Southern-Style Bulking


By Arthur

Morning came early as I was awakened by Uncle Steve shaking my feet. I woke to find him standing there naked, with his muscular body and enormous dick. “Come on boy, we got work to do. Let’s go.” I rolled out of bed, and slung on some jeans and t-shirt. After our morning round with the cows and other chores, we came in to eat a huge breakfast of pancakes, butter, eggs, milk, sausage and syrup. Doug had stayed behind getting breakfast ready. Everyone ate like there was no tomorrow - well, except for me. When they were done, I was told to do the dishes while everyone else got ready. “You’ll get whatever hot water is left over boy,” said Uncle Steve.

They all got up and went to get ready. There was only one bathroom and it was small and cluttered. By the time I got there, there wasn’t much hot water left. I showered quickly. I got out and grabbed for my towel, but it was gone. “Hey, I need a towel” I yelled.

Adam showed up with Steve, and looked at me with scorn. “Look there, and see how small Scrawny's dick is.” They walked over and looked more closely. I was embarrassed and asked for a towel.

Adam said, “Ah, you can just drip dry cousin. That’s what we do.” Then they yelled for Uncle Steve. When he showed up, they all took turns making fun of my tiny dick. Then they all took turns criticizing the rest of my body. “Look at that ass, how small it is. Would it kill you to gain some weight, boy?” I eventually managed to scoot around them and ended up back in my room. I was dry by then. I was combing my hair when Uncle Steve walked in, “Boy, it’s time to go. We got more work to do."

Uncle Steve then told me that Doug was tired of cooking all the time and that I should plan on making the mid-day meal and dinner. I knew I didn’t have any choice in the matter, so I changed and started cooking. I scraped together a pretty good meal, but they all complained it wasn’t enough for hungry farm boys. “You better do a better job for the evening meal boy.”

By the time I got the lunch dishes cleaned up, it was time to start working on dinner. I came up with a little more for dinner, yet I was amazed at how much they could eat. When we were done eating, I was told that I would be going out to help with the cows. I thought my cooking would satisfy the work requirements for the day. Surprise. Before I knew it, I was out helping feed the cows and doing the nightly chores with Uncle Steve and the boys.

We were in the old barn putting up a few tools and getting things ready for the morning, when all of a sudden Doug and Adam grabbed me by the arms and held me. Uncle Steve walked over with a syringe in his hand. “Boy, we have a little surprise for you.”

I was terrified. Something about the whole scene just didn’t seem right.

Uncle Steve said, “Me and the boys have been discussing you. We’ve decided we like having someone around to keep house and cook our meals. And now we have an answer to all our problems.” With that, Uncle Steve rubbed his crotch.

“What the hell do you mean?” I cried.

“Exactly what I said. Me and the boys are gonna keep you and make you into our own muscle-slave for the next few weeks.”

“What are you talking about? I'm not being anyone's slave!"

“We figured you wouldn’t like the idea a whole lot, so that’s why we’re gonna help you with the decision.”

Steve walked behind me, rubbed by ass through my jeans and breathed heavily on my neck. “Yeah, me and the boys could use a new fuck-toy. Welcome to your new home, Scrawny-Ass.” I felt a prick in my arm and soon I passed out. •

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