all the way around it. Instinctively I began stroking the incredible tool and shuddered with the waves of pleasure it produced. I was unconscious of anyone or anything else. All I wanted to do was jerk myself to satisfaction. Moments later my toes curled, I arched my back and grunted violently as my cock through the suit cock spewed forth a heavy stream of thick cum that globbed into a puddle on the floor.

Minutes later the erotic feelings abated and I remembered where I was. Embarrassed again by what I now realized what I had just done, I turned to see the handsome hippie with his pants around his ankles jerking himself off. He grabbed the back of the chair gave a loud wild cry and ejaculated copious amounts of cum which joined the puddle I'd just made. Watching in fascination I waited until his bright green glinting eyes opened again. We looked at each other in silence, then as if a switch had been turned he broke the trance and grabbed a couple of tissues from a box nearby and handed me one. "Happens a lot in here." he grinned.

He chuckled. He pulled his pants back up looked me over again and said. "Out'a sight, man, that looks so groovy on you. Wann'a keep it for a couple of days? No charge."

Fascinated by the costume and still thinking about the candid behavior in which we'd both engaged and of his free offer. I just stood there speechless.

"Yo dude, you in there?" He said waving his hand in front of my eyes, smiling broadly.

I blinked and regained my voice. "No cost? Really?"

"Well, nothin's ever really free, but yeah, dude, take it home, break it in for two days but you gott'a bring it back Sunday before noon before you damage it. Then we'll talk about the price after I make sure it's all right. Why don't you wear it home?"

The thought sent my cock rising again. Yes, that's just what I wanted to do. I looked into his deep emerald eyes and enthusiastically said. "OK." I hesitated for a moment then swore.

"Shit. What am I going to wear? I could never get my pants over these legs." I ran my hands over the thick thighs, and around the bulging hard bubble butt. Absentmindedly I forced the long stiff cock up against my rippled abs to see how high it went. The head of that unbelievable cock fit just below the heavy shelf of the pecs. I was sure I could bend enough to suck myself off if that was possible through the thick rubber. Yes, I wanted to keep this suit on but how was I going to get home?

"No problem dude. I've got everything you want. Come on." He exited through the big oak door and I followed him through the outer room of tacky disguises into the hall. The heavy cock had relaxed and I could hear and feel it thudding heavily against the huge thighs of the costume. The legs were so big I actually had to walk like the muscle bound creature I now resembled. The balls flopped back and forth sensuously keeping in harmonic synchronization with the cock. The feeling was so damn real I could swear that they were hitting my own legs.

We went up a set of stairs into a large room filled with stacks of leather hides, racks of finished leather clothing and machines for working with leather. This was great though because none of my own leather could possibly fit this body. If he had stuff that would fit me now so much the better. He went directly over to a rack sagging with hundreds of pounds of leather pants and quickly found a pair of huge black leather jeans which he handed to me. I sat on a stool at one of the old leather sewing machines and pulled the pants over my massive new legs. The huge cock and balls gave me a little trouble getting them tucked away.

The pants were cut quite full, but once I'd zipped them up, they were snug around the hips and thighs and the great bulge of my new genitals showed very prominently. The knees and lower legs though were obviously tailored to permit generous bending like for riding motorcycle. This guy knew leather for sure. There was a mirror stall on one of the walls and I eagerly examined myself.

I was incredible! I was the epitome of a leather muscle stud. All I needed now was some armbands and a harness. I asked if he had any. He nodded and opened a glass case. "Take your pick." I chose a simple black leather arm band and a plain wide wrist band, both of which I promptly fit onto my left arm. I looked around the racks of leather in the room and found a sturdy leather harness. A glance at my host confirmed that I could take it too. Unbuckling the straps, I unzipped my pants and worked my way into the harness, fitting the crotch strap under my butt crack and worked the huge ring around my new cock and balls.

All this stuff fit perfectly as if it had been made for this monster body. I re-zipped the pants, adjusted the straps over the hard protruding pecs and took another look at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe the bulging leather muscle stud looking back was me. This was absolutely incredible I couldn't help caressing the erotic butt of the tight leather pants and cupping the huge basket with my hands.

Before I'd even thought of it, the shopkeeper had brought over a pair of motorcycle boots and some long red and gray wool socks. Like everything else these fit perfectly, even over the fake feet and phenomenal calves of the costume. I was complete now except for a cycle jacket but that would have been asking too much, especially this time of year. To my surprise, there was a huge leather cycle jacket laying on the counter when I turned around.

He said. "You don't really need this right now, but it might get cool if you ride your bike without one so take this too." I didn't think I'd mentioned that I rode bike but he was right. The mass of that much thick leather made the jacket very heavy. I hefted it clumsily at first. However, once I got one arm in, it slipped on easily over my massive chest. I got a double "thumbs up" approval from my host and another broad grin. We returned to "his closet" to retrieve my clothes and wallet. I tried to leave a deposit with the him but he wouldn't accept anything, saying simply. "I know you'll be back, more than willing to pay the price." He even gave me a black leather carry bag to put my clothes, the coat and my shoes into. "You're a hot dude man. Can't have you walking the streets with nothing that don't match your new image, now can we? Most un-cool!"

I was just about to leave when he stopped me. "Remember you have to bring it back by Sunday noon, It only works for a couple of days unless I inspect it and make it work permanent. And just three more things man. Like, this is really super important." He paused to let the point sink in then continued. "First of all." He said, handing me three small blue pills. "Take one of these exactly one hour before removing the costume to permit the suit to come off without you sticking to it.

"Second, I'm sure you noticed, like, that it feels real groovy and sexy. Right?" I nodded again and he continued. "If you want it to feel even better, rub just a little of this cream onto the outside of the suit in the areas you want to feel erotic. Know what I mean man?" He said with a wink "Works great, but don't over do it, it's pretty powerful stuff, and for sure don't touch it or put it directly on your skin!" He handed me a clear jar of a tan colored cream. The jar was a wide mouthed common jar used for canning and seemed like an awful lot of stuff for being so "powerful". There must have been nearly a quart of the cream in that jar. A handwritten label on the glass repeated what he had said.

"Third. Don't sleep in it! Like that really does the most un-cool damage to it. Damage it and I gott'a up the price. For sure, take if off each night, OK?" I wanted to ask what kind of damage but simply nodded. "OK. Seems easy enough. I promise. Oh, how do I care for this thing? How do I wash it out?"

"Just shower in it then take it off under the spray, wash out the inside with a mild soap, rinse it thoroughly and hang it inside-out on this. He handed me one of the large thick wooden hangers I'd seen on all the suits in the display. "Only thing I've found that'll hold 'em without breaking." I thanked him, stuffed the hanger into my new leather carry bag and strode boldly back up into the alley. He yelled after me "Have a nice day." •

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