Blood Moon



By Jace Soliz

(Part 2: Memory)

(Memory: Andrew's voice)

I opened my eyes and the light started to emanate from my body. As the light surrounded me, it reminded me of the time when I was 10, playing in the school's yard with my friend Troy. It was a pretty hot day, but we played outside anyway. We were having a blast just talking and swinging on the swings every once in a while he would look around like he was looking for something. That's when Nico and his two younger brothers jumped the fence from their backyard that was also behind the school yard. Troy had stopped swinging and was looking back at them with a smirk. As I went up on the swing, I turned and saw them waiting, and as I came back, Nico grabbed my legs and pulled me off and I landed on my face. My front upper tooth came out. The root and all, ripped right out of my gums. And I sat there stunned with blood gushing out of my mouth in the dirt, when the swing flung forward again slamming into my face knocking me backwards on to my back. Something in side got jolted. Like a wire hitting water. Nico and his brothers were laughing. I could hear Troy laughing with them. He came over to me and looked down at me and he spoke but I couldn't hear his words. I then felt my hair being pulled back and looked up and it was Troy dragging me by my hair. He decided to not be my friend anymore and set me up. It was all planned.

Then the pain came. Full force and with no apologies, no thoughts, and no desires but to bring me back to reality. I groaned loudly almost paralyzed by the pain. Not even the broken friendship felt like this. The throbbing was almost too much for me to bear. The pain from my head was dull compared to what my mouth felt. I then saw the blood on my hands and a series of flashes distracted me. I felt a tingle in my body. I was shaking. I grunted and flexed my arms as they felt as if they were inflating. I was feeling stronger. This was nothing that I had ever felt before.

They surrounded me and started calling me down, kicking me and slapping my face. At first it hurt, but as the feeling in my body increased the less impact they were making. I was feeling faint, possible blood loss? Maybe, but I found out later that wasn't the case. All of the sudden I heard something say "Open your eyes" and when I did a bright light emanated from my body and the boys were knocked backwards. I got up with strength I had never known. I could feel how tight my shirt was, but it made no sense to me. I did a "Muscular Crap" pose without thinking and I felt my back burst through my shirt, and I started towards Troy. My neck felt constricted and my shoulders were straining the shirts capacity. Troy's face was confused that soon turned into horror, but it wasn't enough to calm my savage hatred. I grabbed him by the neck and with my free hand started to punch him. I didn't want to stop. He was screaming asking the other guys to help him, and they ended up taking off. He kept screaming for someone to help him. He even said my name. But I laughed. It wasn't my voice though. I couldn't control myself.

I blacked out with his screaming intensifying and the sounds of ripping cloth.

I don't remember anything after that. I felt another surge of power in me as I descended into blackness. When I woke up, I was in my bed. My mom came to talk to me about what had happened. But it's so vague now. If I try to concentrate on that day my head usually hurts. But I know she told me something happened to Troy. She said that he had grown suddenly, but not a normal growth. She kept asking me questions about what happened when they were beating up on me. I lied and told her that I didn't remember much. (Sigh) It's all hazy again.

I never saw Troy again, we soon moved. Just Mom and I. Dad was gone. He disappeared soon after I was born. Found his belongings in the park. Mom said he was acting different and they fought constantly. He got up and left, and the next thing she knew he was missing.

So, she and I moved and I was homed schooled by her for the rest of that year. But during that summer I met a new friend, Jason. I was in a new school and a new town, but that didn't matter because I had a new best friend. It was the first time I had felt something for another guy. He sometimes would put his arm around my shoulders or put his head against mine. We kept that a secret and that was fine for me. I was already known as a strange kid, but people accepted me more there then in Denver where I was from. And I never had another reaction like that until High School, during a senior football game.

I was in the stands with Jason and his sister, Gwen. Our team was losing of course; we had the worst football team in the west. I got hungry and I went to buy some nachos for us to share and as I waited in line, I felt someone watching me. I looked around and I didn't see anyone at first. I got my Nachos and paid for a drink for us to share, and on my way back, I saw him. He was big. Very big. His clothes were ripped and he looked confused. I walked over to him while the people in the stands suddenly became uproar. He just stared at me.

- Sir, are you okay?

(Heavy breathing) Drink?

- Um….(looking down at my $4.00 drink)…Sure. I can buy another……

Instead of taking the drink he knocked it out of my hands and grabbed me by the throat tightly. A girl screamed behind me and ran for help, and my nachos fell onto my shoes as I struggled with the man. He was muscular, and he overfilled his shirt. I was struggling and he tightened his grip more and slowly lifted me off the ground when I noticed that his arms were getting bigger. Not flexing, but his body was slowly becoming even more massive by the second.

I felt that flutter like before, but it was different. This time I was 17 not the 10 year old I was the first time. I grabbed his inflating forearm and tried to dig into the taught growing muscle. The buzzing feeling was becoming an earthquake. The sound drained around me and all I heard was the man's voice deepening as his throat became incased in thick muscle. I saw the look on his face as if he was watching something.

I heard a moaning and realized it was coming from me. I felt my hands cramp and I felt my muscles jump and flex, my shirt tightened, my neck thickened. Veins popped out on my arms and my hands grew and dug into the man's arm breaking the skin. He dropped me and…growing…… flexing…..power……a rush of power escaping my body in an explosion of great power…I heard someone gasp behind me but...I blacked out again… and when I came to the paramedics were putting me on the stretcher. I had blood on my hands. My clothes were ripped. I was bigger. Not huge or anything, but I definitely put on some muscle. People that were watching in silence. My Mom's friend was there and she kept telling me that it was going to be alright. That my Mom was going to meet me at the hospital.

I saw Jason, and he smirked and waved. Then he blew me a kiss, and I smiled faintly and fell asleep. •

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