What a Grower Wants

By mman

This is an update of the story "Grow Gravity." Enjoy!

I'm a college student who lives in a different part of the country than my girlfriend, Tammy. She is a molecular biologist and did she have a surprise in store for me during her recent weekend visit. She knows how hard I have been working out, trying to get bigger, more muscular, more powerful. while I had been working on my body, she had been working on a device that alters the molecualr composition of solid matter, including human tissue, bone, and muscle. It was what she call the Unlimited Morph Control Generator, morpher for short. It is a tiny device implanted into the end of her right index finger and hard wired into her voluntary nervous system, allowing her to modify, by touch or even via atmospheric conduction, the physical, structural, cellular and metabolic condition of any living animal, plant, or food item by accurately focusing and amplifying ambient energy to her intended target. The morpher has many potential applications, but her primary interest in it was to allow me to grow a huge excessively muscular body. She also intended to use it to feed me and others as needed and desired. She tried out her remote skills on a couple of teenaged bodybuilders at the gym, successfully adding ten pounds of muscle each to a group of three kids. During that experiment, she discovered that she could initiate a growth program, and allow it to time- release over a period of at least an hour. Before they left, she instructed each of the three boys to gain an additional twenty pounds (quite a lot of muscle!) during the next three days. It worked, confirming that she could extend the time release effect for much longer periods with no added effort. They had been transformed into young muscleheads, ready to pose for the cover of any bodybuilding mag and lay any young woman that happened to swoon in thier path. She had gotten more and more excited to share her gift with me, excited to make both me and her very happy. She decided to visit me and morph me extensively.

She came to San Diego on a Thursday afternoon and got to my house at 7:30 pm. She was surprised by how much bigger I'd gotten in only ten weeks. She silently instructed my body to gain some muscle overnight, enough for her, but not me, to notice. As we slept side-by-side I felt a pull at my arms wrapped around her, growing tighter around Tammy in the T-shirt I had given her to wear. I had to have her, and we made passionate love, feeling closer than ever, but she watched me carefully the whole time. Little did I know she was watching me grow more and more until the time I came.

I had Friday off, so we planned to go to the gym together the next day. The next morning I woke up and was feeling very energetic and eager to work out. She had given me, in addition to several pounds of muscle, a huge reserve of energy, formatted to release during an intense workout. As we worked out, I began talking about how good I felt, and how much stronger I was that day. I went on lifting for four hours, while Tammy looked on, my muscles continuing to pump up larger the whole while. It was 1:30 p.m. by the end of our workout, and I was as tight as a drum with muscular pumps bigger than I'd ever had. She made my pump change into permanent muscle growth. Then she started to make me bigger.

I weighed 176 pounds when she began. Within ten minutes I weighed 183 pounds. She let me stay at that weight for about fifteen minutes, then we went into the pool. It was hard for me to concentrate on myself at that point seeing my girl in her black lycra bikini. She needed no morphing being 5'6" with a 36" chest, 24" waist, and 32" hips. She could have been on the cover of SI if she wanted to be, but she was a scientist, and luckily, related more to me than the jocks on her Ivy League football team. She started to add more muscle to my body, morphing me up to 196 pounds. I was at that point extremely muscular and was becoming aware of my increased size. Then she told me about the Unlimited Morph Control Generator. At first I didn't believe she really had such an ability or device. She demonstrated by adding fifteen pounds to my own musculature, growing me to 214 pounds in only five minutes. She hadn't mentioned anything but muscle growth when she told me about the morpher, so she thought she'd demonstrate its other properties. Before I could express any reaction to my growth, she enlarged me again. I grew four inches to 6'0" tall, keeping the same physique proportions. After this, I weighed 236 pounds. She continued morphing me, thickening my bone structure, giving me wider shoulders, a bigger ribcage and lungs, longer arms (to make room for more bicep and tricep muscle) and bigger hands. Although I looked bonier and leaner, I had grown to 266 pounds. Then she started adding more muscle to my frame again, starting with my arms. She made my arms much bigger, fully exploiting their longer wider bone structure. In only a few minutes, the circumference of my upper arms nearly doubled. Hugely muscular as I had grown, my arms looked disproportionately huge. At 34 inches each, either of my upper arms were larger than my waist. She kept enlarging my arms, but began catching the rest of my physique up with them. She kept building me and building me until my shoulders were three feet wide. I was bulging with so much skeletal muscle that my massive frame was completely obscured by it. By this time my body was phenomenally huge. I was just standing on the deck near the diving board, looking at my chest, shoulders and arms as they spread out horizontally from my gaze. I weighed 340 pounds. "Now do you believe me?" she asked. "Yes, and I want more, a lot more. I want to get unbelievably huge!" I cried out. "You are unbelievably huge!" she called back. "Compared to an average guy, but that's not the standard I want to be measured by. I want to be a muscle god, made to pleasure you." "I will gladly make you as big as you want to get, but I want you to take some time to think seriously and soberly about it first. I want you to feel the power you already have. Let's go out into the city and see how people react to your muscles; at the mall, at the beach, at the gym. Then decide what you want." "I know what I want, I just hope you'll give it to me. I never knew what I wanted until you showed me. If you'd asked me if I'd want to grow this big I would've said no until you did it without asking me. I guess that's the only way I could learn. You changed my mind. You made me want to keep growing, don't make me wait too long or I'll go crazy with frustration. Every minute that passes my desire increases, my goal gets more vast by the minute. Even while I'm talking to you I'm consciously trying to envision a bigger and bigger physique." "Well in that case the sooner we make the rounds, and see how you feel the reaction you get from people, the better for you." She teasingly grazed her fingertips across my massive frame and walked over to put on her top. Strolling into the locker room, she looked back with a wink making me hard as a rock.

