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It was a few days after the capture. I told them many things, and they explained a few things as well. They talked about their way of life. They said that everyone was equal, a land of brothers and of brotherly love. �And,� Triche said once, as he was ramming that massively thick tool that he had into his brother�s football ass, �we are always fucking each other out of lust, so there�s no need for hate. Especially if the one you hate is giving you a mind-blowing orgasm.� To that he laughed, then moaned, then grunted as he went into the aforementioned action. Their world, they said, was one of astonishing beauty and dimension. Hundreds of tribes, each one with a different set of rules and regulations, had something to give and share to the world, besides the usual sexual things. �We have a tribe devoted specifically to the philosophical arts,� Ruchie mentioned. �And many other tribes, each one for a specific facet of science and mathematics. Any branch of artwork that you can think of, we have a tribe for it� �And, of course, we have a tribe specifically for the art of fucking,� Triche said, rising and wiping his mouth from the blow-job that he just finished giving the other. I often asked if I could join in the fucking. They simply shook their heads. �Not yet, Carl-human, not yet,� was the constant reply. That was, until today. One of the other bulls came into the room that the brothers arranged me for, and told me in deep baritone tones that I was to follow him into the Testing Room. I did so, admiring the Ronnie Coleman build that he had. I wanted to be like that, all solid muscle with a dick to finish it off. Soon, we were there. Unlike the rest of the craft, which was painted with a blackish-pink, this room was done in antiseptic white, with wires and massive computers flanking one of the walls. The one who lead me in told me to wait for a moment, then left. A few moments later, one of the brothers appeared from another part of the room, dressed in a rubbery bodysuit that only enhanced the contours of his muscular body. �Welcome, Carl-human. If you could follow me.� I was lead to a seat faintly reminiscent of an electric chair. �You must sit, so that you may understand why you are here.� I did so, and suddenly, my arms and legs were shackled. �What the hell?!� The bull went up to me and gave me a long, luxurious tongue lick on the cheek. �Carl-human,� he said in a loving tone, �you wanted often to be part of us, to join us in the acts of release you call sex. And now, you will be.� �But only for a few days,� said the twin, as he walked into the room, carrying a large glass vat filled with some kind of greenish liquid. He must have seen the question on my face, for he said, �This is an invention of ours. It is comprised of various types of collagen and nanobots. Apply a current to it, and it can be shaped in anyway. Like so.� He fastened the vat to something that looked like an automated siphon and went to a console. After pressing a few buttons, the liquid got sucked into various pipes that in turn gathered around a huge machine in the corner of the room. �Now, Carl-human,� said the twin next to me, �shall we explain what is going on? We are using the liquid to make a body. A identical clone of us two. Once it is done, we shall the use chair that you are using so that your consciousness is transferred into the body. Then, the fun will begin.� And with that, he gave me another tongue lick on the other side of my face. �We are ready for transfer, brother� said the one at the console. The chair swiveled around so that I can see the newly created thing that they made. It was amazing. It was like seeing one of the twins, but only this one was in white fur, all thick and shaggy. �Beginning mind transfer in ten�nine�eight�� The twin next to me kissed me gently on the forehead. �See you on the other side, Carl-human.� �Two�one�now!� A jolt hit me, one of great pleasure and lust hit me. Then I blacked out. •

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