We went to the mall first. As we walked through the mall there were many amazed stares. I had on a white Y-backed muscle tank, black workout baggies cut off just above the knees, and New Balance weightlifting hi-top shoes. She had modified clothes for me using the morpher to make my whole wardrobe auto enlarge to fit my physique. After a while, kids started to come up to me and ask how I got so big. I said I had been eating huge amounts of food, taking vitamins, protein and supplements, and lifting weights five times weekly since I was ten. That was the best thing I could say to encourage their body building interest, even if it wasn't true. Women began to follow us around the mall, and some of them asked I if I competed in bodybuilding contests. When I told them I hadn't, they encouraged me to do so. One girl said she'd like to see me in posing trunks. When I told her I was planning to compete, she got very excited, and said she'd be looking for me. I reacted to this by saying that if this was the reaction to my physique, I couldn't wait to see how people would behave toward me when I grew bigger. Tammy was good about the whole thing. I could she was as excited as I was about the superman I had become, she was just containing it much better. Still, she didn't have to worry about me getting too carried away with any other girls, because, although I looked like the powerful one, she really was the one holding all of the power.

Next we went to the beach. Of course I was shirtless, and Tammy had given us both moderate tans. I wore blue and yellow wide striped bike shorts and my weightlifting shoes. She wore a tight pink cut-off T that showed off her washboard abs with high cut jean shorts that showed her hard round ass cheeks whenever she bent over. She and I strutted onto the beach, arm in arm, with the most deeply defined cleavage of any couple. Mine cut into a slab of granite hard pec-meat, hers shaped from her soft and solid tits. We took a frisbee and a cooler full of food. The beach wasn't crowded, but there were quite a few people there. We quickly drew a crowd of onlookers as we casually tossed the disk back and forth between us. After a while the crowd completely surrounded us in a ring about fifty feet in diameter. Then two really big bodybuilders each over 240 pounds stepped forward and asked if they could toss the frisbee with us. We said yes, and the crowd watched the four of us for a while. again, I had nothing to be nervous about with these guys, because I knew that when my woman was ready, she would make me into exactly the man she wanted me to be. Probably more than these two guys put together. "You guys hungry?" I asked the other two. "Yeah!" they eagerly answered. "Have some lunch with us." I said motioning them over to our cooler with my arm. The crowd dispersed somewhat, but most of them continued gawking at us, and taking photographs. I was enjoying himself, and these guys were thrilled to get the attention of the crowd. We sat down to eat, and began to fork away food at an astounding rate, washing it all down with huge jugs of MetRx lemonade shakes. Within half an hour we'd each eaten fifteen pounds of solid food, and twelve shakes. Tammy gave the three of us the most massive pumps our respective bodies could have without actually gaining permanent size, and set the pumps to last the rest of the waking day. We went to a bar at the beach, and had a few beers. She morphed us to have total immunity to further inebriation after three beers. We were buoyant, but not drunk. The guys set about flirting and dancing with various women by a beach bonfire near the bar. Soon they each wandered off with a hot, young piece of ass.

Tammy and I headed toward a bungalow when I swept her off of her feet and carried her inside. As I laid her gently on the sand she morphed me to give me a potential five extra inches of erection, and the ability to have multiple and repeated orgasms that would last for minutes at a time. I was ecstatic. Normally shy, I couldn't help feeling hungry with the power of a sexual animal for the woman who had created me. I continualy wore her out, and then started all over again! I said I wanted even more sexual endurance, and I went on to ask me if she'd make my penis larger, and give it the power to morph her genitalia to accomodate it's size. "I can do that, but how big are you talking about?" she asked me, explaining that most women could accomodate objects considerably bigger than any man's penis. "Not mine!" I replied, "When I grow bigger, I want it to get proportionally even bigger than it is now. And you can't even begin to imagine how huge I want to grow!" "I'll give you as much size as you want, if you still want it," she said with a smile. I was feeling phenomenally huge, but I was totally entranced by my body. I was standing right in the middle of the bungalow, flexing and posing in a stream of moonlight, staring at my bulging muscles with intense concentration and gleeful self-obsession. "It's time to make me bigger," I said standing over the young temptress who had given me this power. "I guess it is. Still want more size, huh?" she asked in her cute and coy way. "More than ever! I want you to start off by making me seven feet tall, and giving me 300 pounds more muscle. Then I'll want more, once I get my bearings. Go ahead, I'm ready and waiting." She started enlarging my body. Within ten minutes, She had morphed me up to seven feet tall, and bulked my physique up to 700 pounds.

I was now fantastically huge. my muscles were so massive that she couldn't fit into any car, or through any normal width door, even sideways. I looked superhuman, so immensely strong and muscular that I could pick up a car with one arm. I leaned over so I didn't tear the top off of our hideout, and looked down at the woman who would forever enjoy my size. I put my strong, thick hand against her face and shook my head, not believing how lucky I was to have her and this body. She looked over my body, reached out and put her hand lightly on my now colossal cock and spoke: "Are you ready for more?" •

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